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What Do Women Think About Men Wearing Panties
By candice on September 6, 2014

I am a women in my late 20s who enjoys men wearing panties. I love seeing the look on a guys face as he slides panties on, it gets me so excited. I got into men wearing panties when I was 19 and a boyfriend told me he liked wearing panties, he walked out in a pair of bikini style light purple satin panties and I found myself very turned on. I loved how they clung to his butt and especially how they clung around his bulge, wow his bulge looked so delicious in those panties, I could make out the entire shape of his bulge, and every curve of his head, those panties fit so tight around his bulge I could almost see the veins in his shaft through the panties. From then on he wore panties in front of me, he was so happy to be able to wear panties in front of me and not hide wearing panties anymore. As mentioned seeing my boyfriend in panties turned me on so much. My boyfriend and I always went panty shopping together and we enjoyed picking out panties that we wanted to see each other in, panty shopping together is so much fun. I wondered if other women liked men wearing panties, and over the years I have talked with many women and found that many of them really get curious when I start talking about men wearing panties, us women tend to want what other women have or what other women like so perhaps I have helped spark the curiosity of many women into men wearing panties. Since dating a boyfriend that wore panties when I was 19, I have dated a few other guys, 2 of which wore panties already, and one I turned into a panty wearer. I never went looking for men wearing panties I just sort of found guys into wearing panties. Sorry guys I am currently dating a guy wearing panties, he was a guy that wore panties before we met, its so wonderful to enjoy panties together, some of my friends know he wears panties and they are always asking me if they can see him wearing panties, I tell them sorry you will have to ask your boyfriend to wear some panties for you, and I joke with them that he is probably already wearing panties anyways. They get so upset that I will not share my boyfriend wearing panties with them. I do not think they would be into a guy wearing panties if they had not heard about guys wearing panties from me, and seen how excited guys wearing panties get me. My current boyfriend introduced to me a men wearing panties community he knows how much seeing guys wearing panties turns me on but also knows I am faithful and would never cheat, he knows he is my one and only panty man. I was also amazed at how many other couples enjoyed wearing panties together and it was such a turn on to see other couples enjoying panties together, not that I could ever swap or swing with my boyfriend, but its nice to see other couples wearing panties.We have made so many friends who wear panties and its been nice to see other couples wearing panties and other women who like men in panties.

Seeing Men Wearing Panties
By lovpanties on September 2, 2014

Do you find yourself getting excited seeing men wearing panties, do you find yourself searching for pictures of men wearing panties. Many men wearing panties find themselves getting excited seeing pictures of men wearing panties, seeing pictures of themselves wearing panties. Men wearing panties come from all different sexual preference backgrounds, there are straight men wearing panties, bisexual men wearing panties, gay men wearing panties, bicurious men wearing panties. It does appear that lots of straight men wear panties, in fact it appears the majority of men wearing panties are straight, married or have girlfriends. Yet many straight men wearing panties find themselves turned on seeing pictures of men wearing panties, and many find themselves confused at why they are excited seeing another man wearing panties. Don't worry its completely normal to be excited seeing pictures of men wearing panties, and your not becoming bisexual, or even bicurious. Many men wearing panties have never been excited seeing pictures of men before, and they would not be excited seeing pictures of naked men, but yet they do find themselves seeing pictures of men wearing panties. So if straight men wearing panties are excited seeing men wearing panties pictures does that not make them gay, bisexual, bicurious and the answer to that is no, they are not becoming gay, bisexual or bicurious. Even men who do not wear panties find themselves turned on seeing men wearing panties pictures, but the same thing they are not excited seeing pictures of naked men. The panties make all the difference of whether or not you are excited or not. For many men wearing panties when they see another guy wearing panties they are excited but yet they are not thinking any sexual thoughts about having sex with other men, they are just excited seeing how the panties look on another guy, and how they can relate to how good it feels wearing panties. Some straight men wearing panties even have thoughts about getting together with other men wearing panties, but once again its not to have sex, its to be around each other, and perhaps see each other in panties which is as mentioned exciting to see other men wearing panties and it might lead to some sexual activities like masturbating together wearing panties. Straight men have been masturbating together forever while watching adult movies, looking through adult magazines, or even browsing pictures or videos online so men masturbating together certainly does not change your sexual preference. Yes there are bisexual men wearing panties, gay men wearing panties, and bicurious men wearing panties who want to get together with other men wearing panties or even just other men for sexual activities while wearing panties but this article mainly focuses on straight men wearing panties who find it confusing they are excited seeing pictures of men wearing panties. Once again if you are straight and wear panties don't worry or be confused at getting excited seeing other men wearing panties, its very normal and common for straight men wearing panties and even straight men who don't wear panties to be turned on seeing men wearing panties. If you are a straight man wearing panties you might be shocked, confused, when you find that you search for pics of men wearing panties, you find yourself more and more turned on seeing other men wearing panties, but this is completely normal and your sexual preference is not changing. Yes some men wearing panties who have been straight all there lives do find themselves wanting to do sexual things with other men wearing panties, but they do not want to do sexual things with men who do not wear panties. Some men wearing panties who are straight spend many years with those feelings of being turned on by men wearing panties, and even thinking about meeting up with other men wearing panties but yet never follow through and its sort of a roller coaster of feelings. Getting together with other men wearing panties, even if you do masturbate together, or touch each other does not mean your sexual preferences have changed, your just exploring with other men wearing panties who might also happen to be straight men wearing panties. Many men wearing panties do not realize they are turned on by men wearing panties until later, growing up you probably thought you were the only guy wearing panties, you spent many years wearing without seeing pics of men wearing panties, but when you first started seeing pics of men wearing panties you knew you were not alone and you found yourself turned on seeing other men wearing panties, you related to them, you knew how they felt wearing panties, it was like looking in the mirror and seeing yourself wearing panties. Many men enjoy taking pictures of themselves wearing panties, looking in the mirror seeing themselves wearing panties and having others seeing them wearing panties, its all very exciting. So you have probably found that over the years of wearing panties you find yourself wanting to look at more and more pictures of men wearing panties, even perhaps masturbating while looking at men wearing panties, and you are straight, but once again relax its ok, its common and its normal. Men who wear panties excite you, men who wear panties turn you on, but yet men who don't wear panties do not excite you or turn you on. So for the men wearing panties who are straight and you find that you are searching for pics of men wearing panties, you find yourself looking at pictures of men wearing panties, you find that you are turned on seeing men wearing panties, don't worry its completely normal, and hopefully this article helps you to understand why you find that you are turned on seeing men wearing panties and that you are not alone in being a straight guy wearing panties who enjoys seeing other men wearing panties.

Check out this great men wearing panties community for not only pictures of men wearing panties but an entire community for men wearing panties, having made lots of great panty friends over the years I can tell you its a great men wearing panty community to visit, see other men wearing panties, explore things about wearing panties, and communicate with other men wearing panties.

How to Measure for Panties
By guyinpanties on August 26, 2014

Finding the correct size panties for men wearing panties can sometimes be frustrating, what panties fit from one manufacture might not fit from another. But its not just men wearing panties who have this issue, woman complain about buying the wrong size panties all the time. Each manufacture usually has a panty size guide, panty size chart, often times it can even be found on the packaging the panties come in. Panties are sized by hip size, so the best way of determine if a size medium from one manufacture versus a size medium from another manufacture will fit is to know your hip measurement. You might find that your hip measurement usually is a medium size panty, but from certain panty manufactures your hip measurement is a size large. No matter what style of panties you enjoy wearing knowing your hip size will help you determine your panty size, however some styles of panties might require a larger or smaller size in order to fit correctly, for instance thongs, some men wearing panties who wear thongs that wear a size medium bikini style panty might either have to go up in size or down in size for a thong to fit. Your panty size also depends on how you like your panties to fit, or your thong to fit, some men wearing panties like a snug fitting panty, some men wearing panties like a tight fitting panty, while other men wearing panties like a loose fitting panty. However knowing your hip measurement first will help you narrow down your search for how you want your panties to fit. Remember that each panty manufactures sizing can vary, sometimes the sizing will vary just a small amount while other times it will vary alot. Perhaps you wear a size large panty and you have picked up a pair of panties and right away you notice they do not look like large panties, but perhaps they look smaller or larger. Not all panties will have a sizing guide on the packaging, and many panties are not even sold in packaging, so at that point you sort of have to guess on if the sizing is correct or not, or perhaps if you like a certain brand you can do some research before going shopping. Also the type of fabric the panties are made from can determine if the panties will fit, panties with spandex, nylon, microfiber will stretch to fit so one size smaller than what your hips measure might just fit perfect. Also us men wearing panties have to remember that panties are not manufactured for us to wear, we have that certain part that can change in size according to how excited we are. Does one have to allow extra room for our male part, I do not believe you have to go up a size just to accommodate our male parts, in doing so I have found that the panties will just be to large. The best thing is to measure your hips, and if it says your a medium stick with medium size panties. As mentioned panties with spandex, nylon, microfiber which most panties have will stretch to accomadate our ever changing male part, whether we are soft or hard. Just like with women you are going to buy panties that fit perfect and your going to buy panties that don't fit perfect, its certainly not just us men wearing panties who have questions about panty sizing, women are always commenting on panty sizing, buying the wrong size panties, panties that just don't fit right. Women have many panties in there drawers that get pushed to the back because they were bought and only worn once because they did not fit correct. For us men wearing panties those are often the panties we start to explore wearing because they are at the back of the drawer, if women only knew they could give us men wearing panties all their panties that don't fit.

Below is a men wearing panties guide to measuring for panties, and a men wearing panties guide to panty sizing. Many men wearing panties ask about panty sizing, what size panties fit men, it really comes down to not overthinking and making it complicated thinking you have to have a larger size panty because of your male part. It comes down to finding out your hip measurement and getting a general idea if you are small, medium, large, extra large, etc and remembering that the size category you fit into can vary slightly or alot depending on the panty manufacture. Also there are two forms of sizing, either small, medium, large, or by numbers, 5, 6, 7 and sometimes manufactures will combine numbers a 6-7 will be a medium. As you will see some manufactures have larger spans of numbers than others.

Measure Your Hips - The Widest Part Around Your Buttocks

measuring for panties

You will need to measure your hips, The widest part around your buttocks, use a clothing tape measure and measure around your hips as though you were putting on a belt. For example; when you measure around your hips and the inches are 42" you can then look at a panty sizing chart prior to going panty shopping, or ordering panties and see the range you fit into.

If you do not have a clothing measuring tape, you can also use a piece of string and a ruler. Wrap the string around your hips and make a mark on the string, or pinch the string where they intersect. Then take tape measure and measure out the length of the string, that would be your hip measurements.

Below aresome general panty sizing guides (if you like a certain brand its always best to look at brand specific panty sizing guide, or panty sizing charts)

If Hips Measure:
36 - 37 - Size 5 Panties

38 - 39 - Size 6 Panties

40 - 41 - Size 7 Panties

42 - 43 - Size 8 Panties

44 - 45 - Size 9 Panties

46 - 47 - Size 10 Panties

48 - 49 - Size 11 Panties

50 - 51 - Size 12 Panties

Hip Measurement
29.5 - 31.5 - Size 0, XXS Panties

31.5 - 33.5 - Size 2, XS Panties

33.5 - 37.5 - Size 4, S Panties

37.5 - 41 - Size 6, M Panties

41 - 45 - Size 8, L Panties

45 - 49 - Size 10, XL Panties

49 - 53 - Size 12, XXL Panties

53 - 57 - Size 14, 3XL Panties

57 - 61 - Size 16, 4XL Panties

Panty Fabrics, Panty Fabric Guide, Panty Fabric Percentages
By pantyfan on August 22, 2014

All of the fabric names and blends that you might see today on your panty label can make your head spin. So why be knowledgeable in what fabric panties are made from, and the characteristics of those fabrics, wearing panties feels good, and men wearing panties enjoy how the fabric feels against us, either for comfort or stimulation or both, and different fabrics, or fabric blends give very different feelings. And when shopping for panties knowing which fabrics or fabric blends felt good can help you pick out panties much easier. Most men wearing panties have slipped on a pair of new panties and thought wow these feel really good, better than some of the other panties I have worn, many of us men wearing panties have been curious what are these panties made of, and after taking them off we look at the label and most times we see a blend of fabrics broken down by percentage. Now next time we are looking for panties we not only have the sense of sight and feel to tell us which panties to buy but also info on the content of each fabric to help us pick those panties out that felt so good wearing.

A manufactured fiber refined from cotton filaments and/or wood pulp, and acetic acid that has been extruded through a spinneret and then hardened.

A synthetic fiber that adds stability and long lasting wear to fabrics while having outstanding wickability due to its inherent quick drying time.

A type of nylon made by DuPont.

A lightweight silk or silk-like fabric.

An extremely sheer, lightweight, soft fabric made of silk, polyester, rayon or other fibers. It is made of highly twisted filament yarns.

Combed Cotton
A type of extra soft cotton subjected to an additional step in production that removes short fibers and straightens those that remain. The result is a stronger, smoother, more even, more compact yarn.

CoolMax fabrics
A registered trademark of Invista North America S.A.R.L., CoolMax is the performance fabric that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. The system can move perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.

Cordura is Invista?s registered name for Nylon. Invista used to be known as DuPont.

Cotton is a natural fiber typically 3/8 to 2 inches long. Fabrics containing Cotton are comfortable, breathable, soft.

Another name for traditional Spandex, mostly used in European countries.

Delicate, ornamental, openwork fabric made in a variety of designs.

Lenzing Modal
Lenzing Modal, a registered trademark of Lenzing AG, is a cellulose fiber composed of reconstituted cellulose from Beech trees. The softest fiber in the world, it is ideal for body conscious clothing. It remains wonderfully soft even after repeated washing and retains its color brilliance.

Lycra is Invista?s registered name for Spandex. It?s lightweight and soft, but stronger and more durable than rubber. Lycra can be stretched to more than 500% of its resting length without breaking, and can be stretched repeatedly while maintaining its ability to return to its original length. It provides lightweight freedom of movement in foundation garments.

Mercerized Cotton goes through a finishing process that swells the yarn of the fabric to give it a round, smooth surface and prevents the cotton from shrinking further. This process results in a stronger and more lustrous yarn that?s more easily dyed and is capable of holding brighter, deeper colors.

An open-weave knitted or woven fabric that produces a net or sheer-like effect.

Micro Modal is the registered name of a micro fiber from Lenzing Fiber Corporation. The fabric is a very fine and lightweight Modal. After numerous washings, garments made from Micro Modal remain soft and silky, with their colors staying bright and shiny. Micro Modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton, which allows skin to breathe and provides incredible comfort to the wearer.

Microfiber is the generic term for any synthetic fiber finer than silk. Fabrics made with microfibers are soft, lightweight, breathable, and durable. Because microfiber filaments can be packed so closely together, they can prevent moisture from passing though, yet allow air to flow back and forth. These high-tech synthetic filaments are so fine that their tight knits result in a super-smooth look that?s soft to the touch.

Modal is a specific variety of Rayon made with reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. It?s about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. It has a soft and silky feeling, a good drape, and great breathability. Garments made in Modal have anti-crease properties, resist shrinking, and are relatively easy to care for.

Nylon was the first commercially successful synthetic fiber to be made entirely from ingredients other than natural fibers: coal, water, and air. Nylon is strong, durable, elastic, and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It has low moisture absorbency and can be permanently set by heat.

Organic Cotton
Generally understood as Cotton from non-genetically modified plants, it is certified to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.

Pima Cotton is a generic name for premium, extra-long-fiber cotton that?s grown mostly in the U.S., Australia, and Peru. Pima was previously called American-Egyptian cotton but was renamed for the Pima Indians who were growing it for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Arizona. The primary difference between Pima cotton and regular cotton is that Pima has longer and stronger fibers. It feels silk-like and has a very fine weave. It?s also very absorbent.

Polyamide is the European term for Nylon yarn or Nylon fabric.

Polyester is the name of both a fabric and a fiber. This manufactured fiber was introduced in the early 1950s, and is second only to cotton in worldwide usage. Its ability to stretch and resist wrinkling makes it a popular fabric for lingerie. It has great strength (although less than Nylon), excellent resiliency, and high resistance to abrasion. Its low absorbency allows it to dry quickly.

Rayon is a silk-like, manufactured fiber made from wood pulp, cotton linters, or other vegetable matter. It?s known for draping well, and is absorbent. However, fabrics made from Rayon aren?t strong.

A woven type of fabric with the characteristic of being highly lustrous on one side, and matte on the other. Can be made in a variety of fibers.

A natural filament fiber produced by the silkworm in the construction of its cocoon. Most silk is collected from cultivated caterpillars; Tussah silk, or wild silk, is a thicker, shorter fiber produced by caterpillars in their natural habitat. Most silk comes from Asia, primarily China.

Spandex is a synthetic fiber made from Polyurethane. It?s known for its exceptional elasticity. It?s lightweight, strong, durable, and doesn?t absorb water or oils.

Tactel is Invista?s registered name for high-performing Nylon. It?s silkier and softer than Nylon, and has a crinkle finish. It?s lightweight and quick-drying.

Soft plush fabric with a close, dense pile.

Most of us men wearing panties have our favorite fabrics satin, silk, cotton, lace, microfiber, however just because they are labeled satin, microfiber, cotton does not mean they are all the same. A quick look at the tag often times shows a bit more info like the percentage of different fabrics. Lets say you buy a pair of panties labeled satin, but they feel much better than other satin panties you have bought, a quick look at the tag and what percentage of each fabric might determine why they feel better. Not all cotton panties are the same, not all nylon panties are the same, and not all satin panties are the same, and the newer fabric microfiber can really vary depending on the percentage of each fabric. If you put on a pair of panties and they feel really good, and you look at the tag and they say 85 percent nylon, 15 percent spandex you might want to search for other panties with that same fabric percentage because the difference in percentages even 5 percent can make the panties feel much different. For many of us men wearing panties the old days of picking up any pair of panties and putting them on are over, sure those panties felt amazing but as we wore panties more and more we started to refine the type of fabrics we liked best. Comparing the percentages of each fabric is a great way to continue finding the panties you like best and not just going by them being labeled satin, silk, cotton, microfiber as each manufacture can put different percentages of each fabric to make them satin, silk, cotton, microfiber. So next time your digging through your panty drawer take a look at the tags and see what types of fabrics your panties are made out of and remember the percentages so the next time your out panty shopping you can look for panties with the same percentages.

More Women Than You Realize Like Men Wearing Panties
By stacy on August 18, 2014

I am a woman who enjoys seeing men wearing panties. Mens underwear is boring and does not come in very many styles, fabrics or colors. I feel sorry for guys because they have such few choices in underwear, however for those men who have choosen to wear womans panties I commend you for wearing panties. Mens underwear is not very flattering to a mans body, they just sort of hang there, however womans underwear is meant to be flattering and whether a woman like myself is wearing them or a man is wearing them womans underwear is meant to fit snug, hug every curve, feel good against your skin and be a joy to wear and to see. I know exactly why you men enjoy wearing panties, panties feel so good against your body and men look so hot wearing panties, a nice shaply butt in tight panties and lets not forget about that hard thing in the front pressing against the fabric of a pair of panties. I know I am not the only woman who appreciates a man in panties, don?t worry guys there are more woman like me out there who appreciate a guy wearing panties and understand why you wear panties. I have turned so many of my boyfriends into panty wearers and I know they are still wearing panties, once you slip a pair on you will wear them forever. I have enjoyed each and every one of my boyfriends reactions to slipping on panties, seeing the look on a guys face as he slides on panties for the first time is such a turn on. I have met many other woman who enjoy men wearing panties and many couples who enjoy wearing panties together. Its always nice to see other couples wearing panties and enjoying the pleasure panties bring to both men and women, always reminds me of the fun I have had with past boyfriends wearing panties and with my current boyfriend. You would be surprised at just how many women are curious when you start talking to them about a man wearing panties, maybe its because its coming from another female and they hear me expressing how I enjoy it, as I mentioned most other women I have talked with are curious and not turned off by it, they ask lots of questions and you can tell they are a bit overly excited about it. The main reason why men think its hard to find a woman who into men wearing panties or find it hard to tell a wife or girlfriend that they enjoy wearing panties is because women tend to keep things they are turned on by to themselves, they are more timid and shy about such things and its hard to get them to talk about it. For men they are very open to what they enjoy about there partner or what they enjoy having a women doing them to the, where as us woman its sort of a mystery as to what turns us on or what we enjoy having men do to us. I apologize for us woman being such a mystery especially when it comes to sexual likes and turn ons. However many woman are much more kinkier and have wilder sexual thoughts, turn ons, fantasies than most men, but most woman just don't show that side of them. So when it comes to women who like men wearing panties sorry guys but you just cannot tell which of us women are into men wearing panties and which are not, I wish we could give you some sort of sign so that you will know we are into you wearing panties. However we are out there, it might take patience and time to find us but we are out there. I am sure for any man its a dream come true to be able to wear panties in front of a women, why so many men struggle with finding a women into men wearing panties is hard for me to comprehend since I have always enjoyed seeing a guy wearing panties. I know it comes down to the fear of rejection, so many men never get to enjoy what its like to wear without fear and enjoy the pleasure of wearing in front of a woman. There is hope for all men who wear panties to wear panties in front of a woman, whether you are single or have a wife or girlfriend. Telling your wife or girlfriend I am sure is a very fearful and nervous thing but its all about how you bring it up, its surprising how many men my boyfriend and I have talked to who have successfully told there wife or girlfriend that they enjoy wearing panties, some of which got up the courage to tell there wife or girlfriend because of a conversation with me and my boyfriend and suggestions we gave to tell her. Not all women are going to be ok with men wearing panties, however as said you will be surprised at just how many are curious about it and would be totally fine with a man wearing panties. Its all about how you bring it up so that they understand why you enjoy wearing them, don't leave them wondering why you wear them, us women are known for overreacting and over thinking things, don't give your wife or girlfriend the chance to overreact or over think, let her know why you enjoy them, let her know its not something that changes who you are or that is going to effect your relationship.You never know the woman you have spent years and years with hiding your love of wearing panties from might have just been totally ok with it all this time. Check out this great panty wearing community me and my boyfriend hang out at, its a great place to meet others and get advice, we chat there often and respond to questions others have asked. Its an awesome community for men wearing panties, we love hanging out there together and often visit it alone also, not sure who visits more often me or my boyfriend. Sometimes a girl cannot get enough of seeing you guys in all those different panties.

Lounge Around In Panties
By silkypantyman on August 16, 2014

Some men wearing panties only wear panties for short periods of time, perhaps they only wear panties when masturbating, perhaps they are married or dating and the wife does not know you wear panties, girlfriend does not know you wear panties so you have limited time to wear panties. Other men wearing panties wear panties for longer periods of time, perhaps there wife knows you wear panties, girlfriend knows you wear panties, or perhaps you live alone. Some men wearing panties only wear panties to masturbate with, while other men wearing panties wear panties not only for stimulation but also for comfort and perhaps enjoy wearing panties for longer periods of time and that buildup from the stimulation before masturbating. Lounging around in panties feels very good, its very relaxing, yet very exciting and stimulating also. Whether its coming home from work and slipping on a pair of panties and lounging around wearing panties, or when the weekend comes being able to enjoy lounging around in panties all weekend. As mentioned there are some men who have the ability, time, etc to lounge around in panties and other men wearing panties who cannot lounge around in panties. Some men wearing panties can only lounge around in panties during certain times, perhaps when a wife is at work, girlfriend is at work, or out with friends, just be careful if they come home early and find you lounging around on the couch wearing nothing but panties. Other men wearing panties travel for business and lounge around in panties in the hotel room, or motel room. Some men wearing panties have wifes who know they wear panties, girlfriends who know they wear panties and they can lounge around in panties whenever they want, and perhaps both lounge around in panties together. If you have never lounged around in panties give it a try, its very relaxing and very exciting at the same time. You will find that when you do masturbate after having lounged around in panties for awhile that your orgasm is much more intense from all the buildup of stimulation. Since panties are very stimulating, and to put it plainly panties feel very good, most men wearing panties find that masturbating with panties does not take to long before having an orgasm. So lounging around in panties can prolong your orgasm or delay your orgasm, and make it much more intense once you do orgasm. Lounging around in panties is a great stress reliever after a long day at work, or a long work week.

Click here to take a survey on Do You Ever Lounge Around In Panties?

Does Your Girlfriend Know You Wear Panties
By iwearpanties on August 12, 2014

Many men wearing panties have to hide that they wear panties from there girlfriend. Some men eventually tell there girlfriend they wear panties, or perhaps they get caught wearing panties, or a girlfriend finds your panty stash. Some men wearing panties hide that they wear panties for many years from there girlfriend, other men wearing panties do not hide that they wear panties for very long from a girlfriend. Its always such a relief and a huge weight lifted off your shoulders when your girlfriend knows you wear panties. Of course its much easier for a girlfriend to accept you wear panties by you telling her you wear panties, rather than getting caught wearing panties, or her finding your stash of panties. There seems to be a mixture of men wearing panties who have girlfriends who know they wear panties and men wearing panties who have girlfriends who do not know they wear panties. There also seems to be a mixture of how long they have been dating, for some men they have been dating for years and there girlfriend still does not know they wear panties, while other men wearing panties have only been dating a few months and there girlfriend knows they wear panties. Hearing from other men wearing panties who have told there girlfriend they wear panties is very helpful, suggestions on telling your girlfriend you wear panties, tips for telling your girlfriend you wear panties, advice on telling your girlfriend you wear panties, methods for telling your girlfriend you wear panties, hearing from other men wearing panties who have told there girlfriend they wear panties can give you confidence to tell your girlfriend you wear panties. Men wearing panties communities like are great places to get advice on telling your girlfriend you wear panties, tips for telling your girlfriend you wear panties, methods for telling your girlfriend you wear panties. So why tell your girlfriend you wear panties. Well for most men wearing panties wearing with a girlfriend would be a dream come true, and for many men wearing panties that dream of wearing panties with your girlfriend or with her approval and acceptance does come true. Telling your girlfriend you wear panties is a huge weight lifted from your shoulders, its very stressful hiding that you wear panties and not having to hide that you wear panties anymore is a huge relief. Being able to wear panties whenever you want instead of hide your panty wearing, being able to wear panties with your girlfriend, wear panties in front of your girlfriend, talk about panties with your girlfriend, go shopping for panties are all very enjoyable things and will bring you closer together with each other. So when do you tell your girlfriend you wear panties, if can vary per relationship, and vary about how prepared you are, the confidence you have and the method or methods you have come up with to tell her. Often times it takes time and patience, perhaps over the course of weeks, months etc of dropping hints to see how she might react to you wearing panties. As mentioned there are many tips for telling your girlfriend you wear panties, advice on telling your girlfriend you wear panties, methods for telling your girlfriend you wear panties, and reading how other men wearing panties who have told there girlfriend they wear panties can give you confidence to tell your girlfriend you wear panties. Check out its a great men wearing panties community filled with men wearing panties and there is lots of tips for telling your girlfriend you wear panties, advice on telling your girlfriend you wear panties, methods for telling your girlfriend you wear panties that have been posted by others, and you can always post your own question on how to tell your girlfriend you wear panties. Many men have successfully told there girlfriend they wear panties and are now enjoying being able to openly wear panties.

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Panty Guide, Panty Styles, Panties Styles
By lov2wearpanties on August 8, 2014

Panties come in a wide variety of styles, each style giving a different feeling, and a different look. Some men wearing panties only wear one style of panties, other men wearing panties wear all styles of panties. We each have our favorite styles of panties to wear, and the reasons why we like wearing that style of panties. Below are various descriptions of panty styles, and various pictures of panty styles.

Panty Style Guide

This one is the comfort lover's favourite of all time. The top of the panty is at or near the waist and offers the most coverage of any panty fit. Now contrary to popular beliefs, briefs need not be that 'cotton grannie panties'. They come in a variety of material including lace and lycra.

This is a classic, basic design these days. It offers a perfect coverage between full and bare minimum. It fits around the hips rather than the waist. This is a MUST HAVE for everyone, comfy fit and sexier than the Briefs.

String Bikini
This is the spin off of the classic Bikini. It has a narrow strip of fabric, elastic band, or literally a ribbon or lace to join the front and rear panels of the traditional bikini cut panty - one on each side.

Also called boy leg-briefs, these are designed with full back coverage, with leg opening that rests at the start of the thigh and a lower riding waistline (at or below the hip), resembling men's underwear. It's a guys style gone girly.

This is sweet and low. It is a cross between boyshort and bikini. Like the two, it offers full back coverage but the waist is cut low, perfect for those sexy low rise jeans.

It is a panty with lots of cheek peek. It has less back coverage than a bikini. This is the perfect pick under flirty skirts or when a little reveal is all you want.

This tiny panty has almost no back coverage. Thongs are seamless, perfect for no VPL. Comes in many fancy styles, lacey or not. It may seem uncomfortable to some but you have to have one of these, trust me.

It is virtually invisible under clothes. This is a style that offers the least coverage.

Guide To Panty Styles

Boy Shorts & Hipsters
Relatively new on the underwear scene are boy shorts and hipsters. A boy-cut short is a full-coverage panty style with a low-riding waistline and leg openings that rest just above the thigh. Because they sit so low on the waist, boy shorts can visually lengthen your torso. Well-fitting, curve-skimming boy shorts can also smooth lumps and bumps on your hip and upper thigh area. Hipsters offer the same low-riding waistline as boy shorts, but the leg openings hit well above the thigh, helping to avoid the fabric "ride-up" you sometimes get when wearing longer-cut boy shorts. While hipsters are generally considered a full-coverage style, some may be cut a bit higher in the rear than classic boy shorts or briefs.

If comfort is your primary concern, briefs are for you. The traditional brief offers full coverage in the front and back with a waistband that sits at or slightly above your natural waistline. Briefs also have a low, squared-off leg line. There are a few styles that fall under the larger umbrella category of briefs:

Modern briefs, like traditional briefs, offer full front and back coverage, but have a lower rise. Their waistbands sit a few inches below the natural waistline.

High-cut briefs offer the same full coverage as traditional briefs, but have high-cut leg openings in front. The waistband sits at or just above your natural waistline.

French-cut briefs have the highest-cut leg openings of all brief styles. The leg openings hit the highest point on the hip and are positioned more to the front of the panties than the standard high-cut brief. The waistband should sit at your natural waistline.

Control briefs are meant to slim your tummy, bottom or upper thighs. They look like traditional or high-cut briefs, but feature control panels at the front, rear or both

The idea that thongs are uncomfortable or worn for less-than-practical intentions is not true. These bareback basics have much practical purpose, in that they eliminate unsightly panty lines under skirts and snug-fitting pants and are often more comfortable than full-coverage panties because of their minimal fabric.

While all are backless, thongs come in a variety of styles:

G-strings feature little more than a triangle of fabric in front and a thin "string" of fabric around the hips and down the back. This is one of the skimpiest thong styles and is best reserved for wearing undertight-fitting bottoms to eliminate visible panty lines.

V-strings are similar to G-strings but feature a rear string that separates into a "V" of two strings (or a small triangle of fabric) at the rear waistband.

T-backs have waistbands or strings that stretch straight across your waist; so from the back, the side and bottom straps have a "T" shape.

Rios are similar to T-backs except the waistband rises above the hips at the sides instead of sitting straight across your waist and back.

Tangas offer the most coverage of any thong style. They generally have wide waistbands and back straps.

Bikini-cut panties are classic and flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Bikinis give full coverage in the back with leg openings that are cut above the thigh. Most bikinis sit about three inches below the natural waistline, although with the popularity of low-rise pants, some are now cut even lower. String bikinis, as the name implies, are designed with thinner straps (strings) at the sides for a less-bulky fit under clothing. For comfort, fit is key. If your bikini panties are too tight, they can bind up your backside and draw attention to problem areas, even under clothing. Ideally, they should fit close enough to your body that they don't gape, but not so close that the waistband or leg openings dig into your skin.

Seamless, No-Show, Invisible Panties
Panties categorized as seamless, no-show or invisible are sleek and smooth and virtually disappear under clothing. Seamless designs are most often made from a stretchy, wrinkle-free synthetic material like spandex, polyester, nylon, Lycrar or a blend of these. Seamless styles often come tag-free for an even smoother look under clothing. These panties offer a range of coverage styles, from skimpy to more conservative.

Panty Fabrics
The type of fabric your panties are made from is as important as their style, cut and fit.

Cotton panties are inexpensive, durable, comfortable and breathable. One advantage of these panties is that they can be tossed in the washer and dryer without sacrificing much shape or fit. Most panties are made with cotton or a cotton blend.

Silk or Satin
Popular fabric choices for women who want a chic-looking panty, most silk and satin panties need to be hand-washed and hung to dry, so caring for them can be a little labor intensive. They can also be heavily embellished with lace and other detailing that may be visible through clothing.

Polyester or Synthetics
Polyester and other stretchy synthetics provide the best seamless support. These materials are also popular for exercising because they wick moisture and dry quickly. Polyester and other synthetic materials generally must be hung to dry after washing.

Panty Style Descriptions

Have it all: bikini comfort with lots of cheek peek
More back coverage than a thong but less than a bikini
A revealing shape with more cheek peek than a cheeky

A little panty with a bit of cheek peek
More back coverage than a thong but less than a hiphugger
Wider sides with just the right amount of cheek peek

A sexy little no-show
Offers a hint more coverage than a v-string
Provides a no-show look even under the most revealing fashions

A minimalist's favorite
Offers the least coverage of any panty fit
Virtually invisible under clothes

The underthing for everything
The perfect amount of coverage, between full & the bare minimum
A must for any panty wardrobe, with a comfy fit & a sexier string option

Covers all the bases
Offers the most coverage of any panty fit
A comfort lover's favorite in a classic silhouette

Sweet and low
Offers full back coverage
A comfy cross between a boyshort & a bikini

Where cute meets comfy
A modern take on the brief, with full back coverage
The comfort you crave in a flirty silhouette

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panty guide

panty styles

panty style

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panty guide

panty style guide

panty descriptions

Sheer Panties, Sheer Panty
By sheerpanty on August 5, 2014
When it comes to panties theres a wide selection of panties to choose from, and for most men wearing panties thats part of what draws us into wearing panties the various styles, colors, fabrics, combinations of fabrics and how they feel against us. Many men wearing panties have sheer panties in there panty drawer, panty collection, sheer panties can be any style, thong, boyshorts, bikini, string bikini, brief, gstring, etc, and sheer panties can be made from various fabrics lace, fishnet, mesh, and sheer panties can also be fabrics like nylon, satin, microfiber but just very thin weight material. Sheer panties have been around for awhile, starting out as mainly sheer nylon panties in which the entire panty was sheer both front and back. Sheer nylon brief panties were common back in the 60's, and were not only comfortable but sexy, brief panties sexy, yes for many men wearing panties they grew up seeing brief panties and still to this day brief panties are there favorite type of panties to both see others wearing and to wear. Sheer panties evolved just like everything else, and instead of the entire panty being sheer only parts of the panty were sheer, for example just the front panel would be sheer, or just along the hips would be sheer, manufactures started to get creative with sheer panties. As mentioned nylon sheer panties were very common, and for many men wearing panties sheer nylon panties are still there favorite type of panties, although just like satin panties, sheer nylon panties are a bit harder to find, especially the older sheer nylon panties in which the entire panty was sheer. As panties evolved into different styles, fabrics also evolved and you had a mixture of fabrics, panties would not be only one fabric they would have parts that would be nylon or cotton and then parts that would be lace or a mesh like material. As mentioned panty manufactures started to get creative and some panties would have sheer butts perhaps made of a mesh type material, or perhaps a thin nylon material. Panties would have sheer lace panels on the front, or sides of the panty, or the entire front would be lace. Nylon and sheer lace and satin and sheer lace were very popular combinations, both for comfort and for sex appeal. Depending on the coverage of the panties, brief, boyshort, bikini, thong depended on how much sheer lace, sheer mesh, or sheer nylon was used, often times panties with more coverage panty manufactures had a larger canvas to get creative with, putting in sheer areas or panels, making the entire back sheer while the front was not sheer, making the front of the panties ontop all sheer while the lower part of the front of the panties was not. If you wanted all lace panties both front and back thong panties were more common to be made from all sheer lace than other styles, but even with a smaller canvas thong panties did get creative just like other styles of panties in the placement of the sheer parts. As panties evolved, sheer lace, and sheer mesh were used to create that sheer look, but as mentioned sheer panties started out as being made from a thin nylon material, usually the entire panty was sheer and they were very lightweight and popular. Fabrics like nylon, spandex, satin, polyester and a newer fabric called microfiber can all be sheer depending on the weight of the fabric. Many panty manufactures are going towards lighter weight, one factor in going lighter weight is probably cost, it costs alot less to use thinner fabric, but also another factor is hiding panty lines and a light weight feel, almost as if your wearing nothing. Microfiber is one of those fabrics that is very lightweight, yet is very durable and can be very sheer. How sheer panties are also depends on how much they stretch, a really snug fitting panty, tight fitting panty especially in the butt area can seem a bit sheer, especially when bending over. Many women don't even realize how sheer there panties are and bend over and you can clearly see right through them, I feel its exciting when a panty is not sheer at one moment but then its stretched out by bending over and it becomes sheer. When shopping for panties some panties are obviously sheer, sheer lace, sheer mesh, but some panties you just cannot tell if they are sheer or not until you are wearing them and they are stretched out. A good way to tell if a panty might become sheer is the lightweight feel of them, lightweight nylon, lightweight spandex, and many microfiber panties are very lightweight and become sheer when wearing them. For men wearing panties sheer lace is nice but I feel its a bit rough against our male parts, same goes for a sheer mesh type fabric, its a bit rough on our male parts, although there are softer sheer lace, and sheer mesh panties out there. A great choice for both look and feel is sheer microfiber, its a very common fabric to find in all styles of panties and for those who like nylon and satin and that silky feel many microfiber panties have a very silky, smooth feel to them. Its always nice to have a variety of panties, thats what is so great about wearing panties, each style, each fabric feels so different and its nice having a mixture of sheer panties in your panty drawer.

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Licking Cum Off Panties
By creamypanties on August 2, 2014
There are many ways in which guys cum on panties, you can cum on panties by wearing panties and cumming inside panties, you can cum on panties by wrapping panties around you and cumming on them, you can cum on panties by laying panties down in front of you and stroking yourself against them and cumming on panties, you can cum on panties by laying panties out in front of you and stroking yourself over them and cumming on panties. You can either cum on panties alone while masturbating with panties, or someone can help you cum on panties, like a friend, another guy wearing panties, or your wife or girlfriend can help you cum on panties. Cum on panties, whether the cum is inside panties, or outside panties, looks so amazing, the contrast between the cum and the panties looks so good. Many of us grew up being careful not to cum on panties, or cum inside panties because we were borrowing panties, sometimes we ended up not being quick enough moving the panties away and we ended up cumming on panties but often times those times we did not pull the panties away quick enough felt the best, to look down and see the panties we borrowed covered in cum was very exciting. As we got older and perhaps bought our own panties we did not have to worry about getting cum on them, so instead of pulling away at the last second we could just enjoy cumming in panties or cumming on panties. As mentioned cum looks amazing on panties. I prefer the look of cum on bright colored panties, and silkier panties like spandex, nylon, satin, microfiber as the cum sort of sits ontop of the fabric before slowly soaking in. Looking down seeing that cum on the panties got me curious about licking my cum off the panties, I had tasted my cum before but like many others once you cum the thoughts of tasting your own cum sort of fade away. But it was different thinking about licking my cum off panties, the excitement of licking my cum stayed with me. Just as described I cum on panties in many ways, cumming on panties wearing them and cumming on panties not wearing them. The first time I licked cum off panties I was not wearing them and had the panties layed out on a pillow on the bed and was humping the panties, rubbing myself back and fourth on a pair of satin bikini panties. Once I came on the panties I looked down and seen my cum covering the panties and I was so turned on, unlike before when I have thought about eating my cum I was not turned on after I had cum, but this time I was still turned on seeing my cum on the panties. I bent down and licked a bit of my cum off the panties, I got even more excited and did not loose my hardon on completely. So I bent down again and slowly took small licks of my cum on the panties as my cum soaked more into the satin fabric. The excitement of seeing cum on panties was certainly enough to keep me interested in licking my cum up. For many of us we are curious about licking cum, but once we cum we loose interest in licking our cum, having panties full of cum, cum on panties was enough for me not to loose interest in licking my cum. As mentioned you can lick cum off panties either while masturbating alone or you can lick cum off panties when getting together with other panty friends, or perhaps after a wife has giving you a panty handjob, or a girlfriend has giving you a pantyjob and she has made you cum all over panties and then you could have her hold the cum filled panties as you lick your cum off them. Another method is cumming on your wifes panties, cumming on your girlfriends panties, rubbing yourself against your wifes panties while she is still wearing them, rubbing yourself against your girlfriends panties while she is still wearing them, either cumming on the front of her panties, or cumming on her ass while she is still wearing them and then licking your cum off her panties. Cum always looks good on panties, whether you are wearing panties and cum inside them, whether you are giving yourself a handjob with panties, whether the panties are layed out in front of you covered in cum, or whether your wife is wearing panties and you have cum all over her panties, or whether your girlfriend is wearing panties and you have cum all over her panties. Its also exciting just seeing a picture of panties filled with cum, or another guy wearing panties wearing panties who has cum inside panties. As mentioned the contrast of the cum against the panties, how the fabric turns darker as the cum soaks in and also knowing the pleasure that was just experienced. So if you have felt yourself being curious about tasting your own cum, licking your own cum but after cumming you loose interest in tasting your cum, licking your cum try licking cum off panties.

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Wearing Panties Over Head
By likepanties on July 28, 2014
Have you ever worn panties over your head, and no not to keep your head warm. Many guys have worn panties over there head. Have you ever come across a pair of dirty panties laying on the floor or in the hamper picked them up and sniffed them but thought it would be nice to be able to sniff them and also masturbate, or perhaps even better find a second pair of panties to wear, or wrap around you and masturbate while still being able to sniff panties. Perhaps you have layed a pair of dirty panties down on the bed, bathroom counter and bent down to sniff the panties while you masturbated, but its sort of uncomfortable bending down sniffing panties and masturbating at the same time. So for many guys the idea of wearing the panties over your head, wearing the panties like a mask, a panty mask you could call it, putting the panties over your head and placing the crotch of the panties right over your nose so now you do not have to hold the panties or bend down to enjoy sniffing the panties, you can now masturbate, masturbate with another pair of panties, put on a pair of panties, walk around, move around, lay back, etc and the entire time you can enjoy smelling the panties over your head. Many men like smelling panties and masturbating while smelling panties, or smelling panties and wearing panties, or smelling panties and having another pair of panties wrapped around you. The combination of the two senses, smell and touch is very strong, men who enjoy smelling panties know how excited you can get just from smelling panties but combine that with masturbating, wearing panties, or panties wrapped around you and its very intense. The sense of smell is very erotic for both men and women, many men enjoy putting panties over there head and laying back on a bed with panties over there head, sniffing the crotch of the panties while they masturbate, but there are also women with panties over there head laying back on a bed with panties over there head sniffing the crotch of panties while they masturbate. Is is more common for men to wear panties over head, versus women wearing panties over head, yes its more common for men wearing panties over head, but you would be surprised at how many women wear panties over the head while masturbating. The sense of smell is a huge turn on for both men and women, and perhaps even more so for women, even know you hear more about men sniffing panties, there are lots of women sniffing panties also. So its not that uncommon for a woman to lay back, take off her panties, find a roommates panties, friends panties and put those panties over her head while she lays back and sniffs the panties while she masturbates wearing the panties over her head. Many couples also enjoy panties over head, perhaps the man wearing panties over head while getting a blowjob, wearing panties over head while getting a hand job, or wearing panties over head while having sex. Or the woman wearing panties over head while getting eaten out, or wearing panties over head while having sex. The added stimulation of sense of having panties over your head so you can sniff them makes for much quicker, and more intense orgasms for both men and women. Its also a turn on seeing others with panties over there head, both men with panties over head and women with panties over head, just something about seeing panties over a head is very erotic. Men, women and couples have all enjoyed panties over head, also called a panty mask, panties mask, wearing panties over head is a great way to not have to bend over and sniff panties while you masturbate, and a great way for couples to enjoy foreplay, and sex. So next time you see a pair of panties on the floor, in the hamper, try slipping the panties over your head, adjust the crotch so its right over your nose and take in those amazing scents while your hands are now free to do other things. The next time your wife or girlfriend takes her panties off, and she kneels on the bed doggy style and your about to enter her from behind, grab her panties and put them over your head with the crotch right over your nose, inhale her scents and you will be amazed at how much more intense sex is. Be playful about it, and for most women they will have no issues at all with you putting there panties over your head. As mentioned it can be a huge turn on seeing others wearing panties over there head, especially a woman with panties over head. As mentioned there are women who do enjoy sniffing panties and who have found out how great it can be putting panties over head freeing up there hands to caress there bodies and masturbate, seeing women with panties over head masturbating is very exciting and I am sure many guys would masturbate seeing a women with panties over head masturbating, even just a picture of a woman with panties over head masturbating. But then there are those women who have panties over head who are not masturbating, perhaps they are at a party, or opening presents, etc and they joke around and put panties over head, if they only knew how amazing a pair of panties looks over a womans head, how a women wearing a pair of panties over her head like a mask is such a turn on for so many guys. Wearing panties over head is a great method to enjoy panties and also a turn on seeing others with panties over head, whether they are enjoying panties like you are, or whether they are just wearing panties over head, seeing a pair of panties over head makes one think of so many erotic thoughts. The only thing about a panty mask is that you cannot walk around in public wearing your panty mask, but here is an idea, if your in a cold climate, during winter, etc you can put the panties over your head like a mask and then wear a ski mask, face mask over the panties and you will blend right in during those cold days and get to walk around sniffing panties, how exciting that would be.

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Warm Panties And Cold Panties
By inwomenspanties on July 25, 2014
I like the different sensations or feelings that various styles of panties, and fabrics of panties give me, its so amazing how different panties feel, different styles, different fabrics, and even wearing a certain color can be more exciting. So in my exploration with wearing panties I discovered warm panties and cold panties. One day I was doing laundry and I opened up the dryer and reached in and grabbed all the clothes, it was a mixed load of panties, tshirts, etc. The warm feeling of the clothing felt very nice on my hands, I picked up a pair of panties, they were a nylon bikini pair and they were very warm, almost hot, I could not help but think how the warm panties would feel like if I was wearing them. So I pulled down my pants and slipped the nylon bikini panties on. As mentioned the nylon bikini panties were very warm, and once I had them all the way on, I was amazed at how good the warm panties felt against me. Feeling the warm panties against me was just a different sensation or feeling then just wearing them when they were room temperature. The warm feeling did not last to long as the panties cooled down, so I  took the panties off and put them back in the dryer and turned the dryer on for about 5 minutes. I reached in and picked up the panties, they felt really warm and nice on my hands, I quickly slipped them on and for a few minutes I got to enjoy the warm panties against me, once again it was just a different sensation or feeling, sort of difficult to describe but it felt really good. Once the panties cooled down I put them back in the dryer for another 5 minutes, then took them out and quickly put them on again, I did this about half a dozen times. The warm feeling of the panties against me felt really good, and it was exciting to slip on the panties when they were really warm and feel the warmth of the panties against me. Since discovering warm panties I have enjoyed warm panties many times, its like a special thing I do every now and then. I mainly use the dryer method to warm the panties, but a few times I have used a hair dryer to warm up the panties. Its best not to wear the panties at the same time as your using the blow dryer to warm them up, it just does not feel the same, plus it can get a bit to hot down there. I lay the panties out and use the blow dryer to warm them up and then I quickly put them on, heating the panties up while wearing them would not be the same because for me its the contrast or difference in temperature that is exciting, so going from room temperature to quickly slipping on the panties and feeling the temperature difference is what is exciting, and what feels good. I am not sure if one could use different methods to heat up the panties other than the dryer or the hair dryer, I guess one could use the microwave, but I have never used that method. If you have never tried wearing warm panties, give it a try, its a different sensation or feeling. After trying warm panties I got to thinking about what cold panties would feel like, so I put a pair of panties in the freezer for about an hour or so and then I took them out of the freezer and quickly put them on, it was a bit of a shock to the nervous system as they were really cold, but the different sensation or feeling did feel really nice. The panties warmed up slowly, and I could enjoy wearing them for about 10 minutes or so because they were back to room temperature. Unlike warm panties its harder to continue enjoying cold panties several times as it takes a bit of time for them to get cold, maybe 20 minutes in the freezer is good enough to make them nice and cold, I usually leave them in the freezer for about an hour and only wear them once. Cold panties just like warm panties gives you a new sensation or feeling. For those hot times of the year wearing a pair of cold panties is a great way to cool down, and for those cold times of the year wearing a pair of warm panties is a great way to warm up. Or if you live in extreme climates where the weather can vary from very cold times of the year to very warm times of the year you may want to experience the opposite and wear some very cold panties when its cold out, sort of like those people who jump into freezing water, or the snow and then run back inside. The key to warm panties or cold panties is how the difference in temperature shocks you and how good that shocked feeling of the warm panties or cold panties feels.

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The World Is Filled With Men Who Wear Panties
By guywearspanties on July 21, 2014
There are lots of men who wear panties, more than you can even imagine. Men wearing panties come from all age groups, ethic backgrounds, countries, financial backgrounds (you never know your boss, or the ceo of a large company he might just be wearing a pair of lacy panties underneath his business suit). The point is that men wearing panties are all over the world and you never know who might be wearing panties. Men wearing panties can be straight, bisexual, bi curious or gay, in fact surveys show that most men wearing panties are straight and either married or in a long term relationship. Thats whats great about men wearing panties we all come from different backgrounds, however we have wearing panties in common, and having wearing panties in common we form great friendships with each as we can relate to wearing panties.

Its nice to have friends who have the same interests and that goes for having friends who also enjoy wearing panties. Just as with anything someone is into whether it be cars, sports, etc having friends who also enjoy the same things makes that interest you have much more enjoyable. Same goes for men wearing panties, having friends who also enjoy wearing panties to talk with or even hang out with makes wearing much more enjoyable.

Many men wearing panties are not comfortable meeting in person, and thats totally ok, this is one interest we can enjoy just by hanging out at men wearing panties communities. To be able to communicate with others who wear panties and talk about why you enjoy panties is great. And its also nice to see pictures of men wearing panties, and to have a place to post your own pictures of you wearing panties. Seeing other guys wearing panties reminds me of how good it feels to wear panties. I love having a community I can go to and enjoy my love of wearing panties.

As mentioned men wearing panties come from all backgrounds and you never know who is wearing panties under there suit or jeans. Men wearing panties are a group that is ever evolving and as time goes on men wearing panties is becoming more and more accepted and understood and thats making it easier for many men to express that they enjoy wearing panties, and for many men wearing panties to be able to tell a wife you wear panties, or tell a girlfriend you wear panties and to be able to enjoy wearing panties with a wife, or wear panties with a girlfriend. Panties are just an article of clothing and it does not change who a man is, luckily more woman are realizing this.

As mentioned panties are just an article of clothing but how amazing an article of clothing panties are and the effect they have on us men, the excitement panties bring, the pleasure they bring, no other item of clothing brings such erotic thoughts and sexual stimulation than panties do, its so amazing. Many men wearing panties started out exploring panties while growing up, others discover wearing panties later in life, no matter when you discover wearing panties, you discover how amazing panties are to wear, and the desire to wear panties remains strong no matter how long you have been wearing panties. Because of men wearing panties social networks woman are understanding that more men wear panties than ever thought of, and they are realizing men wearing panties is nothing to get upset over. Check out this men wearing panties social network its done so much for those of us men wearing panties. I am thankful to have so many friends who wear panties its been so nice to be around others who enjoy wearing panties. For those men wearing panties who think they are alone in wearing panties, think again, there are tons of men wearing panties out there.

Girl Who Understands Why Guys Like Panties
By wendy on July 18, 2014
I know I love how my panties feel against me and I can only imagine how they would feel against a guy. I have seen how panties have effected many of my boyfriends, catching them sniffing my panties, stroking with my panties and wearing my panties. It excited me so much and to there surprise I was not mad at them for using my panties, it excited me to see them pleasuring themselves with my panties. I have enjoyed playing with many of my boyfriends with panties, making them sniff my panties, lick my panties, wear my panties, wrapping my panties around them, and wearing panties during sex which is one of my favorite things, it just looks so naughty to just pull my panties to the side, or better yet we both pull our panties to the side. I know and understand why guys like panties and to me its very normal for a guy to sniff panties, smell panties, lick panties, wear panties, masturbate with panties and be turned on by panties, more girls need to lighten up and be more open minded and they will see they will have a much happier guy who is willing to pleasure you more also. With just about every boyfriend I have had I have either introduced them to panty play or caught them playing with my panties and from then on we enjoyed panty play together. To many they were surprised that I was ok with it and how into panty play I was. Panties are such an erotic piece of clothing, panties are the item closest to us girls bodies. Panties capture us girls scents, all day our juices are flowing, some girls juices flow more than others, but all girls have juices that flow at some point during the day. Panties soak up those juices, and its obvious and normal that a guy would be interested in smelling those juices that have been soaked up by the crotch of our panties, I mean I have smelled my own panties several times and have enjoyed smelling my panties. Smelling my panties is naughty, and it sends this shiver and tingle through me, and I certainly know from my past boyfriends what smelling panties does to a guy. And my panties feel so good against me, I wear all types except briefs, I wear thongs, bikini, boyshorts, etc. and I wear various fabrics, cotton, microfiber, nylon, satin, and have ones with lace also. As mentioned my panties feel so good against me, and its pretty obvious that panties would feel amazing against a guy, and I have seen for myself how my boyfriends have enjoyed the feeling of wearing panties. I embrace that guys enjoy panties, no matter if they are smelling panties, licking panties, want me to stroke them with my panties, I catch them masturbating with panties or if they want to wear my panties. I totally see why guys like panties. Other girls need to relax and take a deep breath and realize a guy sniffing panties, licking panties, masturbating with panties, wearing panties is very normal, and a very common thing for guys to do and something that you can both enjoy together, I know panties have become my favorite sex toy to use in the bedroom. I did not have to run out and by some special sex toy to use on my boyfriends, all I needed was the panties I was wearing, take them off, let him sniff my panties, lick my panties, wrap my panties around him, slip my panties on him. The perfect sex toy, always there and can be enjoyed anywhere, me and my boyfriend have went to the movie theater and I have removed my panties and quickly pressed them to his face for a few seconds before unzipping his pants and wrapping them around him and making him explode all over my panties and a bit onto the popcorn bucket which was on his lap so as not to draw attention to what I was doing. It certainly gave new meaning to extra butter on the popcorn when he exploded.

Why Guys Like Panties
By guylikespanties on July 16, 2014
Why do guys like girls panties. All guys love panties, they ways in which panties turn a guy on can vary, and some guys may only be turned on by one thing about panties while other guys may be turned on by several things about panties, and some guys may be turned on by everything about panties. For example some enjoy sniffing panties or smelling panties, licking panties, wearing panties, masturbating with panties, being masturbated with panties, seeing panties, panty peeks, pantylines, visible panty lines, vpl, whaletails, etc. Perhaps you are only interested in one of the things mentioned, a few of them, or all of them, panties are just something guys are turned on by in various ways. Ask most guys and they will confess to having picked up a pair of dirty panties off the floor or digging through the laundry hamper looking for worn panties at some point. Panties are just something guys have a fascination with, and its very normal to find yourself curious about panties when you see a pair of panties. Often times guys first start to get curious about panties when growing up, seeing there moms panties, sisters panties, cousins panties, aunts panties, or a friends sisters panties, friends moms panties, seeing panties laying on the floor, seeing panties ontop of the hamper, seeing panties sticking out of hamper, etc and you find yourself getting curious about them. Some guys do not start to get curious about panties until older, perhaps with a girlfriends panties, wifes panties, etc. Becoming curious about panties starts at different times for guys, usually it does start while growing up for many guys, but some guys becoming curious about panties does not start until later. Once your curiosity or fascination with panties starts often times it grows, perhaps you started out sniffing panties, or just being turned on seeing girls wearing panties, then your curiosity grew and you started to wonder what panties smelled like, or what panties felt like wrapped around you, then perhaps you became curious as to what panties would feel like wearing, or what you would look like wearing panties. For some men they are only into one thing or a few things, perhaps just seeing girls wearing panties and sniffing panties, while other guys are into everything about panties. There is just a very strong attraction to panties, and even the word panties can get ones attention, or seeing the word panties can be a turn on. You can hear the word panties, or walk through a store and see a sign for panties and you start to become turned on. When girls are not around their panties still are, and the scents left in the crotch of panties are also still there, and for most guys the scents a girl leaves in the crotch of panties is one of the biggest turn ons. Many guys also enjoy how panties feel, either wrapped around them, or slipping panties on, its very obvious that girls have the best underwear and girls know they have the best underwear, you don't see girls wanting to buy guys underwear, wear guys underwear, and they don't enjoy rubbing guys through guys underwear, feeling guys through guys underwear. Guys underwear is plain, boring, ruff, and comes in very limited styles, however womens underwear comes in so many colors, styles, fabrics, brands, and there is an entire section in most stores dedicated to girls panties, with racks of panties, bins of panties, shelves of panties, panties in packages. And the deals on panties are everywhere, there is always some sale on panties, or panty sale going on, buy 2 panties get 1 free, or all panties in this bin are a dollar, racks of clearance panties. Its not just the amount of panties in the lingerie section, its also the styles, thongs, bikini panties, hi cut bikini panties, low cut bikini panties, gstring panties, string bikini panties, boyshort panties, tanga panties, low rise panties, brief panties, and then the endless amount of colors, patterns, prints. Then of course the fabrics, cotton panties, silk panties, satin panties, nylon panties, spandex panties, lycra panties, microfiber panties, polyester panties, girls panties are soft, girls panties are silky and that soft silky fabric feels so amazing against them and one can only imagine how that soft silky fabric feels against a guy, and many guys have certainly found out how amazing panties feel against them. And girls certainly enjoy the feeling of that soft silky fabric against them and many girls have realized that panties would feel amazing against a guys intimate area. So many girls do understand the attraction guys have to wearing panties, and also the various other things we enjoy doing with panties. Everyday girls wear panties, girls juices soak into the panties and girls remove their panties and put them on the floor, in the hamper, or in the laundry pile, and I know what your thinking so many panties are just laying in a hamper, panties on the floor, or panties in a laundry pile just waiting to be picked up and sniffed, wrapped around you, etc and what a waste that so many panties get put into the laundry without ever being able to be enjoyed. Panties are one of the most intimate items a girl has, they are worn as close as you can get to a girls intimate area, they fit so tight and snug against a girl, fitting to every curve. To find a girls panties is like being able to be with her, to experience her scents, and the soft silky feel of her panties, does that soft silky feel remind you of another soft and silky place. More woman should take off there panties and wrap them around there guy, or put there panties up to there mans face and let him inhale your scent, slide them on him and let him see how good they feel and see how good he looks in them as his hardon presses against the soft or silky material. If you catch your guy with your panties embrace it, embrace that he is turned on by your scents and by the panties you wear.

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