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Women Who Like Men Wearing Panties
By pantywearing on July 3, 2014
There are lots of women who like men wearing panties, and there are also lots of women who don't realize that they would like men wearing panties. Lots of women have never seen a man wearing panties, but for many women once they see a guy wearing panties they are surprised to find that they like seeing men wearing panties. All types of women are into men wearing panties, it would be easier for men wearing panties if there was one certain type of woman into men wearing panties, it would certainly make it easier to know which women are into men wearing panties. Women often times are shy, quite, timid about talking about things that turn them on, so your probably not going to be dating a woman, or married to a woman and have her bring up the subject of men wearing panties. Will a woman just come out and say things like I like men wearing panties, men wearing panties turn me on, would you wear panties, can you wear panties for me, or ask you have you ever worn panties, or ask you what do you think about men wearing panties. Even know there are many women who like men wearing panties, they are just as shy, timid, nervous about bringing up the subject of men wearing panties as you are. For many men wearing panties having a woman bring up the subject of men wearing panties and letting you know she likes men wearing panties would be amazing, it would certainly make it easier to tell a woman you like wearing panties. Its rare for a woman to be the first to bring up the subject of men wearing panties, especially if she has no idea if you wear panties or not, however some men have been with women who have brought up the subject of men wearing panties first, some men have even got there start wearing panties by having a woman bring up the subject of men wearing panties. However most women are not going come out and say I like men wearing panties, I get turned on seeing men wearing panties, or ask you to wear panties, or ask you have you ever worn panties, even know she likes men wearing panties, she feels just as shy, timid, nervous about talking about those feelings as you do because you don't know if each other feels the same way. Also lots of women are very open with there friends but are probably not going to be sitting around with there friends talking about how much they enjoy men wearing panties, or asking does your husband wear panties, does your boyfriend wear panties, have you ever seen a guy wearing panties, would you like seeing your husband wearing panties, would you like seeing your boyfriend wearing panties. Once again if more women were more open about talking about men wearing panties, it would give other women a better understanding about men wearing panties, and that men wearing panties are very common. Although rare some women have sat around with there friends expressing how much they like men wearing panties, seeing there husband wearing panties, seeing there boyfriend wearing panties, and asking has your husband ever worn panties, has your boyfriend ever worn panties, these situations are rare but they do happen, and often times it really gets the other women curious about men wearing panties, as they see just how much the other woman enjoys her man wearing panties and they want to have that same joy, excitement, happiness, etc. So it would certainly be nice for more women to be able to express that they like men wearing panties and feel like they can talk about men wearing panties to other women and to men. There are lots of women who do like men wearing panties, women who are curious about men wearing panties, and also women who once told you wear panties, or shown you wear panties will be into you wearing panties. Being able to wear panties with wife, wear panties with girlfriend or wear panties with a woman is amazing and more and more men wearing panties are expressing they enjoy wearing panties and more and more women are seeing men wearing panties, hearing about men wearing panties, and are understanding why men wear panties. So don't give up hope being able to wear panties with a woman, don't give up hope that someday you will be able to wear panties with wife, wear panties with girlfriend, or find a woman you can wear panties with. As mentioned there are no certain types of women more into men wearing panties than other types of women, no signs that a woman might be into men wearing panties which makes it a bit more difficult to get the nerves to tell a woman you like wearing panties but also makes finding a woman that likes men wearing panties a bit more broader as any woman can be into men wearing panties.

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Girlfriend Likes Me In Panties
My girlfriend likes that I wear panties. I have always worn panties, since about 12 or so, am 29 now. Grew up thinking I was the only guy wearing panties, and never told anyone about my panty wearing. Past girlfriends never knew I wore panties as I would only wear panties when we were not together. I started hearing more about couples wearing panties, men wearing panties with women, men wearing panties in front of females on this community I came across It looks like several others on here enjoy going to that community also, its a great place that I am glad I found. I read lots of posts from guys on there some of which already were wearing panties with there wife or girlfriend, and others who were looking for suggestions, ideas on how to tell a woman you wear panties. Well I was one that was looking for suggestions and ideas on how to tell my current girlfriend I wore panties. I read lots of posts from both men wearing panties like me that were looking for a way to tell there wife or girlfriend they wore panties and from those that had already told there wife or girlfriend they wore panties. It was great finding a community like and being able ask advice and read advice from so many other men wearing panties. I found some ideas and suggestions that worked for other men wearing panties that I thought would work for me to tell my girlfriend I wear panties. Being around other men wearing panties gave me the confidence and encouragement to tell my girlfriend I wore panties and now I am able to wear panties in front of her and she likes seeing me wearing panties. There are lots of men out there that were just like me, wanting to wear panties in front of wife, wanting to wear panties in front of girlfriend or wanting to wear panties in front of any female. There are lots of women when told the right way that you wear panties that will be totally fine with you wearing panties. I hope all men wearing panties who are hoping to wear panties with wife, wear panties with girlfriend, wear panties with a female or meet a woman into men wearing panties get to experience how amazing it is to be able to wear panties with a female. Certainly check out that community its an amazing community that I still enjoy visiting and have made lots of great friends there and am thankful for the suggestions, advice and ideas others who wear gave me.

Couple Wearing Panties
We enjoy wearing panties together and its such a turn on to lounge around in panties, shop for panties, and roll around in the hay as they say in panties together. My husband has always worn panties, and it did not take him long while we were dating to tell me that he wore panties, and then of course show me the panties he was wearing. I felt this tingle and excitement when I seen him in panties and I knew I was totally ok with him wearing panties. No big deal it was only clothing and it certainly did not change who he was. Its exciting to see other couples wearing panties as being able to enjoy playing in panties together is the best feeling for not only my husband but for me as well. We have so much fun wearing panties together. Its nice when you hear about other men wearing panties being able to wear panties in front of wife, or being able to wear panties in front of a girlfriend, you know the fun and the pleasure they are both going to be experiencing.

Husband Wears Panties
My husband wears panties and I have to say I love seeing him wearing panties, and my friends are all jealous because of how much I express the fun we have together in panties. There husbands are all dull and boring and when they hear about how fun, healthy and how much me and my husband are like best friends they get so jealous, all I say to them is put your husbands in panties and he will be so much more relaxed and have less tension. With so many men wearing panties I do wonder if any of there husbands already wear panties and are afraid to tell there wifes. I always say to my husband I am lucky to be with him, and he says no hun I am the lucky one to get to be with a wife that enjoys me wearing panties. Its such a treat to be with a man wearing panties. Its always great hearing from other wifes who like men wearing panties.

I Like Men Wearing Panties
I am a woman in her late 30's and I like men wearing panties. Am so glad to see so many other women expressing that they like men wearing panties. I introduced my current boyfriend to wearing panties, one night I asked him if he would put on my panties, he asked why and I said because I think you would look good wearing my panties. I helped him put on my panties and when they were all the way up and pressed against him, he just smiled and I said do you like how wearing panties feels and he said yeah your panties feel really good. I then began to rub him through my panties, touching his front and backside, giving his backside a bit of a squeeze, he saw how turned on seeing him in panties and feeling him wearing panties was making me and he got very excited in his panties. Once again he said your panties feel amazing and I said well you look amazing in my panties. That night he stayed in panties and I pleasured him in panties and he got to experience how amazing it feels to wear panties, and to wear panties in front of me as I touched him in panties. Now all he wants to wear is panties, which is perfectly fine by me. We have had so much fun going panty shopping. It feels great introducing a guy to wearing panties.

Wife Likes That I Wear Panties
My wife likes that I wear panties, she buys me panties, we go panty shopping together, we talk about panties, we lounge around wearing panties, and we enjoy having fun while both wearing panties. My wife has even expressed she likes seeing other men wearing panties and hearing that was such a turn on. I am straight but I do find that I enjoy seeing other men wearing panties, and I have heard lots of straight men wearing panties expressing the same thing they like looking at pics of men wearing panties, chatting with men wearing panties, or reading about what other men wearing panties like. The attraction is the panties and not the man wearing the panties, so seeing another guy wearing panties is exciting as you think about wearing panties, you think about the panties he is wearing and what they would feel like on you and you know how good wearing panties feels. As mentioned hearing my wife say she likes seeing other men wearing panties was a turn on, and she also enjoys taking pictures of me wearing panties, we often visit that community others have mentioned together and its always such a turn on being on there, and we have posted so many pics there, and have made so many friends there. Its nice having a community we can go to and be around to many other men wearing panties, couples wearing panties that understand why wearing panties is so enjoyable and why so many men wear panties.

Men Wearing Panties Turn Me On
I have to admit seeing a guy wearing panties turns me on. They way panties fit on a guy, how snug they fit, how they stretch around his well you know. And I love seeing guys wearing panties in bright colors, not boring white or black, I like men wearing panties who are confident to wear bright colored panties like pink, blue, yellow, red, purple, with bright pink or hot pink being my favorite to see a guy wearing as the contrast between his tan, toned body and pink panties is such a turn on. I like seeing guys wearing panties in a variety of panties, thong, boyshorts, bikini, string bikini. I just cannot resist touching a guy wearing panties, I think I have a bit of a panty fetish myself as I like looking at other women wearing panties and men wearing panties, and love putting on panties and looking at myself in the mirror. I would love to stand next to a guy wearing panties while we both look in the mirror at each other wearing panties, and turn around and show our backside in panties in the mirror also, how exciting that would be. Wearing matching panties would be so much fun, as well as shopping for matching panties would be so much fun.

Women Into Men Wearing Panties
Yes there are women into men wearing panties, however don't expect it to be as easy to find a woman into men wearing panties as seeing an ad from a woman saying looking for men wearing panties, seeking men wearing panties, like men wearing panties, it would be great if it was that easy. I am with a woman that likes that I wear panties but I had no idea she would be ok with me wearing panties and she has no idea she liked guys wearing panties. Finding a woman that likes guys wearing panties just sort of happens, you find a woman, you become comfortable and you tell her you like wearing panties, sounds simple right, well its not quite that simple, it can take time to become comfortable telling a woman you wear panties, certainly a first date is probably not the best time, although some men are open and confident enough wearing panties and expressing it that they do tell a first date they wear panties, some have been lucky to find a woman on that very first date that likes men wearing panties. For many men wearing panties it can take awhile to tell a woman you wear panties, being in a relationship and having that connection and commitment helps for when you tell a woman you like wearing panties, she already knows you, is comfortable with you so when you tell her you wear panties, its much easier for them to accept it and be into it. Finding a woman into men wearing panties is not impossible, so don't give up hope on finding a woman into men wearing panties, but it can take a bit of time, patience and luck. As many women have no idea they will be into a guy wearing panties until the moment you tell them you wear panties, or the moment they see you wearing panties. Its difficult to be turned on by something you have never seen, so a woman has to see you in panties first.

Men Wearing Panties
I have dated several guys wearing panties and I must say that looking back I had the best times, most fun, healthiest relationship, best communication, and most pleasure in the bedroom and outside the bedroom with guys wearing panties versus guys I dated that did not wear panties. Why, I think guys wearing panties are a bit more intune to themselves, perhaps a bit softer and more open to showing a bit more emotion, I guess to put it plainly they are just more real with themselves and with who they are with. Guys wearing panties are certainly not less masculine or anything as the guys I dated were manly men, totally straight, but they just were better, much more down to earth guys, and perhaps they were just more confident in themselves, more intune to themselves. I enjoyed seeing all the men wearing panties I dated, and am not currently dating but I do hope to find another guy wearing panties, luckily there are so many guys wearing panties out there the chances of finding a guy wearing panties is great, but if I do not find one I would consider putting the guy I find into panties as I am sure he would enjoy wearing panties once he tries it as all you guys have mentioned once you wear panties, panties is all you will ever want to wear.

I Like Men Wearing Panties
I am a female in my mid 30's and I like men wearing panties. There is just something about a pair of panties on a guy that is just such a turn on. I get so turned on shopping for panties with my boyfriend, picking out panties that he will wear and even when shopping for panties alone for him I find that I get so excited. I think more couples need things to spice things up, to be more playful with each other. I find that men wearing panties certainly does it for me, I get so turned on seeing my husband wearing panties, touching my husband wearing panties, feeling him through his panties, its just such a turn on seeing him wearing something that actually makes him look sexy. Mens underwear is boring, and certainly does not make a guy look attractive and sexy. But a pair of panties, oh yeah put a guy in panties and your jaw will drop at how good he looks in panties.

Girl That Likes Guys Wearing Panties
I am a girl that likes guys wearing panties. My current boyfriend wears panties and I have dated a few other guys wearing panties in the past. Never knew they wore panties when I started dating them, it was just later brought up and it was really no big deal to me that they wore panties in fact I was very much into them wearing panties. I think the guys that I was with that wore panties felt comfortable enough with me to tell me they wore panties. I understand lots of men wearing panties are with women who they feel they are not comfortable telling them they wear panties, but you never know which women will be into guys wearing panties, which ones will not be into guys wearing panties and which ones will eventually be into guys wearing panties given the chance to warm up to the idea. I know there are lots of men wearing panties out there, and lots of women who like men wearing panties and lots of women who would be ok with guys wearing panties if they found out they were with a guy wearing panties. My current boyfriend and I know many couples wearing panties, we like hanging out at this community for men wearing panties that a few other couples wearing panties told us about, the community is and have met so many friends there. We like being around other men wearing panties, other couples wearing panties as they can totally relate to panty wearing and its nice being able to talk with other men wearing panties, couples wearing panties and especially other wifes or girlfriends and talk with them about there husband wearing panties or boyfriend wearing panties. I enjoy talking about my boyfriend wearing panties with others and hearing about other boyfriends wearing panties, or husbands wearing panties.

There Are Woman Who Like Men Wearing Panties
Lots of things are fetishes. according to sigmund freud, even enjoying the taste of chocolate is a fetish. We all have them, in some form or another. So having a panty fetish is a very normal thing and both men and yes woman can have a panty fetish. Personally as for me and my friends, we like guys wearing panties. This is not the "old" days and we realize that lots of people are stuck in those days. This is a new generation of people. Me and my friends enjoy guys who wear panties, its a turn on seeing a guy wearing panties to us just as for guys its a turn on seeing us woman wearing panties. I think women generally dont mind men wearing panties. As women, we all know we have better underwear than men do. We have way more styles, colors and fabrics. I think for many of us its our open mindedness that todays society has created that says, wear whats comfortable, some woman might not agree with it, but generally it does not bother todays generation. I know many guys who wear panties, and not one I know is gay, why many woman think men who wear panties are gay is just a stereotype. The men we know that wear panties are your normal everday guys, they are farthers, husbands, and boyfriends. Who cares what people wear underneath. We all learn from others and what I am trying to say is guys wearing panties are good people too. They cant be judged for what they wear underneath. Does it make him any less a man? No. My generation of women are way more open minded than past generations. Im 23 and I know so many guys who wear panties and they are not afraid to let anyone know. I feel for the older generation of guys who wear panties because it seems they feel they have to hide that they wear panties. Its not fair that the younger generation can openly wear panties while the older generation thinks they have to hide it. When looking for a woman who will be accepting of a guy wearing panties, its all about finding the right woman no matter what generation you come from, a woman who is open minded, understanding and who is not selfish. There are woman of every age who like guys wearing panties, just seems like woman in my generation are way more open to it. As for me and my friends and most woman of my generation and age group. We like men who are a bit more sensitive, who are not afraid to show there feelings, who can communicate and express things to us. We are so not a macho man loving generation, or a cave man generation. We'd rather find a man who would talk to us and be open with us, maybe cry at a good movie than a man that simply hides all his feelings from us. I think men wearing panties are much happier and that makes them more real. Guys you should choose what feels good to you, and if wearing panties makes you feel good and feel happy well then wear panties. So woman relax if your man likes to wear panties, its nothing to be alarmed about. Talk with him about it instead of over reacting and you will find its not a big deal and you might just even enjoy it.

Woman Who Like Men Wearing Panties
My husband wears panties and I must say I adore him that way. I have to admit when I found out first I was not sure what to think, but the feeling of curiosity and kink was greater. My mind raced with the idea of him wearing my panties and our greatest sex adventures arose from the ashes. Men should do as they please regarding underwear. I do suggest sharing your love of panties with your woman from the very beginning as you may find that she may be like me and help take you to new levels of wearing panties. We went out yesterday and bought new sexy panties together and are looking forward to taking new pics of each other. We found a community a while back that others have also mentioned its its a place for guys wearing panties and we love it there, we have our own gallery there and love posting pics to our gallery and hanging around making new friends there. I see my husband in a new light now and would never ever change him. So I say go for it guys....some of us ladies admire you and find it very very sexually exciting that you wear panties.

Tell A Woman You Like Wearing Panties
Recently my girlfriend found my panties in the bathroom and thought I was sleeping around and when I confessed and showed her the ones I had on (purple satin) she believed me and was relieved and perfectly fine with it and it took a big weight off my shoulders and made our relationship so much better. I wish for you guys that have closed minded women that they could be more understanding. They are clothes and it really shouldn't matter, we don't tell them what they can't wear and they wear our clothing all the time. For me panties support me so much better and since I live in the south it gets hot here and NOTHING breaths like microfiber panties. Don't give up hope there are lots of woman out there who like guys wearing panties and there are lots of guys who wear panties willing to help with advice on how to tell your woman you like wearing panties.

She Got Me Into Wearing Panties
My fiance recently talked me into wearing a pair of bikini panties for her, and i had to admit that they are so much more comfortable than boxers, and she loves the way they look on me. Then she talked me into thongs, and she loves those just as much, and we shop for them together at victoria's secret and other stores. She picks out ones for me, and i pick out ones for her, its makes it so much more fun during foreplay when we start undressing each other and we see each other wearing the panties we picked out... and she's talked me into not wearing boxers anymore, so i only wear panties.

Wife Told Me To Try On Her Panties
When I was in my early teens I used to wear my sisters panties. It was so smooth and of course excited me. Early in my marriage I said to my wife that she looked fabulous in her VS panties and that men should have a line. Well she said, try em on! so I did and got an erection immediately. Since then it's part of our normal routine. I'll wear them to work and she'll call and ask me how they feel. Needless to say I get excited and have to stay put for a while!

Woman That Like Men Wearing Panties
My girlfriend loves the idea of me in panties. Before we even started dating I told her that I wore panties. She was kinda surprised by it, but she said what ever makes you happy. So I was okay with that answer and we started to date. And a year later I am happy to say that we are still together. We buy each other sexy panties for each other. We have a great time shopping together for panties. She also buys them for me as gifts. The best part is when you find a woman that will embrace you and your sexual needs, your sex drive will go through the roof. So YES there are woman out there that just love men in panties.

Started Wearing Panties Because Wife
I started wearing panties because my wife thought it was hot. So I started wearing panties for her during sex. I had to admit I liked the way her panties felt especially the silky ones. I like they way they hug my hips and how hot it makes me feel. I get hard just thinking about it. Some days I even wear them to work. My wife and I enjoy taking pictures of us having sex and my wife loves when we take pictures of us being naughty in our panties. We came across this community for men wearing panties and we started to post our pictures there, its great to have a place to post our pictures of us enjoying our panties so that others can enjoy them and we love turning others on who wear panties. Being able to wear with my wife and enjoy panty sex with her is an amazing thing I wish all men who wear panties can someday experience with there wife or girlfriend.

Love Seeing Men Wearing Panties
I would love it if a guy wore panties under his regular clothes. It is such a turn on to see a guy wearing panties, to see that bulge in a pair of panties gets me so horny and wet. Mens underwear just does not look anything close to as good as womans panties do on a guy. A guy can borrow my panties anytime.

Found A Woman Who Likes Me Wearing Panties
After years of a frustrating marriage, and then a frustrating single life, I found a woman who not only understands, but she loves it when I wear her panties. She actually started it by putting a pair on me one night, and telling me to sleep with them on, and when I confessed that I liked it...well we had some fantastic sex that night!

Giving Husband My Panties To Wear
My husband had a business trip. He just finished his morning shower and came out to put on his clothes. I was staring into his eyes and he smiled and said "something dirty on your mind?" i smiled back and said "i want to give you something to keep you thinking of me all day" and before he said anything i just removed my sheer panties which were wet because of the thoughts I was having and passed it to him saying "I want you to wear these to help remind you of me" I could see his erection getting bigger and I helped him slide into the panties, he was shocked and wished we had more time to enjoy this moment but I said "we will enjoy this many times when you get home" and I told him to make sure to enjoy my panties while he is gone. I love doing fun things like this with my husband.

Telling Girlfriend I Wear Panties
It took me awhile to tell my girlfriend that i love wearing girls panties but one day i did and she told me to prove it. She gave me a sexy pink polkadot thong and told me to put it on. i immediately got hard but hastily put them on for her to see. she smiled while looking at my pulsating hardon under her panties and said "you really love panties dont you?" as she rubbed her hand over my hardon. she stripped down to a nothing but a blue pair of the same panties and started kissing down my body and pulled my hardon out of the panties and sucked me. she threw me on my back and then got on top of me. we had the best sex ever all with matching panties. it was the hottest experience of my life.

Wearing Panties In Front Of Women
I have a friend who happens to be female. She is beautiful, sexy and has great taste in clothing. I have always wanted to get into her panties but she said no she just wants to be friends, she just recently got out of a relationship and I do not think she is ready to move forward. One day I told her if I can't get into her panties at least let me wear them. She took it as a joke until I came downstairs wearing a pair of her purple lace panties. Ever since that day our relationship has grown and she appreciates sharing her panties with me and we go shopping for panties together, often buying the same panties.

Wife Likes Taking Pics Of Me Wearing Panties
My wife loves to see me wearing panties. I put on a sexy pair of panties and then show them off to her and take some pics (most of which we have posted in our photo album at this community It makes her so hot to see the outline of me underneath the soft, sexy, material. She especially loves me to show off my butt in a spicy little thong. It is so hot to have such a wonderful wife, who can be so adventurous and naughty. I love to do it for her too. I love anything that makes her hot and turns her on. I also enjoy the feeling of being naughty like that, not to mention the feel of the soft materials barely holding back my hardon and balls. The feeling of the thong sliding in between my cheeks and leaving them exposed is so hot too. I had never done anything like that before I met her, but am glad that she introduced me to it. I love the feeling of wearing sexy panties and just as much love knowing I make her so hot.

Girlfriends Knows I Wear Panties
I am lucky enough to have a girlfriend that knows and supports me in my enjoyment of wearing panties. I had been dating my current girlfriend for about 6 months when I told her that I wore panties and that I enjoyed wearing them. The disclosure came from me having to be out of town on a business trip and I asked my girlfriend if she would give me a pair of her panties to take with me while I was gone, just so that I could be reminded of how sweet she smelled. I had been oral with her from our fourth date, so she knew what I meant. She said the only thing that I had to do was bring the panties back with something of me in them. I knew what she had in mind and I said that I would honor her request. It just so happened that she wore the same size panties that I did. I was a regular wearer, even though she didn't know at that time. When I returned, she picked me up at the airport and we went to her house for dinner. During dinner, she asked me if I had done with her panties what she had wanted. I told her that I had done even better and that I would show her. We went to the bedroom and she was getting undressed to take a shower. She asked if I was going to take a shower with her, which I did on a regular basis. I told her that I would, but I first had something to show her. I pulled my trousers off and she was shocked when she saw that I was wearing her panties. At first, she was surprised. I told her that I wore panties most of the time, because I preferred them to male underwear. She wanted to know how long I had been wearing panties and I told her for about 10 years. Then, what surprised me, she came up close and felt of me through the panties. She told me that she thought it was sexy and she wanted to know if I would wear another pair after we had taken a shower. Naturally, I agreed that I would. Then the second surprise came when she told me that she had suspected that I wore panties because she had gotten a glimpse of a pair that I had on one time, but she had never said anything about it. Now, we share our panties and she is very supportive of what I like to do. The best thing that you can do is to get a wife or a girlfriend who will let you wear panties.

Wife Approves That I Wear Panties
I do feel lucky in the aspect that my wife doesn't mind me wearing panties. I stopped wearing "mens" underwear over 10 years ago after I came home with a pair of panties, and to my surprise she wasn't against it at all. In fact she said if I was going to wear panties I should do it right, and we went out and shopped for a few new pair nothing extravagant just plain panties, but in the past few years I have gone out and purchased some different styles of panties. I in fact buy nicer more sexy panties lately than my wife. I feel that if you tell your wife or girlfriend and be open with her chances are she will be ok with it. Its so much better being able to wear now that she knows and approves.

Wife Knows I Enjoy Panties
My wife knew that I was extremely tactile and that I loved the feel of silky fabrics. I first tried to find mens underwear that suited my tastes and was disappointed in not finding much. I told her that I did not like the underwear I was wearing and if I could try women's panties. A little coaxing and I was able to convince her that panties were the way to go. Of course, I later convinced her that I should have lots of different colors, patterns, styles, etc., so that I could enjoy wearing panties just like her. She agreed and now all I own is womens panties. If she travels out of town or we are out at the mall, I almost always get a couple of new pairs. I even got panties in my christmas stocking last year.

Girlfriend Likes To Know What Panties I Am Wearing
My girlfriend lets me wear her panties whenever I want. Like today I'm wearing some of her panties which are white with pink trim and little pink hearts all over them. She loves checking out what panties I am wearing before I leave the house. Its been a fun addition to our relationship, and we often go shopping for new panties together.

Have Had Several Woman See Me In Panties
I have been very lucky being accepted wearing panties ever since I was younger. The girl across the road caught me wearing her and her sisters panties and let it go without saying anything to anyone and my sister caught me in her panties and let me wear them. Years later my mother in law caught me in her panties and kept it to herself and gave me panties to keep. My wife caught me after i got caught leaving my panties on the dresser at home about a year and a half after we were married. she did not say anything for a couple of days. then she said one day you have been wearing my panties as well haven't you. i could not say no as it was obvious that she knew that i had been wearing hers as well as my panties. so we had a talk and now i wear panties all the time and my wife likes to pick out the panties I will wear and we also enjoy having sex while both wearing panties. With this many woman seeing me in panties and not having a problem with it I am not sure if it was luck or what. I know there are woman out there who like guys in panties and am glad that the woman that caught me in panties where ok with it. I am also happy to be with a wife that enjoys me in panties its made our sex life so much better.

Telling Wife I Wear Panties
I have always loved and craved wearing women's panties. I am married and totally straight. I have had to suppress my desire to wear panties and I have always been looking for a solution. It stressed me out that I had to hide my love of wearing panties and I heard of others who were able to wear panties in front of there wife or girlfriend and I always wanted to be them. I searched places that had good ideas for telling your wife about wearing panties. I found this awesome community and found many guys were in the same situation as me but also found that many of them were successful at telling there wifes. I read through many suggestions and success stories as well as stories from others who wished they could tell there wife or girlfriend. So after reading through all the advice I have came up with a way, and it worked amazingly great. I went from never even talking about the idea, to wearing women's panties full time, 24/7 with my wifes acceptance.

Wearing Panties In Front Of A Female
As a favor to a friend i went to fix a faucet. she is a good looking girl in her thirties. i had just got started and she said she had to leave for a few. the faucet was a 2 minute job to fix so my attention turned to her laundry hamper, at the top was a pair of dirty black lace panties, the smell was amazing and I put them on and started masturbating when i heard her at the door! We then sat in the kitchen chatting, she thanked me for the repair and i refused payment. as i bent down to put my shoes on i felt her panties riding up above my jeans giving her a clear view of them. a surprised look on her face, she asked are you wearing panties, then she said those look like my panties. I was totally embarrassed and red. I just froze. She asked me to show her. She came closer to me and pulled up my shirt and saw the panties. She did not look upset but more curious. I said yes they are panties and yes your panties, she asked why I was wearing them. I saw them in the bathroom and was curious about them, I picked them up and they excited me. She smiled at me and said oh yeah they excited you. She asked if she could see me in them. She said come on show me. So I undid my pants and dropped them to the floor standing before her in her panties. She looked down and then up at me and smiled and said I see you are still excited. She came closer to me and asked if she could touch them. She did not wait for an answer and she reached out and touched the front the panties I was wearing. I jumped when her hand ran over the front of the panties, she said whats wrong does that feel good, do my panties make you feel good. This is a side of my friend I had never seen before, at the time she had no boyfriend, she is a pretty busy person and has had no time for dating. She again rubbed over the front of the panties and I thought I was going to explode so I stepped back. She followed me and kept rubbing the front of my panties, she said I can tell it feels good, your so hard, and your getting the front of my panties wet with your pre cum. She kept on caressing the front of the panties, moving her hand over and over the front of my hardon. She could tell by how I was backing up all the time that it felt good and that I was about to explode, moments later I exploded inside her panties. Her smile and her eyes got big and she looked at me and said wow you really do enjoy my panties don?t you. It was awesome to have her caress me and make me cum in her panties, I never would have thought this would be happening. After I exploded we both just stood there for a few minutes not saying anything, she said its ok she liked seeing me in panties and liked that I enjoyed her panties. I then went and got cleaned up and took her panties off, she said I could just put them back in the hamper and that if I wanted to take a fresh dirty pair I could. Never thought I would ever have a girl tell me that I could help myself to a pair of her dirty panties. I looked through the hamper and found a silk and lace hi cut style panty and put them in my pocket. She noticed that I did take another pair and said that I hope you enjoy them. I was so over whelmed at what had just happened, here was a friend of mine who saw me in panties and made me explode in them, never thought I would ever get to enjoy that in front of a woman. Since then we have gotten together a few more times, it has never lead to sex but I have received so many panty hand jobs from her both while wearing her panties and with her taking off the panties she is wearing and wrapping them around me. She says it really excites her to see that I enjoy her panties and she likes to make me explode with them. She had even given me another pair of panties to sniff while she is stroking me with or through another pair of panties. I would have never thought this would ever happen, I just went over to fix her faucet.

Panty Sex
I have masturbated in front of my lady friend while wearing panties and she has masturbated me while I am wearing her panties. She knows exactly how to caress me while I am wearing panties and when to stop and start again, doing this makes me explode so hard in panties. We both enjoy panty sex and have come up with some unique ideas of how to use them to make our play time much more enjoyable.

Wifes Idea For Me To Wear Panties
My wife got me into wearing panties, so if it pleases her who am i to argue! I was hesitant at first but once she slipped panties on me my jaw dropped at how good they felt and I was sort of embarrassed as I just about creamed them in a matter of minutes. My wife loves seeing me wearing panties and I love wearing them for her as I know it makes her so horny, and yes it also makes me horny to wear them.

Couple Likes Panties
One day my wife and I were folding up some clean laundry and I took a pair of her panties and jokingly put them over my head, with the crotch right in front of my mouth. She took one look at that and said "I thought you only did that with my dirty knickers." She asked me to take my briefs off and put her panties on and she put on my briefs. She asked if I liked the feeling of the silky nylon over my package. It was the first time I had ever worn womens undies. She didn't particularly like the feel of my tighty whities and took them off. She reached over and massaged my "package" thru her panties and asked me if I liked that feeling. We dropped the laundry on the floor, headed for the bed and did what we had been wanting to do all that morning. After I came in her, she took those knickers of hers and wiped up the leaking cum from her crotch and from my package. Then she put them over her face and licked my cum off them. We now do this on a regular basis during sex.

Turns Me On Knowing A Guys Masturbates With My Panties
I do enjoy watching a man use my panties to masturbate with. Seeing his hand and my silk or lace panties wrapped around a hardon, is a turn on . I even like him to shoot his cum on them, sometimes I put then back on, wet, and sometimes I shove them into me so our juices can mix together.

Making A Guys Cum In Panties
The sight of a guy in panties with a bulge is a turn on for me, would love to stroke him thru it, making him explode and drench them while I stroked away.

Turned On By Men In Panties
Guys look so sexy in a pair of silky panties with their bulge stretching the panties or the head poking out the top. I love how a hard on feels in silky panties. I get so turned on seeing a guy wearing panties, it gets my own panties so wet.

Woman That Get Turned On By Guys Wearing Panties
Seeing a guy throbbing in a pair of panties gets me so horny and so wet. I cannot help but caress the front of his panties making him leak cum on the front of the panties. I love giving a guy a blow job while he is wearing panties and caressing his balls as they are covered in the silky fabric.

Panty Sex With Wife
I love wearing panties. I like it when my wife rubs me through my silky panties and I start to grow. The precum makes a nice big wet spot and my hardon tries to poke through. When she finally lets my hardon out it is so hard and the feeling of my wifes lips on it drives me over the edge and I cum. My wife loves how hard I get when wearing panties and how quickly she can make me cum by caressing me in panties or by giving me a panty blow job.

Wife Asked Me To Wear Her Panties
I recall one time about 20 years ago, when my wife and I were getting dressed, she threw me a pair of her panties and said, "Here, put these on. I want to see you in them." I said, "OK, fair is fair", and threw her a pair of my jockey shorts and said, " you put these on." So there we stood, in each others underwear, no bra on her and feeling what it was like to wear each others undies. She didn't like the feeling of the jockeys, but the smooth nylon panties felt pretty good. We layed down on the bed, took off each others pants and as I recall, had a great oral session. I have worn panties ever since that day.

Girlfriend Turned On By Me Wearing Panties
My girlfriend knows of my panty fetish and she really gets turned on when she knows I am wearing panties. I like calling her at work and describing the panties I am wearing today. When we both get home from work we practically tear each others clothing off except for our panties and have panty sex. She even buys me panties and says its a turn on shopping for panties for me and surprising me with new ones.

Sex While Wearing Panties
Been masturbating with panties for years began when ex girlfriend asked me to have sex with her while I wore her open crotch panties. I always came so hard when she would ask me to wear her panties. I continued wearing panties after we split up and have worn with a few other girlfriends.

Both Wearing Panties
My wife thought it was so sexy when I put on her panties. We thrashed around in bed rubbing all over each other both wearing silky panties. Now we often involve panties in our foreplay and both wearing panties gets us so hot. More couples need to spice things up in the bedroom, wearing panties is just something we do to add that extra spice.

Panty Sex With Girlfriend
I told my girlfriend I wanted to try on her panties and she was totally fine with it! I sort of passed it off as a joke at first in case she wasn't into it, but in the end she actually brought me like five or six panties to choose from. It was so amazing both rolling around on the bed kissing and touching each other in panties, I nearly exploded. We left the panties on during sex and both just slipped them to the side and had sex while wearing panties, when it was time for me to cum I pulled out and shot it all over her panties, it was hot seeing my cum all over her black panties.

Like Men In Panties
I have a boyfriend who wears panties 24/7. I get jealous sometimes because he has cuter panties than I do, but I still look better in mine. I see nothing wrong with men wearing panties and it is not a reflection of whether they are straight, gay, bi, whatever.

Panties Always Made Him Cum
I had a partner a while ago now (was in my 20's) who had a panty fetish... He was really embarrassed about it, but took the guts one night to admit it to me! We only dated a few months, but I used to occasionally buy him a pair, or let him wear them when we were together, he used to get really turned on. I would have given him mine but my ass was 5 sizes smaller than his I am sure. I still remember the first time after he admitted it, I purchased him a pair and told him to put them on, then went down on him and she exploded quickly. He always came really quick when panties were involved but I did not mind as he always took care of my needs after.

Woman Turned On By Men Wearing Panties
I personally love panty wearing men, they look sexy and it turns me on to see a guy wearing panties. Nothing wrong with a guy wearing panties, its only clothing, guys should be able to wear what makes them happy and what feels good to them. The men I know that wear panties it has not changed who they are, in fact its made them better lovers and better communicators.

Woman That Likes Men Wearing Panties
I enjoy seeing men in women's panties. I wouldn't mind shopping with a man for panties for both of us. Even maybe purchasing matching panties or same style different color (mine would be in blue and his would be in pink). The hottest thing ever is to see a man in a suit and know that under that suit there are, lacy, white panties on him! Or a construction worker in a hard hat with red lacy panties on underneath his plaid shirt and jeans and work boots. (Ooo, It's getting warm in here.) I love pictures of men in women's panties. With a little bit of his manhood sticking out. (Ooo, I swear it's getting hot in here and I feel something wet down below.)

Wife Likes Me Wearing Panties During Sex
When my wife and I were first married our sex life was spontaneous and awesome. One day we were fooling around, I was digging through her panties trying to pick a pair for her to wear to bed and she suggested I put on a pair too. She picked out a skimpy little pair of white see through microfiber bikinis and jokingly suggested I try them out. I've always loved her panties, the way they felt against my skin while we are in bed so I called her bluff and put them on and was immediately rock hard. She realized right away how turned on I was and immediately dropped to her knees and gave me the most mind blowing blowjob ever.Then we had amazing sex while I was wearing her panties. After that first time I would occasionally sneak into bed with her satin panties on and we would have very hot sex.

Panty Sex
Last night when I came home my wife could tell I was a bit irritated. She took me into the bedroom and stripped me down to my panties. She had me lay back on the bed she straddled me facing towards my feet. This gave me a great view of her ass which was covered in a pair of satin panties.

She pulled the crotch of my panties aside and generously applied lube to my crotch. She then pulled her panties aside and lowered herself onto me. I lay there thrusting upwards with her bouncing while looking and playing with her panty covered butt. After a while of her bouncing up and down on me I came deep inside her. I love having sex while both of us have our panties pulled to the side. Was a great stress relief that evening, I love how my wife knows just how to relieve my stress.

Wife Likes Me Wearing Panty
One day a couple of years ago while my wife and I were enjoying a little foreplay, she took her panties and began to rub them on me. I got so excited at how erotic this felt. I wanted to put them on, but she would not let me because she did not want me to stretch out her panties.The next week she surprised me with panties of my own in my own size, she helped me slip them on and I got hard instantly. She began rubbing me through the panties and I came in record time, she was surprised at how fast I came and she smiled at me. My wife often will come home with new panties and she loves to make me cum while I am wearing them.

Like Seeing Him Wearing Panties
My husband wears panties. I buy them for him, he likes satin or nylon ones the most. The only time he wears men's briefs is when he is traveling or going to work. The rest of the time he is in panties. My favorite three colors to see him wearing are red, hot pink and purple. I love picking out what color of panties he will be wearing. He looks so good in bright colored panties.

Wife Knows I Wear Panties
I am in my 30's and I love wearing panties. I just love the feel. I love the soft, silky, and the variety of types, I love seeing myself in them and love the rush it gives me, its a real turn on. I am married and my wifes knows I wear them, and she loves seeing me wearing panties.

Wearing Panties Together
I love that my husband wears panties, we both wear panties during sex and panty sex is wonderful. It has made our love life amazing.

Enjoys That I Wear Panties
I love to wear panties, i've been wearing panties for the past year and a half. Shortly after I started wearing them I met my current girlfriend, I told her right away that I liked wearing panties, she had no problems with it and enjoyed that I wore panties. She doesn't even like me wearing mens underwear any more.

Couple Wearing Panties Together
I have been married for 10 years, I wear panties all the time and often when my wife and I go panty shopping we buy a bunch in her size and the we buy the same amount in my size . Often the sales girls will say you have a lot of the same ones in 2 different sizes . Thats when my wife will say the mediums are mine the xl is for him. The sales girl will comment "ohh thats so sweet matching panties" I am lucky enough to have a wife who likes this.

Seeing Men Wearing Panties
I discovered my husband likes to wear panties after we were married. At first I thought it was odd. I did not know how to take it. Did lots of research on men wearing panties. I decided not to let it ruin our relationship and tried to go along with it. WOW as it turns out its a major turn on for me to see him wearing panties. If your man is into wearing panties I suggest giving it a try, you never know it might just turn you on, I know for me its a huge turn on seeing my husband wearing panties.

Every Guy Should Try Wearing Panties
I am 77 years old and married 57 years. I have been wearing panties for over 50 years because I love the way panties feel. My wife has always been accepting and enjoyed seeing me in panties and loves shopping for panties with me. I think that any man who has the balls to try wearing panties will like it. Clothing should be about what you like, not about whether you are male or female.

Couple That Wears Panties
My wife and I live out in the country so we have lots of private time. On the weekend we both like to walk around in panties or nylons or both. It is a turn on for us both. Our sex life has never been better. The wife likes to see me dress up in panties and I love her in panties and nylons.

Panties Have Made Sex Life Better
I have a drawer full of panties, and have such a large variety of panties. My sex life has increased beyond my wildest belief, as my wife loves to touch me by rubbing my smooth soft panties, she says its a real turn on. She even likes to choose my panties for me each day and I now choose hers for her as well. She says that she loves to see my package bulging out of my panties. I'm so glad that I included her in my pantie wearing desires.

Like Seeing Boyfriend In Panties
Hi, im a female and about 2 years ago my boyfriend told me he wore girls bikini panties when he was younger and that he liked the feeling. I totally understand why, I mean seriously who doesnt like the feeling of panties. I bought him some panties and from there things progressed to him wearing everyday and to us both shopping for panties together. He looks so good in panties, its a huge turn on. I love him more for his honesty and openness with me. Good for all of you men who love to feel sexy in panties.

Wearing Panties In Front Of Girlfriend
My girlfriend was introduced to my panty wearing when I purposely forgot my undies when I went for a stay at her place and borrowed a pair I had given her. She commented on how cute they fit. After a little reluctance about my frequency of wearing them she stopped giving it a second thought. Now we go shopping for new panties all the time.

Turned On By Guys Wearing Panties
Husband and I switched underwear one night. He put on a pair of my satin panties. I could tell they felt good on him by how quick he got hard. It is so arousing seeing the outline of his dick in my satin panties. Also seeing him ejaculating in my panties makes me so wet. There is nothing like going out knowing my husband is wearing a pair of my satin panties under his jeans.

Wife Likes Me Wearing Panties
I have been hooked on wearing panties ever since I can remember, I love how panties feel, and how panties look. I have a wife who supports this and buys me new things all the time. I am one happy panty guy. My wife and I have visited that community and we love it, its nice to know so many other guys and couples enjoy wearing panties. I know there are thousands of guys who have to hide this from the wife because some women are just to closed minded to be happy with it. I am so thankful for my wife and her understanding. My wife and I often chat to other guys at that community and suggest ways in which they can bring up wearing panties to there wife and be able to enjoy wearing with the wife or girlfriend. Being able to wear with a female is such an amazing thing and we wish all men who wear panties could enjoy that.

Getting Boyfriend To Wear Panties
I got my boyfriend to wear panties one night and things developed from there. We sometimes go out with him wearing panties. It's our little kinky secret. We went on a trip and he wore panties the whole time. It was awesome! Guys should not be afraid to openly discuss wearing panties with their girlfriends. I know for me and my boyfriend panties has improved our sex life.

Couple Into Panties Panty Sex
My own fascination with panties started when I was still in school and it has only grown stronger with time. I've been married for 23 years and my wife has known about my panty fetish for the past 15 years. I just never felt comfortable telling her before then, but one night after too many glasses of wine, it just all came tumbling out, and it was the best thing I ever did.

Panty sex is a regular addition to our sex life now. I like her to take my clothes off and pull her tight panties up my legs. Then she teases me through them. This makes me so hard, and combined with her pantied ass smothering my face, makes me cum in a terrific gush. Sometimes she puts me in panties, then slides her own panties down her legs and stretches them tightly over my face, the crotch placed strategically over my nose. This drives me absolutely wild, and she knows it. We have the best sex ever. Panty sex is the best.

Got Boyfriend To Wear Panties
I enjoy seeing my boyfriend in panties, mens underwear is so boring. I actually was the one to get him into wearing panties and knew he would look good in tight panties. He was a little embarrassed at first standing in front of me in panties but you could tell it felt so good. He seems to have much more energy now that he wears panties also, he is always in the mood for sex which before I got him to wear panties it was long between times of us having sex. Now he wants it just about every day, wish we had time for it everyday. I see nothing wrong with guys wearing panties, I love seeing my man in panties, we just enjoy being playful and more couples need to be more playful.

Boyfriend Wearing Panties
I won a bet on a sports game with my boyfriend, we did not come up with things before the bet so I thought about it for a day or so. I came up with lots of things but wanted to make it a good one. A friend of mine said make him wear your panties to the mailbox to check the mail. I laughed and said perfect. So when I told my boyfriend he had to wear my panties to check the mailbox his jaw dropped. I went and picked out a pair of panties they were bright yellow nylon thong. I gave them to him and said here put them on. He squirmed a little bit but knew he lost the bet so he had to do it. He took off his pants and underwear and slipped them on right in front of me. I let him leave his shirt on which only came down to his waist and did not really cover any of the thong. He opened the door and walked to the mailbox, its about a 100 feet to the mailbox and walked back, it was about 4pm in the afternoon so plenty of people drove by. Seeing him walk to the mailbox in my thong had this effect on me I did not expect, I thought it would be funny but I felt turned on. Since then I have gotten him to wear my panties more and more. I love seeing him in my panties and I know he is taking a liking to them also.

Woman Who Gets Turned On By Guys Wearing Panties
Oh yeah seeing a guy bulging in a pair of panties is a huge turn on. I have had several boyfriends prance around in front of me wearing panties.

Sex While He Was Wearing My Panties
I had a boyfriend once that I caught going through my panty drawer and I made him put a pair on, they were bright pink thongs with some lace around the waistband. I must admit he looked really sexy in my pink panties and we had the best sex with him wearing my pink panties. We dated for about a year and broke on good terms but he moved away so we do not really speak anymore. I can say that he was the most fun in the bedroom and we had lots of fun with him wearing my panties, I know he probably still has a few pairs of my panties and I hope he is still enjoying them. I miss having a boyfriend that is willing to wear my panties, it turned me on so much seeing a guy in my panties.

Like A Guy Wearing My Panties
I caught my boyfriend cumming in a pair of my panties and I was so turned on we had sex and it was so good, I was so horny for him watching him cum in my panties. After we even had sex several times with him wearing my panties. I love feeling his dick and butt in my silky panties. Loved grabbing his silky butt as he thrust inside me. I have even made him wear panties when we went out to the mall, it was so hot knowing he was wearing my panties as we walked around.

Like Seeing A Guy Wearing My Panties
I like seeing a guy wearing my panties. I love seeing the bulge stretching against the material. I love how hard a guy gets slipping on my panties and love to suck on him through my panties. Seeing how his precum gets the front of the panties wet is such a turn on. I love grinding against him while we are both wearing satin panties and how the slippery material slides so easily.

Would Like A Guy Pleasuring Himself With My Panties
I think it would be hot if some guy I liked really wanted my panties. That would be so hot to see him enjoying my panties.

Guy Using My Panties To Jerk Off
An ex would use my soaked panties to jerk off in front of me, it was so hot to watch. I would get so wet watching him I would drip down my bare thighs, he would occasionally wipe the panties on my crotch to re wet them. It was such a turn on.

Dating A Woman With Panty Fetish
Once I dated a bi girl who, like me, had a strong fetish for panties. One time she admitted to sniffing and masturbating with our roommates panties, so one time I found a dirty pair of her panties and made my girlfriend wear them out, when no one was looking I'd rub and tease her, this got her really wet. When we got home, I took the panties off her and put them up to her nose and mouth, she loved it. She then got up and layed the panties down on the bed and got into a doggy style position with her ass so high pointed in the air and her head pressed down on the bed into the dirty panties. We had so much fun this way for a long time. Sometimes we both wore our roomates dirty panties and would do oral on each other so we could smell her scent as we did oral on each other, 69 was our favorite position as our roomates panties would be right in our face as we licked and sucked each other.

Love Men Who Like My Panties
I love men who love my panties. There is nothing more arousing to me than a man that wants to look down my pants and see my panties, then takes his time arousing me and delighting in seeing the arousal on my panties. That look of desire on your face makes me even wetter. Then touch me thru my panties, you fingers combined with the silky fabric is so erotic. Make me cum for you and I'll soak those panties with creamy honey. If you enjoy savoring the fragrance of my panties and licking the juices off my panties before you slide your tongue or dick into my tight wet spot, I'm yours. I also get off on sliding my warm wet panties on you and seeing you form your own wet spot on my panties, licking precum off my panties while you are wearing gets me dripping wet.

Couple Having Sex In Panties
On valentines day my wife handed me a pair of her silky panties. She told me to put on the panties and start warming up for her. I was on the bed masturbating in the panties. When she came out of the bathroom in panties, garter and stockings. We began some serious foreplay. I was so hard and my panties were getting wet from the precum. Her panties were becoming soaked with her wetness. We eventually made each other cum in our panties. Mine and hers were totally soaked. I loved the feeling of staying hard in my warm, cum soaked panties. We eventually had sex like crazy and were on a horny high well into the next morning. I had her make me cum in my panties several times in the next two days. I love having a kinky wife who is always thinking of new things for us to try. I think I will wear a pair to bed tonight and see what happens!

Wife Enjoys Seeing Me In Panties
My first time wearing panties was with my wife. After a great night of sex I put on her panties by mistake, the room was completely dark and I felt around for my underwear and grabbed hers instead. It was love at first feel. I turned on the light and stood there in her panties, they were red satin bikinis and a perfect fit. My wife looked over and saw me in her panties and smiled. Ever since that day I have been wearing panties. I've been wearing panties for almost 30 years and will continue to do so. I am lucky to have a wife enjoys seeing me in panties.

Girlfriend Asked Me To Wear Panties
My girlfriend always made comments about panties, and joked about me trying hers on, she had bought me silk boxers to wear to her sisters wedding. She said, knowing I was wearing them made her HOT. A few nights later at my place she came down from the bedroom in just panties and a bra, but holding a pair of blue panties. I new something was up because they were not her size.

She proceeded to tell me how comfortable she was with me and told me a story of catching her past boyfriend in panties.

That turned her on, and she wanted me to wear the panties, I did hesitate, but the look on her face I could tell she was excited. OK I thought as I slipped into the panties. She went nuts, sucked my dick through the panties until I shot my load, she rubbed her face all over the cummy panties. From then on I wore panties, she loved to suck on me through panties and have sex while we both wore panties, it was amazing, she was so kinky.

Girlfriend Introduced Me To Wearing Panties
First time I wore panties I was 22. I was at my girlfriends house, we went swimming in her pool. When we got out, she said she would dry my pants and underwear. I asked her what am I going to wear? She told me to follow her. I go to her room and she pulls out a silky string bikini with flowers all over them. I put them on, and I was hooked on wearing panties. She helped me slip them on and before she got them up I was hard as a rock, I still remember her slipping them up and over my hard on and putting her hand over my bulge and touching it. I think she was surprised that I got hard so quick. She continued to rub me through the panties and it was not long I told her to stop otherwise I was going to explode, well she did not stop and she made me cum in her panties. Since then I have worn panties. I love that she introduced me to how good panties feel.

Girlfriend Likes Seeing Me Wearing Panties
When I was 23 I had a very fun and open girlfriend. I had always had kinky desires though my previous girlfriend thought every thing I suggested was to weird. I finally broke up with her for that reason. When I found a new girlfriend she loved to suck dick and started licking my ass, which was out of this world for me at time. I had a couple of male silk thongs that I wore in front of her to see how she would react. She loved them and thought they were sexy. One day a pair of her satin panties were on the floor and she saw me pick them up. She said why don't you try them on. I did and got hard right away. I just loved the look and feel of them, she told me how sexy she thought they were on me.

Girl That Likes Guys Wearing Panties
I had an ex boyfriend that loved to wear my panties. He said that the feeling of wearing different materials was erotic to him. For me it was a turn on to see a man enjoy something that was worn so close to my body.

Wearing Panties Feels So Good
Oh, how I love the feel of a pair of panties. I have been wearing them since my late teens. My wife enjoys how excited I become when wearing them, and I have had several girlfriends that were turned on by the idea.

She Likes Me Pleasuring Myself With Her Panties
My lady friend always makes it a point to leave a pair of her panties at my place for me to play with when she's not there, in fact, she even has me shop with her sometimes to make sure that she buys "the right kind" that I enjoy playing with.

Woman Who Likes Me Using Panties
A while back I dated a woman who loved to have me stroke myself using her panties. It started while we were having to be long distance for a while. She mailed me a pair of her silky smooth panties without telling me she was doing so. When I opened the mail and saw them I called her right away. She confessed how much the idea turned her on and we proceeded to have some very hot phone sex talking about it while I used her panties to masturbate. When she finally got home, as soon as she walked in the door I pulled off the panties she was wearing and had her help me jerk off with them. That was the start of a very fun night.

Guys Using My Panties Turn Me On
I'm totally fine with a lover using my panties to masturbate with, sniffing them, licking them, wrapping them around his shaft and putting them on. No need to hide it though. I'd love to know it's happening, especially when I'm not in the house. I'd get so turned on going to the store or to work, knowing what he's doing with my panties back home.

Like Guys Into Panties
Panty play can be so fun. I had a boyfriend who wanted my panties after we had phone sex when we had to be apart. So, I would mail them to him at his office. He would pleasure himself in them and then mail them back to me. He loved to lick me and finger me through my sheer panties. Knowing he got aroused like that would in turn arouse me which would make my panties so wet. The next morning I would slip those panties into his briefcase under his work files. It was like getting a little love note. At least that is what he said.

But, we also love to shop together. Often times he would end up in the dressing room with me. There were many times that we'd end up making a purchase, especially panties. Once we enjoyed ourselves in the dressing room up against the full length mirror. He pushed a pair of thin sheer panties up into me and went looking for them with his tongue. Afterwards, he wrapped them around the head of his throbbing manhood and pleasured me again. We both came hard on those panties. Funny, I never got those back. He kept them!

Panty Wearing Couple
My girlfriend likes to watch me slipping on her panties and rubbing myself through them, sometimes she will also have me lay down while wearing her panties and she will get on top of me and rub herself on me while she is either naked or wearing panties until we both cum. This is one of my favorite ways to cum with both of us face to face and our parts rubbing together in panties and exploding.

She Likes Seeing Me In Panties
I have a lady friend who likes to take off her panties, than I put them on, and we have sex while I am still in the panties. She loves the way her panties look on me and they feel so good.

Girlfriend Into Panty Masturbation
I was lucky enough to enjoy time with a girlfriend long ago who was into panty play. After sex she would always put back on her panties to allow our scents to mingle on her panty crotch so that we could enjoy them together the next day. She also loved caressing both herself and me with a fresh or a "scented" pair. And she also enjoyed slipping her panties on and making me cum in them and then putting them back on and wearing them to work the next day, she had the biggest panty fetish, maybe even more so than me. I never had to say a word she came up with all the kinky things to do with panties, it was great.

Couple Enjoys Panty Masturbation
My wife loves for me to talk dirty to her and make her panties wet and then she will sneak them into the pockets of my pants in the morning so I can smell them all the way to and from work. By the time I get home I am so horny from her scent I grab her and pound the heck out of her. She also likes to jerk me off with her silk panties and also likes to slide her panties on me and rub me through her panties and make me cum in her panties.

Couple Wearing Panty
When my husband and I were first dating, we worked together. (That's how we met.) Anyway, before work we went and had a small breakfast together (at like 4 am) and then sat in the mostly dark parking lot. Often times we would just sit in the dark parking lot before work and talk and often make out. A few times I took my panties off and watched him jack off with them, and then cum into them, and then I would slide them back on. I wore his cum next to my wet hole all day long and felt close to him. Other times he would ask me to slip my panties off and he would wear them all day, wearing my juices next to him. It was our way of keeping close to each other as we worked in a big place and often times did not see each other, it was a fun way to tease each other and to keep each other on each others mind.

Turns Me On Knowing A Guys Gets Off Using My Panties
During a long distance relationship, an ex used to love for me to send him panties that I'd worn all day long. He would sniff them, lick them and wear them while he masturbated. It always turned me on thinking of him enjoying my panties.

Guys Masturbating With My Panties
Last year I met a guy I was dating, for coffee at Starbucks. We didn't live near each other and liked having frequent phone sex. The morning that I was going to meet him, he called me and we masturbated by phone. I used my vibrator over top of a pair of black panties so that I would cum in them, then wore them the rest of the day until I met him early that evening. I went into the bathroom at Starbucks, took them off, and handed them to him across the table, and watched him hold them up to his face and smell them before he stuck them in his pocket. Right in front of all the other coffee drinkers in Starbucks, but, then again, this was the big city and people don't tend to notice things like that. For weeks after that he'd call me and tell me he was rubbing his hard dick, with my scented panties. And I loved it!

Panty Oral With Wife
I love eating my wife with her panties on until they are soaking wet and have her squirt in them as I'm still eating her. Then I will have her take her panties off and I will put them on and have her suck me off through her panties until I cum in her panties and our juices are mixed together. Then it's sharing time as we both suck on those messy panties.

Like Guys Masturbating With My Panties
I like watching a guy stroke himself with my wet, recently taken off panties wrapped around his dick. Makes my juices flow even more, often times I will ask him to hand me the panties for a few seconds and I will wipe up my juices with them and then hand them back to him to continue stroking with my even wetter panties.

Wearing Panties While Having Sex
I had sex with my girlfriend after taking her thong off and then putting her thong on me, she said she loved to feel my hard dick thru them and it gave her a thrill to know I was wearing them while we had sex.

Like A Man In Panties
I love my man in panties! If only such men were as easy to find in real life as the internet. I've convinced a couple guys into doing it in return for favors from me. I love seeing a guy wearing panties.

Watching A Guy Pleasure Himself With My Panties
I have caught the neighbor guy taking my panties off the clothes line. I put some out the next day late in the evening. I hid on my deck and saw him take them. I followed him to his garage and hid behind some bushes where I saw him slip them on and rub himself in them before pulling the waist band back and shooting his cum. I was so turned on watching this, I wanted to jump out and surprise him and help him get off with my panties but I knew I should just watch and enjoy and not ruin the fun he was having by scaring him.

Girlfriends Idea For Me To Wear Panties
My girlfriend dared me to wear her panties, at first I did not want to being shy and all but once I slipped them on WOW the hardon I got was amazing. My girlfriend came over and gave me a blow job through them as a reward for wearing her panties, I got a double reward because the panties felt so good, I did not last long with my balls and half my shaft still in her panties and my head sticking out the top with her lips around my shaft. I have worn panties ever since that time and my girlfriend loves it. So weird it was her idea that I wear panties, I wonder why I never thought of it first. But now I know how good they feel and I will wear panties forever.

Like Boyfriend Wearing Panties
I caught my boyfriend wearing panties and at first I was shocked but when I saw how hard they made him I got so turned on and wet. Now we go shopping together for panties and its so fun to buy new panties for each other. He looks so hot in panties.

Asked Me To Wear Her Panties
My girlfriend asked me to try her panties on one night and I acted like I didn't want to and she kept asking me so I slipped her panties on. She got so turned on seeing me standing there in her panties and I got so hard, her panties felt amazing. We had the best sex that night as I wore her panties and I slid the panties she was wearing to the side.

Couple In Panties
I had suspected that my husband was wearing my panties because a few a pairs were stretched out and some had stains in them. So one night I left a nice wet pair of panties along side our bed and some clean ones on top of my night stand. I told him I needed to run a few errands that I would be back in a few hours. Well I waited about 20 mins. and quietly went back in and found him on our bed with a pair on and the wet ones pressed to his face and a big hard on. I stood quite for awhile while, and I was getting super wet. I said let me help you with that. We recreate that scene often now.

Panty Sex With Boyfriend
I caught my boyfriend with my panties on while he was surfing the web, he was looking at pictures of this couple wearing panties together on this community it made me so hot to see the couple wearing panties together and then seeing my boyfriend wearing panties.I stripped down to my panties and my boyfriend bent me over the back of the computer chair and as he slide in from behind and we had the best sex while we both flipped through and looked at pictures of the couple wearing panties doing the same thing we were going, it was so HOT.

Watching Me With Her Panties
When I was 24 and still living at home my sisters friend was staying with us off and on all summer. She was 19 and super hot. I always enjoyed her panties and took them from her laundry bin often. One time she walked in on me and caught me jerking with her panties. She said I knew you were playing with my panties because she had seen them all wriggled and a few stains in them. She asked if she could watch, I could not make any words out so she took that as a yes. She sat at the chair at my desk and pulled her shorts and panties down and played with herself while I jerked. I shot all over her panties. She said thats what was all over in the last time she stayed here. She said we could do this again. We did many times that summer.

Woman Who Likes Men Wearing Panties
Seeing a guy in panties is so hot. Id love to see a hot guy in some silk panties, that would make me totally horny.

Panty Fun
I asked a girl at work if she would give me her panties that she was wearing. They were white panties with hearts on them. We were working the midnight shift. I sniffed them when I got home that morning and they smelled so amazing, I had the most intense orgasm. That night I wore them to work. I told her that I was wearing them. She giggled and she had us go into the supply closet. She had me take my shirt off and pull my pants down and she started laughing. There was a bulge in the panties. She pulled the panties down and she jacked me off. She has given me several more panties and always asks to see them and usually we end up in the supply closet and her giving me a blowjob or handjob while I am wearing her panties.

Girlfriend Got Turned On Seeing Me In Panties
My girlfriend caught me wearing her panties and made me keep them on and do the housework in them! She got so turned on watching me doing the housework while wearing panties we ended up having sex in the living room with me wearing her panties.

Get Turned On By Men Wearing Panties
I was staying at friends while my parents were out of town for a week. She had a brother who was kinda hot. Well anyway one night I got up and had to pee so I went down the hall past her brothers room. I heard a noise and could see a faint light on. So I peeked really silent and there he was wearing panties and hard as ever. I noticed my laundry bag on the floor next to his bed. I watched him until I got so wet I had to go to the bathroom and masturbate myself.

Asking Guys To Try On Panties
I have talked men into trying on panties, well talked them into panties is sort of not the correct way to put it, as I never had to repeat myself, the panties were on almost before I finished talking. All of them were amazed at how much fun it was and wanted to do it again and again.

Girl Who Likes Guys In Panties
My boyfriend put on my lace pink thong. His equipment hardly fit into them. I asked if he would stroke him self through the panties and make himself cum in them. It made me so wet to see his hard on in my pink thong and see him filling them with cum.

Like Guys In Panties
I caught my boyfriend wearing my panties. I came home early one night and wanted to surprise him so I was real quite. I found him on the sofa with my panties on. He had a stiff one like I had never seen before. I got wet right away and started to stroke him through the panties making him explode in them.

Guys Wearing Panties Are Sexy
I dated a guy a few years ago and one night I awoke in the middle of the night to catch him trying on my panties, I told him he looked cute and that he can keep them if he wants them. He got back in bed and I rubbed him through the panties, he came almost instantly. Then I kissed him goodnight and went back to sleep. From that night we enjoyed doing many things while he was wearing panties, it was very exciting to see him wearing panties and pleasure him while he was wearing panties.

Men Wearing Panties Turn Me On
I caught my brothers friend wearing my panties. He was staying us for awhile one summer. I walked into the bathroom and there he was in my panties. I was shocked to see him wearing my panties. He was standing in front of the bathroom mirror looking at himself. I just closed the door and walked away, I was so excited the rest of the day, that night I could not sleep thinking about him wearing panties and masturbated thinking about him wearing panties. He was so embarrassed and never did say anything and neither did I but I wanted so badly to see him wearing panties and to touch him.

Couple Wearing Panties
I love wearing girls panties. I've been doing it for a long time but was first caught when I was 17 by a girlfriend. Needless to say it was an awkward moment but she seemed to get turned on by it after the initial shock had worn off. She even insisted I wear them to bed and rubbed me thru them until I shot my load. I eventually married her and wearing panties is still exciting for both of us. We always enjoy shopping together for new panties, one thing about panties is there are so many styles, brands, colors, etc one can always find something new to wear. However the ones I have had for years still excite me each time I wear them.

Panty Handjob
I was 15 and we had to stay with my mom's friend for a few weeks because my moms friend broke her leg in a accident so we were helping her out around the house. She has a daughter who was 16 at the time and super hot. Well one night I went to take a shower and on the bathroom floor were a pair of her daughters panties. I knew they were hers because she was in the shower before me. I picked them up and saw and felt how damp the crotch was. They were purple bikini style. By the time I got them all the up I was hard and sticking out the top of them. In my excitement I never locked the door and in she walked and saw me. She was silent and so was I for about a minute and a half. I just got harder knowing she was looking. She said that is so hot. She gave me my first hand job that night while I was wearing her panties and from then on she always borrowed me panties and gave me hand jobs when I was wearing her panties.

Like Guys Wearing Panties
Ive seen guys in panties, and let me tell you what, they looked totally sexy and hot in them. A guy in panties is delicious.

Guys Wearing Panties Turn Me On
When I was 17 I stayed over at my friend's house who had moved to a different town. I was there for a week. She had a 15 yr old brother who I thought was hot. Well one day I had taken a shower. I finished and went to my room. After about 30 minutes I realized I had left my panties and bra in the bathroom. I went down the hall and the bathroom door was open a bit. I peeked in and there he was in my panties with a big hard on. He looked so hot standing there looking at himself in the mirror and stroking it. I watched him cum in them. I went into the bathroom after a while to get them and they were on the floor. Later that day I said to him would you like to keep them. He said keep what? I said I saw you in the bathroom wearing my panties. He got all red and could not say a word. I left them in his room for him. Since then watching a guy wearing panties always gets me so turned on.

Like Men Wearing Panties
I would love to find a guy wearing some sexy panties. It would be such a turn on to help slide the panties up his legs and over his hard dick.

She Wanted To See Me Wearing Panties
I remember one time I was in a tanning salon at the front desk. I was talking to the girl that was running the place, I raised my arms above my head like I was stretching and my shirt came up and she was looking at the waistband of my panties. She looked at me and said those are cute panties, do you wear panties all the time? When I told her I did, she smiled and said sexy. She asked if she could see me in them and we went back to the tanning room and I slipped off my panties and stood there in front of her in panties. Her eyes were glued to my crotch and I could not help but get harder and harder and she noticed I was getting harder. She asked if she could touch and it caught me off guard and after a few moments from the surprise I said if you want to. She reached out and touched me through my panties and my dick twitched, she loved the response that touching me through the panties did. She continue to rub up and down and I had to back away as I was going to cum, she thought she did something wrong and I said no its feeling to good, she smiled. She then started to rub me again and I could not hold off any longer and said I am going to cum, her eyes got wide and she continued as I shot a load of cum in my panties. She said wow that was amazing, you got me so wet making you cum in your panties. For about a year after that we continued to fool around when I came in for tanning, she stroked me through my panties, sucked me through my panties, and a few times I rubbed my panty covered dick between her ass cheeks and she made me cum.

Guys In Panties Turn Me On
Back when I was 16 I had changed into my swim suit. We had a pool and we used to change in the down stairs bathroom and then come out to the pool. After about 30 mins I realized I had left my soda in the living room right next to the bathroom. I went back in and walked by the bathroom to the living room and there was my brothers friend with my panties on and playing with himself. I was shocked yet turned on. I was so turned on I ran up to my bedroom and slipped my hand down my swim suit and masturbated. I was so wet, my fingers just slipped right in and were covered with my juices, its the first time I tried tasting myself. He never did know I saw him. I would love to date a guy wearing panties, it would be so much fun and such a turn on.

Boyfriend Wears Panties
My current boyfriend wears panties for me during foreplay and during sex. He looks so good in panties and it has increased the time we spend doing foreplay and caressing each other, I love feeling his hardon through panties and caressing his silky covered butt.

Wife Found Out I Wear Panties
I've been wearing panties for about 2 years now. My wife busted me, she decided to help me out and take my laundry out of the dryer, including my panties. She wondered whose panties they were and asked me about it. I told her all about my love of wearing panties and she was totally understanding of it. Since then she's even gone shopping with me so we could pick out panties for each other.

Panties Sex
My friends boyfriend was doing some work in our laundry room . He is a very good carpenter. I was busy up stairs and then realized I should bring him a soda or something. I went down a few steps and he was standing next to the folding table in my panties with a big hard dick bulging in them. Without even thinking I dropped to my knees and took his hard dick out of the panties and put it in my mouth and sucked on him. I then took my clothes off except for my panties which I slide to the side and got on all fours and let him slide inside my wet hole and do me while he was wearing my panties. We both told each other that we always wanted to do this. I gave him the panties I pulled to the side to take home with him to enjoy.

Wearing Girlfriends Panties
I got caught by my girlfriend wearing her panties, I fell asleep on the bed after I jerked myself off while wearing her panties, she later found me sleeping and woke me up sucking on me. She thought it was hot seeing me wearing her panties sleeping. Now I wear panties all the time and its brought a new level of excitement to our relationship.

Watching Him Cum In Panties
I remember being at my friends house and I caught her brothers friend who was 15 wearing her panties. He forgot to shut the door to the bathroom all the way and was standing in front of a mirror with his dick poking out of the panties. I watched him rubbing himself through the panties and she pulled them back and shot all over the sink. I felt my panties getting wet so I went back to my friends room and that night I slept over and silently humped my pillow thinking about him.

Girlfriends Enjoys Dressing Me Up
My girlfriend loves me to wear her panties every night. Last halloween we went to a party dressed like 2 sexy girls. She has this outfit ready for me, white mini skirt, white lace top stockings, pink blouse, white nylon bikini panties and bra. She went all out, shaving my legs for me and my dick, it felt so good having her shave me smooth. She did my makeup and picked out a long blonde wig. It was so much fun and since then we have done this a few more times around the house, its to bad halloween only comes around once a year. My girlfriend loves to dress me up like this and its fun for me also, its brought us much closer together and we are best of friends.

Wish I had a boyfriend that wore panties
I was 25 and living with a friend and her boyfriend also lived there. I walked into his room to borrow something and saw him laying on his stomach in a pair of pink bikini panties which were not mine so they must of been my friends. He had his hand under him and was really stroking it. He did not see me for about 5 minutes, then he saw me and said sorry. I said thats cool please keep doing what you were doing and watched him finish. His butt looked so sexy in those panties. I respected my friend so I never did do anything sexual with him but watching him jerk off in panties that time was such a turn on, made me wish I had a boyfriend that wore panties.

Making Him Wear Panties
I remember when I was 19 my friend was staying over for the weekend and she brought her boyfriend over to hang out for a while. We were all talking about sexual things. The subject of panties came up. My friends boyfriend said how come girls wear panties that are made with different material than guys. He also said what do they feel like when you have them on? My friend whispered to me we should get him to try on our panties. I agreed and we got him to put them on in the bathroom and then show us. He came out of the bathroom wearing my friends panties first, a nice light blue thong and his dick was barley covered in the front and you could see he was getting hard. We both loved what we saw. He said it felt really good and he liked how he looked in them. He then went back in and put on a pair of my panties which were a string bikini style with a bit more coverage but by that time he was fully hard and his dick was poking out the top. He liked both of them and then we asked which one he liked better of course he picked his girlfriends thong, but I know he enjoyed both of our panties. My friend and I got so turned on and after he left we talked about it most of the night which did not help to cool us down as we got more turned on. We were not into doing anything sexual with each other but as turned on as we were that night we were both admitted the next day we had thoughts about at least masturbating with each other.

Like Seeing Guys Wearing Panties
I was 14 when I caught my friends brother who was 16 wearing his sisters panties. Her and I were watching a movie and I had to pee. So on my way to the bathroom I had to walk by her brothers room. I walked by and thought I saw someone in panties. I backed up and then I saw him looking in his mirror at himself with her panties on and a big boner. I watched him rub it until he shot all over in them. I was so horny that I could not think the rest of the night. Later the next night I said to him I saw what you did last night with panties. He said did you like what you saw? I said yes I would not mind seeing that again. That night I gave him my panties and watched him slide into them. I got to jack him off while he was wearing my panties for my first hand job.

Made Boyfriend Wear Panties Out
I caught my boyfriend wearing my satin panties, he looked so hot in them, I made him wear them out to a movie that night and noticed that he could not sit still during the movie. I enjoyed watching his squirm around in my satin panties, he dick ached when we got home he had been hard for so long. But I took care of his aches and pains.

Caught Wearing Panties By Girlfriend
I remember the first time I was caught wearing my girlfriends panties, she had taken a bath and had left her panties on the floor, I had always wondered what the feel of them would be like, so I could not resist but try. As I was putting the white lacy panties on I could feel the lace against my skin, it was such a turn on. As I was looking at myself in the mirror with my big boner wrapped in lace I noticed my girlfriend was standing there looking at me. She said it looked so hot, and from now on I must wear her panties all the time!

Caught In Panties
The first time I was caught was by my wife, she had gone to work and I took a day off work, I have always wanted to try on some ladies underwear, so thinking I would be safe as she had gone to work, I decided to give it a try. I started to look through her underwear drawer to see which one I should try. There was so many choices but settled for a silky nylon pink pair. I was hard by the time they were half way on. I could not resist but play with myself as I was lay on the bed, I looked up to find my wife looking at me, she asked if I needed a hand and she gave me the best hand job ever while I was wearing her panties. After she said that I should wear panties more often!

Panty Hand Job
My wife came home from her visit to her sisters for the week end and found me passed out on the couch in her panties. She woke me up by rubbing her hand over the panties I was wearing and getting me hard. Before I knew it I was cumming once again in her panties. My wife loved seeing me in panties and loved the thought of me pleasuring myself in her panties while she was gone. She enjoys buying panties for me and loves when I wear during foreplay and sex. She gives the best panty hand jobs.

Panty Blow Job
My wife caught me wearing panties. I was home alone I thought for the evening. She was out with her friends for girls night out. I was sitting at the computer on this community for men wearing panties reading stories, the story was about a couple having sex while both wearing panties. I put a pair of her string bikini panties on, it made me feel so good and I got so hard. She came home early and walked in and saw me sitting there at the computer in her panties with a hard on. Her jaw dropped and the only word that came out of her mouth was NICE. She walked over and pushed the chair sideways and looked up and saw the community I was on and she glanced at the story I was reading, she must have read the part about the guy getting a panty blow job because she started to lick up and down the front of the panties, the head of my dick was poking out the top and she put the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked on me and cupped my balls which were covered in her panties until I came. She loved feeling my balls through the material as they pulsated with ever spurt of cum.

Wearing Panties With Girlfriend
I have been wearing panties with my girlfriend since we where first starting to date in high school. Have been with her for over a decade now. She loves seeing me wearing panties. She loves picking out panties for me to wear and loves taking off her panties and seeing me playing with myself wearing panties and enjoying the panties she just took off. She loves how much I am into her scents on her panties, makes her feel special and desired, and she likes seeing me get so hard while wearing panties and enjoying her scents.

Wearing Panties With Wife
I have been married 10 years. I told my wife right away my love for panties. I was married 22 yrs before my wife got ill and passed away. She knew I loved to wear panties and pleasure myself with panties and she was totally into it often times bringing home new panties to surprise me with. Met my new wife and told her about my late wife and my love of panties right way and how my late wife and I would enjoy panties. A few days later she surprised me with a pair of panties and asked if she could see me in them. She loves when we have sex while I am wearing panties.

Love Men In Panties
I LOVE men in panties. There is something about the feeling of satin panties sliding over a a hard dick that is just amazingly sensual. I will say that there is an added dimension to love making that comes both from the feel of the panties, and no doubt, also from the freedom when a lover is allowed to be himself and wear panties in front of you. There is a common misconception that men who wear panties are gay. However, most men wear panties for the feeling. They love the way that the satin and lace feel against their skin. Why shouldn't they? Panties do feel wonderful. It feels extremely sensual and having TWO bodies dressed in silky smooth material only adds to the fun. In the end, it's the man under the panties that counts.

Husband Wearing Panties Turns Me On
I like when my husband wears panties under his pants when we go out. Knowing he is wearing something so sexy under his pants and how they are rubbing against his dick keeping him excited gets me so horny and wet. I like slipping my hand down the front of his pants when we are sitting next to each other and feeling his panty bulge, feeling his silky covered dick gets me dripping wet.

Taking Pics Of Husband Wearing Panties
I make my husband wear panties all the time now. I love dressing my hubby up in sexy panties, he look amazing in panties. I like making him empty out the panty drawer and slide each one on as I take a picture of him in each panty. I love how excited he gets putting on each panty. We have posted many pictures at its so erotic to see pics of my husband in panties and also other men in panties.

Wearing Panties During Sex
I have sometimes put my wife's panties on as part of our bedroom sex play, & we BOTH found it a turn on. Panties feel good and I never realized how much a turn on they were until I tried them on. My wife loves how hard I get when I am wearing panties and it brings something new to the bedroom to give us pleasure.

Friends Sisters Panties
The first time I wore panties was a friends sister. Went over to his house to when they were on vacation to water the plants and let the dog out. I went to his sisters room opened here dresser and there was a sea of panties. Took off my jeans, took a pair of panties, draped it over my already hard dick, took another pair and started to pull them up my legs. The feeling was out of this world. I had a crush on her and this was great. As the panties reached my balls I came with enough force to blow the panties that were hanging on my dick off and send more shots on to the dresser. With that I emptied her dresser and rolled around on her bed with all her panties. Each day they were gone I enjoyed a different pair of her panties. Years later we actually started to date and one night when we were just talking and being open with each other I told her about the time when they went away on vacation and what I did with her panties. She was quite for what seemed like hours but it was only a minute or two, she got up and slipped her panties off and wrapped them around my dick and said sorry I was not there to help you enjoy my panties. She said she had heard about her friends giving there boyfriends handjobs with panties and she never had a boyfriend she felt comfortable doing that with, but now she does. It was amazing and she made me cum all over her panties, and she was so good at it. We dated for about a year and a half and during that time she would always give me panty hand jobs and I wore panties many times when we had sex.

Enjoy Seeing A Guy Wearing Panties
Men's boxers and briefs are dull and I wouldn't blame any guy for wanting to wear a pair of panties. Unlike most women, I am very open minded and would enjoy seeing a guy wearing panties.

Caught Wearing Panties
I have been wearing women's panties for 25 years. About 15 years ago my wife caught me one night in a lace thong. She was very accepting of me wearing panties and our sex life could not be better and our relationship grew much stronger since then. Not having to hide my love of wearing panties was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and allowed us to be more open with each other.

Girlfriend Caught Me Wearing Panties
I got caught jerking off while wearing my girlfriends panties. She was not pleased at first but after she calmed down she played 20 questions about what, and why and am I gay or bi? I answered her questions and assured her that I am straight and the reasons why I like wearing panties. She understood and is totally fine with me wearing panties. She bought me my own panties and encouraged me to wear them often.

Wife Caught Me Wearing Panties
My wife caught me in her panties right after we married. I was on night shift and I came home from work early that morning, she had gone to work already but forgot something and came back home. She came in without me knowing and caught me in her pink panties she had pulled off the night before. She asked me what I was doing. I told her that I enjoyed wearing them and how good they felt. She totally understood and did not ask any questions just was accepting right from the start. I have been wearing them since. I'm glad she caught me otherwise I would have never known she would be so ok with me wearing panties and I still would be hiding it from her, now I get to enjoy wearing them in front of her anytime I want. Been married 42 years.

Caught Boyfriends Friend In My Panties
I caught my boyfriends friend wearing my panties, I got so turned on, I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him off while caressing his panty covered butt. It was such a turn on.

Found Out Husband Wears Panties
I caught my husband wearing panties a couple of years after we were first married, about 20 years ago. I found a pair of my panties on his side of the bed and I jokingly asked, "How did these get here?" He turned crimson, and started sputtering. That's how I learned about his panty fetish. I thought it was a little odd at first, but harmless enough. I got into it after a while and love seeing him in panties. One thing it's done is given him incentive to stay trim and in shape, so he still looks good when he wears his panties. I've been buying panties for him for years now.

Panty Sex
I had girlfriend who liked for me to slide her panties to the side and finger her until she was gushing juices, then slide her panties back over her as she orgasmed to catch all of her juices. She would then take her panties off and slip her panties on me and we would have sex. She would have her hands on my ass while I'm pumping away and slowly she would pull up on the panties so they would go further into my ass crack and tighter on my balls, it always made me cum so hard.

Wife Suggested I Wear Her Panties
Me and my wife were driving over the holidays talking about random things and from out of the blue my wife jokingly suggested I try on her panties. So, one day when she was out of the house, I went through her entire collection of panties, tried them all on. Then I surprised her one night by coming out in a pair of lacy white Victoria's Secret panties. I said remember you said I should try on your panties, she loved it and she has asked more and more for me to wear panties for her.

Wife Caught Me In Panties
My wife came home from work one evening. I was in the bedroom with her panties on and a pair on my face. She walked in and caught me with her panties on and another pair on my face. She didn't know what to say at first, she just stood there and so did I. But then she walked over and rubbed her palm up and down my panty covered dick and said my panties make you that excited, I said yes and she kept on rubbing me until I exploded in her panties. We have continued to play more and more in panties since then.

Caught Wearing Panties
I got caught by a girlfriend wearing panties, I was wearing a silky pink thong. I feel asleep and forgot I was wearing them. She crawled onto the bed and was wanting to have sex, she reached down my pants and felt my panties. Then asked me to take off my pants so that she could see. I pulled off my pants and had a huge hard on. She smiled and started stroking her hand on my panty bulge asking me questions about what I liked about wearing them and then she wound up blowing me while in my panties.

Panties Excite Us Both
My girlfriend likes that I wear panties, she is always bringing home new panties for me. I enjoy the excitement panties brings to our relationship, she is always asking me what panties I am wearing today and panties keep us excited all day long wondering what panties each is wearing and thinking about getting home and what we will do in our panties.

Driving While Wearing Panties
My wife loves to play with me while I am in panties. She enjoys when we are going on a long drive somewhere and I take off my pants and drive in just panties and she can reach over and caress my panty covered dick, she loves making me explode like this and seeing my panties soaked with my cum. It sure does make the drive seem like minutes instead of hours. Great way to pass the time.

She Bought Me Panties
I started out taking my sisters panties when I was growing up then started taking my cousins panties because I couldn't go and buy them myself. Years ago when I was about 16 I told my best friend about my fetish and she would go and buy panties for me as long as she could see me in them first. I had a whole drawer full of panties thanks to her. Nothing sexual happened between us, she would just sit and watch me model the new panties she bought for me. I think it did turn her on, I know it did me as I was half hard or hard modeling the panties for her. We were close friends and did not really have any lust for one another as we were to good of friends. If it happened again now days who know might be totally different. So far she is the only girl who I have worn panties in front of, have not dated to much so have not had the opportunity to but I know there are women out there who do like guys wearing panties and I hope to find one.

Girlfriend Likes Taking Pictures Of Me In Panties
I love to wear panties and I wear them 24/7. My girlfriend loves me in panties and she likes to buy me panties and then have me model them for her as she takes pictures of me. We have visited that community and have posted pics of us there. Its a great community, we are glad we found it and have made many friends there. My girlfriend gets so turned on seeing pictures of us posted there and seeing all the other men wearing panties and couples wearing panties, we get so horny after visiting that community we usually have panty sex or if we do not have time a quick rub.

Wife Got Me Into Wearing Panties
I always wear panties. My wife is totally fine with me wearing panties and she enjoys buying panties for me. She is the one that got me to wear them. We were on vacation and we discovered that she forgot to pack my underwear. (I think she did it on purpose) So, instead of buying underwear she had me wear her panties all week. That was 25 yrs ago and I have worn panties all the time since then.

Wife Loves When I Wear Panties
My wife loves it when I wear her panties. In fact we share our panties all the time. I wear all styles, especially thongs. Some are hard to keep my dick in but I still love wearing them, my wife loves seeing my dick poking out the top.

Girlfriend Brought Home Panties For Me To Wear
It was my senior year of high school and I was dating a freshman in college who worked in lingerie store. One night she brought home three pairs of panties for me and asked me to put them on. Once I did, I couldn't believe the comfort and fit. We had amazing sex that night while I was wearing panties and for the 9 months we dated she would bring home new panties for me to wear almost every week. After that relationship I continued to wear panties, and each new girlfriend I would tell them about what my past girlfriend did, bringing me home panties to try on and wear panties during sex, hearing that turned them on and they wanted to see me wearing panties and experience us having sex while I was wearing panties. Over the years I have had maybe 5 or 6 girlfriends and all of them once hearing what past girlfriends did wanted to also do that, my current girlfriend enjoys seeing me in panties and enjoys when we have sex in panties.

Taking My Panties Off For Husband To Wear
I love to masturbate in my panties, my husband loves to watch me masturbate while I am wearing panties. I then take them off and my husband wears my panties and strokes until he fills them with cum. I love both of our juices mixing on the panties, makes them smell and taste so good. Its such a tasty treat to eat.

Like Watching Husband In Panties
It really gets me off watching my husband slipping on a pair of panties and watching as he cums in them, filling them with his cum and watching the material turn darker as his cum oozes through the fabric. I enjoy how panties get my husband off so quickly.

Girlfriend Watching Me Explode In Panties
I had a girlfriend who loved to watch me jack off with a pair of her panties wrapped around my dick or with me wearing them. She got off at the sight of my cum oozing through the material. She got so turned on at the sight of the cum on the panties that she would lick my cum off the panties as it seeped through.

Girlfriend Likes Pleasuring Me With Her Friends Panties
My girlfriend is so kinky and she likes me doing things with not only her panties but with her friends panties, wearing them, sniffing them, licking them, having her stroke me with either her panties or her friends panties. She really gets off when she can get a pair of her friends panties and bring them home and she can stroke me with them or wrap them around my dick and suck on me while her friends panties are wrapped around my shaft. I love it and it makes me explode so hard. She also enjoys when I wear her panties or her friends panties while we have sex, I love having a girlfriend who is so kinky and keeps sex exciting and interesting. She will also sniff her panties panties and lick them, her favorite is to wrap them around my shaft and suck on me so she can smell her friend as she sucks me, she gets so dripping wet when we do this.

Friends Sister Caught Me Wearing Her Panties
Back when I was a senior in high school, I went to a friend's house, he has a very sexy sister that was 2 years older than us. All three of us had a little to drink and I had to pee, I ended up taking a wrong turn into his sisters room and saw a pair of pink panties laying on the floor. I picked them up and they felt so good, I tried them on forgetting that they were just in the living room. My friends sister walked in on me just as I got them on. To my surprise, she told me I looked good and I could keep them. My friend never found out either. That was a great night. I wore panties in front of her several other times before she moved out and went to college out of state. It was so amazing to stand in front of a girl wearing her panties.

Wearing Panties In Front Of Wifes Friend
My wifes friend caught me wearing panties and it turned her on so much, she rubbed me through them and made me cum inside my panties. We have gotten together many times since then, usually only hand jobs but thats fine by me, wearing in front of a female is such a turn on.

Husband Likes Wearing Panties
My husband wears panties all the time. He said they feel better than wearing mens underwear which are loose on him and dont look very good. I love seeing him wearing panties and how they cling to him. Panties have brought so much pleasure and joy to our relationship, its amazing what a piece of clothing can do but they have kept the spark in our relationship going.

Husband Wearing Panties
My husband has been wearing panties on and off for most of our 32 years of marriage. He is the most manly man I have ever been with, and at times he just likes wearing panties and I enjoy seeing him wearing panties. Wearing panties makes him feel good and it does not change who he is.

Men Wearing Panties Come From All Different Backgrounds
Many women do find men wearing panties a turn on. Those who don't are conservative and like men in jeans, plain underwear, and a tool belt! What these conservative woman dont realize is that most men who wear panties are straight and many are professionals in high end jobs like CEO's, construction workers, doctors, etc How would you know if one of them was wearing panties. Men from all different backgrounds enjoy wearing panties and it does not change who they are and luckily many woman realize this and enjoy there man wearing panties and enjoy seeing him happy and pleasured.

Wearing Panties With Wife And Her Friend
You will find that most men who wear panties are heterosexual and most of them are married! I am a married guy who wears panties and I have a wife that enjoys that I wear panties. A friend of hers also enjoys that I wear panties and we often all get together, wearing panties in front of my wife is turn on enough but wearing in front of her and her friend is amazing. Sometimes it leads to sexual play and other times we are just lounging around, all of us in our panties, and yes that usually leads to sexual play if time is available which as turned on as we all get sitting around in our panties we usually make time for at least some type of play, touching or oral. Seeing my wife with her friend is such a turn on, they enjoy leaving there panties on when they play and I have always enjoyed seeing a woman in panties rather than naked, even during sex, I always preferred they leave there panties on, and seeing two women in front of me in panties WOW, and me in panties as well.

Wife Likes Seeing Me Wearing Panties
I have been wearing panties for years. My wife enjoys seeing me putting them on under my male clothes, have been late to work a few times because my wife distracted me after seeing me standing there in panties getting ready for work. She loves seeing me in panties and often tells me how hot and wet it makes her, hearing her express how much she enjoys seeing me in panties makes me so happy and excited. I wear nylon panties and they feel and fit wonderful

Boyfriend Wearing Panties During Sex
My boyfriend told me about a time when he wore a past girlfriends panties during sex and he said how intense it made him cum, well me wanting to be better than his past girlfriends I want him to enjoy wearing panties with me during sex and I want to make him explode even more intense than any past girlfriend has. I have bought him several panties and I cannot wait until I show him and we have panty sex. Just thinking about him wearing panties while we have sex is turning me on so much.

Past Girlfriend Got Me Into Wearing Panties
I wear panties all the time. Back when I was 20 I had a girlfriend that wanted to see me wearing her panties one night, it was a huge turn on for both of us. We had many pleasureful times with panties. Since then I have worn panties and years later I started to wear panties all the time. Now I tell all the women I date about me wearing panties and just about all of them have really been into it. Many have given me panties as gifts.

Husband In Panties Turns Me On
My husband has been wearing panties for years. It happened by chance as a playful thing we did in the bedroom one night, but he liked the fit and feel so much over his usual men's styles, he asked if I'd mind if he switched to panties. It doesn't bother me at all, he's much more comfortable, and I think he looks quite sexy in a pair of panties. We have went shopping many times for panties and it turns a boring shopping trip into an exciting one. I have even rubbed him off while driving home with the new panties we had just bought, I love seeing how panties excite him and how much he explodes when he wears them or when I stroke him with them.

Husband Wears Panties
My husband wears the panties in the house, well I wear the panties to, so I guess we are both equal. They fit him better than mens underwear fit him and he looks so much better in panties than mens underwear. It turns me on to see him wearing panties.

Asked Husband To Wear My Thong
I asked my husband to try on one of my thongs about 12 years ago and the rest as they say is history. He wears panties 24/7 now. I love seeing him wearing panties and we enjoy shopping for panties together. Love being in the store and picking out new panties for him and seeing him squirm knowing that soon we will be heading home and he will be trying on all the new panties and modeling all the new panties for me. He always gets rewarded for showing me what he looks like in the new panties, I cannot resist caressing him in each pair he tries on or running my tongue up and down the front of the panties, we enjoy nylon the best and the thin fabric makes for teasing my husband through them with either my hand or tongue very pleasureful for him.

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