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Why Do Guys Wear Panties
By eastcoastpantyguy on January 29, 2014
It seems that women are asking more and more why do men wear panties, why do guys wear panties. Perhaps they are curious about men wearing panties or perhaps they found out there husband wears panties or boyfriend wears panties. Its a really good thing that more women are asking why men wear panties, why guys wear panties it means they are open minded and curious as to the reasons why men wear panties. Instead of freaking out, jumping to conclusions, they want to know why us men wear panties to they can determine if they are going to be ok with there husband wearing panties, boyfriend wearing panties etc, and then there are just some women who are curious about it and want to know why us men wear panties.

So instead me me writing an article from my view point on why men wear panties since every man wears panties for different reasons I thought I would post some reasons that have been posted by other men wearing panties. That way women reading this can see different reasons why men wear panties.

The reasons I prefer panties are, they are taboo, forbidden, etc. And often I fantasize about the woman wearing them while I am.

There is a large segment of guys who wear panties because they feel good and fit better than men's briefs. It makes them feel sexy. Women's underwear has a huge selection of styles, colors and fabrics that men's does not have. Boxers are not for everyone. Panties provide comfort and support.

I don't know a single guy who doesn't like panties in some way or another. We like the look of them, the feel, the daintiness, etc. Watch the movie VisionQuest, there's a scene in there where Matthew Modine is fondling this girl's freshly laundered panties. Why was he doing that? Well they were clean so he was not wanting to get a whiff of her womanliness. But even without her scent, they were soft, and pretty, and sexy.

Let everyone wear what they want. If it doesn't hurt you who cares. Remember we are talking about clothing here, not something that changes who the man is. Just to point out, many men who wear panties are straight, married and have manly jobs.

You simply made a discovery most guys haven't! Once you slip on a pair of panties you will think why did I not try this sooner. You will never go back to stupid boxers or cotton briefs.

I am a straight guy who wears panties. Usually boyshorts from Aerie or thongs from Victoria's Secret Pink. But I have hipsters and bikinis from VS as well. I love them. Panties are great, I have plenty of pairs. They feel great and are way more fun to wear than normal guys underwear.

I'm a straight guy and have been wearing panties for a long time. It's quite amusing how it all happened, actually; my girlfriend started it years ago by asking me to try hers on in the bedroom one night. It was so much fun for both of us that she went right out and bought me some of my own. It is actually our secret, just for she and I to enjoy. I don't see what the big uproar with it is; honestly, most panties are made of nicer material, have much more stretch, and fit better than many men's briefs I've tried. We both enjoy it as a private little kink just for the two of us, and that's enough.

There is nothing more sexually appealing than wearing panties.

The soft feeling of silk and satin is good on anyone's body. It just feels good.

If your a woman reading this, ask yourself do you like wearing soft, silky panties, well so do us men. Its that simple.

Their just clothes. Clothes don't define what gender you are. For those who believe so, are close minded people who care too much about what other people wear or look like. I say if you like to wear panties then go right ahead.

Welcome to the 21st century. More guys than you would expect wear panties and most won't admit to it, at least not when confronted about it. It's kinda been an open secret for the past 40 years or so and the reason is pretty simple. Guys are physical animals and aroused by touch. And there is nothing in the guys underwear line that comes close to the feel of satin silk panties. Then there's the mental jolt of wearing something secret under your clothes that nobody else knows about. And what is the big deal anyway? They are underwear that separates the lower region from your clothing and perform the same job that the cotton variety does. Women have choice in what they wear, from thongs to granny panties, from cotton to silk to lace. Guys have tidy whities or boxers or that combo that should be relegated to the fashion heap. And more girls than you realize are either tolerant or accepting of it because it doesn't matter to them, what is important to them is the PERSON, not the clothing they are wearing! Not to say that your point of view is wrong, it's a personal preference, colored by social preconceptions and misperceptions that somehow equate anything feminine with a male as demeaning or wrong. Guys who wear panties are not gay as the clothing that you wear does not affect your sexual orientation (another misconception spread by folks who classify anything feminine, different, strange as "gay". If a guy wants to spend more money for his underwear in a manner that benefits your underwear selection, you should be appreciative, it gives you more selection as what sells, is what companies manufacture. Also, if guys have to take care of their underwear, it means they are learning how to do laundry and not mess up your stuff if you get into a relationship with one. Don't worry though, theres still enough old school, dyed in the wool macho guys out there who will be happy to have their gf or spouse do their grimy undies for them.

I've been wearing panties for the last eight years and will never wear guys underwear again.

Many women are confused at why men wear panties, why guys wear panties. They might think its weird, strange, freaky, etc. But if they take the time to realize why guys wear panties they might just find that its really no big deal, and that us men wearing panties look pretty sexy in our panties. When one does not understand the reasons for something we tend to jump to conclusions and usually those conclusions are not fair and tend to be negative.

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