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Wearing Panties On A Date
By wearingpanties on April 14, 2014
You have a date tonight, this weekend, or a date coming up. Perhaps you are going to a movie, to dinner, for a walk, to an event, etc. Perhaps its a first day, second date, third date, etc. So now you have to think are you going to wear panties on your date and if so which panties are you going to wear on your date. Many men wearing panties have worn panties on a date and it can be exciting wearing panties under your jeans, pants, shorts while on a date, and it can also make one very nervous also because what if you really hit it off and things go a bit further than you were expecting on a date and your not prepared to let her know you wear panties. Many men wearing panties only wear panties so there is often times not the option of wearing mens underwear for a date, perhaps they might choose a more neutral pair of panties but thats there only option because all they wear is panties. Or perhaps its not a first date but several dates in and maybe you wore mens underwear the first few dates but you like the person and you want to be upfront with them and if they happen to see your wearing panties you can have a discussion then about wearing panties before going to far into a relationship. Some men wearing panties are not looking for as serious of relationships so wearing panties on dates can be a bit more thrilling and exciting because they are not seeking that serious relationship as of yet and if the woman is not into you wearing panties then what ever. Other men wearing panties are seeking more serious relationships and might choose to wear mens underwear or more neutral panties for several dates before wearing panties on a date. One never knows how any date will go, or how many dates until you become intimate. For many men wearing panties wearing panties on a date can be fun, thrilling, and exciting, and that element of being caught wearing panties can also be exciting. If you wear panties all the time you know it can be difficult to switch back to mens underwear even for an evening of going out on a date. If your going to wear panties on a date it might be best to choose a pair of panties that are more neutral in style, color and fabric that way if just a bit of them are seen while bending over, squatting, etc chances are they will not be mistaken for a pair of panties, versus if you wear your pink lacy thong panties. Women are certainly becoming more understanding and accepting of men wearing panties, and also curious about men wearing panties so for some women who go out on a date with a guy wearing panties and notice that he is wearing panties it might just lead to lots of great conversation about panties, wearing panties, which panties you like, etc. Whether you choose to wear panties on the first date or several dates in, letting a woman see you in panties, letting her know you prefer panties is a big step but also a step that takes lots of weight off your shoulders and can certainly lead to a relationship where you can enjoy wearing panties openly. If you choose to go on a date wearing panties, act normal, dating can be nerve racking the way it is, but wearing panties can either make it more nerve racking and stressful or it could be the opposite wearing panties might help you to relax a bit and take your mind off of being nervous about meeting someone new. If you choose to wear panties on a date, relax and have fun on those dates wearing panties, no matter if the date turns into a second date or not. The only way to find out if a new person your dating is going to be into you wearing panties if for them to notice your wearing panties, or for you to tell them you enjoy wearing panties. And in the case of someone new your dating sometimes having them notice your wearing panties is better than just coming out and telling them you wear panties. They might find they are embarrassed that they saw your panties, and that can lead to sort of an ice breaker and discussion about wearing panties.

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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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