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My Husband Wears Panties
By husbandwearspanties on March 12, 2014
I am the wife of a man who wears panties. We have been married for 25 years, married at age 22, and for 20 of those years my husband has worn panties. From my conversation with my husband he always wore panties, started out when he was growing up and he only wore occasionally then. As he grew older he wore panties more and more and when he moved out on his own he started to wear panties full time. When he met me and we started dating he stopped wearing panties all the time, we moved in together about 8 months after dating and then married 2 years later. During our living together while we were dating the only time he wore panties was when I was out of the house, at work, shopping, etc. Then same thing after we were married, he only wore while I was at work, shopping, etc. So for the time we dated, lived together and then the 5 years we were married before I found out my husband wears panties he went back to wearing panties only occasionally. So how did I find out my husband wears panties. I found out my husband wears panties by catching my husband wearing panties. I came home one day a bit early from work, I walked in and there in the kitchen was my husband wearing a pair of bright yellow nylon bikini panties and nothing else. We both just sort of froze for what seemed like hours. I asked him what are you doing, he could not say anything. Was I upset, mad, shocked, embarrassed, I certainly was not mad, or upset, a bit shocked and embarrassed myself. I guess what was there to be mad or upset about, he was wearing panties, its not like I caught him cheating on me, so I really could not justify being mad or upset at him, they were just panties. Was I shocked yes, I have never seen a man wearing panties before but here before me was my husband wearing panties. I just did what I thought was right and walked out of the kitchen to give my husband a chance to go and put something on. About 20 minutes later he came into the living room where I was sitting and said honey I know you saw me wearing panties. I really did not say anything I just wanted him to continue talking. He explained to me that he likes wearing panties, he has worn panties for a very long time, he explained that wearing panties feels good, makes him feel less stressed, wearing panties makes him happy. He went on to say that wearing panties is not something he wanted to hide from me but it just sort of was natural to stop wearing panties full time when he met me and when we got married because he did not know how to tell me he wore panties, but that he enjoyed wearing panties so he did not want to stop wearing panties all together so he just wore panties occasionally. He went on to tell me the style of panties he likes wearing, which is bikini panties and that he likes nylon panties the best. I just let my husband talk and he must of talked for 45 minutes without me saying a word, he was not rambling on, he was just expressing all the things I should know about him wearing panties. After he was done talking I said honey you should of told me you wear panties a long time ago because it would not of changed anything between us, except for maybe it would of made things a bit easier on my husband that he did not have to hide his wearing panties. So why did I not freak out that my husband wears panties, why did I not get upset catching my husband wearing panties, why did I not get mad that my husband wears panties. Well its simple, why get upset over something until you have given the person time to explain. Now if my husband said I wear panties and I have been doing sexual things with other men wearing panties, or other men then yes I would of certainly been upset that he has been wearing panties, its just not something I am into. But wearing panties did not change who he is, wearing panties is just something that felt good to him and has felt good to him almost his entire life. Panties are a piece of clothing, and not something that all of the sudden because you put them on it changes you as a person. Since I caught my husband wearing panties he has worn panties full time, and I have to say he looks so much better in panties than any mens underwear I ever saw him in. I have to say I do get a bit excited seeing him walking around the house in panties, and we will tease each other by walking around the house only in panties, and before we know it we are chasing each other down the hallway and off to the bedroom. Finding out my husband wears panties has certainly brought a bit more playfulness out in our relationship. Up until finding out my husband wears panties we had a very healthy sex life and very often but after finding out my husband wears panties everything was just a bit more exciting, and new, and yeah wearing panties in the bedroom together feels great. As many women will admit to, we like to be caressed, or caress ourselves and I have to admit while growing up and exploring my body I always enjoyed caressing myself over my panties, they were so soft and it felt so good, and I always enjoyed a man rubbing his hand over the front or back of my panties. So yeah I can only imagine how good panties feel for a man caressing yourself while wearing panties. I do enjoy caressing my husband while he is wearing panties, feeling him through panties is such a turn on. My advice for wifes, girlfriends who find out your husband wears panties, find out your boyfriend wears panties, or catch your husband wearing panties or catch your boyfriend wearing panties is so just take a deep breath and relax, at least give him the opportunity to explain why he wears panties. Your husband wearing panties, your boyfriend wearing panties is not something that will ruin your relationship but your overacting about him wearing panties before you have all the info will.
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