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Favorite Panties Brand
By favoritepanty on May 26, 2015

Now days there are many panty brands available but for most men wearing panties you have a certain brand of panties that are your favorite brand of panties. Perhaps its a brand of panties that has been around forever, it might even be the same brand of panties you first started wearing, or its a newer brand that you tried that became your favorite brand of panties. As mentioned certain brands have been around forever and other brands are new, and there might be one reason or several reasons why you like wearing a certain brand of panties.

Below is a list of the most common brands of panties, perhaps the brand of panties you enjoy wearing is listed below. These are brands that most department stores carry. There are hundreds of brands of panties, some manufactures even make several brands of panties. The list below is small compared to the hundreds of brands of panties out there. Stores carry various brands of panties, and often times the brands of panties stores change often. In your panty collection you might have brands of panties you have only seen once.

Bali - Started in 1927. What started as a literal Mom and Pop operation grew to be one of America's finest lingerie brands, now owned by Hanes. The line includes Bali panties, Bali bras, including longlines and camisole styles, and Bali shapewear. The company has continued its commitment to creating the best possible product with luxurious fabrics, unyielding quality, and a fit beyond compare.

Barely There - Barely There panties and bras are exactly that--they feel like they're barely there. Barely There Intimates got its start in 1995 with their innovative panties collection. Because of their knitting technology and use of ultra-soft microfiber, Barely There panties were a huge success and rightly so: they don't wrinkle, ride up, show panty lines or bind. The seamless Barely There briefs and bikinis are so comfortable that women say it's like wearing nothing at all. With the success of their panty collection, Barely There added bras and shapewear to their line in 2000. As they did with their panties, Barely There bras offer what they call 'invisible comfort.' Underwires are wrapped in a cushion to protect soft skin, straps and lace are backed with microfiber to be itch-free. Barely There introduced their tagless bras and panties in 2004.

Calvin Klein - Known for iconic advertising campaigns featuring top models, celebrities and newly discovered talent, Calvin Klein Underwear continues to evolve its reputation as the brand of choice for consumers who want sexy, fashionable and comfortable underwear and panties. Calvin Klein is consistently known for superior fabrics and construction combined with high style. Using fabrics from pure cotton to microfiber and bamboo, combined with sexy touches like lace and satin, it's no wonder women across the globe flock to the brand. For more than 25 years, the Calvin Klein brand has maintained its high standards, design sensibility and cutting-edge advertising campaigns to reach more than 20 countries and an estimated 98 million people globally.

DKNY - Founded in 1989 by Donna Karan.. Standing for Donna Karan New York, this brand of lingerie claims to be the energy of New York itself. The idea behind it is a modern woman should combine easy, casual, stylish and creative attire. DKNY offers lingerie, including bras and panties, to fit all of these styles. Like designer Donna Karan's other fashions, she wants to offer women comfort and style to embody the everyday woman with an unpredictable day.

Felina gives its women European designs with an American fit. Couture European design is combined with attention to detail to guarantee the perfect look and feel of lingerie for any type of woman. Felina lingerie offers diverse styles that include bras, panties, camisoles and garter belts. Felina stops at nothing to make their women happy. Material are sourced globally to ensure every woman has what they need and desire in their lingerie. Felina products are covered in French laces, with Swiss embroidery and fabrics from Europe's finest mills.

Felina - A family owned corporation in Los Angeles, California. It began in 1982 when Morad Zarabi noticed there was not enough of a selection for lingerie. He notes that women's styles were changing from boring to the more exotic European designs. In 1993, Zarabi's son, Robert stepped into his shoes bringing a new sense of youth and style to the rapidly growing company. Though the products are manufactured in China and Thailand, Felina is offered throughout different countries. The company acquired Jezebel in 2002 and has recently grown its offerings into sleepwear and jewelry. Felina has been showcased in many magazines including In Style, Cosmo, Shape and Ladies Home Journal. Felina pairs many of their panties with bras for the ultimate sensual look for women. Their panties include boyshorts, high-cut, thongs and bikins. Speciality items include lacy skirts, removable garter, garter belts and garter belt g-strings. Bra styles include demi-cups, bras with graduated padding to add a size, seamless push-ups, convertible bras, balconets and unlined full-size bras. Many different colors and designs are offered in each Felina collection so women can pick and choose what they want. From the day it was launched, Felina hit the scene as a lingerie for every woman straying from boring lingerie. Felina relies on its attention to detail and knowing what women love in lingerie to create collections that will have women coming back for more.

Fruit of the Loom - When you hear Fruit of the Loom, most don't think women's underwear. Well surprise! Fruit of the Loom has expanded into women's intimates. From fashionable thongs and basic cotton briefs to bras, Fruit of the Loom Panties are designed for fit, comfort and most of all, durability wash after wash. Using fashionable and comfortable waistbands, flattering designs, and non-binding leg openings, Fruit of the Loom is giving women the comfort, support and coverage they want and need.

Hanes - Hanes is most often associated with that feel of being wrapped in a blanket in front of a cozy fireplace. The brand is all about providing comfort for everyday wear. Hanes shapewear, panties, hosiery and socks let women walk out the door in the morning knowing they look good, but mostly knowing they are going to make it through the day without being annoyed by their undergarments. The tagless design made Hanes an innovative company allowing those wearing the brand to never worry about their tag sticking them while at work or play. Hanes knows it's the little things that make women happy. One thing that has remained constant over the last century is comfort. Brothers John Wesley Hanes and P. H. Hanes decided to make a dime on this thought; however, it took them a few years to get it together. In the 1800s the brothers founded Hanes as a tobacco business. They then sold the company and split up. John Wesley's focus was on hosiery when P.H. manufactured men's underwear. In 1965 the brothers merged the businesses together creating the timeless Hanes brand it is today. The brand introduced L'eggs in 1969, a new way to package with egg packaging. This was so successful L'eggs became a separate dvision of the company. In 1979 Sara Lee Corporation acquired the operating divisions of Hanes Corporation. Sara Lee Hosiery, Hanes Hosery and L'eggs Products, Inc. have been all under the same banner of the Sara Lee Corporation since 1987. Hanes Her Way is known for their pack of panties sold at a reasonable price. The styles of panties now range from low-rise bikinis to the nylon Hanes Elegance Briefs to the Sporty Hanes. These are silky smooth and have leg bands to help them not fall throughout the day. Others love the Sporty Hi-Cut Brief as it provides amazing coverage and features seamless sides for added comfort. Celebrities have been cashing in on the comfort for many years as well staring in many ads. Their point is that no one can resist the comfort and style of Hanes. More than half of America owns at least one piece of Hanes underwear or hosiery. Comfort and value go hand-in-hand when you put on one of the staples of Hanes. Wrapping yourself in that cozy blanket of comfort never felt so good.

Hanky Panky - Feel how comfortable sexy can be with intimate apparel from Hanky Panky. This USA company is known for sensuous bras, panties and camisoles. The Hanky Panky thongs are the collection's most popular item, constructed in Hanky Panky's signature stretch lace, and in a wide range of beautiful colors. Hanky Panky has an enormous celebrity following who like the comfort and sexy look of the line, and they purchase the thongs and G-strings in several colors, coordinated with bras and camisoles. The original thong was designed back in 1986 by Gale Epstein, a co-owner and Hanky Panky's Creative Director. This thong had a cult-like following in New York City, where it was designed. But, then a big break came to the company in June of 2006 when the Wall Street Journal did a front-page story on their thong--anointing it the most comfortable thong on the market. This article catapulted this boutique manufacturer into the mainstream of lingerie companies. The company has seen cataclysmic growth and continues to expand its offering to keep up with demand. Unique to the Hanky Panky brand is the fact that all their products are made in the USA. All Hanky Panky panties and thongs are constructed using the best construction methods available. Believe it or not, each thong consumes over 30 yards of thread. And, more thread means more stitches, and more stitches means the product is more durable and of higher quality.

Jezebel - Jezebel is another name for seductive. This line of beautiful, sexy lingerie has created a niche in the intimate apparel business. Each piece is crafted of the finest fabrics and laces, and the designs are cut to fit in all the right places. With the Jezebel Collection, you will find panties and bras to wear any time, and you will also find lingerie definitely created for intimate moments when your inhibitions are on hold. Every woman can feel beautiful, sexy and powerful, with fabulous undies beneath a business suit or your casual jeans. Jezebel lingerie is all about you, and what makes you look and feel your prettiest. Back in the glamourous Hollywood of the 1950's, Rene of Hollywood introduced the Jezebal bra, a deeply plunging bra that quickly became the hottest bras in town. Soon new styles were added and the Jezebel brand was born. Known for lacy confections of push-up and plunge bras, Jezebal made its name as a sexy alternative to basic lingerie. While the brand may have lost its way for a short while, it was resurrected in all of its sexy glory by the Felina Lingerie company around the turn of this new century. Look to Jezebel for fun, flirty panties, bras and mini-skirts; garter belts, thongs and bustiers; beautifully detailed sets; animal prints; and lacy white lingerie that is perfect with your wedding gown or just for a special evening. The Jezebel lingerie line includes bras, panties, bustiers, babydolls, chemises, garter belts and camis--and what a hot collection it is. There are times when every woman needs to release the Jezebel within, and wearing fabulous undies is a fun way to experience that part of herself. No one has to know what's underneath....unless you want them to. We'll never tell.

Jockey - Jockey underwear is undeniably a household name, sold in more than 120 countries. The company story started in 1876, when Samuel Thrall Cooper began making socks for lumberjacks. In 1978, Donna Wolf Steigerwaldt became the president of Jockey International, which then introduced Jockey for Her in 1980. You'll find a wealth of panty styles, from thongs, to bikini and string bikinis, boyshorts, hipsters, high-cut legs, French cuts and the fuller coverage briefs. Jockey classifies their panties as Classic Fit (full coverage), Modern Fit (lower rises) and Cheeky Fit (with a sensuous show of derriere), so every woman can find her look.

Just My Size - For more than 25 years Just My Size has been a part of the Hanes brand. Just My Size markets directly to plus size, full busted women needing the larger sizes in fashionable styles. Many of the Just My Size panties come in packs of assorted colors. Assorted may be solids, prints, all white or a combination. Most have a tagless construction for comfort and are made of pure fabrics. From 100% cotton and 100% nylon, there are many soft, comfortable panties to choose from.

Olga - Olga lingerie has a rich history of bringing style and comfort to women's underwear. Olga bras and Olga panties are among the most recognized brands in lingerie. Founded in 1950 by Olga Erteszek as a girdle company, The Olga Company is built on the belief that women should have comfortable, well-fitting bras and panties no matter what their shapes and sizes. That's one of the reasons some of their styles stay in production year after year. Olga is made by Warnaco Inc. who also makes the Warner's and Calvin Klein underwear. Olga panties also attract a loyal following. Some customers have been purchasing the same style for decades.

Shadowline - Pure luxury and silky soft comfort is found in each fashion by Shadowline. Using their trademarked fabrics, Opacitrique and Satintrique in many of their fashions, Shadowline sets the bar high when it comes to utmost comfort. Each is silky soft and lightweight for an amazing feel. Shadowline offers pajama sets, gowns, house coats, panties and slips for your every need. Shadowline joined Velrose in September 2009 to bring women silky soft comfort. Velrose has been a family-owned business since 1914. Today the trademarked fabrics of Shadowline are made in the USA and manufactured in Mexico. What has always set Shadowline apart is the incomparably high quality of their nylon, unmatched for softness, and the style and cut of the garments. Shadowline panties also have a loyal following of women who have been buying them for years and new fans alike. The best thing about Shadowline panties is their briefs are traditional with full coverage. Each has a sewn-in cotton crotch for comfort. They are silky soft and lightweight.

Shirley of Hollywood - Started as a family business selling corset supplies in 1948, the company began manufacturing Shirley of Hollywood sleepwear and panties in the 1960's. In 1970, they purchased the name "Shirley of Hollywood" and the rest is glamour history. To this day,Shirley of Hollywood is still a family-owned business, now in its third generation. Shirley of Hollywood has its own state-of-the-art design facility and in-house design team. They also have their own sewing facilities, both in the United States and abroad. Using luxurious fabrics and trims that are sourced all over the world and meticulous details and styles, Shirley of Hollywood brings out the oo-la-la in every women.

Vanity Fair - Vanity Fair has a been a reliable name in lingerie for over 40 years. Taking almost a century of manufacturing experience and bringing that to the lingerie market, Vanity Fair products are carefully designed and manufactured with attention to detail, styling and fit. The brand, which includes Vanity Fair bras , Vanity Fair panties including the Lollipop panties line, camisoles, and Vanity Fair sleepwear, is known for a commitment to fit. Women find bras and panties that fit perfectly and they stay loyal to the Vanity Fair brand for years. Brand loyalty is unusually high for Vanity Fair, maybe because they take their motto seriously: 'We Fit for Life.'

Vassarette - Founded as the Vassar-Swiss Underwear Company of Chicago in the 19th century. They were known then for manufacturing men's ribbed union suits and women's under garments. The parent company, Munsingwear, created the Vassarette label in 1951. Today, Vassarette is owned by Vanity Fair Brands and is still making a variety of styles of bras and panties. Customers praise the Vassarette fit and also love the modest price point. Customers love how smooth and comfortable Vassarette panties are.

Wacoal - Wacoal brings an impressive range of fit and style to the lingerie arena, having only entered the American marketplace a few years ago. Wacoal Eveden quickly became a brand of choice, providing women everywhere with a perfect fit. Wacoal remains a leader in women's lingerie because of their commitment to perfectly designed bras, panties and shapewear, all incorporating stylish elegance, superb comfort and fit. Their extensive size range reflects the Wacoal mission to put all women in beautifully constructed, well-fitting lingerie.

Warner's - Warner's lingerie is well-constructed and durable.The panties are popular among women looking for the highest level of comfort. Warner's makes women's lives easier by giving them the comfort and support of lingerie that has been dressing women since the early 1900s. Women can look in the closet of a mother, grandmother or great grandmother and probably find a Warner's bra. They created their first bras in 1902. One thing Warner's is known for is patenting one of the first best-selling bras.Without a Stitch briefs are customer favorites as well, praised for the silky softness and perfect body-hugging fit. Warners panties styles range from high waisted briefs to hipsters and high cut briefs, all constructed for comfort. Several Warner's panties styles come in plus sizes too, including Without a Stitch, Innocent Nudes and Perfect Measure. The main thing customers find in Warner's pieces is comfort.

Favorite Panties Discontinued
By myfavoritepanties on May 20, 2015

Men wearing panties enjoy wearing all different styles of panties, colors of panties, fabrics of panties and also brands of panties. Many men wearing panties have experienced their favorite panties discontinued, panties no longer made, panties no longer available. Perhaps the most known discontinued panty, most missed discontinued panty is the victoria's secret second skin satin panty, satin panties like the victoria's secret second skin satin panty were worn by many men wearing panties and many men wearing panties are still lucky to have a few victoria's secret second skin satin panties left. Another famous panty the joe boxer satin string panty was also worn by many men wearing panties. Many men wearing panties favorite fabric is satin panties, and it does appear that many discontinued panties have been satin panties or nylon panties, or any type of silky panty. Cotton panties and microfiber panties are the most common fabrics, with few satin panties, nylon panties, silky panties available. Its not only panty fabrics which have been discontinued, but its also discontinued panty styles, and even discontinued brands of panties. There might even be discontinued panty colors in which you remember wearing but are no longer available. Perhaps you grew up wearing a certain brand of panties, certain style of panties, certain fabric and back then you thought they would be around forever, examples are the nylon crotch panties, or nylon gusset panties, the nylon panties your mother which were very popular among women and how many men wearing panties got there start, by seeing those shiny nylon panties in catalogs, in their mothers panty drawer, or in the laundry pile. Brief panties were a popular style many years ago and nylon brief panties was how many men wearing panties got there start wearing panties, seeing their mothers nylon brief panties, or seeing nylon brief panties in catalogs. For many men the panties that got them started wearing panties became their favorite panties, sadly many of those older style panties are no longer available, and the way they made panties is certainly different now days then it was back then. For those that remember the nylon panties from years ago, they were made very well, and the nylon was much different than any nylon panties now days. Why were those panties discontinued, why did they change how they made panties, women liked wearing those panties, and us men certainly enjoyed wearing those panties. Often times panty brands, panty manufactures have discontinued panties leaving women wondering why did they discontinue those panties, and also leaving us men wearing panties wondering why did they discontinue those panties. Many panties have been very popular with both women and men and they were still discontinued, leaving both women and men wearing panties wondering why and scrambling to buy any remaining panties. I guess its just like with any company, often times the people upstairs don't often really know what is going on, or what the workers or people want. Sadly when they made these decisions to discontinue panties it leaves those who enjoyed those panties, both women and men wearing panties searching for a replacement and sometimes there is just no replacement. Its been a long time since victoria's secret second skin satin panties have been available and people are still talking about them, and its not only men wearing panties talking about how they miss victoria's secret second skin satin panties, its also women. There are lots and lots of discontinued panties over the years, many men wearing panties remember certain brands, certain fabrics, certain styles they used to wear but are no longer available. According to most men wearing panty surveys, men wearing panty polls on what is your favorite type of panty fabric, satin panties is most men wearing panties favorite type of fabric, however satin panties have become very difficult to find. However many panty polls, panty surveys asking men what is your favorite panty fabric to see on women, satin panties are the favorite type of panties to see on a woman. There are also polls in which women have voted on and satin panties also score very high, and the reason why they don't score higher is simply because women are not wearing satin panties simply because they are not as available as other fabrics like cotton or microfiber. Discontinued panties is not just something from years ago, like panties from 20 years ago, each year panty styles are discontinued by each manufacture and perhaps a panty style that was discontinued was your favorite panty style. I guess the only good thing about a discontinued panty is that they usually go on clearance, how many of us wish we could go back and buy up all the victoria's secret second skin satin panties on clearance, or the joe boxer satin string panties on clearance or any panty we enjoyed that went on clearance. So if you enjoy wearing a certain panty is it best to stock up on those panties because perhaps one day they might be discontinued, perhaps if they are ones you really enjoy and you don't see any alternatives being made. Us men wearing panties are very passionate about the panties we wear, we have our favorite brand panty, favorite style panty, favorite fabric panty, favorite panty color and for many men wearing panties our favorite places to shop for panties. Many of us men wearing panties could teach women a thing or two about panties, and I am sure there are women out there who would love to have a conversation about panties with some of us men wearing panties, or go panty shopping with us. Luckily there are men wearing panties who have been lucky enough and fortunate enough to have conversations with women about panties, go panty shopping with women, have wifes who are into them wearing panties, girlfriends who are into them wearing panties. I have heard comments from wifes who have husbands wearing panties, or girlfriends who have boyfriends wearing panties that they are amazed at how we take care of our panties, and how we are so passionate about certain panties. Lets hope the panties your wearing right now are not discontinued, in case they are someday, take care of those panties so you can continue to enjoy them again and again.

Men Wearing Panties Personal Ads
By seekingmeninpanties on May 15, 2015

Lots of men wearing panties are curious about meeting other men wearing panties. Whether you are a straight men wearing panties, bisexual men wearing panties, bicurious men wearing panties, or gay men wearing panties, many men wearing panties find themselves being curious about meeting other men wearing panties. Some men wearing panties are looking to meet other local men wearing panties, other men wearing panties are looking to meet other men wearing panties from around the world for conversations online. Have friends who wear panties is really great to have, being around others who can relate to why we all wear panties whether in person or online is very nice. And if your looking for local men wearing panties, all men wearing panties are looking for something different and when meeting with other men wearing panties it does not mean it has to be sexual. Often times men wearing panties meet in person and talk, do other activities, its just nice to have a friend who wears panties who can relate to wearing panties. Other men wearing panties are looking for local men wearing panties for sexual encounters, sexual experimentation, and are curious about a bit more of a sexual friendship and exploring some sexual curiosities with other men wearing panties. Lots of straight men wearing panties are curious about meeting other men wearing panties but might hesitate because they do not want any sort of sexual relationship, they just want a friend. There are lots and lots of straight men wearing panties looking just for friendships, just like there is lots of men wearing panties looking for more of a sexual relationship or to experiment sexually with other men wearing panties. In searching for men wearing panties its important to let each other know what you are looking for so that both of you are looking for the same thing. It can take a bit of time sometimes to find the right men wearing panties to meet in person, its important to be patient and find the right men wearing panties to meet. Exploring the curiosity of meeting men wearing panties is something many men wearing panties think about, whether you are a straight men wearing panties, bisexual men wearing panties, bicurious men wearing panties, or gay men wearing panties. Many men wearing panties think about what it would be like to meet other men wearing panties, and often times they have thought for many years about what it would be like to meet men wearing panties. For some men wearing panties it can take years to meet men wearing panties, and often times after meeting men wearing panties the first thing they think is why did I not do this sooner. Many men wearing panties have experienced that back and fourth feeling of wanting to meet men wearing panties, and its very normal and common to be nervous about meeting men wearing panties. Be patient in your search for men wearing panties, take the time to develop a friendship online before meeting in person, ask questions about what each other is looking for. With any friend you become friends because you have similar interests, and having a friend who wears panties makes for such a great friend.

A great place to search for men wearing panties is men wearing panties club, and remember there are always more men wearing panties searching for men wearing panties then who have posted personal ads for men wearing panties, so its always best to post your own men wearing panties personal ad.

Below you will find men wearing panties from every state and every country.

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Shopping For Panties
By lov4panties on May 10, 2015

Women are so lucky they get to stroll into the lingerie department, lingerie store, lingerie section, panty department, panty section, panty store and casually browse for panties. Women get to take there time finding the panties they want, they can take the panties off the rack, take the panties out of the bin, hold the panties up to them, and even ask a friend how do these panties look. Women get to dig through bins full of panties, running there hands through the bin full of panties searching for panties, or pick through a pile of panties, or a rack of panties. Women get to talk to the sales clerk about panties, ask what panties the sales clerk suggests, ask the sales clerk to check for a certain size panty in the back storage room. Women also get to talk to other shoppers about panties, makes comments like I wear those same panties, those panties fit so good, those panties feel so good, those are my favorite panties. Wouldn't it be great if us men wearing panties could shop for panties as easy as women can. Wouldn't it be great if we could just stroll into the lingerie department, lingerie store, lingerie section, panty department, panty section, panty store and casually browse for panties. Wouldn't it be great if us men wearing panties could take our time finding the panties we want, take the panties off the rack, take the panties out of the bin, hold the panties up to us, and even ask a woman how do these look. Wouldn't it be great if us men wearing panties could dig through bins of panties, running our hands through the panties until we felt the ones we wanted, or pick through a pile of panties or a rack of panties. Wouldn't it be great if us men wearing panties could talk to the sales clerk about panties, ask what panties she recommends, if the panties we came to get are not in our size wouldn't it be great to ask the sales clerk to check in back for our panty size. Wouldn't it be great to talk with women shopping for panties, make comments like I wear those same panties, those panties feel so good, those are my favorite panties. Well perhaps some of the things mentioned above us men wearing panties can do, we can stroll into the lingerie department, lingerie store, lingerie section, panty department, panty section, panty store and casually browse for panties. The lingerie department, lingerie store, lingerie section, panty department, panty section, panty store is certainly not off limits for us men so we need to take a deep breath and stroll into the lingerie department, lingerie store, lingerie section, panty department, panty section, panty store and just shop for panties. It helps to take a deep breath to calm any nerves and to realize that no one knows your shopping for panties for yourself. We can take our time finding the panties we want, we can dig through bins of panties, piles of panties and racks of panties, perhaps we want to limit how much time we are caressing each pair of panties we touch, we might want to avoid the holding the panties up to ourselves asking around how do these look, although that would be exciting, perhaps a fantasy for many men wearing panties but its probably not a good idea. We can talk to the sales clerk, and we can do it in a way in which she has no idea the panties are for us, we can ask what panties she suggests, or to check for a certain size panty in the back. If you do not want the sales clerk to know your shopping for panties, a great method is to have a list with the panty size wrote down on it and say my wife is a size, my girlfriend is a size, or say she likes bikini panties, thong panties, string bikini panties, or satin panties, nylon panties, what do you recommend. Some men wearing panties don't mind if the sales clerk knows that the panties are for them and will just say the panties are for me, many men wearing panties find it easier just to say the panties are for you, many men wearing panties find it exciting telling a sales clerk the panties are for them, and many men wearing panties also find it makes them less nervous to just let the sales clerk know the panties are for them. It might not be a great idea to talk with other shoppers about panties unless you feel they would be accepting of talking about panties, and your feeling they are very friendly or you get some feedback, or response from them first. Its probably not a good idea to go around to any random women saying I wear those same panties, or those panties feel good, or those are my favorite panties. Once again talking about panties with a woman is a huge fantasy for many men wearing panties, and the thought of talking about panties with a women while shopping is very exciting but unless you are lucky, which could happen, you are probably not going to experience that. However one way you could live out part of your fantasy, and some of that excitement is to once again just like with the sales clerk, have that list with you like it came from your girlfriend or wife and then you can spark up a conversation with women shopping for panties, or perhaps they might even start up the conversation asking you if you are shopping for your wife or girlfriend and you can show them the list and say yes which might just spark up a conversation about panties. You can then ask them what panties they recommend, and various other questions about panties. The thing to remember when shopping for panties is just relax, take a deep breath and be calm and enjoy your panty shopping experience.

Panties Not Just For Women
By wearingpanties on May 4, 2015

More and more men are expressing that they like wearing panties, some men have been wearing panties for many years and some men are just getting into wearing panties. There are many reasons why a guy wears panties, and many reasons why a guy starts to become curious about wearing panties. Lots of mens curiosity about wearing panties starts while growing up, seeing moms panties, sisters panties, or panties in newspaper ads, or magazine ads, other mens curiosity about wearing panties starts later seeing girlfriends panties, wifes panties. For many men they can relate to how instantly they became curious about panties when seeing a pair of panties and once picking a pair of panties up you instantly wanted to slip those panties on and feel them against you. Once you did slip on those panties you were amazed at how they felt against you and how excited they made you feel. From then on your curiosity about wearing panties only grew and grew and you wanted to wear panties more and more, you wanted to try different styles of panties, different fabrics of panties. You might of thought I cannot wear panties, panties are for women, but those thoughts soon went away because wearing panties felt so good. You probably did not tell any of your family you like wearing panties, tell friends that you like wearing panties, you kept wearing panties a secret. You might of even thought that you are the only male that wears panties, and you certainly wondered if any other men wore panties. Over time you heard about other men wearing panties, you might of seen pictures of men wearing panties, videos of men wearing panties, and you might of even chatted with men wearing panties. You realized that there are lots of men wearing panties. Panties have always been associated with women, and womens underwear, and for many men the fact that panties are for women is part of the attraction to wearing panties. Most men feel as if they cannot let anyone know they wear panties because of what our society has labeled panties that panties are for women, but panties are just clothing, sure panties were created to be worn by women but as many men have realized when slipping on a pair of panties, panties feel nice, panties are exciting to wear, panties are comfortable, panties come in many styles, panties come in many fabrics, panties come in a variety of choices unlike mens underwear. For many men what started out as occasionally wearing panties for pleasure, excitement turns into wearing panties more often, perhaps only wearing panties because of not only the pleasure, excitement but also because panties fit better, panties are more comfortable, panties come in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors. All men wearing panties are different and wear for different reasons, many times wearing for multiple reasons and some men do find themselves wearing more often beyond just wearing for pleasuring themselves and other men continue just to wear to pleasure themselves. Panties are just clothing and wearing panties does not change who you are, that is a stereotype created by our society. Women have worn mens shirts, mens shorts, mens pants, mens shoes, mens underwear for a long time yet no one has created a stereotype about women wearing mens clothing. Perhaps women don't get excited wearing mens clothing, perhaps they wear mens clothing because of the fit, comfort, styles, but yet many men wear womens panties because of the fit, comfort, styles, with the added bonus of how exciting it is wearing panties. One has to remember panties are clothing, and wearing panties does not change who you are. Hopefully the stereotypes about men wearing panties will be diminished as time goes on and it does certainly appear with more couples wearing panties, women into men wearing panties, its certainly helping our society to understand that there is nothing wrong with men wearing panties, its just a choice to wear something that feels good, that makes you feel excited and good. Even know society has labeled panties for women it certainly does not mean that men cannot wear panties, same goes for mens boxers and the women that wear mens boxers, or mens panties, mens shirts, mens shoes, mens shorts. Just because something is made for a women, labeled as womens does not mean us men cannot explore wearing things made for women. For those men who wear panties you know how amazing panties feel, whether you wear panties occasionally or wear panties all the time you know just how amazing it feels to slip on a pair of panties, and you know your not doing anything wrong by wearing panties, even know you might feel as if you have to hide wearing panties from others. Luckily there are tons of men wearing panties around the world who know exactly how amazing panties feel, who can relate to how amazing panties feel and men around the world who wear panties you can become friends with and talk about panties with, how you got started wearing panties, experiences wearing panties, just friend who can relate to wearing panties. Having friends who wear panties is really important, check out this panty community its a great place to meet others into panties, and a great place to talk about panties with other men wearing panties, read stories from men wearing panties, see pictures from men wearing panties, see videos from men wearing panties, chat with men wearing panties, its really an amazing panty community to be apart of and a great place to post your own panty wearing experiences, panty wearing pics, panty wearing videos. Its always great being around other men wearing panties who can relate to why we all wear panties.

Making Husband Wear Panties
By julie on April 29, 2015

I am married to a man that wears panties and I embrace that he wears panties, in fact I love making him wear panties. Every morning I pick out his panties and lay them on the bed, when he is done in the shower he comes out and puts on the panties I have picked out. Its such a turn on picking out his panties each day, rummaging through the panty drawer to find panties I think he would enjoy wearing that day, and panties I want to see him wearing. My husband is just your typical everyday guy but underneath those jeans are panties and that makes him no different because of the underwear he wears. Its our way of spicing things up, and embracing things we both enjoy. We have so much fun with panty wearing, often times both wearing matching panties, and we love going shopping for panties together and also panty shopping alone, coming home and surprising each other with new panties for either ourselves or each other. We know just what to get each other for birthdays, christmas, valentines day, panties of course. More women should put there man in panties, make there husband wear panties, make there boyfriend wear panties, make there man wear panties, but its not really making him wear panties, its certainly not making him do something he does not want to, even if your husband has never worn panties, boyfriend has never worn panties, and perhaps is a bit resistant to the idea of wearing panties, once he slips those panties on and you see his eyes light up, see that big smile and of course something in his pants light up. He will wonder why he never slipped panties on before. And for those husbands that wear panties, boyfriends that wear panties, men that wear panties having a woman ask you to wear panties is what you have been waiting for all your life. If your looking for a great way to spice things up in your relationship try introducing wearing panties to your husband or boyfriend, its a great playful way to spice things up. Making your husband wear panties, making your boyfriend wear panties, making your man wear panties is such a turn on, seeing him standing there in sexy panties, seeing his bulge pressing against that silky soft fabric, seeing that smile on his face and seeing how happy he is. I know from experience that wearing panties has turned my husband into such an amazing lover, perhaps he is thanking me for allowing him to enjoy wearing panties. I love seeing my husband in panties, how panties fit so snug, how his bulge looks in panties, how is butt looks in panties, its a huge turn on seeing my husband wearing panties and also I love the attention he gives me when wearing panties. Women if your man has become a bit selfish in the bedroom, toss him a pair of panties and have him put the panties on and he will reward you with such attention and pleasure. If you catch your husband wearing panties, catch your boyfriend wearing panties, catch your man wearing panties, relax and let him explain why he wears panties, and be open minded to enjoying panties together, from one women to another you will be amazed at how a man in panties can be such a turn on and how much fun it can be to enjoy panties together.

Women Sniffing Other Women's Panties
By pantysniffer on April 25, 2015

Are there any women out there that have sniffed another woman's panties? The answer to this is yes. Many women just like many men are turned on by scents and are aroused by scents left behind on panties. You hear of men sniffing panties all the time and men expressing how much they enjoy sniffing panties but you don't often hear about women sniffing panties, or women sniffing other womens panties, women tend to be a bit more shy and timid about some of there sexual kinks. They might discuss sexual kinks with close friends but unless one of there friends is into sniffing panties also they might not express that they enjoy sniffing panties, discussing which toys they use, other masturbation methods is common but sniffing panties is just not something most women are going to admit around friends especially if they have sniffed that friends panties. So why do women enjoy sniffing other womens panties, women sniff panties for many of the same reasons guys sniff panties, the scent turns them on. A women who sniffing panties does not mean she is lesbian, bisexual or even bicurious, although some women sniffing panties might be lesbian, bisexual or bicurious. Sniffing panties for both men sniffing panties and women sniffing panties is something that appeals to our senses and turns us on. There are many women who enjoy sniffing panties that would love to be able to express to others both men, women, boyfriends, husbands that they enjoy sniffing panties.

Here are comments from women who sniff panties.

I sniffed panties sort by accident. I had gone to our local swimming pool and after the woman getting changed next to me had left, I noticed her panties had fallen behind the bench onto the floor. She must have brought clean ones to change into after her swim, because these certainly were not clean. When no one was looking I picked them up and put them to my nose, to my surprise I got so turned on, I can only describe the smell as orgasmic. Without thinking, I quickly got up and went into a bathroom stall and held her panties to my nose and pulled my swimsuit bottoms to the side and rubbed myself while sniffing her panties.

This is why I never leave my clothes unattended at the laundry mat. I have stolen a few pairs of panties myself though. There was this super hot girl who used to go to my gym and I made off with two pairs of her moist bikini panties. I would sniff them while rubbing my clit and imagine that she and I were lesbian lovers. Much easier to take them being a girl and having more freedom and access

I'm one of those girls that like to sniff girls panties and i'm not even a lesbian if that makes sense. Every girl smells different down there. Last month I was with my college volleyball team in a competition and shared rooms with our captain. She is a very pretty 5'4 petite blond with an slim athletic body and a cute tight butt that all women envy. She only wears thongs but I never got to smell them so this time I saw a chance. First day we had two long and hard fought games and cause she is one of our best players she played through both. It was hot and very humid and we were all very sweaty. After the games we went back to our nearby hotel and she showered first. When it was my turn I could see a bag with her dirty clothes. I found her thong, it was very sweaty and to my surprise also heavily soiled. The front was very wet and moist and covered by a large yellowish stain. In the back where the string started the pussy stain blended into a well-visible ass stain. I didnt expect that cause she is such a perfect girl so having found that weakness turned me on. I first held the crotch against my nose and instantly percieved a heavy and musky smell of her pussy. She had clearly peed a bit cause the front was very dirty, stained and wet and smelled like a mix of sweat, discharge and urine. I moved my nose back and the heavy pussy odor gradually gave way to a equally-strong ass smell. I stopped where the string must have been in direct contact with her ass cause the stain was strongest here. I pressed it against my nose and instantly percieved the strong, pungent smell of her butt. It had a heavy, sweaty and stinky ass odor, but was still pleasantly girly. I remembered her running, jumping, diving, spiking, yelling, directing teammembers and wiping of sweat all while that piece of cotton was rubbing her ass for hours getting more and more dirty, sweaty, stained and stinky. It had captured all the physical effort in her most intimate spot and the smell was so overwhelming that I came soon after. On that competition I still sniffed three other thongs from her that were all very soiled, stained and stinky, but a tiny bit less than the first one. I find it erotic that each time I see her in her volleyball spandex shorts highlighting her cute petite butt I know exactly how stinky she smells down there.

I was sniffing and licking my best friend's panties growing up (as well as my own!). I have since had lots of panties from friends. I like to masturbate while wearing them over my face like a mask with the crotch right over my nose. Sniffing panties is so yummy.

I am a 37 year old married bi woman, my girfriend and I regulary enjoy sniffing each others panties. We start by kissing and stroking the outside of our panties till they are nice and wet. After our teasing is finished we take our panties off and press them to each others faces. Her scent makes me really horny and gets me dripping wet. We have both used a double ended dildo, butt to butt, ass to ass, kneeling doggy style on the bed with the double ended dildo between us both wearing the panties on our head like a mask so we can sniff each others panties while we press our asses together making the double ended dildo go in and out of each other. Sniffing panties while we use the double ended dildo makes us both orgasm so intense.

When my sons girlfriend used to stay over I always sniffed her dirty panties. The first time it happened I was just checking to see if they needed washing, but the minute I smelt her aroma I couldnt believe how turned on I became. I went to my bedroom took off my panties and rubbed her dirty panties all over my body. I had one of the most powerfull orgasms ive ever had. I would recomend every woman try sniffing panties, it increases how turned on you are and increases the intensity of your orgasm, scent is a very powerful thing.

I fooled around with a woman one time and we would take our panties off and put them on like a mast with the crotch right at our lips and we would kiss each other through our panties, it was such a turn on kissing each other and tasting each others juices at the same time.

My husband does not know of my secret pleasures with panties. I usually go through dirty hampers at my friends houses, but often when I visit they get ready to go out so I go into the bathroom after them and enjoy the still warm moist ones they have just slipped off. To my knowledge non of them knows of my secret pleasure with their panties, and yes I love the smell an taste of my own panties as well.

I constantly sniff other women's panties. I started when I was at my Aunt's house in High School. I would become aroused by the sight of her dirty panties, and would sniff them and rub myself to them. Eventually, I moved on to friend's panties, when I was at their house.

I always found my boyfriends mom hot and attractive. For her being 53 years old she has an amazing body. She has a perfect body. Long tanned firm legs and a perfect butt and a tiny waist. My boyfriend always told me when he went out with his mom to do errands people always assumed they were a couple and even congratulated them for making an excellent couple. I notice when I join my boyfriends family out to dinner his mom turns heads big time. When she's left alone for a minute she's always hit on. Im straight but seeing an older hot beautiful woman attracted me somehow. I paid closer attention to her when I saw her wear a two piece bikini at one of my boyfriends aunts house. She looked amazing. Even her brother in laws checked her out. The turning point for me was this same day when she stepped out of the pool. Since she was wearing a white bikini her nipples and shaved tight beautiful crotch were visible. She sat across from me and I couldn't stop staring at her hot body. Since this experience I feel I've become obsessed about her. Once when she got home from work she was wearing a nice sexy but yet conservative dress and as she took off her shoes I saw her wearing tiny see through white panties. She excused herself to shower and get comfortable. I couldn't stop thinking about her panties so I went to use her restroom to look for her dirty moist panties she wore all day long. It didn't take much effort nor time to find them. She left them on top of the hamper and I grabbed them and I could feel the moistness and wetness of her crotch area on the panties. I even saw white stuff that looked like sperm. I got so horny and sniffed her panties and tasted her mature juices. I licked them clean and I had a huge orgasm.

Funny thing, my boyfriend actually got me interested in this (we were both virgins when we met). He'd smell and lick my soaked panties. I later joined, and we both licked and smelled them together. Then he pitched the idea about wearing them over our heads as we get off. I wear them over my head sniffing and licking them as I play with myself and he wears a pair over his head while he plays with himself. I also stuff them inside me then we smell and lick them. I would love to sniff many of my friends panties.

My ex bi girlfriend told me she loves stealing her girlfriends soild panties when at her house, then she masturbates sniffing them, she gets off thinking about licking the place where the sexy aroma is coming from, she said she has tried everything to hint she wants to go down on her but she dosent get it, she said lots of girls masturbate thinking about eating a girl out, but most are afraid to say so.

I love smelling other womans dirty panties, the dirtier the better.

I always loved snifing my friends panties, when she would leave the room she always had a pair laying on the floor some where, so when she would leave i'd look around for them and find a pair with stains on them and I would suck the stains out of them after sniffing them. I love the taste and smell of another womans crotch.

My wife confessed to me that she likes to smell other womens panties. I smiled so big my face hurt.

I used to sniff my college roommates panties after she'd return from sex with her boyfriend. I was still a virgin at the time and the thought of sniffing her wet crotch while masturbating was a huge turn on.

Yes guys we woman love to sniff other womans scent tooooo! Maybe even more! I just don't have the guts to ask my friends to swap their panties.

Oh yes I'm 26 and single! Working and living alone.I'm not barbie I'm just a ordinary girl with hormones that could flood ur house! I love sniffing panties and sniff several of my friends panties when visiting there house.

I am a 28 year old girl in a long term relationship with my male partner who I am totally in love with. Recently I have developed a weird fetish, it started last year when in local bar with my boyfriend, a girl opposite us was wearing a very short skirt and her panties were clearly on display and a few times they were on display enough to see a small damp patch on the front of her panties. I could not stop looking up her skirt at her panties and found myself getting really turned on . Since then I cannot stop thinking about wanting to sniff another womans panties and I would of loved to been able to sniff that damp patch on her panties.

My 33 year old wife loves to sniff her friends panties when we vist them.

I love to sniff and lick other women's panties, I almost have a pair of all my close friends. I especially enjoy my daughter's friends panties when they spend the weekend.

I sniff my own panties and my friends panties, any womens panties I can get my hands on!

I got the wife into sniffing some pantys, and she now loves it. We have got two of her friends panties so far.

I have done this when I was younger. I have smelled my 2 sisters panties and my mothers panties and also my own. I just think the smell is so good even though I am not really attract to women. I have smelled lots of my friend's panties too.

I've been sniffing my own panties for years and have a friend that I swap mine for hers. We live far away from each other and this is our way of exploring our sexual desires since both of us are married.

I smelled my friends panties when she was in the shower. I was just going to pick them up off the floor and lay them on her bed and when I felt them they were all wet. I was intrigued so I rubbed the crotch of them and then put them to my face and smelled them and omg what a sweet smell she had. I almost creamed in my panties smelling her panties.

I have been enjoying sniffing and licking other girl's panties and thongs for the last 12 years and thought I was the only women who enjoyed sniffing panties.

I used to love smelling my older sisters panties when I was growing up. Then later when I started college, I used to smell some of the womens panties in the dorm room. Never really been caught, but sometimes I would have to hide them down my own panties, until it was safe to put them back where I found them.

I caught my daughter smelling my panties from the dirty laundry. I was shocked but it also got me curious so I started smelling my own panties and was amazed at how it turned me on. While over at friends house I spotted a pair of panties in the hamper while using the restroom and became curious at to what she smelled like. I grabbed her panties and held them up to my nose and inhaled and was amazed at how she smelled and how it turned me on.

My room mate and I sniff each other's panties all the time; especially when we are removing them from each other for a little fun! Sniffing panties gets us both so horny.

I've always loved the smell of other girls' panties.

When ever I go swimming with my friends, I often sneak back while they are in the pool and go through there bags so I can sniff their panties. I am certainly not lesbian, and have a great boyfriend, but just get off on doing it.

I always check for panties if I am at a friends house. I get so turned on sniffing another womans panties, its such a turn on to knowing how my friends smell.

Husband and I were out last week and stopped by friends home. We had been drinking a little and I had to use bathroom. I went to the back of house and slipped into the bathroom and found a dirty clothes basket. I sat and smelled my friend's panties as well as her daughters. I was so turned that I actually took both pair and shared with husband that night. It was sex like we haven't had in a while. I took them back the next day and put back in dirty clothes basket.

Stealing Panties Borrowing Panties
By lovpanties on April 20, 2015

Lots of men have stolen panties or borrowed panties at some point in there life. Lots of men start out stealing panties or borrowing panties when growing up as they do not have any other method to get panties so stealing panties or borrowing panties is the only way they can get panties to explore, wear, pleasure themselves with. Lots of men start out stealing family members panties or borrowing family members panties, moms panties, sisters panties, aunts panties, cousins panties are common panties that men growing up steal or borrow. Some men growing up steal or borrow, neighbors panties, friends moms panties, friends sisters panties, sisters friends panties. For many men who steal or borrow panties they continue to steal panties or borrow panties even after they are able to buy panties of there own, for many men panties that belong to someone else are much more exciting than panties they have purchased. Whether you wear panties, sniff panties, lick panties, masturbate with panties, jerk off with panties, for lots of men part of the excitement of panties is finding panties, stealing panties, borrowing panties whether its panties that belong to someone you know or panties from a stranger. Many men prefer to borrow panties rather than steal panties, they realize the woman might miss the panties and perhaps wonder who took them and perhaps you have no choice but to borrow panties because you would be the only person who could of taken the panties. For example, moms panties, sisters panties, cousins panties, aunts panties, usually family members panties are borrowed and not stolen. Usually if the panties are stolen they will be from someone you do not know, are not around very often, or do not live with for example a neighbors panties, a friends sisters panties, friends moms panties, friends girlfriends panties, friends wifes panties, panties from a stranger, or panties you have found in public. For most men they grew up stealing panties or borrowing panties and often would steal panties or borrow panties but as they grew older the opportunity to steal panties or borrow panties gets fewer and fewer, perhaps your wifes friend comes to visit once a year and stays in the guest room, or your at a party at someones house. Stealing panties, borrowing panties, finding panties, coming across panties certainly gets most mens heart beating a bit faster and gets one stiff in the pants. There is just something about panties that excites us men so much.

Below are some stories from men stealing panties, men borrowing panties, men finding panties. Perhaps you can relate to the experiences and excitement of stealing panties, men borrowing panties, men finding panties in these stories.

Sometimes I take panties that girls leave behind in the laundry room of my building. I've smelled them as I jacked off, wrapped them around me and come inside them and even worn them and rubbed myself through the material.

I used to always steal my sister's panties and wear them all day around the house. By the end of the day I was so hard from knowing im wearing them I would go to the bathroom and masturbate while wearing them!

I have used panties for as long as I can remember. First it was my mums & my sisters. Now its my wifes, wifes friends that stay over. I have used my boss's wives when we went to there house for a party one night. My wife knows about my fetish & even finds it a turn on herself. She has even brought me a thong belonging to our next door neighbour which she acquired when they went to the gym.

I always check out the bathrooms when I go to parties at girl's apartments. College girls can be so careless with where they put their worn panties. I have really intense jack sessions sitting on their toilet while I sniff and lick worn panties. It makes for the most mind numbing cum cause they are in the next room and have no clue a guy is getting off to their panties.

A few times a year me and my girlfriend stay over our friends house. They let us have there room and they sleep on the sofa bed. We like to sniff her panties and put on her panties (yes both of us) and have sex in there bed. Last time I wore her black thong my girlfriend wore her pink bra and panties.

A friend of mines mom has a great ass and a nice natural rack. One day she was bending over in front of me and I caught a nice view of her red panties, they looked so soft. A few days later I was over at my friends and excused myself to the bathroom and there was that pair of red panties ontop of the hamper. I instantly got hard and picked them up and was shaking I was so excited. I brought them up to my nose and WOW they smelled so good, don't think I even touched myself and I almost ended up creaming in my own pants just from sniffing her panties.

My friends wife always leaves a pile of dirty clothes laying in their bathroom floor so i always nervously go pee right before im about to leave then as soon as i flush i quietly pilfer though her clothes hoping to find a pair of her stinky used panties to take home and sniff!

Whenever i see a pile of dirty clothes or a hamper in the bathroom i cant help pilfering for a pair of freshly worn panties to sniff & possibly steal...its such a rush!

I've stole quite a few panties in my life. My friends moms panties, my girlfriends sisters panties and girlfriends best friends panties, also my brothers girlfriends panties. I just like to sniff them and jerk off with panties. Sometimes I don't take them, but just jerk off with them and put them back where I found them. It's facisinating seeing my friends mom wearing the same panties that I came in.

I have smelled my girlfriends sisters panties, friends wives panties and girlfriends panties. I have got to smell many, many women that I could never have sex with.

My girlfriend had a birthday party a few months ago at our house, and a bunch of her friends slept over due to the fact that they were drunk. I woke up in the middle of the night, still moderately drunk, took the overnight bags that I could find and went into the bathroom There were three bags, the first with one clean pair of panties from a girl I had no attraction to whatsoever, the 2nd with a very crusty pair, that were still moist, smelt amazing. However, There was one friend of hers that I've been particularly attracted to, huge tits, thick body, but not fat or overweight. Unfortunately, just a clean thong in this girls bag. I smelt the other girl's crusty pair until I came.

One time I was doing laundry at my apt. complex and this gorgeous blonde came in to put her clothes into the dryer. When she left, I got the stupid idea to look at her clothes. She had some very sexy panties (mostly lace boy-shorts). I got an instant hard-on! I actually grabbed a pair of red ones and ran to the bathroom in the laundry area. I know they were clean but I got off on smelling them and imagining this hot chick in them. I jacked off with them and came so hard. When all was settled down again, I tossed them back into her dryer.

The first pair of panties I stole was a pair I found in a parking lot (bikini style, white with purple trim). The next week I found my friend's sister's panties on the bathroom floor. I snatched them up and licked them clean. When I had a girlfriend, I'd steal her panties after sex because they were soaked with our juices. One day she asked me if I was stealing them and I confessed. She said it was sexy that I loved her panties (she only wore thongs) and so she would masturbate with her panties on and then let me play with them when she had to get ready for work. I'd also steal my other friend's step-sister's panties whenever I went over. She would leave them in a basket after washing them. I'd wear them all the time under my clothes but once my girlfriend came over and surprised me. She took off my pants to blow me and she saw I was wearing another girl's panties. She asked me where I got them and I told her. She licked my balls through the panties while pumping me furiously. I came in her mouth (she LOVED eating my cum, bless her heart) and she rubbed my sack through the soft cotton crotch of the panties. After my friend's step-sister moved away, I started stealing his mom's panties. She would have lacy thongs, boyshorts, bikini, cute briefs all in baskets after she washed them on Sundays. I'd put a pair in my pocket and hurry home to sample them.

I went on a panty stealing, panty jerking, panty sniffing spree for a few years. All of my friends girlfriends panties, cousins panties, sisters panties, or close friends panties that were hot; I stole a pair of their panties or jerked off and came in them. It was hot jerking and sniffing girls panties that I knew. All I had on my mind was panties. I don't know what got into me. I still enjoy sniffing panties but that panty sniffing spree was epic.

Oh yes the thoughts of the good old days when taking girls panties from a washing machine or dryer was the turn on of the night. I can remember the nights when i would close up & I had to go through all the washers & dryers to check for any clothes left behind. i think the most item left behind were women's panties. I mean lots of panties. Some nights I get 10 pairs of panties. Most not good looking to take. But when I came across a pair I liked I would put them in my pocket and bring them home with me. As I was coming home, I would have a real hard boner on me. I knew these panties were turning me on. So I came home & went into the bath room & took my clothes off & I would try on the sexy panties. Hmmmmmmmm the feel of them next to my big hard penis was something else. I did spray some thick cum onto them, wondering what girl had them on. Some panties i kept others I would masturbate in them & then discard them.

I steal a girls panties or thong whenever I get the opportunity, especially if they have been worn. Used to love going into my gf's sisters room and smelling and trying on her thongs.

I helped my best friend move and had always been attracted to his girlfriend but would never try anything because I would never do that to my friend, about a week after the move we were setting up his electronics, he told me to look for a cord in this dresser drawer and while digging through it I came across this thong that I quickly pocketed and took him with me. More than once I would take it out and masturbate over it until I came into the thong.

The first pair of panties i stole was a pink polka dot thong it was my girlfriends moms thong, it was so hot and they smelled awesome ever since i've been addicted to panties.

I've been stealing panties from girls for years. Aunts panties, cousins panties, neighbors panties, friends wifes panties, friends girlfriends panties. Whenever I'm at someones house too I always check the washroom hamper for panties and bras and take a pair whenever I can.

Was at a friends birthday party and one of his hot cousins was staying with his family. Snuck down to the room she was staying in while everyone was outside, she had a bunch of sexy panties in her bag so I grabbed a few and stuck them in my pocket. They were nice and dirty and I had so much fun while sniffing her panties.

Just spent a wonderful weekend house sitting for a friend. Two whole days of wanking with his wifes panties. She has a fabulous collection. Lost count of how many times I spunked in them.

Have to admit. I am guilty of stealing dirty panties from my neighbours hamper. I have her house key as when she is at work, I go in to carry out DIY jobs for her a couple of times a month. Of course as soon as I go into her house .I go straight upstairs to her bedroom. The bedroom has a separate bath shower room and that is where she keeps her hamper. Her dirty panties thongs are always in the hamper, if I am lucky there is a thong which is still damp and moist with her juice. Sometimes her panties are literally drenched in her girl goo. Smelling, sucking, licking her dirty gussets is amazing. I always shoot a greater amount of semen when masturbating with her dirty panties. When there are several dirty panties, I steal a pair, just love to masturbate at home with her messy panties.

I was helping this friend of a friend move a couple months ago, I'd guess she was about 24. After awhile I excused myself to the washroom which was upstairs and while everyone was downstairs moving stuff I made my way into her room and grabbed a couple pairs of her panties. Later on I found myself alone in their basement for a bit and saw tons of dirty clothes all over the place, I went through those and was able to get a couple dirty panties of hers.

Once, at a friends house, I woke up early in the morning and had to piss. So as I stepped over his sleeping body and to the bathroom, I noticed that things were different than they had been. A layer of girls clothes had recently been stripped off. Knowing it had been his sister, I started to feel and smell and even taste her thong. I couldn't help but jack off right there inside her panties. I put them back but the next time I was over it was obvious she knew what I had done. She asked to talk to me privately and pulled me into the other room. Fearing for my life, I was pleasantly surprised to find that instead of certain death, I recieved one hell of a handjob.

Do Women Masturbate With Panties
By pantymasturbate on April 16, 2015

Lots of men like masturbating with panties, many guys enjoy many different methods of masturbating with panties, masturbating wearing panties, masturbating with panties wrapped around them, laying panties out and masturbating while looking at panties, masturbating while sniffing panties, masturbating while licking panties. Masturbating with panties is very common among men. Men masturbate with panties for many different reasons, many common reasons are the feeling of the material, satin panties, silk panties, nylon panties, spandex panties feel very silky and soft. Panties are also very sexual and the most intimate item a woman wears so when seeing a pair of panties it makes guys very horny, many men get excited just seeing a picture of panties, or seeing panties laying on the floor, panties in the hamper, panties in the laundry pile, or seeing panties in a drawer. There there are the scents a woman leaves on her panties which stimulates a mans senses and makes him very horny. As mentioned lots of men enjoy many different methods of masturbating with panties, stroking with panties, jerking with panties, wrapping panties around you, caressing with panties, teasing with panties, slipping panties on and wearing panties, rubbing yourself through panties, masturbating with more than one panty so you can sniff one panty while stroking with another pair, or sniff panties while rubbing yourself through panties your wearing. Then there is also being masturbated with panties, having a woman stroke you with panties, panty hand job, pantyjob, panty handjob. Having a woman slide her panties over you slowly teasing you with her panties. However there are women who also enjoy masturbating with panties. There are women who are turned on by the feeling of certain fabrics, the look of themselves in panties, other women in panties, and even seeing pictures of panties, panties laying on the floor, panties on the rack in store, or panties in a drawer, and who get turned on talking about panties. Often times women who masturbate with panties will masturbate in similar ways a man does, rubbing the panties against them, caressing themselves with panties, sniffing panties, licking panties. Many women also enjoy masturbating with panties by stuffing panties inside them, fingering themselves with panties. Just like men masturbate both while wearing panties and while not wearing panties, women also enjoy masturbating both while wearing panties and not wearing panties. Many enjoy slipping there hand down there pants and rubbing themselves through panties, pressing the fabric between there lips. Many women also enjoy more suddle forms of masturbating with panties by crossing and uncrossing there legs, feeling the fabric sliding against them as they uncross and cross there legs, many women can orgasm just by doing this throughout the day. There are also women who enjoy humping against panties, dry humping panties, laying a pair of panties out on the bed, or slipping a pair of panties over a pillow and laying down and humping against the panties, and there are women who have experimented with another woman, and been curious about touching another woman and they have dry humped against each others panties. Just like many mens fabric panty fabrics to masturbate with are satin, silk, nylon, spandex, many women also enjoy masturbating with silky panty fabrics. Many men would be surprised at how many women masturbate with panties and there are lots of couple who enjoy panties and couples who masturbate with panties. Women certainly have kinky things they also enjoy doing but they are usually a bit shy, timid, and more secret about them. There are some women who are more open and talk with there friends about what kinky things they enjoy doing, imagine sitting in a room with a group of women all talking about how they enjoy masturbating, what they use to masturbate with, masturbation techniques they enjoy and hearing them talk about masturbating with panties. Women can be very sexual and very kinky but as mentioned they are more shy and timid about it so you just never know what women masturbate with panties. Just as many women don't know which men masturbate with panties. Many couples might be together and both enjoy masturbating with panties however both keep it a secret when they could be enjoying panty masturbation together.

Here are some comments from women who masturbate with panties and couples who masturbate with panties. As you will see men and women have lots in common when it comes to masturbating with panties.

I am not to shy when it comes to sex, masturbation and pleasure. I love making myself and my partner feel good. I love slipping into a pair of soft silky panties, anything with spandex in it feels really good, microfiber panties are my new favorite fabric. I like to imagine a man is watching me as a glide my fingers lightly over my panty covered lips. Pushing against my panties and pressing my panties a bit inside me and slowly teasing. Spreading my legs wide and lifting my hips up and down. My panties start to get moist and I love the feeling of my damp panties against me. I love taking my fingers and rubbing myself in circles through my panties, its such an intense orgasm.

I like to masturbate secretly. Last week I was on a plane coming home from a business trip. I put my jacket over my lap, put my hand between my legs and pretended to be asleep. I then slowly brought myself off by pressing on my clitty & sliding my fingers smoothly over my panties. It took a while but it was worth it. I was so relaxed, the time just flew by.

My wife likes to masturbate through her panties. She says that the feeling spreads all over her body when she rubs herself through her panties, much better than rubbing herself directly. Some of her panties actaully have wear marks on them from rubbing herslef so hard.

We love masturbating with panties. My wife loves it when I put on a pair of panties and she gets ontop of me and rubs herself against my panties until we both come. It feels so amazing for both of us.

I love masturbating in front of a mirror while wearing panties. Love sitting on the floor and spreading my legs and seeing my wet spot getting bigger and bigger. What I enjoy doing is wearing a pair of panties and then rubbing myself with another pair. I will wear a silky pair something with spandex or lycra and then rub myself with a similar fabric panty, the two silky fabrics create such a nice friction.

I have always masturbated over my panties. It provides me with the right glide and friction that I need, really makes my clit and mound really sensitive. I find it difficult to maturbate directly on my clitoris as the wetness or sweat stops my glide and makes my skin sore. Masturbating through panties creates such a nice glide and friction and really gets me off quick.

I like the tight feeling of the panties. I lay on my right side and I rub my clit. I dont need to even finger myself because the pressure feels so good. I squeeze my thighs pretty tight and I can orgasm in a minute doing that. I love keeping my panties on and pulling them through my swollen lips, its awesome.

I have masturbated with panties on many times. I love how naughty it makes me feel and I have even done it in public a few times, its so erotic to get your panties wet and maturbate through them and no one knows your doing it.

I love to masturbate with my panties on. It feels so good.

I find myself incredibly horny at weird times. Its nice to just slide your hand down the front of your pants and feel yourself through your panties, I do this several times a day and have never fully made myself orgasm while out in public, at work, etc while masturbating through my panties its just a way I take the edge off until I get home strip down to just my panties and lay down and take my vibrator and put it onto of my panties and let it bring me to orgasm.

I've caught a friend masturbating with her panties on, once while rubbing on a pillow, when she stayed with us for a few days, and the other time, while she was sitting on our LazyBoy recliner watching TV late one night. I sat down near her and noticed that she had her one foot tucked underneath her and she was moving, back and forth, ever so slightly. I didn't know what she was doing at first, but quickly figured it out when she started moving a little faster, her face got quite flushed and she let out a little grunt. Both times she was just in a tee shirt and panties which it was not uncommon for us both to just hang out both wearing tshirts and panties.

Some of my best climaxes was running my fingers over the fabric of my panties, like a tickling effect.

I am a girl who loves to masturbate through my panties. I have always enjoyed the feeling of having a wet spot in my panties pressing against me, either while at work, home or out with friends. I find that my panties spend more time being wet than dry, guess it does not help that I am always thinking something naughty or seeing something that turns me on. So when I get home from being out I love to strip down to only my panties and lay down on the bed with my knees bent up slightly, I will rub my nipples to make them nice and hard and then slowly move my hand down over my stomach and then over the front of my panties, I start to squirm as I feel my fingers pressing against the front of my panties and feeling myself pressing my wet spot inbetween my lips. I love all types of fabrics but silk, satin or microfiber panties do feel the best masturbating through, they just feel so good against my lips and clit. I continue to press my fingers against my panties, and start to rub in circles, soaking the crotch of my panties even more, that wet feeling on the crotch as I rub myself through my panties feels so good, I get so wet that it does not take to long before my panties are soaked through. The friction of rubbing myself through my panties makes me orgasm so intense. I love masturbating through my panties.

I like to strip down to just my panties and rub myself on the sofa arm around about the time my husband is due home. He walks in and see me in nothing but my panties humping away on the arm of the sofa and moaning away, instantly makes him hard and he usually comes up behind me and pulls my panties to the side and slides inside me. Now I have the best of both, him inside me and my clit rubbing back and fourth in my panties against the arm of the couch.

Sometimes I masturbate with my panties. It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in, where I'm at and what kind of panties I'm wearing. I've masturbated through my panties sitting in my office at work on more than one occasion.

I love rubbing myself over my panties til they are soaked. I like to get the whole crotch part of my panties wet, feels so good over my smooth shaved kitty. I love to finger myself through my wet panties.

I always masturbate with my pantys on. I keep rubbing and rubbig and rubbing, till my panties get so wet and my legs start to shake.

My wife loves to masturbate with panties, I love when she sits back with her legs up and you can see the wet spot forming on her panties.

Me and a friend always maturbate in our panties, we love to rub your panty covered crotches together and looking down seeing each others wet spot getting bigger and bigger is such a turn on. We usually sit on the floor or on the bed and spread our legs and intertwine our legs so we can press our crotches together, then we just move back and fourth grinding our panty covered crothes together, great way to orgasm hands free.

I absolutely love masturbating with panties, it's one of my favourite ways of getting off .

I love the feel of my panties against me especially when I'm nice and wet! It really turns me on to get off through my panties.

My husband loves watching me rub myself through my panties.

I love to get my panties nice and wet by rubbing myself through them. Then I take off my panties and caress myself with my panties, rubbing them from my breasts down to my crotch and top of my thighs. I will also rub them over my face and take in my scents. I love how slowly caressing myself with my panties builds me up to such an intense orgasm.

Type Of Panties You Wear
By iwearpanty on April 10, 2015

Men wearing panties all enjoy different styles of panties, different colors of panties, different panty fabrics. Men wearing panties have there favorite panty styles, panty colors, panty fabrics and many of us enjoy a variety of panty styles, panty colors, and panty fabrics. Its always helpful to hear what panty styles, panty colors, panty fabrics other men wearing panties enjoy wearing. From thongs, gstring, bikini, string bikini, tanga, cheekies, low rise, hi cut, nylon, satin, silky, lace, spandex, microfiber, prints, patterns, and from various stores and manufactures, we all enjoy wearing certain panties. Below are some comments on what types of panties other men wearing panties enjoy wearing. Also make sure to check out the panty review section a helpful guide to many panties that men wearing panties enjoy wearing.

I prefer string bikini and bikini type panties that are satin or lace. I wear satin and lace when I have sex with my wife and I wear cotton or satin at work. Thongs are nice too, but they do take some getting used to.

Depends on the mood I'm in. If I'm feeling horny, then something lacey will do, but for everyday wear, a bikini brief or cotton panty is fine.

Boyshorts are the most comfortable for me.

Personally, I love thongs. They are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. Tanga panties are also nice.

I prefer full cut bikini style.

I like cheekies or boyshorts the best.

Actually, I dont think there is "one" best. We all like different things and that is as it should be. I like a variety, but I would say I have more full cut bikini style than any other style

Bikini style is my favorite, but for the material, I prefer microfiber, no matter what style of panties I have on.

Hi cut or bikini style panties. Satin, nylon, microfiber and lace fabric's. Usually in pink, baby blue, yellow are my favorite colors but I like flower print to. 57yr old been wearing panties for over 20yrs everyday. Panties fit nicer than men underwear I wear size 7 womans.

I love satin or silk panties bikini or cheeky are my favorite.

I love black lace boyshorts both for me and my wife.

My favourite are lacy boy shorts.

My favorite are a pair of black bikini style that say smack that in pink on the rear end.

Black high cut bikini with pink roses.

My wife like's me to wear satin panties around the house.

My wife enjoys fondling me through a pair of satin panties. I like to leave my satin panties on while she rides me and her juices drip down my shaft and saturate my pair of panties.

My favorite brand is Cacique from lane Bryant. I also wear Victoria's Secret and Soma. I wear mainly hipsters and thongs.

Some of the older style of Victoria's Secret are some of my favorites. Like the "second skin" series that has been discontinued. And the older style of cotton panties as well. Then I found the Ambrielle panties from JC Penny's. Then they discontinued them. Now they brought them back, at much higher prices. So I have been wearing the Hanes panties for the most part. Quite comfortable and very affordable. My favorite style of panty is probably the hipster style followed by the "granny panty" then bikini followed by thongs. Boyshorts are out of the question due to falllout factor. And I love the microfiber material the best. Followed by silk, nylon, and cotton, cotton blend then lace. And I really liked the Rio Briefs that VS used to carry in all materials, colors and prints.

Love the feel of the nylon and variety of colors available. However for everyday under my work clothes I wear cotton. Both the nylon and cotton panties are string bikinis. I love Vanity Fair and Jockey but have just discovered Liz Claiborne. They have a cute little bow on the front too. All offer great coverage even though sexy. My Wife loves them too.

Just about any brand but generally bikini style or thongs, preferably with a bit of stretch in the fabric.

I love Vanity Fair Hi-Cut nylon panties. They are so comfortable and last forever and they are affordable. I also love Victoria's Secret second Skin Satin Hi-Cut nylon panties, its to bad they discontined them but luckily I have several pairs still.

I prefer cotton panties for all day but satin panties at night time.

My favourite brand probably being Calvin Klein

Bikini briefs Hi-cut Satin or nylon. Feels so comfy to me. And I love red but I also like purple.

I prefer the high cut briefs in almost any fabric. I like bright solid colors.

I love stretch, bikini panties. In fact, I'm wearing one of my favorite stretch bikini panties right now, and they are a soft pink.

Victoria secret bikinis, and victoria secret boy shorts.

I like the high cut briefs in spandex with lace on them or bikinins in a satin with lace on the sides and a bow on the front both are soft and silky.

I prefer Bali Skimp Skamps briefs in pretty colors and prints, also VF Smooth Move hipsters!

Although I wear all different styles, I'm split pretty evenly about my favorite between thongs and bikini. Fabric, Definately nylon, closely followed by microfiber, love my panties with a bit of stretch. Color, Anything but white!

Nylon full briefs. They have a wider gusset for the male anatomy and full coverage on the bum. More room in front and a high waist. They support well and the nylon feels great. Any bright color or pattern.

I like to wear thongs. I prefer a stretchy silky feel to them. I like most any color.

I like string bikini, they are the most comfy.

I like Body by Victoria from Victoria's Secret. Either High Leg Brief, Hip Hugger or Thongs.

I love Olga secret hugs. they are so soft and silky but hard to find any more. Dillards has some nice panties. Just ask the sales lady to help you and don't be embarassed. It is actually fun to shop for lingerie.

Victoria's Secret Angels Secret Embrace Lace Low Rise Hiphuggers. I have them in so many colors! The most soft, smooth, seamless undies I have ever seen. Second place is Calvin Klein string bikini in satin microfiber.

I like string bikini's. They are comfy & sexy, but don't ride up like a thong.

Target has panties by Gilligan and O'Malley. They are very soft and very cute. There are a few different fabrics and styles to choose from. I no longer use Victoria's Secret because I find they have lost some of their quality over the past 5-7 years.

I wear anything from la senza and victorias secret. I have a brown shear thong with tiny pink polka dots and a lacey fringe that I love.

Anything shiny, silky and sensuous, such as silk or satin!

Mine are Ambrielle and JCP's. Ultra smooth & soft. Bikkinis & Thongs.

I like almost any style from the Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin line, to bad they discontined them, what were they thinking! Their satin was the best, really slippery feeling and good quality. I like bikinis, thongs, and high cuts the most. Not into cottons at all.

Maidenform makes some of the best panties ever. I have alot from them. Especially their hi cut brief kinds theyre the best. My favorites though are satin bikini kinds. I prefer the full kinds and not the low rise ones. They are the best most comfortable panties ever, and pretty much all I wear.

Bali Skimp Skamp briefs for me!

I love jockey 'no pantyline' boyshorts, bikinis and briefs, they are great to rub in.

Thongs are my favorite, they're comfortable and are sexy.

Full briefs and hipsters, made from nylon spandex, the fit is just fantastic and oh so comfortable!

I prefer shiny satin panties. Probably my favorites were VS's Second Skin Satin panties, which haven't been available in stores for awhile, but could be ordered online for awhile after they stopped selling them in the stores. They were my favorite panties and nothing has come along that compares to them.

Why Do Guys Like Wearing Girls Panties
By lov4panties on April 6, 2015

You see the question often, why do men wear panties, why do guys wear panties, why do men wear womens panties, why do guys wear womens panties, why do guys like wearing girls panties, why do men like wearing womens panties, why guys wear panties, why men wear panties. Many women are curious as to why guys like wearing panties, perhaps their husband wears panties, boyfriend wears panties, a guy friend wears panties, or perhaps they are just curious about why guys wear panties, and why guys would want to wear panties, why men would want to wear panties, why are guys interested in womens panties. Many men are also curious as to why men like wearing panties and some even become panty wearers themselves after hearing about how much guys like wearing panties and they slip on a pair of panties and are amazed at how panties feel. Guys wear panties for many different reasons, and guys started wearing panties at different times. So for women or men wondering why guys wear panties, below are comments from men wearing panties as to why they like wearing panties.

I don't know a single guy who doesn't like panties in some way or another, they might not all wear panties but they are all interested in panties in some way or another. We like the look of panties, the feel of panties, and the daintiness of panties, etc.

Panties are soft, pretty, and sexy. Mens underwear is none of those.

The reasons I prefer panties are, they are taboo, forbidden, etc. And often I fantasize about the woman wearing them while I am wearing them.

I can't fully explain why I like wearing panties. But I like it. Once I slipped a pair on I was so amazed at how they felt.

Alot of men wear panties, its simple panties just feel good, I really don't have any other answer but that, panties just feel so good, its just amazing how an peice of clothing can feel so good.

Panties feel good and fit better than men's briefs. Wearing panties makes me feel sexy. Women's underwear has a huge selection of styles, colors and fabrics that men's does not have. Panties do provide great comfort and support.

I wear them because the are cheaper, fit better, feel better and my girlfriend likes me to wear them.

Their are millions of guys that wear panties for many reasons. I've found many styles of women's panties to be very comfortable. They are much cooler in summer, your clothes fit better when wearing panties. They give, at least for me gentle support, I never did like flopping around in baggy men's briefs. I've worn panties for years, with full approval of my wife, she really likes being able to do all our undies in one washer load.

You will find that most men who wear panties are straight, normal, average, everday guys that wear panties because they simply feel good.

I wear womens panties for a few reasons: They are pretty, the feel nice and smooth, they fit snug, it's fun shopping for them especially at a shop where I'm a regular, the girls love to help me pick ou a nice selection, surprisingly they say it is more common than most people would think. Oh, and my wife likes it.

I love panties. Wish I could wear panties everyday instead of when wife is not around. Panties are sooo sexy and comfortable. Such a turn on also.

I enjoy wearing panties and would say that its a part fetish and part comfort. Honestly, I feel more sexy wearing panties and the whole "taboo" thing makes it even more arousing.

The very first time you slip on a pair of panties is enlightenment. The sheer ecstasy of feeling the euphoric softness will leave you in awe and wondering why you didn't start wearing panties sooner. I urge you to put on a pair ASAP.

I almost can't stop moving when I wear panties because I enjoy the caress I get with every movement. No wonder so many women move with such a free flirtiness!

Panties give me a reason to get up, walk around, maybe do other exercises. As I go about my business, if it's only a short distance I have to walk, I savor every carefully taken step. I love the feeling of the fabric moving against me with every move.

I wear panties most days, under my work clothes. Panties feel sooo nice against the skin. I love the way panties look. Also, they remind me of women, which is why I prefer panties that have been worn by a woman, than a pair I have bought from a shop.

I wear panties to feel closer to my wife when I am not at home.

Panties are exciting to wear because nobody know that I have them on except me. Its exciting to wear them and walk by women and wonder if they are wearing the same panties. I just love the feeling of wearing panties, the excitement of slipping on a pair of panties.

I've been wearing panties for 50 years and I never tire of the feeling of sheer nylon against me. I've been very fortunate to have had many partners who accepted me wearing panties and satisfied my desires. I regularly masturbate wearing my sheer panties and it is an incredible feeling. Wish I could explain it better, but panties just feel good to wear.

I just started wearing panties and they are so comfy. I will not go back to boring and uncomfortable men undies. I am straight 44 yo male, My wife likes them on me and grabs my ass more now.

I have been wearing panties for over 20 years. I buy my own as a matter of fact that's the only underwear in my dresser. I wear bikinis or hi cut but always satin or nylon and in all colors. I'm a heavy haul trucker, I build old cars and am completely straight. I love the way that panties fit, feel and look. There are lots of guys like me who wear panties out there, we are just your normal, average, everyday guys.

I wear panties for three reasons, panties feel awesome, panties hold the package nicely. Third when the wife is away wearing panties makes me feel closer connected to her.

I feel comfortable wearing panties rather than boxer shorts, men's thongs, jockstraps or briefs. When I wear my panties they feel comfortable around my private parts and my bum.

Wearing panties has nothing to do with sexual preference it has everything to do with the feeling and comfort. Just because I wear panties doesn't mean I wish I had boobs and a vagina. I have been wearring panties for well over 30yrs My wife knows, and even my doctor knows. I just wear panties as my choice of underwear. I wear mostly high cut or bikinis nylon, satin or micro-fiber. I like the way panties fit, feel and look. Its underwear nothing more nothing less. You would be surprised how many men wear or have worn panties.

I love the material, the way panties hug my body, and the many different styles and colors panties come in. Victoria's Secret is my favorite, and I usually wear thongs or cheeky panties. I'm 100 percent straight and I just love the way they feel.

Panties are far more comfortable to wear than male briefs, boxers or underwear made for men. In addition, women are offered a far wider choice of all sorts of underwear than men.

I love to wear panties as soon as my girlfriend goes off to work I go thru her panties and slip into a pair and stay in them till just before she comes home. I love the feel of panties and it turns me on wearing panties.

Wearing panties is both comfortable and erotic for me. I no longer own any male underwear, and freely admit to sales girls at local lingerie stores that I am buying panties for myself. Panties made of nylon or satin feel so nice against my skin, and they look nice on me.

I love wearing panties because they make me feel sexy! Don't get me wrong I'm a straight male but I like the feel of wearing thongs, boy shorts and bikinis something about it just makes me feel sexy. It gets me so horny when I wear panties.

There is nothing like the feeling of sheer nylon panties hugging my erection. I am a 100 percent heterosexual male. I love women, and I love sharing my panty fetish with ones who appreciate it. I have no desire to be a woman and I have no desire to do sexual things with other guys. I enjoy being stroked through the sheer nylon. The feeling of friction with the sheer panty around my erection is unbelievable. I have shared my panty fetish with many women who found it sexy and pleasurable.

I have been wearing and masturbating in panties for years. I'm comfortable about it and love the feeling. Wearing panties doesn't change who you are or being a good or bad person. I'm totally heterosexual and as mentioned wearing panties does not change who you are.

My wife likes the way I look in panties and we love going shopping for panties. She thru out all of my mens underwear to make space for all of the panties we have bought. Wouldn't go back to wearing mens undies for anything!

Have loved wearing panties since I was growing up. Always stole sisters panties and they felt so nice against my ass and dick. When I got married I instantly started stealing wifes panties and they also felt so good. I finally told wife and now wear panties all the time and she actually thinks I look sexy. Will never go back to wearing mens underwear.

It's very normal for guys to wear panties, for years I've been wearing panties and I have a girlfriend who loves that I wear panties and actually finds it very attractive, others might not think so cause they are so judge mental, but there are certainly women out there who will accept, understand and be turned on by a guy wearing panties.

Panties come in a variety of colors and styles. Panties feel great and make me feel great too. My favorite brand is Vanity Fair, they fit me the best and are the best feeling. I mainly wear briefs, but occasionally bikinis.

Wearing panties is for me, at the very least, so very comfortable and erotic. The sensation of nylon or satin on my 'intimate' body parts is indescribably nice, compared to cotton men's undies which are so boring, I will never wear anything but panties. There is also a slight 'taboo' thrill as well, especially when I go panty shopping; wondering what the sales girls think of my regular visits to the lingerie section of a local shopping centre.They must know by now that I am buying panties for me, and that makes it even more exciting shopping for panties.

The softness of satin panties and nylon panties is very erotic. I get turned on just by seeing them. I think I have 150 pairs of panties.

Panties feel so good. I love how they feel on my butt and dick.

I've worn panties for years now. I'm bisexual but wearing panties didn't make me bisexual. I love the difference in colors, the different fabrics, satin, silk, nylon, and microfiber feels so good.You don't sweat in panties ether, they don't bunch up around your balls they just fit better. And the sex with my wife is even more since she thinks it's hot that I have a softer side to me.

Nothing feels more comfortable than panties, they fit well and support well and keep things in place and cool.

I like to wear them because I love how my balls feel in them and I feel so naughty in them.

I wear panties because they are comfortable and nice to look at, mens undwear is dull but womens are cute and so many more to pick from.

My girlfriend actually introduced wearing panties to me and she loves going shopping for panties for us. Who knew how good panties would feel, I slipped them on and I was so amazed.

I've worn panties for for 35yrs now. Never had a problem with past girlfriends seeing me in panties, they actually even went shopping with me for matching pairs. I've been married for 10yrs now and my wife updates my panty draw on a regular basis. Bikini and hi cut fit the best. I just love the feel of wearing panties.

Panties are more comfortable than boxers, briefs or trunks and much thinner. Great for under suits. I've been wearing panties off and on for about 10 years. Wife doesn't mind I wear panties and I go panty shopping all the time and buy her some and myself some. I definitely wear them for functionality and pleasure.

I wear on occasion. Started out just masturbating in my wife's panties. Then started trying them on. Such a great and kinky feeling in them. Always get so excited with them on.

Been happy in panties for years. They are the best undies you can wear, soft, silky, smooth, feel great, not boring colors and they make you feel so happy wearing them.

Shopping For Panties
By nylonpantyguy on April 2, 2015

I always get so excited shopping for panties. At first I was so nervous shopping for panties and did not think I would have the courage to go shopping for panties. After buying panties for the first time I realized there was nothing to be nervous about, no one knows I am buying panties for myself and I am doing nothing wrong buying panties. As difficult as it was getting past that first time shopping for panties, once you do get past that first nervous time shopping for panties you can relax and really enjoy your panty shopping trips. Many of us go through those same first nervous times of buying panties. Below are comments from others who enjoy shopping for panties, some tips on shopping for panties, etc.

I love to go to the store and buy my panties! It is so fun to see the expression on the sales girl face when I come to check stand with a arm load of nylon panties! I have had 2 sales girls say these will look nice on you. It was so exciting hearing them say that.

I love to go to Victoria Secret and shop for panties. So many styles and choices! The sales clerks are always very helpful, and when they find out I am shopping for me most are very helpful.

My wife and I are headed to Macys this afternoon to buy some panties, what a great way to spend time together with the one I love.

My advice is to just breath, take a deep breath and go into the store, go into the lingerie department and just relax.

I enjoy shopping for panties as well. The first few times I was very nervous. Now the sales girls where I usually shop help me pick them out.

I go buy panties with my girlfriend. A few times the sales clerks have asked my girlfriend do you like seeing your boyfriend wearing panties. I think many of the sales clerks are very curious about us men wearing panties, especailly when they see me with my girlfriend and she tells them how much she enjoys seeing me in panties.

The first time shopping for panties can be overwhelming for everyone. As you do it more it will become easier.

I love going shopping for panties. I slowly go through the rack at Frederick's and feel each pair. I love it when an assistant asks if I need help. I show her one pair I'd found and ask for more like it. I know she knows they are for me because she usually sizes me up to pick the right size. Then when I go and pay I hand over my money with shaking hands. Its so exciting.

The first time I bought women's panties was last summer. At first I was out buying presents for friends of mine. On my shopping trips in the mall I would see all these stores packed with women's lingerie sections for cheap. After a few shopping trips like that I build up the nerve to ask to see their selection of panties. I bought six very sexy pairs of painties. I couln't wait to get back home and try my new panties.

I love going to the shops to buy myself panties. I like the fact that I can browse through the many different types of panties, rub them between my fingers to see how silky they are. I have become more relaxed buying panties each time I go panty shopping.

Here is my advice;
1. Take you time there is never a hurry that only makes you more nervous and if your pressed time come back later if need be.
2. Stay calm be sure to breath and enjoy the moment. (this goes for the check out as well)
3. Scout the area to make things easier, know were the panties are and others around you.
4. Go at less busier hours, early in the morning or late at night, less people makes it easier for me.
5. Retail stores, while the selection is not the greatest it is easier to blend into the crowd.
6. Avoid common area's; if you are worried about being caught be friends and family go to store locations friends, family would not normally shop at.
7. Buy other items, buy a shirt or something so if the cashier wants to make conversation you can make it about that and not the panties

I shop with my girlfriend. We take matching sets to the checkout. Different sizes, of course. No mistaking what was going on there!

My first time buying panties was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I remember being so excited. When I walked into the department store lingerie section I felt electric and touching the silky garments sent a chill down my spine. I found a beautiful silky high cut brief with lace on the thighs that looked to be the right size. I decided that this was what I wanted and approached the sales desk. The girl that rang up my purchase had a slight smile on her face as she completed the transaction which felt like it took forever. Finally it was complete and I made my way to the wash room to try on my purchase. In the washroom stall, I started the exchange from the men?s briefs I was wearing for the newly purchased panties. The excitement was overwhelming as I slid the silky garment up my legs towards my hips. I couldn?t contain myself anymore and began to come. I stood there shuttering for a few minutes as I regained my composure, thankful that I was in the washroom when it happened. I cleaned myself up and then finished pulling up the silky smooth panties. I could feel the strain as I became excited again and enjoyed the tension in my loins and the feel of the silky fabric on my skin. Walking through the rest of the mall, window shopping and peeking in the specialty lingerie stores kept me in a frenzy. I almost lost it again when I saw all the women browsing thorugh panties holding them in there hands. It was a day to remember and I still have that first pair in my panty drawer.

The first time shopping for panties is the most amazing but the thrill of shopping for panties never fades!

That thrill of the first panty purchase. Only bettered by going back for more panties.

Just touching and feeling sexy panties as I imagine what they will look like and feel like once I wear it sends chills up my back. Just the shopping for panties can get me almost as excited as wearing panties is.

It is such a thrill going panty shopping. Panties are so very exciting. It really is a thrill going shopping for panties. And panties feel so very nice. To touch them, how panties feel against the skin. Very delightful. And very thrilling.

Started With Moms Panties Sisters Panties
By wearpanty on March 28, 2015

I'm a 28 year old guy, and I like wearing panties. It started when I was growing up by wearing mom's panties and wearing sister's panties. I could not wait for my mom and sister to leave the house so I could check the laundry for panties, the hamper for panties, the floor in my moms room for panties and floor in my sisters room for panties. I always tired to wear panties that were in the laundry, hamper or on the floor as those panties had already been worn and there would be less chance anyone would notice I had worn them as they would be washed soon. The excitement of being able to search for panties would start when I knew they would be leaving, sometimes I knew days ahead of time that they would be going shopping on saturday and I would have the house to myself and time to enjoy there panties. It was tough waiting days to be able to enjoy there panties and the tension would build each day and I could not wait to wake up and hear them leaving and jump out of bed and go searching for my moms panties and sisters panties. As many other men wearing panties got there start with moms panties or sisters panties I am sure many other men wearing panties can relate to waiting for your mom or sister to leave so you could enjoy there panties. There were times when my mom or sister did not go anywhere, or one would be gone but not the other and it was those times that I would sneak into the laundry room and search through the pile to find a pair of panties and sneak into the bathroom and slip on those panties to enjoy them for just a few minutes. Occasionally I did sneak my moms panties or sisters panties into my bedroom and slipped them on and got into bed and just layed there wearing my moms panties or wearing my sisters panties. My favorite times was when both of them left the house and I could enjoy a bit more time wearing my moms panties or wearing my sisters panties. My mom and sister wore the same size panties so both there panties fit me well, and both wore the same style panties, mainly nylon bikini style panties. I believe they tried not to wear the same brand panties, color panties so they could easily tell which was each others panties, and I did notice a mark from like a permanent marker or something on the tag of my sisters panties. On days in which I knew they would be leaving I would lay in bed and I had butterflys in my stomach and was so excited I was to the point of shaking waiting in anticipation for my mom and sister to leave so I could jump out of bed and go and find there panties to enjoy. Sometimes I would just wear my moms panties, sometimes I would just wear my sisters panties, other times I would wear both my moms panties and sisters panties, taking turns wearing each one for a while. I usually was still very careful when wearing my moms panties and sisters panties and as much as I wanted to walk around the house in my moms panties or sisters panties I usually just stayed close to my room, or the bathroom in case they came home. My sister was a few years older than me and went off to college and would come home every few months, usually she would bring a bunch of laundry to do, sometimes I got the chance to wear a few of her panties other times I did not. So after my sister went to college I mainly wore my moms panties. When I went off to college, it took me awhile to build up the courage to go into a store and buy panties. By the time I hit 25 I had graduated college and I was living on my own and had a nice collection of panties of my own. Laundry duty always gave me a chance to walk around in my favorite panties as well as clean and fold my collection. Just the sight of my silky panties in my laundry was a thrill for me. Like many men wearing panties I got my start wearing moms panties, sisters panties and recall that first time seeing moms panties, sisters panties and the instant thoughts about how those panties would feel on me.

Visible Panty Line VPL
By visiblepantyline on March 22, 2015

A visible panty line (VPL) is when the outline of a person's underwear is visible through the clothing. The underwear may be seen as a ridge or depression in the clothes, or as a result of the clothing material being sufficiently clingy or transparent. A white skirt, white pants, white slacks, white shorts work perfect for showing a visible panty line (VPL). Also leggings and yoga pants work great for showing a visible panty line (VPL). The fashion industry has really made it there goal to create panties which eliminate the visible panty line (VPL), and many women are buying into the fact that they cannot show a visible panty line (VPL). Thongs, laser cut panties, microfiber panties, etc all created to eliminate the visible panty line (VPL). When a woman wears a thong, you lose the VPL (Visible Panty Line), which is something almost all men loved to see. The VPL (Visible Panty Line) was a way to attract the man's eyes to a womans butt. Too bad the fashion industry and women took this away from us. The real sensual women are still wearing real panties which show a VPL (Visible Panty Line). Its very erotic and a turn on to notice the outline of a womans panties, to be able to see the edges of her panties, to be able to tell what style of panties she is wearing, and perhaps even the color. Seeing a VPL (Visible Panty Line) is like having xray vision. Women and the fashion industry are all about how to avoid getting a visible panty line (VPL), luckily many woman are still showing visible panty lines (VPL), whether they want to show off there panties or whether they were just in a rush and did not check for visible panty lines (VPL). Many men are constantly on the look out for visible panty lines (VPL), and with so many women wearing thongs now days it can be difficult to see visible panty lines (VPL) making seeing one even more exciting.

So why do we enjoy visible panty lines (VPL), here are comments from others who enjoy visible panty lines (VPL).

I just recently found out that VPL Visible Panty Line is a fashion no no. That weird noise you heard a few weeks ago was me screaming NO. I get really turned on seeing a womans panty lines, especially when she's got a nice butt and her panties are a little too small and tight. I love thongs but they just can't frame a womans butt properly, In my opinion. So please forgive me fashion gurus if I hope you fail miserably at making VPL's Visible Panty Linesa thing of the past.

Tight white pants. I know it's a major fashion faux pas, however, I like the thrill of walking about in my tight white pants with my bikini panties on. I don't do it all the time but when I do, I get dressed to impress and check to make sure they are visible. I like the attention men give me with their looks and I don't mind if they stare. If I see a hot guy, I'll "accidentally" drop something just so I can turn and bend over. Usually I'll be wearing my tight fitting yoga pants while grocery shopping. I'll be sure to wear a short T-shirt so my butt is visible. I love turning you guys on.

I don't know why women pay attention to these fashion writers about vpl visible panty lines, if they asked guys they'd find virtually every single one of us love to see vpl visible panty lines. A good visible panty line (VPL) is a guaranteed hard on. Seeing some hottie showing her panties through her pants, skirt, shorts is so hot.

I did seem to get more guys staring at my ass when I would have pantie line. Maybe I should start wearing bikini panties again instead of thongs. I did enjoy the attention of guys starting at my ass.

Seeing a panty line on nice ass is undeniable sexy. Thongs may look good on a naked ass cheeks, but panties that accent the bottom are much more sexy.

A fine hot ass without a sightly visable panty line is like a piece of art without a frame.

Love seeing panty lines on a nice ass and love it even more when my wife shows hers!

My boyfriend likes to see my panty line. He gets so turned on when I bend over and he can see the outline of my panties. I like wearing leggings and he loves when I wear bikini panties and he can see the outline of my bikini panties through my tight leggings.

I have never been a thong woman so I would rather have a VPL than a string up my ass.

Women just get embarrased knowing that others can tell what their private underwear is. Thats why us guys enjoy seeing your panty lines so much, its like peeking inside your panty drawer.

Pantylines are very sexy. It makes my day when I see a visible panty line. I am always looking for visible panty lines.

I think panty lines are totally sexy on a girl. I miss seeing them as much as I used to.

I love to see visible panty lines, if see a girl in white shorts or skirt with vpl's, I get immediately turned on!

Shania Twain had a song out a few years ago having to do with her lousy job and just wanting to get home from it. Anyway, one of the lines in the song was "my panty lines shows and have a run in my hose." My mind wanders when ever that song comes on the radio. I just cant help. I love catching a glimpse of panty lines.

I just got back from my doctor and sat in the waiting room for a few minutes and couldnt help but notice the women that work there wearing their colored scrubs. One in particular was wearing a pair of pink tight scrubs that hugged her cute butt like a second skin and of course her cute panty line was showing for all to appreciate. If they only knew, or maybe they do.

I do not see visible panty lines so much anymore since thongs have made their way into the ladies undie drawer. But, not so long ago you could go anywhere and see a cute butt incased in a pair of jeans or cotton shorts or the ever titilating summer dress and see the outline of the lady's panty. Sometimes even make out the color or the material of the panty. Today, women try their best to get rid of that VPL to every mans discontent. Try being a bit more adventerous and daring by letting the guys and even the ladies catch a peek of your cute lovely panties.

I wish more women would realize there is nothing wrong with visible panty lines and that us men enjoy seeing the outline of your panties. Unfortunately VPLs seem to be a dying trend due to the arrival of thong panties.

I love visible panty lines VPL, can't get enough looking out for them!

Pantylines through her miniskirt. Probably my favorite days at work, one of the most gorgeous girls at work wore a tight, short, white miniskirt. But what she might not have known is that you could see a perfect outline of her panties. All the other guys talked about how it'd be sexier if she wore a thong, but I kept my mouth shut because her bikini panties were perfect.

I love knowing guys are looking at my pantylines when I bent over.

Visible panty lines are extremely sexy, I am always looking for visible panty lines.

I remember my friend's mom would wear these really close fitting white slacks and whenever she would wear them you could clearly see her panties underneath. She was a robust blond with a nice shaply rear and I drooled over her whenever I could get look at her visible panties. I remember she had these pretty light pink panties, they were clearly visible. I have had a fetish for ladies panties forever so you can imagine what it was like to watch this beautiful lady walk by.

I like to see women in tight white pants, because you can usually see the panties they are wearing underneath.

I see love seeing pantie lines and always try to decide what type and color. I think VPL are so sexy.

Shoe store pantylines. I love to show my pantylines at the mall. They have a big shoe store there, which is perfect. I like to wear a bright color bikini panty, also sometimes I wear a print bikini panty. Last week I went there, I had on a pair of white shorts, purple bikini panties, a long, low cut top, that covered part of my ass as I walked. I checked myself out in a mirror at home to make sure I gave a good show. Walking to the back of the store, I bent over and started to try on some high heels, it wasn't long when I heard a shuffle behind me, then a click, I turned my head and sure enough, there was this guy behind me with his camera phone taking pics of my ass. He had a big smile on his face, so I smiled back at him, then continued to try on heels, I started swinging my ass back and forth for him, I could hear his camera phone taking pics. He knew I was posing for him, I could see the bulge in the front of his pants too, I would have loved to have him feel my ass, I was so turned on. I love being a woman and getting to do things like this to turn you guys on.

Panty Fetish Panties Fetish
By pantiesfetish on March 18, 2015

Why do men have a fascination with panties, why do men wear panties, why do men borrow panties, why do men steal panties, why do men like panty peeks, why are men fascinated with panties. Why would many men rather see a woman wearing panties than naked. What draws men to panties. Some men enjoy everything about panties, seeing women wearing panties, seeing panty peeks, seeing thong peeks, seeing panty upskirts, seeing panty lines, seeing pantylines, seeing thong lines, seeing thong lines. Many men also just enjoy seeing panties on the floor, panties in the hamper, panties in a drawer, and panties on display at stores. Lots of men become curious about panties often times while growing up and start to borrow panties, steal panties, and for many men borrowing panties or stealing panties is something they continue to do, the fascination of having a certain womans panties, either a woman you knows panties or a strangers panties is very exciting. Many men enjoy using panties to pleasure themselves with, rubbing on panties, stroking with panties, and even just laying a pair of panties out and stroking over panties, often times just the visual of panties is very exciting. Many men also enjoy being stroked with panties, being given a panty hand job, pantyjob, panty job, panty handjob, having a woman take off her panties and feeling her warm panties, wet panties wrapped around you feels very nice, a hint to the women out there, if you have never given your guy a panty hand job, pantyjob, panty job, panty handjob try it. Many guys enjoy sniffing panties, licking panties, the scents a woman leaves behind on panties is a very erotic, and very much a turn on for many men, for those men into sniffing panties, licking panties you know how intense and turned on sniffing panties or licking panties can be. Many men enjoy wearing panties, the feeling of the fabric against them, the way panties fit, that taboo or naughty feeling as you wear panties, your wearing something meant to be worn by a woman and perhaps thoughts of the womans panties your wearing, how you enjoy seeing women wearing panties, how you enjoy caressing a woman while she is wearing panties and now your wearing panties feeling how good that silky, smooth fabric feels against you. As mentioned some men are only into certain things about panties, other men are into everything about panties. Having a panty fetish is very common, most men at some point have been curious when seeing a pair of panties laying on the floor, or panties in the hamper, or seeing ads in newspapers for panties, or even walking through the store and seeing racks of panties, bins of panties. And when seeing a woman wearing panties it can often times spark a curiosity later on when you see those same panties laying on the floor, or in the hamper. Often times a guy wants a woman to leave her panties on longer during foreplay and even during sex. Many women are much to quick to remove there panties as they think that is what they should do, but for alot of men they would rather a woman leave her panties on longer and even leave them on during sex. Having a panty fetish so completely normal, and hopefully women get a better understanding about why guys have a panty fetish, panties are a very intimate item and they create all sorts of thoughts that turn a guy on, whether a woman is wearing panties, or whether those panties are laying on the floor, or in a drawer they still create those thoughts that turn guys on. And certainly a panty fetish is not just for guys, there are many women with a panty fetish who do enjoy the very same things a guy enjoys about panties, there are women who sniff panties, women who lick panties, women who masturbate with panties, women who enjoy seeing other women wearing panties, women who enjoy seeing panty peeks, and women who enjoy wearing a variety of panties and enjoy feeling the panties against them, seeing themselves wearing panties, and then there are women who enjoy panty play with either other women or with men. There are certainly women who have a panty fetish out there.

Below are comments from men with a panty fetish and women with a panty fetish

As a panty lover, I always wished more women were more open and willing to share their panties. I wouldn't even need to have actual sex so much if I could just have their panties. Would be great if more women realized its a compliment that a guy wants your panties.

I know my boyfriend has a panty fetish. I simply adore him and his attraction to my panties. We make a big deal out of getting dressed and undressed each day and unless my daily panties are really gross, I let him have them and sometimes make him do things to get them. Its already part of our sex life, and he would rather stay home and play with me and my panties than go out with his friends drinking, so I'm happy about it. I've never thought about him wearing them, but I wouldn't mind if he did.

My husband and I both enjoy panties, we enjoy everything about panties. We both enjoy masturbating with panties and often times will either watch each other rubbing panties on ourselves or we will masturbate each other with panties. Panties are always involved during foreplay and during sex, panty sex feels so good. Someone is always wearing panties during sex, either both of us, just me or just my husband, the panties add to the excitement. We both enjoy sniffing panties, and love borrowing some panties from friends wifes or girlfriends.

Every time I go home from college, it seems like I come back missing another pair of panties. I bet I know what my brother has been up to now.

I myself have the good fortune of having a very understanding wife, who caters for my needs for panties! She is happy and willing to share my fetish with me! I enjoy when she picks out panties for me and puts me into panties, its such a terrific feeling.

I should put this out to all the college laundry rooms. It might shed some light on what's been going on in the laundy room! It's kind of exciting to know someone might be snatching up our panties, though, who knows it might not be just men stealing our panties, but another woman, now I feel even more turned on.

A few weeks ago me and my husband were talking about just this same thing. I personally love the idea of my hubby longing for my panties.

I work at a lingerie store. I wait on many men who I know are buying panties for them selves and there's really no reason to be worried or embarrased about buying panties for yourself. I obviously want to make the sale and gain a customer that will return. Just calm down and don't be afraid to ask for help. No one's going to make a big deal out of it. Most of the other women I work with think it's cool that men want to wear panties.

My husband has a panty fetish. Years ago he confided in me after he had an afair with an older woman who indulged his panty desires when I wouldn't. We went to counceling and it came out that he was just looking to satisfy his panty fetish. Since then, I've been his panty girl and he's my panty guy. We've never been happier and all that happened 13 years ago and he hasn't strayed since. So, ladies embrace your mans panty fetish.

Having a panty fetish is essentually no diferent than any other fetish or interest. A male might be attracted to large or small breasts, blonde or brown hair, big or small butt, etc. The key is being able to feel comfortable talking with your partner about your fetish, both men and women have fetishes so being able to discuss them, have an open conversation will make for a much stronger, healthier and enjoyable relationship.

My wife caught me masterbating in her panties (they were nylon full backs). After a conversation about why I like panties, she's been pretty good with some panty play.

I think a panty fetish is very sexy. I can't ever imagine being grossed out by it or feeling offended, etc. I'd be incredibly flattered and incredibly aroused! How can a girl not be? Your guy wants your panties, is turned on by them. The thought of him getting off in them, WOW! Gets me very wet. I would do everything in my power to indulge that. And in the range of fetishes, a panty fetish is pretty darn tame. Although I haven't been with someone who had a particular panty fetish perse, I am with someone with a pantyhose fetish. I love it! I wear them all the time for him, and we've done so much with this fetish. Nothing makes me feel sexier than indulging his pantyhose fetish for him and seeing his desire; and the same would apply if he was a panty fetishist; I can say he does love panties though, so perhaps we are just working our way up to a panty fetish also. Sex for us always involves pantyhose and I love it, its such a turn on for both of us. Women out there, open your mind to it, you may surprise yourself at how much you like it.

I don't get it why women would be upset if their man likes their underwear. Before I met my boyfriend I wore plain cotton, the kind that come in three packs at wal-mart. Then I found out that he likes the silky feeling of spandex blend types, and my underwear drawer has undegone a gradual makeover. I love the added attention I get when I am wearing my silky panties.

I have stolen panties from every household I have ever been into. I just know my wife's sisters know I've jerked off into their panties, or simply taken them. My wife understands and has given me her used panties every day.

My boyfriend definately has a panty fetish. I found panties he had stolen from previous partners, etc. At first I was upset, as I thought he had no interest in mine, until I found that he had stolen a pair I had thrown away. He since then got rid of the ones he had from previous partners and plays with mine. He is still shy to talk about it, I wish he was not as I don't have a problem with it whatsoever. I guess things takes time. I often keep my panties on when we have sex. I hope he enjoys that, but like I said he doesn't want to discuss it at all. So I just try and do what I believe he might like. I find it sexy that he buys me panties and that he likes the feel of them.

I am a man who wears panties on a daily basis, don't even own any male undies. My wife knows about my panties and she has nothing against it. I love how they look and feel, I get so turned on by looking at my bulge in them, and wife wife also enjoys how panties cling to my bulge, my male underwear never clung like panties do.

I have had a panty fetish all my life. At 62 my panty fetish is stronger than ever. I am fortunate to have a woman who appreciates my panty fetish and indulges my panty fetish.

I like that my husband loves my panties.

I have had a panty fetish for 25 years. Even hearing, reading or saying the word panties turns me on. Smelling panties and tasting panties after they have been worn is a huge turn on. Masturbating with panties is amazing. Have taken panties from so many women, its not about the person but the excitement and desire in having what has been on them.

I am in a relationship that allows me to explore my panty needs and panty desires. I wear panties 24/7 and she loves me to wear panties for her. She has bought much of my panty collection. She tells me how sexy I am and never wants me to wear men's underwear. I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

I love men in panties. A man confident enough to wear fabrics that feel so amazing, comfortable enough to enjoy how he looks in them and trusting enough to share that experience with me is the only guy I could ever fall in love with.

My wife walked in on me masturbating with her panties on me, she was a little shocked at first, but now over time she has seems to except this which makes me love her even more for being so open minded. I really love wearing her thongs, it make me feel very sexy, I also enjoy sniffing and licking her worn panties being able to smell her whenever I get horny is awesome.

And here I thought I was weird to enjoy the idea of a man in a woman's underwear, even though I'm female. Its nice to hear that other females enjoy seeing men wearing panties.

One day I tried on my wifes panties, they didn't fit me very well. So one day I went shopping for some panties of my own. Mens underwear to me are boring compared to the styles, shapes, cuts, pattens, of panties. I just love the feel of satin on my shaved crotch.

Having a panty fetish is like having a 6th sense, the high I get is unbelievable.

I have had a panty fetish as long as I can remember, starting with looking at lingerie catalogs and enjoying the sight of all the women in panties. As far as sniffing panties. I was a late starter (I was 25) and the first pair I sniffed was a friend of my wife's. I had no sexual feelings for her but merely enjoyed the idea that I was enjoying her most intimate scent. From there I started to play with my wife's panties almost daily. I feel this enhanced our sex life no end and for the last 25 years I have bought all of her panties. I occasionally wear her panties and mainly just use panties for masturbation.

Most women have a fear of being unfresh down there and will only take your interest in her scent as her having a smell or that she stinks. All women have a slightly different natural scent that is wonderful. Hopefully women understand that men smelling panties is because we enjoy your scents, and you don't need to freshen up. A man smelling panties is a compliment to you.

Panties are like gift wrapping, and panties are like a candy wrapper. Often times its more exciting to slowly unwrap a gift or candy.

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