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Pleasuring Boyfriend With Panties
By karen on July 8, 2014
I have always had a thing for guys wearing panties ever since I caught my boyfriend when I was younger going through my panty drawer, he did not know I saw him rummaging through my panty drawer as I stood in the doorway, I then just walked away, walking away I had this overwhelming feeling of excitement and curiosity. I was flattered he liked my panties so much. I could tell he liked them as he picked them up and felt them. A few weeks later we were having sex and I guess I never noticed this before but I was noticing how much attention he was paying to my panties, he would caress my ass in my bikini panties, run his hands over the front of my bikini panties, its like he did not want me to take off my panties he would rather me leave my panties on so I left my panties on and enjoyed how much he loved to caress me in my panties. After caressing me for which seemed like forever, running his hands over the fabric so many times I thought he would wear the fabric out I pulled my panties to the side so he could lick me, this was the first time I had left my panties on for him to lick me. Usually it was me who took my panties off, and in his mind it was probably always to soon as I could tell he enjoyed me leaving my panties on. He licked me like never before and it was amazing. That time we only did oral but about a week later we had sex again and it started out like it did before with him caressing me in my panties and me loving every minute of it. He licked me again pulling my panties to the side and then I got up on my knees on the bed and pointed my butt towards him, he loved staring at my silky covered butt and I said go ahead and pull them to the side, he just froze for a minute or so, only thing that did not freeze was his hardon as it grew very hard. He reached and grabbed the silky fabric and pulled it to the side and entered me. It was amazing having him pull my panties to the side and enter me, I loved feeling the panties tightly pulled to the side and having him grab them, it was like a handle for him as he pounded me like never before. He did not last to long as the excitement was probably overwhelming for him and he filled me and it felt like he came harder than other times. I liked still wearing panties while we had sex, it felt naughty and erotic and I loved the effect it had on my boyfriend. The next time we were fooling around and going to have sex it started out much the same way it did the previous few times, with my boyfriend caressing me in my panties, rubbing me through them felt so good and almost made me climax, I loved the feeling of the silky fabric. But instead of pulling them to the side for him to do oral or to enter me, I took my panties off. I could see the look of disappointment on his face but that look did not last very long as I took my silky panties and wrapped them around his hardon, asking if he liked this, all he could do is nod yes. I caressed his balls and his shaft with my panties, he had to back up several times as he was so excited and close to exploding. I loved watching my silky panties cover his hardon and loved how he felt so hard under the silky fabric. I told him its ok you can explode on my panties, knowing he had pleasured himself with my panties before and did this very same thing, but this time it was different as I was the one who was stroking him with my panties. I never found any of my panties soaked with his juices so I don't think he ever came on them and now I was giving him permission to explode all over my panties, a few seconds after telling him to explode on my panties, he was shooting his cream all over my silky panties. I loved watching his cream cover my panties and he just kept shooting and shooting, what a mess he made on my panties and I loved it. The next time we were fooling around it again started out the same which I loved, him caressing me in my panties, some oral and then me taking them off and wrapping them around him. But this time after stroking him with my panties for a while I said why don't you slip them on. He turned red and just froze, I knew I had to keep things going otherwise he would have just stood there with his jaw dropped so I took my panties and held them to the floor and said go ahead step into them and slide them on. Having me slide the panties on him was just about to much for him and it was turning me on as well. I slide my silky panties up his legs and over his thighs and up to his butt and hardon, as they made there way up his hardon was twitching more and more, its like it knew the pleasure that would be coming soon. Once my panties were all the way on him and the material covered his butt and his hardon he had to take a few deep breaths as I think he was going to explode if he did not take a few moments to calm down. I stepped back and looked at him and the outline of his hardon looked so sexy, I came towards him and grabbed his silky covered butt and caressed it just as he would do to me, I then brought my hand around front and ran it over the silky panty material and his hardon, his hardon twitched like it was exploding. I made sure not to caress to much as I knew this was feeling very good to him. After slowly caressing him for a while I said to him you look so good in panties, he said you think I do, I said yes I love seeing your hardon in my panties. I kept caressing him through the silky panties and told him I wanted him to explode in my panties, it did not take to long after saying that and he was exploding inside my panties. I could see the front of the fabric getting wetter and wetter as he covered the inside with his cream. Once again he exploded hard and more than I have seen him before. I told him that I liked seeing him wearing panties and liked pleasuring him with my panties, he said that he loved it and I could tell he was surprised and amazed but very thankful. I knew he liked panties from catching him going through my panty drawer and from seeing how he liked seeing me in panties rather than naked and also how he liked to feel my panties when I was wearing them, so I embraced that and I am so glad I did as its brought us both so much pleasure.
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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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