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Who's Where The First Panties You Wore
By myloveofpanties on May 22, 2013
So whose panties did you start out wearing. I know for most of us the first panties we ever wore was our mothers panties or sisters panties. Our mothers panties or sisters panties were the first panties we saw either in the hamper, laundry pile, on the floor in the bathroom or on the floor in our mothers room or sisters room, our moms panties or sisters panties were also always available. Seeing our moms panties or sisters panties we became curious, they looked so much different than our mens underwear and once we picked them up and touched them, we felt how much different they felt, so much lighter, softer, and silkier. Thoughts of how they would feel against us soon flooded our minds and before we knew it we were standing there in our moms panties or sisters panties. After we got a taste for wearing panties, panties became like a magnet and we always thought about them and always wanted to wear them. Other panty wearers did not have sisters and got there start wearing panties from wearing cousins panties, wearing aunts panties, wearing friends sisters panties, wearing friends moms panties, wearing neighbors panties. Most panty wearers got there start by wearing someone elses panties, very few got there start by going out and buying a pair of panties and putting them on. Their panty wearing started by seeing panties from someone they knew laying around and then there mind started to become filled with thoughts about how those panties would feel like on. The first time you see those panties its almost as if there was a magnet drawing us to them or like they flew off the floor, or out of the hamper into our hands and onto us. The joy of feeling those panties in our hands and before you know it your slipping them up your legs and feeling them against you and what a wonderful feeling standing there wearing panties. The first time wearing panties is such an exciting time, however for many who wear panties each and every time they slip on panties is like that first time. Panties seem to remain an exciting thing, and thats what is so great about wearing panties, the excitement always seems to be just like the first time. Click here to take a survey on who's where the first panties you wore.

Telling A Woman You Wear Panties
By hard4panties on May 21, 2013
First of all how a woman reacts to you telling her you wear panties is going to depend on how open minded she is and not necessarily how sexual a woman she is. Just because a woman is very sexual and into lots of things sexually does not always mean she will be into you wearing panties. Sometimes its the quiet ones, the nerdy type, that are into men wearing panties more. To put this in prospective, you can take the woman who has been around (if you know what I mean), the woman who will do all types of sexual things, oral, anal, threesomes, swallow, etc, the woman who dresses very provocatively and her personality screams for attention and she demands attention all the time and she might not be into men wearing panties. Now you can take the woman who is very timid, very quiet, the nerdy, loner type that has not been with many, however she is very open minded, this type of woman seems to be much more into men wearing panties than your party girl high maintenance, princess type, also the quieter type of woman seem to be into much more kinkier things than your typical party girl. The quieter woman just does not really show she is into kinkier things, but when presented with doing kinkier things she is open mind and willing to try it. Each woman is different in how she will react, accept and be into men wearing panties.

Stereotypes are also a factor. Many woman think men wearing panties are into men, men wearing panties come from all sexual orientations, gay, bisexual, bi curious, however the majority of men wearing panties are straight, they are married, or dating. You simply cannot stereotype a guy into what sexual orientation he is based on him enjoying wearing panties. So a woman who is closed minded will tend to be more likely to stereotype you when you tell her you like wearing panties.

Will she react, accept or be into you wearing panties. This is going to differ as mentioned for every woman. For some woman they will react and stereotype you and be closed minded. Some woman will accept and understand that you like wearing panties. Some woman will not only accept and understand but they will be into you wearing panties and encourage you to wear panties. Which category do most woman fall into. Well it might surprise you to find that many woman will actually fall into the accept and understand or the accept and understand and be into you wearing panties and encourage it. However that is totally based on how you go about telling her you enjoy wearing panties.

So how do you tell a woman you enjoy wearing panties. Patience is the key thing. Don't just walk in the room wearing panties, (although that has worked for some men men wearing, its typically not the best way to tell her). Also don't just come out and say I like wearing panties and then walk out of the room. The key thing is patience and to build her up to you being able to tell her. You might drop hints to her like paying more attention to her when she wears panties, telling her how great she looks in panties, how they fit on her, giving her a massage or caressing her while she wears panties and then expressing as you massage her through her panties how nice the panties feel. Other ways are to incorporate the panties during sex, one very common thing many woman already do is to take off there panties and wrap them around your dick, (a panty handjob), many woman have already done this, however be sure to express how much you enjoy it that way she knows to continue to do it more often, woman need feedback. Another way is to have her leave her panties on during sex, pull them to the side, or down just a bit, let her know you enjoy seeing her in panties during sex. These methods will show her that you like not only seeing her in panties, but also the feel of them, you enjoy how her panties make you feel. Next you might want to start saying how different womens panties are made, how nice they feel when you caress her, when she gives you a panty hand job, and when you brush up against them as your having sex with her panties pulled to the side. Let her know its unfair that woman get such nice underwear and us men get such plain boring underwear. I have seen many woman totally relate to this and agree, some woman have even suggested right away why don't you try my panties on, and for other woman it has taken a bit of time for them to get the hint and then they suggest why don't you wear my panties. Once you start talking about the difference in underwear many woman will relate. During this whole process your building towards either having them suggest you wear panties or asking them if you can try wearing their panties. Once again the main thing is patience, this might take weeks and months of hinting and building her up. Another thing is most woman are much more open minded during foreplay or during sex, so suggesting things during those times is much more likely to be successful than other times. Also being very playful about telling a woman you like wearing panties is also another key thing. Woman like a man who is playful so have fun with it, be playful and joke around a bit, hold her panties up to you and say I wonder how these would fit, or I wonder how I would look in your panties, see what her reaction is. Being playful and fun like this can let you know if she would be into it or not.

Telling a woman you like to wear panties can be very nerve racking. Once you tell a woman you like wearing panties, be prepared for a conversation or discussion. The more you reasuure her that your still the same guy, you just like wearing panties, the more she will be able to understand it. Let her know why you enjoy wearing panties, woman appreciate a guy being honest and its much better to tell her you like wearing panties than for you to get caught wearing panties and then have to explain it.

More and more men are expressing they like wearing panties and thats helping our society to lower its sterotypes and understand much better that men wearing panties does not mean that it changes who they are. Click here to take a survey on have you ever worn panties in front of a woman.

What Happened To Satin Panties
By satinpantyguy on May 20, 2013
Satin panties are a favorite for many men wearing panties. That silky, shiny, slippery, smooth, cool fabric feels so good against our male parts. Even the sight of a pair of satin panties whether on or off is exciting. Its like they have some sort of glow around them, and they just might, some of those satin panties are pretty shiny and the glow around them calls us to them. Then once you feel them in your hands you instantly want to feel them clinging to your butt and to your privates. Its exciting seeing them stretched across yourself, women and also other panty guys. A bulge looks so good under that silky material, either your bulge or other panty men. Its so exciting even thinking about how satin feels against you, and also how it looks. Satin is just such an erotic fabric, and no matter what style of panties, satin bikini panties, satin thong, satin boyshorts, satin hi cut panties, satin low rise panties, satin briefs, satin panties seem to be a popular choice among men wearing panties. However what has happened to satin panties, they have all but disappeared, once popular for many years, they are slowly disappearing. Do women not enjoy wearing satin panties. I think women and manufactures never got us mens opinions on satin panties. Because as much as I enjoy wearing satin panties I also enjoy seeing women in satin panties, and enjoy feeling a woman wearing satin panties. No other fabric is as sexy, erotic and sensual as satin, whether a woman is wearing satin panties or a man is wearing satin panties. It does seem that fabrics like cotton and microfiber are being pushed by manufactures more, does it have to do with costs, perhaps. I am sure making a pair of cotton panties is much cheaper than a pair of satin panties. Us men know how amazing satin panties feel against us, and satin has to also feel very nice against a womans body. So have panty manufactures made a mistake by not producing satin panties anymore. Many of us know that Victoria's Secret used to sell the second skin satin panties (sss for short). The Victoria's Secret Second Skin Panties was a very popular brand, but Victoria's Secret stopped making them. Other manufactures have also slowly stopped making satin panties, Hanes, Vassarette, Vanity Fair, etc. Its to bad satin panties are becoming harder to find, what are these manufactures thinking. I am sure that in there meetings about what type of panties to make they are not considering how many men wear satin panties, not even sure if they are considering how many women would enjoy having satin panties available again. I have seen many comments from women that say that they enjoy wearing satin panties, they love how they feel against them and also that satin panties seem to hold up and last much longer than other fabrics. I have also seen comments from women that say they feel sexier in a pair of satin panties. So why are these panty manufactures not making satin panties. Also I am always reading where can I find satin panties, where did you get those satin panties. Sadly finding satin panties has become very hard, and for those who have a collection of satin panties, they treasure there collection of satin panties because there simply is no way to restore that satin panty collection. Yes there still are satin panties out there, one has to look, and occasionally you just stumble across them. They are not as widely available in sizes, colors, or styles. Hopefully someday panty manufactures will realize the demand for satin panties is there and they will start making satin panties again, until then take care of your satin panties, enjoy them, stock up when you find satin panties, and when you see a woman wearing satin panties take time to appreciate it.

Since its hard to find satin panties by any of the major panty companies or lingerie companies, look for smaller panty companies or lingerie companies, many of them are making satin panties. So where do you find satin panties, Besides department stores like kohles, jc penny, etc, check places like target, walmart, kmart. Also you may want to check smaller clothing or retail stores, there selection changes often and they are always bringing in new things. Another great place is thrift stores, the salvation army, goodwill, or independent thrift stores. Various places online sell satin panties, ebay is a great place to find them but it can be pricy for just one pair.

Below are some pictures of satin panties from some of the major panty companies, click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.

Victoria's Secret Second Skin Panties
Second Skin Panties Second Skin Panties Second Skin Panties
Second Skin Panties Second Skin Panties Second Skin Panties
Second Skin Panties Second Skin Panties Second Skin Panties
Second Skin Panties

Vanity Fair Satin Panties
Vanity Fair Satin Panties Vanity Fair Satin Panties Vanity Fair Satin Panties
Vanity Fair Satin Panties Vanity Fair Satin Panties Vanity Fair Satin Panties
Vanity Fair Satin Panties

Lane Bryant Cacique Satin Panties
Cacique satin panties Lane Bryant satin panties

Hanes Satin Panties
Hanes Satin Panties Hanes Satin Panties Hanes Satin Panties Hanes Satin Panties
Hanes Satin Panties Hanes Satin Panties Hanes Satin Panties Hanes Satin Panties
Hanes Satin Panties Hanes Satin Panties

Just My Size Satin Panties
Just My Size Satin Panties Just My Size Satin Panties Just My Size Satin Panties Just My Size Satin Panties

Vassarette Satin Panties
Vassarette Satin Panties Vassarette Satin Panties Vassarette Satin Panties Vassarette Satin Panties

Joe Boxer Satin Panties
Joe Boxer Satin Panties Joe Boxer Satin Panties Joe Boxer Satin Panties Joe Boxer Satin Panties

Bali Satin Panties
Bali Satin Panties Bali Satin Panties Bali Satin Panties
Bali Satin Panties Bali Satin Panties Bali Satin Panties
Bali Satin Panties Bali Satin Panties Bali Satin Panties

Barely There Satin Panties
Barely There Satin Panties Barely There Satin Panties Barely There Satin Panties
Barely There Satin Panties Barely There Satin Panties Barely There Satin Panties
Barely There Satin Panties Barely There Satin Panties Barely There Satin Panties

Kmart Pink K Satin Panties
Kmart Pink K Satin Panties Kmart Pink K Satin Panties Kmart Pink K Satin Panties
Kmart Satin Panties Kmart Satin Panties Kmart Satin Panties
Pink K Satin Panties Pink K Satin Panties

Calvin Klein Satin Panties
Calvin Klein Satin Panties

Whats Your Favorite Color Of Panties
By maninpanties on May 19, 2013
So whats your favorite color of panties. Panties come in a huge variety of colors, its not the plain, basic boring colors mens underwear comes in, black, white, gray, blue. Some of the colors womens panties come in even have unique names for them, a simple pink, blue red, etc color might be called something totally different. Women pick the color of their panties much different then us men pick our panty color. Women often times want to match or blend into there outfit, they would not typically wear light colored pants and bright colored panties. Where as us men might pick a bright colored panty as we are turned on by seeing the panties through the clothing we are wearing, whether we stay in and enjoy the view of our panties through our clothing or whether we venture out like that is another topic. Women don't typically pick their panty color based on how much it turns them on, where as us men tend to pick panty colors that turn on us. The huge variety of colors panties are available in make it very hard to choose a favorite, having a variety of panties in different colors is best in my opinion but one always seems to have way more of a certain color. Pink panties seem to be the favorite among many men wearing panties, there is just something about the color pink that gets one so excited whether a woman is wearing pink panties, or a man is wearing pink panties. Pink is just one of those very sexy, erotic, sensual colors that seems to get ones attention very quickly. And the contrast between a mans body and a pair of pink panties is such a turn on, its no wonder why so many men wearing panties choose pink panties as there favorite. However everyone has there favorite color of panties, the color that excites them the most and the color they find themselves picking out over and over again. Click here to take a survey on whats your favorite color of panties.

How Often Do You Wear Panties
By tightpanties on May 18, 2013
So how often do you wear panties. Men who wear panties vary on how often they wear panties. Some men wearing panties wear panties 24 7 other men wearing panties wear panties occasionally, maybe a few times a week, once per week or a few times a month. Some men wearing panties only wear panties while pleasuring themselves and other men wear panties both while pleasuring themselves and also wear them on a regular basis. Many men wearing panties start out wearing panties occasionally or just during pleasuring themselves and then they start to wear panties more and more. How often one wears panties can vary because of different circumstances, maybe your married or dating and your wife or girlfriend does not know or approve of you wearing panties so you have limited times in which you can wear panties. You might be living with family, friends or have a roomate and you can only wear while they are gone. Many men in these situations want to wear panties more but cannot. Thats were the yearning and desire to wear panties builds, you might not be able to wear for an extended period of time and that tension builds, you want so badly to wear panties but you don't have any alone time to be able to wear panties. Then finally your able to wear and you feel the stress and tension melt away as you finally get to enjoy wearing panties. For those that can wear panties whenever they want, they are lucky as they can enjoy panties whenever they want to without that extended period of tension waiting for the opportunity to wear panties. Wearing panties is such an amazing thing, how over time the desire and excitement never seems to fade, no matter if you only get to wear panties occasionally or you wear panties 24 7, panties always seem to keep one happy, excited and the trill of wearing panties never fades. Click here to take a survey on how often you wear panties.

A Women's Opinion On Men Wearing Panties
By linda on May 17, 2013
I found out my husband wore panties about 10 years ago, at the time we were dating and about 4 months into our relationship. He told me while we were being intimate that he liked to wear panties. At first I was a bit shocked, confused, did not really know why he wore panties. I am pretty open minded so I did not freak out, get mad or upset. We spent the rest of the night until the early hours of the morning talking. He explained why he enjoyed wearing panties, how the fabrics felt against him (which I can totally understand why you guys enjoy how the fabrics feel against you, our panties are made from such softer and more delicate fabrics than your mens underwear). He said the idea of wearing panties also excited him, and that just the thought of wearing panties got him excited and also just the sight of a pair of panties excited him. He said that seeing a pair of panties reminded him of how I looked wearing them and that wearing panties put thoughts of our intimate times in his mind and made him feel closer to me when we were apart. He said he has been wearing panties for most of his life, starting at 10, first seeing one of his friends sisters in her panties at a sleep over, he noticed how silky the panties looked on her and instantly he got curious and soon he found himself looking for her panties, in the laundry, hamper, her room and once he discovered them he picked them up and it was such a turn on to hold her panties in his hands and think of how she looked in them. At first he just held them in his hands and would rub his friends sisters panties against him and masturbate, that when on for a few months and over those few months he always wondered what they would feel like and also look like on him. So one day he slipped his friends panties on. They were nylon and a bikini type, very silky and I recall him saying they were a pale pink. He stool in bathroom at his friends house and looked in the mirror, he was rock hard and had to be careful as he was so excited he was already leaking into the panties. Him telling me this story I just had to smile, I can imagine him holding his friends sisters nylon panties and stepping into them sliding them up and how excited he was. From that day on he wore panties when ever he could, he said he wore them maybe 5 or 6 times a month depending on if he could find a pair to wear, he mainly wore his friends sisters panties, but he also said he wore a few friends moms panties. It was not until about 18 that he bought his first pair of panties, however as much as wearing panties that he bought excited him, he did say that wearing someone elses panties excited him a bit more, and I can see how that would excite him more. For my husband wearing panties is a combination of things, the feel, the look, the fact that its considered taboo or naughty, and then the thoughts of women in panties or the particular womans panties he is wearing. Our talk that night was one of the best nights, we had only sat up talking all night once before and that was within the first week of our relationship. And we did not just talk about him wearing panties the night he told me he liked wearing panties, we talked about everything, it was so nice to be open and honest with each other. In taking the time to talk with my boyfriend at the time, now husband I found out why he enjoyed wearing panties, instead of like many women do they freak out, get upset, wonder who they are with. My husband wearing panties did not change who he was, there was nothing in our coversation that told me that was going to effect our relationship. I understood all the reasons he told me about why he enjoys wearing panties, all his reasons made perfect sense to me. And when I first saw him wearing panties I have to admit that it excited me, his boxers never gave me this type of excitment before and it was certainly nice to not always have to be the one wearing sexy things to turn each other on. My suggestion to women who find out your man wearing panties or if he tells you he likes wearing panties is to relax, take a deep breath and do not get upset or be confrontational. Have a conversation about it, go out to a park, out for a drive, a walk or just sit on the bed or couch and have a conversation about it. Let your man explaine why he enjoys wearing panties. I know for me I am so glad that I did. My husband wearing panties has brought both of us such joy and pleasure and also has brought us so much closer together. Our relationship is much stronger becasue we know we can talk openly with each other. I know there are lots of men wearing panties out there, and lots of them wear panties in secret, afraid to tell your girlfriend or wife that you wear panties. Only you can determine if you feel comfortable telling your wife or girlfriend, my hopes are that your wife or girlfriend will read this and do as I suggested and take that deep breath, not get upset or jump to any conclusions and to allow you to explaine why you like wearing panties. I know my husband is greatful that he can enjoy wearing panties anytime he wants to and I hope that other men wearing panties can have that same joy as my husband does.

Am I The Only Man Who Wears Panties
By lov4panties on May 16, 2013
Its amazing the number of men wearing panties, men wearing lingerie, men wearing pantyhose there are. For most who wear panties, lingerie or pantyhose you probably thought for many years am I the only man who wears panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Growing up none of your friends wore panties, well at least you thought they did not wear panties. You kept wearing panties to yourself, why because panties were for girls right, thats what we were taught, you have your mens underwear and women have there underwear. So you figured wearing panties was wrong since you were a man, so you kept it to yourself. You grew up hiding the fact that you enjoy wearing panties, often times only being able to wear panties at certain times when no one was home. You wondered if any of your friends wore panties, or if any other guys wore panties, but asking a friend if he wears panties or another guy if he wears panties was not something you were going to do. So you continued wearing panties, and continued wondering how many other guys wore panties. For those that grew up in the computer age, as you got older you started to explore the internet and you started to see and hear about other men wearing panties, and you realized that you were not alone. For those that grew up before the computer age your years of wondering how many other men wear panties was much longer than those who grew up in the computer age, but eventually you found that yes there are other men wearing panties out there. As mentioned its amazing how many men wear panties, pantyhose, lingerie and as time goes on more and more men of all ages are expressing they enjoy wearing panties. Some started out wearing panties while growing up, and some started to enjoy wearing panties later in life. Thanks to the fact that so many more men are expressing that they like wearing panties our society is starting to realize that its fine for a man to wear panties and that wearing panties does not make or change who he is. Men from all over the world enjoy wearing panties, from all ages, from all backgrounds, wearing panties is probably one of the most universal things, meaning you just cannot pin point the type of guy that wears panties. All types of guys wear panties, and it would be impossible to tell, thats what so great about men wearing panties, we all come from different age groups, different parts of the world and different backgrounds. When you realize other men wear panties, it changes things, you have this weight lifted from your shoulders and you form a common bound with those you read about, see, email or chat with that wear panties. No matter how long it took you to realize that you are not alone in wearing panties, you have now realized it and there is an awakening that happens when you realize that you have not been alone in wearing panties all these years. And there is an amazing feeling that comes from having friends who also enjoy wearing panties.

Whats Your Favorite Style Of Panties
By pantyman on May 15, 2013
There are so many styles of panties, which style is your favorite. Below are various charts and descriptions of panty styles. Click here to take a survey of your favorite style of panties.

gstring style

A minimalist's favorite
Offers the least coverage of any panty fit
Virtually invisible under clothes

thong style

A sexy little no-show
Offers a hint more coverage than a g-string
Provides a no-show look even under the most revealing fashions

cheeky style

A little panty with lots of cheek peek
More back coverage than a thong but less than a bikini
The perfect pick for when a little reveal is all you want

bikini style

The underthing for everything
The perfect amount of coverage, between full & the bare minimum
A must for any panty wardrobe, with a comfy fit & sexier string option

brief style

Covers all the bases
Offers the most coverage of any panty fit
A comfort lover's favorite in a classic silhouette

hiphugger style

Sweet and low
Offers full back coverage
A comfy cross between a boyshort & a bikini

boyshort style

Where cute meets comfy
A modern take on the brief, with full back coverage
The comfort you crave in a flirty silhouette

Different Styles of Women's Underwear

You have several different styles of underwear to choose from when shopping. These styles are a better fit for some men over others. Unfortunately, most men don't know what kind of underwear style is the best fit until they try it on and wear it around for a day. Other styles are obviously more comfortable than others.

Also known as, "granny panties," this style of brief underwear provides full coverage and a high waistband. It isn't the most attractive pair of underwear, but it is the most comfortable for many men. One drawback of this style is that the high waistband is visible above low-rise jeans and trousers.

French Cut
Also sometimes referred to as "high-cut," French cut underwear has the same high waist as the brief, but it features high cut leg holes that rise just above the widest part of the thigh. The elastic band around the lower leg holes can be tight and uncomfortable.

High Cut
These are different from the French cut underwear. They are high cut in the leg holes, and the waistband also sits about one and a half inches below the wearer's natural waist. This style provides more comfort for the wearer than other styles that provide less coverage, but is also less visible underneath clothing than styles that provide more coverage.

Its named for the way the waistband sits a full two inches below the waist on the hips. The hipster features low cut leg holes and also provides full coverage. They are excellent for those who like to wear low-rise jeans and trousers.

This style is modeled after men's briefs and has a rectangular shape. The waistband sits below the waist, and the pants have a low cut leg. In fact, some styles of boyshorts may have legs that extend a short way down the thigh.

This pair of panties is modeled after women's bikini bottoms. The waistband sits a full three inches below the waist. It also has very high cut leg holes. Provides little coverage, but is less visible underneath clothing.

String Bikini
The string bikini style of underwear is modeled after women's string bikinis. They also sit a full three inches below the waist. However, the leg holes are constructed with a thin string of fabric on other side of the bikini. The front and back of the string bikini looks like a triangle of fabric.

This style provides a bare minimum amount of coverage and is usually preferred underneath form fitting clothing. The waistband sits three inches below the natural waist, and the sides and back of the underwear are composed of three strips of fabric. The front of the thong forms a T-shape of fabric.

The tanga provides full coverage in the back, but has no sides. The front and back pieces attach directly to the waistband, which sits slightly below the natural waist.

Styles Of Panties
Panties are divided into various types based on such criteria as amount of rear coverage, width at the sides and height at which they are worn.
panty styles

Briefs rise to the waist, or just below the navel, and have full coverage in the rear.

Classic (or full brief) features sides that extend below the hip.
High-cut (or French cut) is designed with sides that are somewhat narrower.
Control panties (or control briefs) are special and designed to offer support whilst giving a slimmer appearance. This type usually contains a stretch material such as spandex and may extend above the waist.

Boyleg (or boyshorts) are styled after men's briefs and may have short legs extending below the crotch.

Hipsters are similar to briefs, but are worn lower down the body, with the waistband around the hips.

Bikinis sit at hip level, like the Hipsters, but the fabric of the side sections is narrower. With the string bikini type, the side sections disappear altogether and the waistband consists of only string-like material; also, the rear coverage of the bikini is not as concealing as the design of the brief. Bikini is the most widely worn style worldwide.

Tangas provide full rear coverage, but the waistband is reduced to a narrow strip at the sides.

Thongs have a waistband similar to tangas, but the rear coverage is not as full. The crotch is extended to the back of the wearer and a narrow strip of fabric fits between the buttocks, becoming wider towards the top.

G-string is a thong with virtually no rear coverage and the narrow strip at the back extends to the waistband. This type exposes the vast majority of the buttocks.

Panty Fabrics Or Panty Materials
By bikinipantylv on May 14, 2013
A wide variety of fabrics is used in the construction of women's panties. The most commonly used fabric for panties is cotton, however for most men wearing panties cotton is their least favorite fabric. Satin and silk are preferred by most men wearing panties for the smooth, cool texture and shiny appearance. Nylon and polyester are also worn for this reason, and these fabrics are less expensive. Spandex and Lycra are often found in control top and body shaping panties. Microfiber is the ultimately soft and versatile fabric. Microfiber is soft, stretchy and moisture absorbent, microfiber is used to create "no show" panties because it is an extremely fine fabric, which can sit close to the skin, but still allow for air circulation. Latex, PVC, leather, mesh and lace are used in the making of panties but more for their visual appeal, and aren't very comfortable for long term wear. Click here to take a survey of your favorite panty fabric.

Cotton panties are comfortable and made of natural fibers that provide a breathable fit. Cotton also naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry as temperatures rise. This is the reason most panties have a cotton crotch.

Satin panties are sexy, soft and sensuous. The hollywood starlets of yesteryear often wore satin due to its high sheen and glamorous effect. And it does seem that satin has become some what of a vintage fabric as it can be hard to find satin panties. The most recent popular second skin satin panties by Victoria's Secret was discontinued leaving many who love satin panties trying to find them or find an alternative. Satin is a woven type of fabric that is highly lustrous on one side and matte on the other side. Satin is sometimes confused with silk, although satin is typically made of synthetic fibers while silk is made of natural fibers.

Silk panties are made of silk, which has the same natural properties as cotton, but is thinner and softer, and it feels sexier. Silk is a natural filament fiber produced by the silkworm in the construction of its cocoon. Most silk is collected from cultivated caterpillars. Tussah silk, or wild silk, is a thicker, shorter fiber produced by caterpillars in their natural habitat. Most silk comes from Asia, primarily China. Silk panties are very sexy because they provide a luxurious feel against the skin. For a highly tactile experience, wear a silk panty and enjoy its supple luxury.

Lace panties are often made with a touch of spandex so they provide a stretch fit that molds to your curve. Most lace panties are semi-sheer, showing just enough skin to be sexy without being over-the-top sheer.

Fabric made with microfiber means that the fabrics filaments are extremely fine – much finer than silk. Microfiber fabrics are thus lightweight, and look and feel luxurious. Because microfiber filaments are packed so closely, they can prevent moisture from passing though, yet allow air flow. Usually a blend of polyester or polyamide (nylon) fibers, microfiber fabric is known for being very light, smooth, soft, hard wearing and breathable.

A completely synthetic fiber, nylon is known for its superior flexibility and excellent resilience. Quick-drying nylon fabric is naturally hydrophobic and resistant to shrinkage and wrinkling. Developed in the 1930s by scientists at Du Pont, nylon was the first truly synthetic fiber to be commercialized. Nylon fibers have the luster of silk and their tensile strength is higher than that of wool, silk, rayon or cotton. Nylon washes easily, dries quickly, needs little pressing, and holds its shape well since it neither shrinks nor stretches.

A synthetic fiber made from polyurethane. It is lightweight, highly elastic, strong, durable and non-absorbent to water and oils.

A trademark of DuPont, Lycra is the spandex fiber produced by DuPont. It is lightweight and soft, but stronger and more durable than rubber. Lycra can be stretched over 500% without breaking, and can be stretched repeatedly and still recover to its original length. It provides lightweight freedom of movement in foundation garments. It is quick to dry and accepts dyes very well. Garments with lycra do not pill or hold static.

Soft plush fabric with a close, dense pile.

Latex is made with rubber and thus has rubber-like qualities. Used in some elastics to provide greater elasticity. Breaks down easily when exposed to sun and body moisture. Many are allergic to direct contact of latex on their body, for whom spandex is an alternative.

Modal is made with cellulose from beech trees and is essentially a variety of rayon. It is about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. Modal fabric has softness, good drape and is said to breath even better than cotton. Garments made in modal have anti-crease properties and are relatively easy care.

This is both the name of a fabric and a fiber. A manufactured fiber introduced in the early 1950s, it is second only to cotton in worldwide use. Its ability to stretch and resist wrinkling makes it a popular fabric for panties. Polyester has high strength (although somewhat lower than nylon), excellent resiliency, and high abrasion resistance. Low absorbency allows the fiber to dry quickly.

A silk-like fabric made from wood pulp, cotton linters, or other vegetable matter. It is a comfortable fabric against the skin and absorbs moisture. It is not a strong fabric.

This word comes from the French word "tricoter" which means to knit. Tricot is a finely knit fabric that stretches in both the lengthwise and crosswise directions. It was developed especially for the underwear industry and can be made from nylon, wool, rayon, silk, cotton or other fibers.

PVC & Vinyl
PVC, which is also commonly referred to as "vinyl," is made from two basic substances: chlorine, which comes from salt, and ethylene, a compound derived from crude oil. The chlorine and ethylene are combined to produce ethylene dichloride, which undergoes high heat and polymerization to create the powder known as "polyvinyl chloride resin." To make PVC fabric, manufacturers process PVC resin with other materials to obtain the desired color and texture, and then use the PVC to coat one side of a knit fabric, such as polyester or Lycra.

Mesh fabric is breathable and is resistant to wear but not indestructible. The netting pattern is typically tight, like a mosquito net. Its made up of many connected or woven pieces with a large number of closely spaced holes.

When Did You Start Wearing Panties
By panties4me on May 13, 2013
What age did you start wearing panties. For many men wearing panties they started wearing panties very early on, the average being from 5 -12. However there are other guys wearing panties who started out later in life, 20's, 30's, 40's and even later. But the majority of men wearing panties started out very early on. Many men wearing panties can still recall the first time wearing panties and how from that day forward they would always be drawn to wearing panties. Wearing panties is not something you simply wake up one day and decide your going to try and then go and find a pair of panties and put them on, its just sort of something that happens, spontaneously and out of curiosity, and that spontaneous and curiosity happens at different ages, but as mentioned most often happens early on. Most times it happens out of seeing a pair of panties laying on the floor in the bathroom, or in a hamper or laundry pile, or in a drawer. Most often times its families panties like moms panties, sisters panties, aunts panties, cousins panties, but it can also be a neighbors panties, etc. Most often the first panties you encounter will be your mothers panties or sisters panties, hence why so many men start out wearing there mothers panties or sisters panties. Its not something one really thinks about for a long period of time, you see them and its an instant attraction to them, you notice right away that panties are so much different than mens underwear and the curisoity starts to flow and before you know it the panties are in your hands and you feel the difference between womens panties and mens underwear and now you start to wonder how they would feel like against you and how they would look on you and before you know it your standing there in panties. For many men wearing panties this is exactly the process they went through or very similar. Many have described panties as being a magnet you are instantly drawn to them and once you experience them you will always be drawn to them. Its amazing to hear from panty wears who are older like 60's or 70's and have them say they started out at 6 or 7 and how still to this day wearing panties is still exciting to them. Its amazing how a peice of clothing like panties can be such a strong attraction and remain that strong attraction. So no matter what age you started wearing panties you can look forward to years and years of excitement in wearing panties, many have mentioned its almost as if wearing panties gets better as the years go by. Click here to take a survey of when did you start wearing panties.

How Many Pairs Of Panties Do You Have
By pantieslovinguy on May 12 2013
So how many pairs of panties do you have. Do you have more panties than your wife or girlfriend. I think us men wearing panties value our panties much more than woman value there panties. We buy panties and typically we have them for life, unless we wear them out, which is part of the fun of wearing them if you know what I mean. Each panty we treasure, whether we bought them, borrowed them, were given them, or stole them. Whether you have only 1 panty or 100's or even 1000's of panties you always want more panties. Thats whats so great about panties, the endless selection, and the endless attraction to wanting to try wearing each and every panty. Each time you slip on a new pair of panties its like the first time all over again. Can one ever have enough panties, most men wearing panties would quickly answer no, you just can never have enough panties. Click here to take a survey of when did you start wearing panties.

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