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History Of Boyshorts
By wearingboyshorts on July 11, 2013
Boy shorts, also known as boy short panties, boys' cut, booty shorts, shorties, tap panties or boyleg briefs are a kind of women's shorts that goes all the way down the hips, named for their similarity in looks to men's knit boxer shorts, which themselves are a variation on traditional boxer shorts. Some even resemble men's briefs, complete with fly and contrast trim. Unlike men's briefs, however, this style is usually lower cut, and is designed to fit and flatter a woman's figure. Boy shorts often cover most of the buttocks area.

Boy shorts have become a popular choice, since they avoid displaying a prominent visible panty line, and are a modest and comfortable alternative to thongs and conventional panties. They are also popularly matched with a camisole top and worn as loungewear. Cotton-spandex blends and lace are the most popular materials for boy shorts.

The lingerie department would not be complete without the boy short underwear for women. The history of boy shorts is very interesting since they are not a new entrant into the market. However, the modern variety has evolved from the former rudimentary pieces of before to the sexy pieces that we have today. However, compared to other pieces of clothing in the women?s underwear department, the boy shorts have a short history, perhaps because they entered the market in the early 1990?s. Today, they have stayed the same as before and one of the most striking things about them is their similarity to the men?s boxer shorts.

Boy shorts for women have really come along way. After all, the female panties bear a close resemblance to the male boxers. Today, the boy shorts for women have emerged as the chic modern underwear for most women, especially those in executive positions. It is not a wonder to find women who wear boy shorts alone at home. They are so user friendly after all.

There are different types of boy shorts for women. Some of them go way down below the hips and some of them are brief such that they can almost be mistaken for panties. However, while their earlier counterparts were a bit broader, longer and looser, today?s varieties are tight and clingy, giving them a sexy look and feel.

Even in the history of the boy shorts for women, it is hard for one to pinpoint exactly when they hit the market but it is well known that long ago, boy shorts, just like camisoles were worn both by men and women. Chances are that the traditional boy shorts for men and women were worn for centuries of years ago even before we had the modern variety, which is very sexy. In women?s lingerie, the boy shorts have carved themselves a niche and by all looks, they are here to stay.

Knickerbockers, knee shorts and maybe long johns have all shaped the emergence and evolution of the boy shorts for women. All these pieces of clothing have something in common. Boy shorts are the chic variations. They help to get rid of the annoying and revealing panty lines.

Below are some examples of boyshort panties, click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

boy short panties boyshorts boyshort pantie

boyshorts boy short panty boyshort panty

boyshorts womens boyshorts

satin boyshorts silky boyshorts satin boyshort panties

panty boyshorts panties boyshorts

satin boyshort panty silky boyshort panties

lace boyshort panties lacy boyshort panty

lace boyshort lacy boyshort

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History Of Panties
By pantyhistory on July 11, 2013
Thought it might be interesting to know a bit of history about panties. Panties as we know them today are a fairly recent invention. The underwear of yesteryear was far more practical and functional and was designed primarily for durability, long before it became important to also be comfortable and pretty. Women needed something for modesty as well as to absorb any bodily secretions that might be around. Catherine de Medici is often credited with the earliest form of panties, as she needed an undergarment that she could wear while she rode her horse sidesaddle and when she looped her leg around the neck of the horse, she was a bit reticent to expose all her girlie goodies; thus a form of rudimentary undergarments were fashioned to cover her up. Around the 1800's, during the very prim and proper Victorian era, women ironically wore a pair of knickers with two separate legs--which were then tied together at the waist, leaving the entire crotch area open and exposed. Say what? The thinking at the time was that an open crotch was more hygienic and would keep a woman fresher having more air flow to the area. Underwear changes could be infrequent and this was the norm in this day in age.

Parisian Can Can dancers can ironically get some of the credit for the eventual sewing up of the crotch area to form a completely covered up pair of knickers. The length of the knickers did rise, however as the Can Can dancers enjoyed showing off a little more thigh during their high kicking dance numbers.

During the Industrial Age, toward the end of the 18th century, the invention of the Spinning Jenny and the Cotton Gin made cotton fabrics widely available. Over time, factories began cranking out manufactured underwear and for the first time customers could buy their undergarments in a store rather than having to make them at home.

During the latter part of the 19th century, very long drawers (like Queen Vicky's) were the fashion and were called cutely enough, "pantalettes." These pantalettes were worn on the bottom half of a woman's body with a lightweight, shift-like garment that was worn on the top. The shift was just a thin garment which was worn underneath the dreaded corset, but that's another story altogether. Over time, as skirt lengths began to rise, pantalettes became shorter as well, out of necessity. The pantalettes did a good job, however of keeping a woman's legs out of sight as in those days, seeing a leg was considered to be immodest. (Unless you are a Can Can dancer, or some other type of "loose" woman, of course.)

Early 1900's
By the early 1900's, women were becoming more active and a trend toward athleticism in women was becoming popular along with the day of the "Gibson Girl". Pantalettes evolved into a shorter version of underwear that became known as bloomers, which were very popular for active endeavors such as tennis, gymnastics or other sports. These bloomers still were long, hung like trousers on the body and fastened just below the knee.

The 1920's
In the 1920's the advent of the dance-loving Flapper created a new more masculine fashion for women. Skirt lengths went up, which required undergarments to change as well. During the Flapper era, stockings and garter belts began to be very popular and for the first time, women's undergarments began to be designed to be pretty and as well as just functional. The Flappers wore a type of almost panty known as a "step-in". These "step-in's" very much resembled a panty, as we know it today. Because of the dancing enjoyed by the Flappers and the social climate of the era, a new sexual awareness was happening that flowed through into the undergarments of the day. For the first time underwear was made to be sexier and many attribute the ushering in of the era of lingerie to the Flapper girl.

The 1950's
Before the 1950's panties were primarily made of plain white, basic fabrics and had an elastic waistband. Panty girdles were popular in the 1950's and helped to create a silhouette that conformed a woman?s body to the small waistline fashions popular during this time period.

The 1960's
As time went on, by the 1960's women demanded that a more flattering and comfortable undergarment be created that was more figure flattering as well as fashionable. Prints and colorful fabrics were used to make panties, and different styles were invented, including popular hip huggers and bikinis.

1970's and the 1980's
Lingerie popularity reached a pinnacle in the 1970's and the 1980's. Perhaps it was all those Jane Fonda aerobics classes, but women wanted more figure flattering and sexy panties than were available before. During this time, a high cut leg became very popular as it elongated the leg visually and created a very sexy look that women loved. Comfort and function were lost somewhere in the fashionable desire to have sexy underwear that also had erotic appeal. Sexy panties were popular with the masses and "granny panties" began to become somewhat extinct amongst fashion forward individuals.

Late 90's
Sometime around the late 90's, the Brazilian g-string that had been popular in South America and amongst exotic dancers, made its way into the general population. Women embraced this undergarment, popularly known as the thong, because it eliminated VPL (visible panty lines) and was virtually invisible underneath clothing. It also had a very sexy appeal on it's own and by this time, women were very familiar with using many types of underwear for its erotic and sexual appeal. Today the thong is one of the fastest selling types of panties sold in the lingerie.

Today's panties are made from many different fabrics, such as cotton, silk, satin, leather, vinyl, latex, mesh and polyester, but it is usually considered good hygienic protocol to have the crotch lined in a cotton fabric that breathes. Panties serve a wide range of purposes that vary from control and shapewear garments all the way to those that are designed primarily for sexual titillation and erotic purposes. The modern woman has much to choose from when it comes to assembling her panty wardrobe. We've progressed light years when it comes to the comfort, function as well as styling of these beautiful and sexy garments that we playfully call panties. Next time you reach into your underwear drawer, you may be thankful for the pretty, sexy things you get to wear next to your skin that make you feel confident, beautiful as well as sexy. And thankfully, there's probably not a pantaloon or bloomer in sight!

panty history panties history

Nylon Crotch Panties, Nylon Gusset Panties
By nylonpantylover on July 9, 2013
Back in the day (50s and 60's), classic nylon panties or classic nylon briefs as most were made entirely of one single fabric. Sometime around the 60's or 70's, the cotton crotch was introduced and has become standard. And yet those classic nylon panties of that era remain a favorite of many. Now days these all nylon panties have become vintage, although you can still find some still being made by smaller specialty companies. As one can imagine for us guys the feeling of the all nylon crotch is much better feeling than the cotton crotch. Many men wearing panties remember the days of nylon gusset panties, perhaps their mothers wore nylon gusset panties and nylon gusset panties where the first panties they became interested in. Its sad when styles of panties that one likes goes away, it happened to satin panties with the disappearance of victoria's secret second skin satin, and how those who enjoyed the victoria's secret second skin satin are left searching on where to get them and wishing they would of stocked up on them when they were available. Same thing for nylon gusset panties, they disappeared leaving many who loved them searching for where to get them. For those that enjoy nylon gusset panties when you find them or have them you treasure them, they are a treat to wear, and are often times worn only occasionally as not to wear out the few you might have. Many of the vintage nylon panties came with a double nylon gusset, and only came in a brief style. For those that want to enjoy the feeling of a nylon crotch against you but cannot find vintage nylon gusset panties or do not want to pay the prices they get for vintage nylon gusset panties here is a tip, many nylon panties the cotton crotch can be cut out leaving the panty intact and laving a layer of nylon. You can now get somewhat the effect of wearing a nylon gusset panty, you will not be able to do this with all nylon panties so be sure to inspect the nylon panty crotch to make sure you can cut out the cotton crotch. The feeling of being surrounded by nylon is amazing and if you have never worn a nylon gusset panty you have to give it a try, whether you buy vintage nylon panties or try the method of cutting the cotton crotch out of the panties.

Below are some examples of vintage nylon gusset panties, click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

vintage nylon gusset panties vintage nylon gusset panty

nylon gusset panties vintage nylon gusset panties

nylon gusset panty nylon gusset panty

nylon crotch panties nylon crotch panty

Borrowing Panties
By thehamperhound on July 8, 2013
Most men at some point in there life have gotten curious and went through a hamper, laundry pile or drawer looking for panties. Us men just have a fascination with womens panties, whether we just want to see what type of panties a woman wears, whether we want to borrow them to sniff panties, lick panties, masturbate with panties, or whether we want to steal panties to wear, or for many men all of the above. As mentioned panties are just something us guys have a huge fascination with, how a simple article of clothing can draw us to them, how sexual panties are, and how exciting panties are and how panties can pleasure us in so many ways. So at some point us men had to go looking for panties. For most men searching for panties started early on, looking through the hamper to find your sisters panties, moms panties, the laundry pile to find your sisters panties, moms panties or perhaps looking through your moms panty drawer or sisters panty drawer for panties to steal. Many men's curiosity towards panties starts with borrowing moms panties or borrowing sisters panties as their panties are the first you see and are the most available. As time goes on you start to search for panties outside your house, maybe a friends moms panties, friends sisters panties, neighbors panties, other relatives panties. You find yourself searching for panties where ever you go, and that desire to search for panties builds and builds as time goes on. Once your fascination with panties starts only gets stronger and stronger. You feel a rush, an excitement when searching through a hamper, laundry pile or panty drawer, and when you find a pair of panties your almost shaking your so excited. To find a pair of panties, borrow panties and be able to have time to enjoy panties, sometimes the time you are able to enjoy panties is not very long and other times you have plenty of time to fully enjoy panties. There is just something about digging through a hamper to find panties, digging through a laundry pile to find panties or searching for a womans panty drawer and opening it up and seeing what type of panties she has. So why do us guys search for panties, why do we dig through a womans hamper to find her panties, why do we dig through a womans laudry pile to find her panties and why do we search for her panty drawer, many women wonder this. Panties are one of the most sexual and intimate items, from thoughts about seeing a woman in panties, to thoughts about a womans scents left behind on a pair of worn panties, to thoughts about how those panties would feel against us, panties create many sexual stimulants in a guys mind. Its amazing how a simple article of clothing can become such a sexual stimulant, how it has become desired by so many guys. Many woman think us guys might only be interested in panties if they are being worn by a woman, but our facination with panties goes way beyond seeing you in panties, when those panties are off they are still very much facinating to us. And thats where borrowing panties comes in, when you remove those panties our facination still remains, thoughts about those panties clinging to you, thoughts about your juices dripping and soaking into the panties, and thoughts about about how those panties would feel wrapped around us, or how they would feel like wearing your panties. Most men who are looking to borrow panties are looking for dirty panties, worn panties, and not so much the clean panties. Dirty panties, worn panties contain much more stimulants for us to enjoy, the smell and taste, and also thoughts about them being recently worn create many more sexual thoughts, turn ons. However many men also borrow clean panties, and some men prefer clean panties versus dirty panties as they are not looking to enjoy the scents left on panties, they might only be into the feel of the panties against them. Whether you borrow dirty panties or clean panties, the excitement in finding panties, borrowing panties and then enjoying those panties in various ways is something many guys have done at some point in there life. It might of started with moms panties, sisters panties, then progressed into other peoples panties like friends moms panties, friends sisters panties, perhaps a girlfriends panties, girlfriends sisters panties, girlfriends moms panties, sister in laws panties, mother in laws panties, a friends girlfriends panties, friends wifes panties, neighbors panties, co workers panties, other relatives panties, or even a strangers panties. It seems that once you start borrowing panties your always on the search for panties, or the hunt for panties, when you visit someones house your checking for panties in the hamper and as you walk by the bedroom your wondering which drawer is the panty drawer. Most men cannot resist a pair of panties hanging out of our ontop of the hamper or laundry pile, or cannot resist the temptation when seeing a pair of panties laying on the floor in the bedroom, bathroom, etc of wanting to go over and shove them in your pocket. Its a natural and normal desire to want to borrow panties to enjoy.

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Men Wearing Panties Are All Over The World
By guysinpanties on July 5, 2013
So are men wearing panties only found in certain parts of the world, NO. Men wearing panties come from all over the world. The united states, united kingdom, and canada seem to have the most concentrations of men wearing panties, due in part to they are large populated countries. You will find men wearing panties in every state in the united states, Alabama men wearing panties, Alaska men wearing panties, Arizona men wearing panties, Arkansas men wearing panties, California men wearing panties, Colorado men wearing panties, Connecticut men wearing panties, Delaware men wearing panties, Florida men wearing panties, Georgia men wearing panties, Hawaii men wearing panties, Idaho men wearing panties, Illinois men wearing panties, Indiana men wearing panties, Iowa men wearing panties, Kansas men wearing panties, Kentucky men wearing panties, Louisiana men wearing panties, Maine men wearing panties, Maryland men wearing panties, Massachusetts men wearing panties, Michigan men wearing panties, Minnesota men wearing panties, Mississippi men wearing panties, Missouri men wearing panties, Montana men wearing panties, Nebraska men wearing panties, Nevada men wearing panties, New Hampshire men wearing panties, New Jersey men wearing panties, New Mexico men wearing panties, New York men wearing panties, North Carolina men wearing panties, North Dakota men wearing panties, Ohio men wearing panties, Oklahoma men wearing panties, Oregon men wearing panties, Pennsylvania men wearing panties, Rhode Island men wearing panties, South Carolina men wearing panties, South Dakota men wearing panties, Tennessee men wearing panties, Texas men wearing panties, Utah men wearing panties, Vermont men wearing panties, Virginia men wearing panties, Washington men wearing panties, West Virginia men wearing panties, Wisconsin men wearing panties, Wyoming men wearing panties. The larger populated states will have more men wearing panties, but you will find men wearing panties from cities, men wearing panties from suburbs and men wearing panties from the country, men wearing panties from large populated cities to men wearing panties from small towns. You might think your the only one in your town, or city that wears panties but with as many men wearing panties chances are there are other men wearing panties in your town or city no matter how small the town you live in.

You will also find men wearing panties from all countries, Australia men wearing panties, Brazil men wearing panties, Canada men wearing panties, France men wearing panties, Germany men wearing panties, Great Britain men wearing panties, Hong Kong men wearing panties, Ireland men wearing panties, Italy men wearing panties, Japan men wearing panties, Korea men wearing panties, Mexico men wearing panties, Panama men wearing panties, Philippines men wearing panties, Puerto Rico men wearing panties, Russia men wearing panties, Spain men wearing panties, Sweden men wearing panties, Switzerland men wearing panties, Taiwan men wearing panties, Thailand men wearing panties, United Kingdom men wearing panties, or UK men wearing panties. Men wearing panties are from all over the world. Every corner of the world you can find men wearing panties, wearing panties is universal, its something men from all over the world have in common. Its amazing how a piece of clothing like panties are so universally enjoyed by so many men from all over the world.

Have You Ever Worn Panties
By wearingpanties on July 3, 2013
Men wearing panties is certainly more common and more popular than one realizes. Chances are if your reading this you have worn panties or your curious about wearing panties or curious about others who wear panties. Wearing panties is probably not something you sit around talking to your friends about, for most men wearing panties is something you have always done in secret. Have you ever wondered how many men wear panties, have you ever wondered if any of your friends wear panties, or while out at the store or mall have you ever wondered how many other men might be wearing panties. You might walk by several men wearing panties each day, or you might have a friend who also wears panties but you have no idea. Although one cannot put a number or percentage on how many men wear panties, one can say that there are more than one realizes. Thanks to communities like men wearing panties club men wearing panties are able to express that they enjoy wearing panties, many have been wearing panties for 20, 30, 40 and even 40 years long before the days of the internet and all those years they did not have any idea that other men wear panties. All of the sudden after so many years of wearing panties, they find out that many other men wear panties, and thanks to communities like men wearing panties club they have been able to express there love of wearing panties, make friends who wear panties, and have a place to visit to enjoy wearing panties. Those who start wearing panties now days realize right away there are many other men wearing panties, perhaps they even got into wearing panties because they heard about how good it feels to wear panties from other men wearing panties. Its nice seeing the number of men expressing they enjoy wearing panties, as mentioned wearing panties is not something you usually can sit around talking with your buddies about, and with communities like men wearing panties club men wearing panties are able to make friends with other men wearing panties, ask questions, get advice, talk about what panties they enjoy, post pictures of themselves wearing panties or look at pictures of other men wearing panties, chat with other men wearing panties, its nice having a community where you can interact in so many ways with other men wearing panties, and if your more quiet or timid about wearing panties you can enjoy the community also as there is plenty to see and do without having to interact with others. I love being able to visit a community that brings men wearing panties together.

Women With Panty Fetish
By womanwithpantyfetish on July 1, 2013
Is it only men who have a panty fetish. No, there are many woman who have a fetish for panties. However women tend to be a bit more quite about such things, a bit more timid about their sexual likes and sexual fetishes. Woman develop a fetish for panties much like guys do, usually early on while growing up, perhaps seeing moms panties, or older sisters panties, and noticing the difference between the panties they are wearing and the much sexier panties mom is wearing or panties older sister is wearing. Basically just like guys, a curiosity starts, however for women its much easier to explore their panty fetish because of course they are wearing panties already. Woman's panty fetish can range from just the feeling of different panties against them, lace panties, nylon panties, satin panties, etc. It can also be the visual of panties on either them or other women. And many women do enjoy the scents and tastes of themselves so they smell panties, lick panties. There are also women who enjoy showing off there panties to others and they get a sexual rush from that, or they enjoy seeing panty peeks from other women. Many woman with panty fetishes enjoy using there panties as sexual aides or toys, either on themselves, other women, or guys. Stuffing panties inside themselves, seeing other woman stuffing panties inside them, using panties to stroke a guy, a panty hand job. And yes there are woman who do enjoy dressing a guy up in panties, spanking guys in panties, seeing guys wearing panties. There are women who also enjoy wearing panties during sex, either pulling them to the side, or pulling them down just enough to have sex. A womans panty fetish can range from one of the above described things, to a few of them, to several of them, to all of them. Just like guys who have a panty fetish, what guys are into in their panty fetish can vary from guy to guy. I think many guys would be surprised to hear that many woman do have a panty fetish to some degree, panties whether it be women or men just have that certain sexual draw to them that makes both women and men interested in them and wanting to explore them in different ways.

Being a woman myself I can say that yes I have a major panty fetish, might even have a stronger panty fetish than many guys do. Having a panty fetish is not something I have told my girlfriends about, as mentioned us women tend to keep our sexual likes to ourselves especailly when they are on a bit more of the kinky side. Its to bad as I have enjoy many of my friends panties, sniffing my friends panties, licking my friends panties, rubbing my friends panties all over my body, and of course masturbating with my friends panties and I have always wanted to let them know I do this with their panties. I enjoy my panties and other womens panties, I enjoy sniffing panties, licking panties, rubbing panties on my nipples getting the scents and juices all over my nipples and then sucking on my nipples. I love to rub my clit with my panties, the silkier the better, nylon, silk and satin panteis feel so good rubbing against my hard clit. I love seeing myself in panties, love to look in the mirror and see myself in sexy panties and I love seeing other women in panties, it gets me so wet. I do not go around showing off panty peeks, but I sure do enjoy seeing panty peeks on other women. I love to watch guys enjoying panties, whether its sniffing panties, licking panties, masturbating with panties and I love seeing a bulge in panties. I love giving guys panty hand jobs and watching them cum all over the panties, then bring the cum soaked panties up to my mouth and lick all the cum off the panties. My panty fetish started early on, just as I mentioned many mens and also many womens panty fetish does. At sleepovers I became curious about my friends older sisters panties and found myself wondering what I looked like in there sexy panties and also what there panties smelled and tasted like. As many guys have expressed its just something that happends, one second your in the bathroom and the next your eye catches a pair of panties and then the next second those panties are in your hands, up to your nose, your sniffing those panties, licking those panties and your touching yourself with those panties. Men and woman have much more in common when it comes to sexual likes than one thinks. Just like many men enjoy seeing two women kissing, or having sex, many woman also enjoy seeing two woman kissing or having sex, even if they never want to experiece being with a woman they still enjoy seeing it, its weird how men and woman and what we like are more similar than one things, and that goes for panties also. Growing up I caught boyfriends sniffing my panties, my brothers friends sniffing my panties, and it always turned me on so much, had a few amazing moments with some of my brothers friends as I watched them sniffing my panties. I love stroking a guy with another pair of my panties as he is sniffing the pair I just took off. And as I mentioned I love seeing a bulge in panties and love seeing the wet spot forming as they are so excited wearing panties. Whether its a womans wet spot or a mans wet spot in panties, they both turn me on so much. Its nice to be able to express my panty fetish, its not something I was able to do while growing up, and its not something I can go around telling my friends, but maybe some of them have a panty fetish also. I think its the same for many men who have a panty fetish or wear panties, you just don't go around telling your friends but you also wonder if any of them have a panty fetish. Its always nice to be around others with a panty fetish, whether its men with a panty fetish or other women with a panty fetish. The similarties between mens panties fetish and womens panty fetish are so close, and to be able to enjoy your panty fetish togeher is amazing. I know I have been able to enjoy my fetish for panties with many boyfriends, and I know I turned many of them on to having a panty fetish, many of them still are probably enjoying the last pair of panties they got from me, wore of mine, etc. Panties are fun, exciting, thrilling, and very pleasureful for both men and women to enjoy either alone or with each other. I have enjoyed sniffing panties together with my boyfriends, licking my panties in front of boyfriends, my face down in a pair of my friends panties or a pair of my boyfriends friends girlfriends panties while we have sex, the orgasm like this is so intense. I have done a bit of stuffing panties, still exploring that more. And reaching back and pulling your panties to the side for sex, there is nothing like the naughty feeling of having your panties pulled to the side while having sex. As I mentioned there are many women who have a panty fetish out there, and I am sure many men are wishing they could meet a woman with a panty fetish, I wish I had some advice on how you could tell if a woman has a panty fetish but there are really no signs to tell if she has a panty fetish. You would never guess that I have a major panty fetish. I would love to enjoy my panty fetish with another woman and its just as hard for me to find a woman with a panty fetish as it is for you guys. One just has to get lucky and come across the right person.

Smelling Panties
By thehamperhound on June 24, 2013
Many men wearing panties also enjoy smelling panties. The combination of wearing panties and smelling panties satisfies the senses of touch, sight and smell creating a very pleasureful experience. Most men, both non panty wearing men and panty wearing men enjoy smelling panties, it would be hard to find a guy who has not smelled a pair of panties at some point in there life. All men love panties, whether its wearing panties, smelling panties, masturbating with panties, seeing panty peeks, admiring women wearing panties, or admiring other men wearing panties. Panties are just something we guys have a fascination with. Panties press closely to that certain female part that drives us men crazy, the sight of a pair of panties that have been recently worn, the smells left behind on a pair of recently worn panties, there are few men who can resist panties, and when that womanly part we crave so much is not available the next best thing is a pair of panties that have been pressing against that womanly part with those scents on it. As mentioned lots of guys smell panties, however its not something guys talk about with there friends, perhaps because they are smelling there friends girlfriends panties, friends wifes panties, friends sisters panties, or friends mothers panties. Panties are just something that draws us men to them, you see a pair of panties in the hamper, a pair of panties ontop of the laundry pile, a pair of panties laying on the floor in the bathroom, a pair of panties laying on the floor in a bedroom, a pair of panties tucked inside pants or shorts, or you find a pair of panties under a bed, behind a wash machine, etc, us guys curiosity starts to flow and we instantly start to get excited, turned on and just naturally we want to explore those panties. Being curious about dirty panties is very normal, and as mentioned even know many men do not openly talk about smelling panties or admit to smelling panties, you can be assured that most men have smelled panties at some point in there life, or at least can admit to being curious about it. I am sure before the internet started many men smelling panties (just like many men wearing panties) wondered if other men smelled panties. Thanks to communities like men wearing panties club men who enjoy panties can see just how many men enjoy panties, they can become friends, talk about there love of panties, whether its smelling panties, wearing panties, seeing panties, or everything about panties. Its nice to be around others who enjoy smelling panties, to hear stories about smelling panties, whose panties they first smelled, whose panties they smell now, where they have found dirty panties, its exciting to hear about others panty smelling adventures and to be around other men who smell panties, to be around others who have the same things in common and to be able to express that you also enjoy smelling panties to others.

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Tips For Wearing Womens Panties
By pantiesformen on June 21, 2013
I have been wearing panties for around 25 years and have learned alot during those years about wearing girls panties. As I have grown older in my panty wearing I have learned to be a bit more choosy with the panties I wear. Back when I started wearing panties any panty would do, cotton panties, nylon panties, lace panties, satin panties, silk panties, bikini panties, brief panties, thong panties, boyshort panties, etc where not really around back then. I also did not care what size the panties where, small panties, medium panties, large panties or extra large panties. When I came across a pair of panties I wore them, it did not matter what style of panties, the fabric of the panties or the size of the panties I just wanted to enjoy the panties. As I grew older into my panty wearing I started to be a bit more choosy of what style of panties, fabric of panties and size panties I wore. When I started wearing panties there were no computers in every home, interent at your fingertips, etc. For all I knew I was the only person who wore panties. So my learning curve about panties was a bit slower than those who start now days and can hop onto the computer and visit places like men wearing panties club. I learned slowly about panties, and also my courage to go out and buy my own panties slowly grew. It was not until about 10 years ago I came across men wearing panties club that I realized just how many other men wore panties. For up until then as mentioned I enjoyed wearing panties but did not realize if there were other men that wore panties. For what I learned in my first 15 years of panty wearing, I could of learned in a few minutes now days from all the other men wearing panties on men wearing panties club. In these 10 years of being on men wearing panties club I have learned so much about panties and learned so many tips, suggestions, reasons why other men wear panties, etc. I made so many friends that wear panties, something I never thought was possible. Being able to communicate with other men wearing panties has taken panty wearing to a whole new level. I guess just like other things a person is into, when you hang out with others into the same thing you learn much more about what you enjoy. Panties themselves are not that complicated, they are a piece of fabric stitched together, however when you think about the other aspects of panties, like the desire, pleasure, etc they bring to us men wearing panties they sort of are complicated. Men wearing panties wear for different reaons, yes many of us wear for the pleasure but we all enjoy different ways to pleasure ourselves with panties and different styles bring us different pleasures. Some men only wear thongs, some wear only brief panties and the thong wearing men often times wonder how the brief panty wearing men get pleasure from brief style panties and of course the brief panty wearing men wonder how the thong wearing men find pleasure in wearing thongs. Meeting other men wearing panties and being able to communicate with them has gotten me to try different styles of panties, after hearing why they enjoy wearing a certain style I had to see for myself, and often times I find that I relate totally to why they enjoy wearing a certain style of panties, color of panties, or fabric of panties. Over the years I have learned about sizing in panties and how to get a better fit, and although the manufactures make it tough on sizing for both women wearing pantie and men wearing panties because there is no universal sizing between manufactures I have learned ways to avoid picking out the wrong size. I have learned so much about myself in talking with other panty wearers, the biggest thing I have learned is that its perfectly ok for me to enjoy wearing panties, this had allowed me to relax a lot more and enjoy panty wearing. I have learned to have a variety of styles in my panty drawer as I find that I might wear one certain style of panties more than others but its nice to experience wearing all styles of panties. The same goes for fabrics, its best to have a variety of fabrics. You will find the style of panties, colors of panties, and fabrics of panties that are your favorites but its nice to have that variety of panties to wear. All of us men wearing panties learn tips, suggestions, etc from each other and having a community like men wearing panties club that has been around for so long is something I really appreciate, I certainly have made many friends over the years and my men wearing panties friends are the best friends I could ask for.

By smoothpanties on June 18, 2013
It seems that gone are the days of the jungle down below for both men and women, it seems that for both men and maybe more so for women smooth or trim is the way to go. I am sure you have heard of the term manscaping, many men are choosing to ditch the jungle down below and I am sure many women are thankful for it. And many men are also choosing to shave other areas, chest, back, armpits, legs, arms. Smooth certainly seems to be becoming more and more popular for guys. So lets start with the private area, why shave your dick, balls, ass, well shaving or being trim just looks much better, now there are guys out there who are into hairy women, and others who are only into smooth or trim women. But for this article the main focus is on guys shaving, and whether you are looking at yourself or someone else is looking at you being shaved just looks better, and I am sure many woman would agree that going down on a guy with a jungle in your face is not much fun, so right there is a good excuse if someone asks you why you are shaved, say my woman hated a jungle in her face and loves that she does not have to fight with my hair when going down on me. Another thing is being shaved whether you are man or woman is much cleaner and healthier. Those are the 2 basic reasons a man or woman shaves. Other reasons are I am sure you have heard the old your dick looks bigger when your shaved. Lots of guys shave or trim, it just depends. For guys who wear panties it also depends, not every guy wearing panties shaves. However lots of men wearing panties do shave for the basic reasons above and also for the added reason of panties just fit, and feel much better when you are shaved. Many men wearing panties also shave other areas, chest, ass, armpits, back, seeing yourself wearing panties and smoother is way more appealing that wearing a pair of sexy panties with hair poking out the sides, or the rest of you also being hairy. For many men wearing panties shaving was not thought of until years and years after wearing panties and now days its much easier for a guy to shave than it was years ago as so many non panty wearing men are starting to shave and do manscaping so it makes us panty wearing men blend in and not have to explain why we shave. If you have never shaved first start with trimming for awhile, if your married or dating you might have to slowly work into trimming or being shaved or communicate with your wife or girlfriend and ask her what she wants, most woman don't like the jungle look but are to afraid to say anything to there man. As mentioned start off slow, give your body time to react and perhaps your wife or girlfriend time to react. Whether you trim or shave smooth you will find that in time you body will get used to it, there are lots of methods, products, etc and everyone is different in the method that works. Keeping it simple seems to work the best for most, shaving while in the shower with just a razor and some shaving gel, after you shave for the first few times it will only add a few minutes of time to your shower. You will find that not only are you more turned on seeing yourself wearing panties but that panties feel much better. So us men wearing panties shave because of all the basic reasons other men and women shave but we also have a few added reasons why men wearing panties shave, the look of us in panties and also the feel of the panties against us.

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Panty Styles
By softpanties on June 14, 2013
Men wearing panties all enjoy different styles of panties. Here is a list of the most common panty styles.

Padded Panties
padded panties

Who would have known that more than 12% of women feel they need a padded panty! Padded panties give a little extra booty to an otherwise flat bottom. Today both padded briefs and padded boyshorts are available, with some manufactures making other sexier styles of padded panties.

Bikini Panties
bikini panties
The second most popular pantie in women's underwear is the bikini panty. Bikini briefs offer more back coverage than a thong, but has a shorter rise than a brief. Bikinis can be hi cut and low cut and string bikini panties. The front has a triangle of material, covering everything important, and a bit more. The back is another, larger triangle; the amount of its coverage depends on the style of the bikini, but usually covers 1/2 to 3/4 of the rear area. The best thing about the bikini type panties is that they are more flattering if you have a bit of tummy, yet they are more stylish than regular briefs. They have a medium amount of coverage, front and back, and certainly wont show through heavier fabrics like denim or wool. This is a panty style whose waistband is usually thin, and rests on the hips. The sides can be anything from a string to a thicker side band.

Brazilian Panties
brazilian panties

Brazilian panties are ideal for those who want comfort with a super low panty line and who desire less coverage A Brazilian panty covers much more in back than a thong but less than a brief or bikini. A Brazilian panty has a full crotch, but the back is cut to follow the shape of your cheeks in a curved or arched shape. Often, Brazilian panties have frilly lace running around the waistband, or around the leg cuts, as well as a floral pattern on the material itself.

Brief Panties
brief panties

hi cut briefs
The basic women's full brief pantie also affectionately known as the granny pantie was the staple until the 90's when women were introduced to a new style the hi cut briefs panties. Hi cut briefs arrived and quickly became the most popular underpants in women's underwear. Today, the hi-cut brief is still the number one lingerie choice for women. These days, the style options for briefs are almost limitless, from plain white cotton briefs, to sporty microfiber, to romantic lace and ribbon! A brief panty's waistband rests at or below the navel. It provides full back and side coverage. There are variations to the leg cuts in briefs.

Control Briefs
control briefs
You get a smooth any tummy with this comfortable type of shape wear. This panty does double duty; first as a regular brief panty, and then the waist line rises above the hips, to give control and support to your mid section. Depending on the style, control area can even extend up to the ribcage, and down to the mid-thigh, reducing the entire area. If one want to wear a dress that one's body has begun to fill a bit too tightly, the control brief can often give them the room, and look, that they are seeking.

This exciting style of panty is great for virtually all sizes of body; giving you an ultra sexy look, no visible panty lines, and a sleek appearance. A thong is a panty with a narrow piece of fabric in the back that begins as a "v" shape at the waistband and then tapers to a thin strip by the time it reaches the crotch. The cheeks of your bottom are very exposed. It also has a thin strip of waist band, and small (smaller than Tanga) triangle in the front. It is a flattering item of lingerie, for any woman.

tanga panties
tanga panty
A tanga another great way to comfortably transition from a brief or bikini, before attempting a thong. If one has been thinking about trying to wear thongs or g-strings, starting with a tanga would be an easy first step. In terms of back coverage, most tangas are between a bikini and a thong. A tanga has narrower back coverage than a traditional panty, but is not as narrow as a thong. The front coverage is easily as much as most bikinis, and some briefs.

Rio Thong
rio thong panties
The Rio thong is an excellent and exciting starter thong. It is a very flattering look to many body types. This thong has the most rear coverage of the thong family. Generally, about 1/3 of your rear is covered by material and a similar amount of coverage in the front. Thong styles vary, but they all have a steep angle to the rear material.

G-String Panty
g string panty
g-string panties
This exciting style will boost your sensuality to a new level. Also, a g-string will absolutely prevent panty lines under tight-fitting garments of most any material, which is a tremendous advantage when wearing tight and/or sheer dresses, etc. Similar to a thong in front, a g-string leaves your derrier exposed. The back has either a simple string coming off a thin waistband or a small triangle with the string coming out of the lower point. The comfortability of these panties depends on a few things: the type and thickness of string, your activity level, and how you interpret what your body is feeling.

Hipster Panties
low cut panties
low rise panties
With the new low cut pants in the market, this style has become very popular! With these, one can wear low cut pants, without showing ones undies. The hipster (also called low-rise brief) is a mid coverage panty; the waist band rests much lower on the hip than a brief. The legs are cut like traditional briefs, not high/French cut. The rise is shorter, so the waistline of the hipster is well below the navel. A hipster is a perfect solution for wearing under low cut jeans, etc., which is what it is designed to do. Comfort wise, it feels almost exactly the same as a regular brief. One drawback to hipsters: though they won't normally be visible above the waist line of one's pants (even when bending, etc.).

Boy Shorts
boy short panties
boyshorts panties
The boy short trend arrived shortly after the year 2000. Boy shorts have recently become a very popular choice in women's underwear for everyday wear, athletic activities or as loungewear and sleepwear for a couple of reasons. First, boy shorts offer more coverage than a basic bikini or brief, and give a sporty look. Secondly, this silhouette tucks nicely under a woman's bottom to sit flat against her body and minimize any appearance of panty lines. Another advantage of boy shorts is that (when made seamless and from microfiber, for example) they eliminate panty lines under virtually all tight fitting skirts, pants, etc. Sexy boy shorts can be seen everywhere. They offer flirty yet full-coverage under short skirts, and are trimmed in ornate stretch lace such as the Honeydew ruffled rumba boy-short.

Why Men Wear Panties
By iwearpanties on June 12, 2013
Men who wear panties wear panties for many different reasons, the main reason and most common reason is for sexual stimulation. Many men wearing panties wear for a combination of reasons, sexual stimulation, comfort, different styles, colors, fabrics available, and some to be more in touch with there softer or feminine side. As mentioned the most common reason usually starts out for sexual stimulation and often times after years of wearing it turns into wearing panties 24 7 and wearing for both sexual stimulation and also for comfort. Womens panties come in many more styles, colors, and fabrics then mens underwear, and also they are much more softer. Womens panties fit much different than mens underwear because of course they were made for a womans body and not a mans body, however that different fit is much more desirable for many men to wear. Many women ask why do men wear panties, or why would a man want to wear panties, but as you see the answer is much similar than one thinks. Many women over think why a man wears panties and they don't see the simple reasons why he wears panties. They jump to conclusions that a man wearing panties changes him, instead of just realizing that he is sexually stimulated feeling the soft or silky fabric against him, or that they fit much nicer than his ruff mens underwear. And yes we all have that softer side, and women have been complaining we do not show our softer side as often. Wearing panties does not change who you are, it does not change your sexual preference, and it does not make you less masculine. It may surprise you to know that the "manly" man working the construction job is wearing lacy pink panties. You never know just how many men wear panties, and it might surprise you that each day you are walking by other men wearing panties and you don't know it. For what ever reasons you wear panties, you have realized you have found something you enjoy and you should never feel bad or feel that its wrong to wear panties. Remember panties are just clothing, putting on panties does not change you, its other people who have created sterotypes that feel that way. Our world is becoming more open minded and educated and once others realize the reasons why men wear panties, they start to see that there is noting wrong with men wearing panties. Click here to take a survey on what is the main reason you wear panties.

Have You Ever Got Together With Another Guy Wearing Panties
By pantiesfeelgood on June 9, 2013
Many men wearing panties want to meet other men wearing panties. Meeting with another guy wearing panties does not mean you are bisexual, gay, or even bicurious. Fact is the majority of men wearing panties are straight and many of those straight panty wearing men do find themselves thinking about what it would be like to meet with other men wearing panties. And yes there are many bisexual panty wearing men, gay panty wearing men and bicurious panty wearing men as well. Meeting with another guy wearing panties is something many men wearing panties think about, no matter what there sexual preference is. And meeting with another man wearing panties does not have to be about having sex, or experimenting with sexual things. For some men wearing panties yes its completely about wanting to have sex while wearing panties together, or experimenting with sexual things while wearing panties, but for other men wearing panties they just want another panty guy to hang out with, talk about wearing panties with, a friend, a buddy who is into the same thing as they are. After all doing any type of hobbies, activity with friends is always better than alone, and also being able to talk about things you enjoy with friends who also enjoy the same things is always much better. As mentioned many men wearing panties have had thoughts about what it would be like to get together with other men wearing panties, to be in front of another guy wearing panties, to talk about your love of wearing panties, however for many it stops at only thoughts, they never act upon getting together with other panty men. They may even post personal ads looking for men wearing panties, or respond to personal ads from other men wearing panties but they never follow through with meeting other men wearing panties. It takes lots of courage to go through with meeting with another guy wearing panties, after all many men wearing panties keep there panty wearing to themselves and no one knows of there panty wearing. They may also be confused at to why am I thinking about meeting up with other men wearing panties. Its very normal to have thoughts about meeting with other men wearing panties, no matter if you are straight, gay, bisexual or bicurious. As mentioned meeting with other men wearing panties does not always have to mean sex, it can mean just hanging out with a friend who shares a common interest in wearing panties. And as mentioned some men wearing panties are looking for the more sexual type of get togethers with other men wearing panties, and yes even if you are straight you can still have curiosities about seeing other men wearing panties and it does not mean you are no longer straight. Straight men have been getting together for mutal masturbation for centuries, so its perfectly normal if your straight to have those curiousities about seeing other men wearing panties and enjoying panties together. Having friends who wear panties is very healthy and will make you much happier when you have a friend or friends who also wear panties who you can talk with. When looking to get together with other men wearing panties the best thing is always post your own personal ad, you can browse through other personal ads and you might have luck finding someone, but with any personal ads there are way more looking than have posted ads, so posting an ad will increase your chances of finding another panty wearer. Men wearing panties all are looking for something different, so when seeking other men wearing panties try and find another man wearing panties who is seeking the same thing you are. If you are both looking for someone opposite its going to be uncomfortable. For intstance if you are not looking for sex but you find someone who is looking for sex than there is always going to be that bit of tension. Or if you are curious about trying sexual things and you meet someone who has already done sexual things you might feel a bit rushed because they are already comfortable trying sexual things. If your looking to try sexual things and you never have done them before with another guy than finding someone who also is looking to try sexual things but never has is the best choice, as you both will be able to take your time and slowly work into trying sexual things without the feeling of being rushed. Just like any friend you have to have things in common thats what makes you friends, and your already starting with a huge thing in common panties, its how you want to enjoy wearing panties together that can vary greatly. So once again finding someone who is also looking for similar experiences is going to be less nervous getting together with. And yes being nervous getting together with another guy wearing panties is very common and normal. It can take years for many to get over there nervous and be able to go through with getting together with someone. And what they find out is when they finally go through with getting together with another panty wearer they wonder why did I wait so long. Having a friend or friends you can enjoy panty wearing with will take your panty wearing to a while new level, and you will make the greatest friends. Have patience in finding the right person to enjoy wearing panties with, it can sometimes take a bit of time, but once you find that friend its all worth the wait as mentioned you will have a best friend to enjoy your love of panties with. Click here to take a survey on have you ever worn panties in front of another male.

Wearing Panties In Public
By tightpantyguy on June 8, 2013
Many men wearing panties only wear panties at home, however there are many men wearing panties who wear panties in public, and many men wearing panties who only wear panties at home eventually progress to wearing panties in public. Wearing panties in public can be anything from wearing panties to work, to wearing panties out shopping, etc. Wearing panties in public can be both scary but yet exciting. Many men wearing panties in public fear others will see the top of there panties, see a panty line, or somehow just know they are wearing panties, yet other men wearing panties like to show others they are wearing panties by purposely showing panty lines, or panty peeks. If you do not want others to know your wearing panties its best to be careful when you bend over, check in a mirror several times before leaving to make sure your panties are not visible through your pants, shorts, etc. Wearing a longer shirt can help your panties from being exposed when you bend over or sit down. Other men wearing panties do not care if anyone sees them wearing panties and they actually want others to see them wearing panties, they purposely wear clothing that will show visible panty lines, or clothing that will easy show panty peeks as they bend over. For many men wearing panties it can certainly be thrilling to be walking in front of someone and bend over and show them your wearing panties, or be squatting down in a store isle and have several others walking by you as you are exposing the back of your panties above your pants or shorts. Whether you want to hide your panties while in public, show your panties or whether you don't have a preferance either way, wearing panties in public and venturing out wearing panties outside your home is a big step. As mentioned its filled with lots of emotions, fear, nervousness, but also excitement. Wearing panties in public is a big step for many to venture outside the safe bounderies of wearing panties at home, but its a milestone in your panty wearing to be wearing panties in various other places. Knowing your wearing sexy panties under your male clothing while in public is very thrilling, to walk by women and think to yourself I wonder what type of panties she is wearing, I wonder if mine are sexier than hers. To feel the fabric rubbing against you with each step, and to feel that sense of liberation that your wearing panties where ever you go. If you have never worn panties in public, perhaps you have thought about it, start off slow wearing panties in places that are not very crowded to start off with, a walk down a hiking trail, or a deserted street are great places to get the feel for wearing panties in public, after you have build up more courage you can start wearing to places like the gas station, malls, various other stores, etc. Just remember no one has xray vision, they cannot tell what you have on under your male clothing, if you take the steps to make sure your panties are not visible and are not going to show than no one will be able to know your wearing panties. Have confidence and soon you will be wearing panties everywhere you go. Click here to take a survey on do you wear panties in public.

Wearing Panties To A Strip Club
By lovwearinpanties on June 7, 2013
Many men wearing panties ultimate fantasy is to be able to wear panties in front of a female. Here's an idea that worked for me. I wore panties to a strip club. I am a single guy in my mid 20's, have been dating but not in a relationship so I can visit a strip club and not have to explain to a wife or girlfiriend about why I am visiting a stirp club, however most men who do visit strip clubs are either married or in a relationship, and to me there is nothing wrong with that, now there wifes might have a different opinion on it. Many of us men wearing panties whether we are single, married, or dating want to experiece what its like to be around a woman while wearing panties, and if we cannot find a woman to date and tell we like wearing panties, or if we just don't think we could tell our wifes or girlfriends that we wear panties, that feeling and urge to want to experiece wearing panties around a woman remains and only grows more and more. Being able to wear panties around a woman is a huge turn on, luckily some men date or are married to women who they can wear panties in front of. I have always wondered what it would be like to wear panties in front of a woman, have chatted with some woman over the years online who were into guys wearing panties but they lived across the country so meeting up and wearing panties in front of them was not possible. My goal is to meet a woman and tell her that I like wearing panties and be able to wear panties in front of her, and thanks to the many friends I have made over the years that have wifes or girlfriends that they wear panties in front of I have hopes that someday I will find that woman I can wear panties in front of, but what about now I want to experiece what its like to have a woman know I wear panties and to wear them in front of her. I wondered how am I going to experiece wearing panties in front of a woman now. So about a year ago I had a friend who was getting married and we did the strip club thing for his bachlar party, we went to a few different strip clubs, some totally nude, some semi nude, only topless, however all of them start out in there sexy bra and panties or lingerie. And I must comment on that, I feel I get more turned on watching them dancing in bra and panties or lingerie than when they are naked, I think us men wearing panties appreciate what they are wearing much more than non panty wearing guys who just want them to get naked. I think many other men wearing panties can relate to being turned on more seeing a woman in panties rather than naked. Also seeing the strippers wearing something similar to what I have worn is such a turn on. During the bachlar party night after several just off the stage lap dances and a few private lap dances a light bulb went off in my head, what about wearing panties to a strip club. The strippers I met that night were all great, they just wanted us to be happy, of course us being happy meant more money to them, but most really seemed to be great women and we had several who just sat around after dancing and talking with us. Now the bachlar party night I did not wear panties, one of the few times I do not wear panties. However as mentioned a light bulb went off and I got the idea of wearing panties to a strip club. Wearing panties to a strip club, what a great way to wear panties in front of a woman and be in an environment where it would be ok to tell them I am wearing panties, or show them I am wearing panties, and also a place where its ok to be turned on and excited, even better while wearing panties. So a few months after the bachlar party I planned a night to visit one of the strip clubs we had went to on the bachlar party night, I picked a night during the middle of the week as I thought it would be less busy, less other parties going on, and that meant a bit more attention for me. I picked out a pair of panties that would not be mistaken for anything but panties, it was a pale pink satin thong. I was so excited driving to the strip club and had to take several deep breaths to calm down. I went into the strip club and sat down next to the stage and for about 45 min watched several of the strippers, some of which were the same ones I saw on the bachlar party night. I was so excited sitting there in my pink satin panties while being in the presence of woman who were wearing panties or lingerie while dancing sexually only feet from me. Just sitting there watching the strippers while wearing my panties was excitement enough. As the night progressed the strippers and I got more comfortable with each other, they came closer and closer and I got to know which ones were more friendly, some of the strippers just get up there and dance and get off the stage while other strippers are more friendly, talk to you, and are just more bubbly and have more personality. So of course I was laying out my dollar bills and drawing them over, getting small dances from certain ones here and there, it was also so exciting and I was so hard in my panties and leaking a bit into my panties from being excited so long. I have to say that just sitting there wearing panties while watching a woman wearing panties topless dancing in front of you is such a turn on. I had a few of the strippers who I drew over to me by putting my dollar bills on the stage get closer than others, they would come down and brush there hands against my lap or put there ass or crotch about an inch from my face. I can say that when there hands would lightly brush over my crotch I am sure they could feel I was hard and let me say I just about came a few times. So that was how my first trip to a strip club wearing panties went, I went home still hard the entire way home and masturbated in my panties and it did not take to long and what a powerful orgasm it was thinking about all the strippers and especailly the ones that got so close to me. So a few weeks later I returned to the strip club and once again some of the same women I saw were there, I had gotten to know which ones were friendlier, bubblier, and would get closer. I wore my same pink thong that I had worn on my first trip to the strip club. This time I was a bit more assertive, put down money more often and was a bit more relaxed and started up conversations with the strippers that had become my favorites. I had one that was wearing a thong about the same type as me, nice and silky and shiny, but hers was purple. She came over and bend down and picked up the money and ran her hand across my crotch and then danced in front of me, backing her ass up only about half inch from my face. I really do not think I could of gotten any harder, and it sure felt good the head of my dick poking at my satin thong. I put down money each time she came out, and she gave me a better dance each time, and she started to run her hands over my crotch a bit slower each time. On about the fourth time she came out she picked up the money and whispered in my ear, what would you like to see as she ran her hand over my crotch. I told her that she is amazing, and how turned on watching her makes me, and that purple thong is amazing on her sexy ass, she then moaned in my ear, and gave my crotch a squeeze, I could of cum right then I was so excited. After she got done dancing that set about 10 min later she came out on the floor, it was common for the strippers to come around and sit with the guys, talk, and ask them if they want private dances. She came over and sat down next to me and thanked me and I in return thanked her. We got to talking, just normal chit chat for about 20 min or so, then she asked if I wanted a more private dance as she could see I liked her. I said yes I would enjoy a private dance, and she said to follow her. I followed her into the back and she sat me down on like a couch. She ran her hands over my crotch, if only she knew she was running her hands over my panty covered crotch. She then got up and turned around and sat backwards, reverse cowgirl style on my crotch and started to grind herself against me, it felt so good, once again if only she knew she was grinding her purple thong covered ass against my pale pink panty covered crotch. I was so hard I thought at any moment I was going to cum in my panties. It felt so good, here I was wearing panties and having a woman wearing a thong grinding her thong against my thong. She turned around and once again started to run her hands over my crotch, giving it a squeeze, and once again I thought if only she knew that I was wearing panties under my pants and how amazing it felt to wear panties in front of her. All of the sudden she took her fingers and I felt my button on my pants opening and then my zipper going down, it totally surprised me. My pale pink panties were now visible to her, she looked down at my pale pink panties and looked up at me and said wow how naughty. I said yes looks like we are wearing the same type of panties. She said yes and it looks like we both enjoy wearing them as well. With that she folded the sides of my pants to the side, exposing my panties as much as she cold without taking off my pants and then she got up and sat down on top of me facing me, and grinded her panty covered crotch against my panty covered crotch. It felt so amazing and I knew if this kept up that I was going to cum in my panties, I thought it was only right to let her know that if she kept this up I was going to explode in my panties. She got up and knelt down in front of me and took her hand and started to rub my shaft through my panties, my dick was so hard it was making a perfect outline of my head and shaft pressing against the satin fabric, its like you could see every detail and ripple, and you also could see a nice wet spot that had started to form probably even before I go to the strip club. I could tell she was liking this also, that me wearing panties was something that she was not expecting, but that she found it very naughty and exciting. She contined to rub and once again I thought it was right to let her know that if she continued she was going to make me explode in my panties, and she looked up and at me and said its ok, you can cum inside your panties, I want to make you cum inside your panties. Moments after she said that I came inside my panties, it was such an intense orgasm and so much volume that it seeped through the front and also ran down covering the base of my dick. She looked up at me and said it turned her on to make me cum inside my panties and it was a first for her to see a guy wearing panties. I said it was a first for me to been seen by a woman while I was wearing panties. After that night I returned many times to that strip club, and had many more fun times with her, I wish I could say we ended up having sex in panties, or her giving me a blowjob while I was wearing panties, but it was not that type of place and she was really not that type of woman. However each and every time I was there I did a private lap dance with her and each time she made me cum inside my panties in various ways, sometimes with her hands, sometimes by grinding on me, but she always made me cum inside my panties. Being able to experience wearing panties in front of a woman was so thrilling and for those out there wanting to experience wearing panties in front of a woman wearing panties to a strip club is one idea on how to be able to wear panties in front of a woman. I cannot say things will turn out like they did for me, however perhaps they will turn out better for you and you will get to have sex while wearing panties, you never know. All I can say is that wearing panties to a strip club was a great idea and something other men wearing panties should think about trying. My advice is to take it a bit slow, watch the strippers and develope a friendship with one of them, one you feel comfortable with and one who feels comfortable with you. Once again it can take a bit of time and yes money to find the right one. It did not take me to long to not only find a stripper whom I liked and felt comfortable with but also to be wearing panties in front of, however that was helped along by her, as if she had not undid my pants it would of taken me several more times to let her know I was wearing panties. So have patience and just enjoy yourself, how ever long it takes to actaully be wearing panties in front of one of the strippers, just remember that your wearing panties while watching sexy woman in panties dancing in front of you and thats exciting as is. Click here to take a survey on have you ever worn panties to a strip club.

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