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Telling A Woman You Wear Panties
By hard4panties on May 21, 2013
First of all how a woman reacts to you telling her you wear panties is going to depend on how open minded she is and not necessarily how sexual a woman she is. Just because a woman is very sexual and into lots of things sexually does not always mean she will be into you wearing panties. Sometimes its the quiet ones, the nerdy type, that are into men wearing panties more. To put this in prospective, you can take the woman who has been around (if you know what I mean), the woman who will do all types of sexual things, oral, anal, threesomes, swallow, etc, the woman who dresses very provocatively and her personality screams for attention and she demands attention all the time and she might not be into men wearing panties. Now you can take the woman who is very timid, very quiet, the nerdy, loner type that has not been with many, however she is very open minded, this type of woman seems to be much more into men wearing panties than your party girl high maintenance, princess type, also the quieter type of woman seem to be into much more kinkier things than your typical party girl. The quieter woman just does not really show she is into kinkier things, but when presented with doing kinkier things she is open mind and willing to try it. Each woman is different in how she will react, accept and be into men wearing panties.

Stereotypes are also a factor. Many woman think men wearing panties are into men, men wearing panties come from all sexual orientations, gay, bisexual, bi curious, however the majority of men wearing panties are straight, they are married, or dating. You simply cannot stereotype a guy into what sexual orientation he is based on him enjoying wearing panties. So a woman who is closed minded will tend to be more likely to stereotype you when you tell her you like wearing panties.

Will she react, accept or be into you wearing panties. This is going to differ as mentioned for every woman. For some woman they will react and stereotype you and be closed minded. Some woman will accept and understand that you like wearing panties. Some woman will not only accept and understand but they will be into you wearing panties and encourage you to wear panties. Which category do most woman fall into. Well it might surprise you to find that many woman will actually fall into the accept and understand or the accept and understand and be into you wearing panties and encourage it. However that is totally based on how you go about telling her you enjoy wearing panties.

So how do you tell a woman you enjoy wearing panties. Patience is the key thing. Don't just walk in the room wearing panties, (although that has worked for some men men wearing, its typically not the best way to tell her). Also don't just come out and say I like wearing panties and then walk out of the room. The key thing is patience and to build her up to you being able to tell her. You might drop hints to her like paying more attention to her when she wears panties, telling her how great she looks in panties, how they fit on her, giving her a massage or caressing her while she wears panties and then expressing as you massage her through her panties how nice the panties feel. Other ways are to incorporate the panties during sex, one very common thing many woman already do is to take off there panties and wrap them around your dick, (a panty handjob), many woman have already done this, however be sure to express how much you enjoy it that way she knows to continue to do it more often, woman need feedback. Another way is to have her leave her panties on during sex, pull them to the side, or down just a bit, let her know you enjoy seeing her in panties during sex. These methods will show her that you like not only seeing her in panties, but also the feel of them, you enjoy how her panties make you feel. Next you might want to start saying how different womens panties are made, how nice they feel when you caress her, when she gives you a panty hand job, and when you brush up against them as your having sex with her panties pulled to the side. Let her know its unfair that woman get such nice underwear and us men get such plain boring underwear. I have seen many woman totally relate to this and agree, some woman have even suggested right away why don't you try my panties on, and for other woman it has taken a bit of time for them to get the hint and then they suggest why don't you wear my panties. Once you start talking about the difference in underwear many woman will relate. During this whole process your building towards either having them suggest you wear panties or asking them if you can try wearing their panties. Once again the main thing is patience, this might take weeks and months of hinting and building her up. Another thing is most woman are much more open minded during foreplay or during sex, so suggesting things during those times is much more likely to be successful than other times. Also being very playful about telling a woman you like wearing panties is also another key thing. Woman like a man who is playful so have fun with it, be playful and joke around a bit, hold her panties up to you and say I wonder how these would fit, or I wonder how I would look in your panties, see what her reaction is. Being playful and fun like this can let you know if she would be into it or not.

Telling a woman you like to wear panties can be very nerve racking. Once you tell a woman you like wearing panties, be prepared for a conversation or discussion. The more you reasuure her that your still the same guy, you just like wearing panties, the more she will be able to understand it. Let her know why you enjoy wearing panties, woman appreciate a guy being honest and its much better to tell her you like wearing panties than for you to get caught wearing panties and then have to explain it.

More and more men are expressing they like wearing panties and thats helping our society to lower its sterotypes and understand much better that men wearing panties does not mean that it changes who they are. Click here to take a survey on have you ever worn panties in front of a woman.

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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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