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Women Into Men Wearing Panties
By pantylvr on January 18, 2014
So are there really women turned on by guys wearing panties, are there really women into men wearing panties. The answer is YES there are women that like men wearing panties. Over the years more and more women are becoming curious about men wearing panties, perhaps they hear about men wearing panties, or perhaps they see a picture of a guy wearing panties, but the number of women who are into men wearing panties has certainly been increasing. Women might not specifically go looking for men wearing panties, however there are some women who do seek out men wearing panties, but when a man expresses to a woman that he likes wearing panties they are all of the sudden very into it, its like they have been waiting and waiting for a guy to tell her that he likes wearing panties. Women by nature are timid, shy, especially when it comes to sexual things, at least most of them are, but underneath that timidness and shyness is a very kinky woman wanting to express herself. Women do like to by playful and also many women like to be a bit dominate and having a man in panties makes them feel a bit more in control and dominate. So is there a certain type of woman that likes men wearing panties, unfortunately its not as easy to pick out which women will be into guys wearing panties. It certainly would be nice if there was some sort of sign or way to tell which women are into guys wearing panties or curious about guys wearing panties. Having met many women over the years that are into guys wearing panties I can tell you that its not been the bar fly, flirt, easy women who seem to sleep around alot. Honestly those type of women are not very adventurous when it comes to any sort of kinky sex, they tend to stick with the same old, blowjob, on there back, on there knees, etc, nothing out of the ordinary, just plain old sex. The women who seem to be more into men wearing panties are the quiet ones, the shy, timid women, they are the ones with all the kinky thoughts and ideas just waiting for the right guy who will bring those kinky ideas out, unfortunately they usually end up with a macho guy who is controlling and they never get to explore there kinky side. As most men wearing panties know it can be very nerve racking to tell a woman you wear panties, there are several other articles on here that give some great ideas on that so I will not go into that. Men wearing panties are usually more into touch with emotions, feelings, not only there own but a womans also, they are much more laid back. As mentioned its been my experience that the more timid, shy women are the ones who are more likely to be into men wearing panties, you would think it might be the easy women, the ones who dress and flaunt it for all to see, but those women are actually very boring in the bedroom, sure they are easy, but they have no creativity, no real fantasies, etc, just plain sex. So how do you find a shy, timid woman into men wearing panties, I wish I had the answer to that and I wish it was that easy to pick out which women are into men wearing panties. As mentioned there are some women will go searching for men wearing panties, they just have become that curious about men wearing panties. More common you will have to go looking for a woman and then try and feel out if she will be into you wearing panties, it can take long conversations, many conversations, and just being playful with each other to find out, and sometimes just being upfront and saying I like wearing panties what do you think of that, its just going to depend on the woman and the feeling or vibe you get from her. Women who like men wearing panties are out there and the number of women who are into men wearing panties or are curious about meeting a man wearing panties, seeing a man wearing panties are increasing. For most men wearing panties there ultimate fantasy is to be able to wear panties with a woman, wear panties in front of a woman, wear panties during sex, go panty shopping with a woman, etc. Don't give up hope, whether you are married, have a long term girlfriend, are dating or are looking to date there is hope. If you are married or with a long term girlfriend and you have not told your wife you wear panties, or your girlfriend you wear panties you might be surprised to find that all this time she would of been into you wearing panties. If your dating or looking to date, don't give up hope on meeting a woman that would be into men wearing panties, just don't try and focus on searching for ads for women into men wearing panties, as mentioned you never know what woman will be into you wearing panties, its best to find a woman you are attracted to, have things in common with, one that you hit it off with then work in seeing if she is into you wearing panties.
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