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Married Panty Wearers
By pantyhubby on August 22, 2013
Many of us men wearing panties are married, some with wifes who know we wear panties, others with wifes who do not know we wear panties. There are also those whose wifes know they wear panties and approve and others whose wives know they wear panties but disapprove. Having a wife that knows and approves that you wear panties is not uncommon, its getting to that point that can sometimes be a long journey, often times we make the journey longer than it should be. We spend years trying to figure out how to tell our wives we like wearing panties, or perhaps we get caught wearing panties. When for the most part we could of made things much simpler on ourselves and just told our wives long ago that we enjoy wearing panties. Women appreciate a man that is honest, one who is not afraid to communicate. And telling your wife you like wearing panties is much better than being caught wearing panties and then having to explain to her. The question that gets asked the most is how do I tell my wife I like wearing panties, this is asked by guys who have only been married for a shot period of time to guys who have been married for 20, 30, or 40 years. Hiding your panty wearing from your wife year after year can be very stressful, not only stressful on worrying about her finding out but also the stress of only being able to wear at certain times. There is no guarantee that your wife will approve of you wearing panties, however many men have been successful at telling there wife they wear panties and having her approve of it. Having a wife that approves of you wearing panties will change your panty wearing in so many ways, the stress of hiding your panty wearing will go away, you can wear panties whenever you want to, and for many there wife enjoys seeing them in panties so it totally changes your sex life also. For many married couples its brought a certain spice to there relationship and lots more fun to there sex life. How you bring up that you wear panties to your wife can vary from person to person, and there is lots of advice on men wearing panties club from other husbands who have told there wife and also lots of great tips and suggestions. Being able to communicate with other husbands who have been in the same situation will greatly help you to be able to tell your wife that you like wearing panties.

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Pictures Of Men Wearing Panties
By avidpantywearer on August 19, 2013
I have been wearing panties a long time, while growing up I never saw another guy wearing panties, there were no computers or internet back then. It was just me wearing panties. I had no idea if other men wore panties, or if my friend wore panties or how they would even feel if they knew I wore panties. So the only person I saw wearing panties was myself, and I did enjoy seeing myself in the mirror wearing panties. Years later computers and the internet came along and just like many peoples first searches it was for adult pictures. Then I began to search for men wearing panties, men in panties, guys wearing panties, guys in panties, panty guys, panty wearing men, etc and I came across men wearing panties club, I was amazed here was a site for men wearing panties, by this time in life I knew I could not be the only guy wearing panties but to find a site where other men wearing panties could go, I was so happy. I was curious to see other men wearing panties, know why other men wore panties, know how they got started wearing panties, and talk with other men wearing panties, and here was a site I could do all this on, once again I was so happy to of found men wearing panties club. I browsed through the pictures and was also amazed at the amount of men that wore panties, there was an endless amount of pictures, so many pictures of men wearing panties. Back then I considered myself straight and still consider myself straight today, but there was something that turned me on looking at other guys wearing panties, never was I ever turned on looking at just a naked guy but a guy in panties I was turned on by, I did not think about doing anything sexual with a guy as I looked at pictures of men wearing panties but perhaps maybe a bit curious about what it would be like to touch him through his panties. As mentioned I was always turned on seeing myself in panties and here I was turned on seeing other guys wearing panties. After having been visiting men wearing panties club for so long now, I know that many other straight guys are also turned on seeing other men wearing panties. At first I did feel what is going on here I am turned on looking at another guy, but once again I really did not have any sexual thoughts about wanting to have sex with a guy wearing panties, other than perhaps a bit of mutual masturbation, or a bit of light touching. But then I realized that being turned on seeing another guy wearing panties is totally fine. Thanks to men wearing panties club I have made so many friends over the years and many of them are just like me, they grew up wearing panties, never told anyone, thought they were the only one who wore panties and then computers and the internet came along and they came across men wearing panties club much like I did. They were curious just like I was to see another guy wearing panties, to learn about how other guys started wearing panties, to communicate with other guys that wore panties and to make friends with other men wearing panties. They also found that they were turned on seeing another guy wearing panties, and some of them had posted pictures of them wearing panties for others to see. Since I was turned on seeing myself in the mirror wearing panties I started to become curious about taking pictures of myself wearing panties, I went out and bought a camera and at the time my panty collection was around 20 pairs or so and I had the funest, most exciting time taking pictures of myself in all 20 pairs of my panties, sort of a panty modeling photo shoot. I opened up a gallery on men wearing panties club and submitted the pictures of me wearing panties to my gallery. It was exciting to see pictures of myself wearing panties and to know that other men wearing panties would see pictures of me wearing panties. My panty collection has grown since then and so has my gallery on men wearing panties club, its fun to buy new panties and take pictures of myself wearing panties and then post them to my gallery. I encourage other men wearing panties to post pictures to men wearing panties club, I am so thankful to have come across men wearing panties club and how over the years I enjoy each and every time I visit it. Being able to see other men wearing panties, read stories from other men wearing panties, get advice from other men wearing panties, communicate with other guys wearing panties and to make so many friends is something I am so thankful for. I love being able to post pictures of me wearing panties, post my panty stories, and being that I am now a seasoned panty wearer post advice for other men wearing panties. Whether you are new to wearing panties or have been wearing panties for years and years if you have never taken pictures of yourself wearing panties, try it sometime, you will see how exciting it is.

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Women Who Like Men Wearing Panties
By pantycouple on August 16, 2013
My husband enjoys wearing panties and I enjoy that he wears panties. Mens underwear is boring, ruff, and comes in limited styles, fabrics, colors, etc. Seeing my husband in mens underwear never really turned me on, they were just there. But the first time I saw him in womens panties, WOW it was such a turn on, it was a bit naughty and that added to the turn on of it. The way the panties fit so snug on him, how the panties clung to him and how they made his butt and bulge look so delicious. I am so glad that my husband did not keep that he enjoys wearing panties from me as we can now both relax and enjoy panties together, and its spiced up our sex life so much. There are many men who would love to wear panties with their wife or girlfriend, they would love to be able to tell their wife or girlfriend they enjoy wearing panties, they feel as if they are doing something wrong so many men never tell their wife or girlfriend. One has to remember we are talking about clothing, and wearing panties does not change who the man is, and who you met and have been with all this time. Chances are he has been wearing panties since he was growing up and the man you met is still the same man you met. I know for me wearing a pair of sexy panties makes me feel good, I love satin or silk against my skin and I can only imagine how it would feel against a mans bulge. Our underwear comes in so many styles, colors, and fabrics, they are so much softer than mens underwear, its no wonder why once a man slips on panties he is often times shocked at how good it feels, and also wonders am I doing something wrong by enjoying wearing these panties so much. Guys you are not doing anything wrong by wearing panties, so stop fighting it and just enjoy it. Whether you can only wear alone or whether you are able to express that you enjoy wearing panties to your wife or girlfriend, stop stressing over it and just relax and enjoy wearing panties. For the wifes or girlfriends who find out their man enjoys wearing panties, relax, as mentioned wearing panties does not change who he is, take a step back and calm down, and do not overreact, I bet your man looks good in panties so dont cloud your head with overreacting and just relax and enjoy, you both will find lots more pleasure in intimacy when you dont have to hide things that make you feel good.

Washing Panties
By foreverinpanties on August 14, 2013
Many of us guys hate doing the wash or laundry but when it comes to washing our panties its something we look forward to. All of us have different routines when it comes to washing panties, when we wash panties, how we wash panties, can we only wash our panties when everyone is out of the house, or do we mix our panties in with our wives panties or girlfriends panties and either we wash the panties or she washes the panties. Methods for washing panties vary from washing panties in the sink, washing panties in the bathtub, washing panties in a plastic bin or tote, even washing panties in a pan or pot, and of course washing panties in a washing machine. Then there is hand washing panties and machine washing panties, which is better, that depends on the panties, lacy or thinner type panties will last longer if you hand wash them, however you can also you a garment bag, or lingerie bag in the washing machine. For some men wearing panties they choose hand washing panties as its just something more enjoyable, feeling the panties all wet and soapy in your hands. Reminds me of another way some men wearing panties wash panties and that is wearing panties in the shower and soaping them up and washing panties in the shower. And all men wearing panties availability to wash panties differs if your wife, girlfriend, family, roommates, etc don't know you wear panties then you have to choose a time to wash your panties when they will be gone, other men wearing panties have wifes, girlfriends, etc who know they wear panties and they can wash there panties anytime, and many couples just mix the laundry together and either one does the laundry. Its always nice to have a girlfriend or wife who understands you wear panties and enjoys you wearing panties and will wash your panties and stack them on the bed next to hers, or its nice to wash both your panties and her panties and stack your panties and her panties on the bed. Then comes drying panties, do you put panties in dryer, hang panties over the shower rod, hang panties on the clothesline, use a blow dryer. This will depend on the type of panties and also your situation if you have a wife, girlfriend, etc that knows you wear panties. For those who don't have a wife, girlfriend, roommate, etc that knows you wear panties, doing the laundry can be a bit of a rush thing, washing your panties and then getting your panties dry before anyone arrives back home. Its nice when you have lots of time, or a wife or girlfriend who knows you wear panties and you can take your time washing your panties. Seems every part of panties is fun and exciting, seeing panties, wearing panties, finding panties, buying panties and yes even washing panties.

Proper Care and Washing of Nylon Panties
Caring properly for nylon panties ensures they will last a long time and remain comfortable for the wearer. Like many modern fabrics, nylon washes easily in automatic washing machines and can be dried in an automatic dryer.

Wash nylon panties in warm water or use cold water to avoid setting stains. Use a laundry detergent suitable for delicate fabrics and do not add bleach to the load. Do not overcrowd the washer and wash nylon underwear with like garments. After washing the nylon panties, inspect the load of laundry to make sure no visible stains remain. If stained garments go through the dryer, the heat from automatic drying could set the stain. If you find stained garments, remove them and try treating and washing again.

Dry the clean laundry in the dryer on a low temperature. High heat can melt or shrink nylon panties, changing their look and fit. Do not overcrowd the dryer so that each garment has enough room to tumble in the dryer. If static cling is an issue, use a dryer sheet or add fabric softener in the wash.

How to Handwash Underwear
I find it rather effective to wash my panties by hand. I think they come out cleaner, because I am able to focus on the areas that really need some scrubbing, the crotch.

Anyway, here is one effective way that I find very easy to do. Here are the steps:
1. Find a good powdered detergent. In my case, it is Tide Laundry Detergent. It is more expensive than other brands, but it has more soap than chalk, and thus is more effective in doing the laundry.
2. Pour a considerable amount of soap (not too much, otherwise you would need a lot of water for rinsing), then add some water that is enough to soak your panties. You may also opt to wet your panties first before the soaking.
3. Let the powdered soap foam in the water by mixing it with your hand. Then put the panties in it and roughly swished around so that the fabrics are soaked in soap.
4. After 30 minutes of soaking, handwash each panty, focusing on the crotch. After a few scrubs, the stains easily come off. Squeeze off excess soap and set aside. Continue with the other panties.
5. After washing, rinse the batch 3 times.
6. Lastly, pour just enough water in your basin and add fabric conditioner. Soak the panties for 5 minutes and hang up to dry.

It is very simple and it takes me only a few minutes to really do the handwashing. The soaking part has already done much of the cleaning.

How to Wash 65 Percent Polyester and 35 Percent Cotton Panties
Cotton and polyester are both commonly used fabrics in clothing. While cotton tends to wrinkle more easily, polyester does not. Also, while cotton is a natural fiber, polyester is synthetic. Panties made from a blend of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton will stay in good shape and last for a long time if washed properly. Failure to use the right temperatures and laundering methods may result in fabric damage or shrinkage.

Set the washing machine to the warm temperature setting. Choose permanent press or normal for the wash cycle.

Let the washer fill up with water. Add the recommended amount of laundry detergent per the label instructions as the washer is filling up. If the panties are white, you may add the recommended amount of chlorine bleach as well.

Place the cotton and polyester blended panties into the washer. Add other items of like color and that can be washed in warm water if you would like. Avoid overfilling the washer, however, as the panties and other garments need room to move around freely.

Let the washer run through a complete wash, rinse and spin cycle. Take the panties out of the washer and place them in the dryer.

Turn the dryer to low or warm heat and allow the panties to dry completely. Take them out of the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished.

Hand Washing Panties
Use Woolite for washing them. It is a gentle cleaning soak.

Run a sink full of cold water, put in about 2 capfuls of the Woolite. Put your panties in the sink. Then let them soak for about 20 min. Then swish the panties around in the sink a little bit, it is amazing how well the Woolite takes the dirt out with just small effort on your part. Then rinse them really well, I mean really well in cold water. Lay them on a dry clean towel and roll it up and twist it. It takes the water out that will drip onto the floor, when you hang them up. I save the hangers that underwear come on from the store, they have the hanger and everything you need to just hook them onto it and hang them on the shower neck or the shower curtain rod. Let them air dry this way. It sure makes them last a lot longer.

Hand Wash Panties
Hand washing is perhaps the best way because it isn't harmful or corrosive towards your panties when you wash them.

1. Run the panties under hot water
2. Scrub them with your hands
3. Use soap and a bit of laundry detergent and dab a little bit of each washing substance onto the panties
4. Wet the panties a little
5. More scrubbing!
6. Rinse and repeat
7. Place the panties between the palm of your hands
8. Squeeze, lightly, so some of the water comes out
9. Hang or lay the panties on a drying rack
10. You're DONE!

Mesh Bag Or Pillow Case
Place the panties in lingerie mesh bag or, if you do not have these bags, in a pillow case and close with a rubber band.

Put the panties in the washing machine. Set the machine to the gentle cycle. Start filling up the machine with cool water.

Add mild detergent. Allow the machine to go through a full cycle and then remove the panties promptly.

Lay the panties on a towel to dry.

How to Wash Silk Panties Or Satin Panties
Washing caring for silk underwear is actually a lot easier than most people think. Silk does require a little bit of extra care when compared to synthetic fabrics or cotton, but it does not require dry cleaning. If you clean your silk undergarments gently and use care when washing them they will remain as pretty as the day you bought them for a long time. Here are some tips on how to clean and care for silk panties.

When it comes to washing silk panties there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to use a soap that is gentle on the silk and won't ruin the fibers. The best thing to use for a detergent when washing silk is either ivory soap or basic shampoo. You can buy ivory soap flakes pre-flaked, or you can shave some off a bar of soap to use.

The best choice for washing silk undergarments is to hand wash them since it is much gentler than a washing machine. However, most silk undergarments fair just fine in the washing machine so if you are comfortable going that route feel free to. If you choose to use a washing machine for you silk underwear, always wash it on the delicate cycle and use only cold water. You will also want to purchase a lingerie bag for your washer since it will help to keep the silk fibers from twisting and losing their shape.

Whether you are hand washing your silk or washing it in the machine you should never use hot water since it can quickly destroy the silk. At most use lukewarm water, and preferably cold water to wash your silk. For hand washing soak the undergarments in water for awhile and then gently swirl them around the sink or bathtub. Avoid scrubbing at them since it can damage the fibers.

Do not wring out silk once it has been washed. Instead, hang it gently on a towel bar or shower curtain and allow it to dry naturally. Don't hang your silk undergarments outside on the clothesline to dry since they can be damaged by the sun.

To remove any wrinkles left after washing use a cool iron to gently press them out.

Other Tips For Washing Panties
Put them in a pillow case and wash with cold water and Woolite, on the gentle cycle.

Get lingerie mesh bags and put your panties in them and wash in the washing machine.

Wash in woolite and cold water and dry flat, no dryer.

Mesh laundry bag on a gentle cycle.

If they're white, hot; if they're colorful, warm or cold.

Instead of detergent, you can use a couple of drops of shampoo when hand washing panties.

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washing panties washing panty handwashing panties panties in sink
panties in dryer panties in washer panties sink
panty sink panties drying panties washing machine
panties bathtub

Pile Of Panties
By pantyguy on August 12, 2013
I know for me just seeing a pair of panties is enough to excite me, whether its one pair of panties, a drawer full of panties, panties hanging on the rack, panties in a bin, etc. However best of all is a pile of panties. I have a few times taken out all my panties, around 200 or so panties and piled them up on the bed, the vision of all my panties piled up gets me so excited. You just want to take a step back and dive into them as if your driving into a pool. Seeing a pile of panties is just such a turn on, to see the mixture of styles of panties, colors of panties, and fabrics of panties. Seeing the panties all mixed together, its almost like its art how the styles and colors blend together. Its such a turn on seeing others piles of panties, whether its other men wearing panties piles of panties, or womens piles of panties. Try putting your panties in a pile sometime, its fun, exciting and a turn on to see your panties all in one pile. It also gives you an idea of just how many panties you have, and it might surprise you just how many panties you have.

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pile of panties panties pile panty pile
pile of underwear panties pile panty pile
silky panties pile panties pile panty
panty pile lots of panties lots of panty
stack of panties tons of panties panties stack
lots of panties stack of thongs pile of panties panties stack
pile of panties panties pile panty pile
panties pile panties layed out pile panties
panties pile pile of panties pile of panty
white panty pile new victorias secret panties my panties
all my panties panties in a bunch bunch of panties
panty bunch mound of panties mound of panty
panties panties on floor panty stack
panties stacked panties in a row panty row panties row
panties pile stack of panties panties pile
pile of panties stack of panties panty stack
bunch of panties all my panties panties in bag
bag of panties panties bag bag panty
bag of panties panties pile stack of panties
stacks of panties panties pile

Found Panties, Finding Panties
By pantyhunter on August 10, 2013
Have you ever been walking, driving or biking and spotted a pair of panties on a trail, panties the road, panties on the sidewalk, panties in the gutter, or even panties handing from a tree, or panties hanging from a shrub. Or have you ever noticed a pair of panties in a trash can, or panties in a trash bag. Or perhaps you moved into a new place and you found panties behind the washer, or panties behind the dryer, or panties elsewhere in your new place. For many finding panties can be rare, and others seem to find panties all the time. There is this instant excitement when you spot a pair of panties, you wonder whose panties they are, why are they there, how long have they been there, were they put there or lost. Your mind starts to wonder and curiosity sets in. You look around and wait for the moment when you can get a closer look, you reach down pick them up and shove them into your coat pocket, or pants pocket as there is no time to really examine them. You get home and you pull our your found panties and you examine them, now sometimes they are not in great condition and other times its like they are brand new. Once again your mind starts to wonder whose panties they are, why were they there. There are so many places panties have been found, and as mentioned some have better luck finding panties than others. I have heard of others finding trash bags with several pairs of panties in them. Your heart starts to beat a bit faster when you spot a pair of panties, its not everyday you see a pair of panties along the road, panties along a trail, panties on the sidewalk, panties in a trash bag, panties hanging from a tree branch, panties on a fence post, or panties behind a washing machine, or panties behind a dryer. You hope the panties are still usable, what will you do with the panties you find, panty lovers use the panties in many different ways, and depending on the condtion the panties were found in some wash the panties first while others do not wash them first and prefer them as they found them. It does seem that finding panties in this way is a bit more exciting than finding them in a hamper, on the floor in a bedroom or bathroom, there is just that added bit of curiosity as to whose panties they are and why the panties are there. And some of us are lucky enough to have found panties, some even lucky enough to have found several pairs of panties at one time or several pairs over time and others have never found a pair of panties.

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found panties finding panties finding panty
panties in tree panty on fence found panty
panties on fence post panties on branch panties in tree
panties on tree panties on trail panties on car
finding panties found panties panties on street
panty on street panties in street found panties
panties on fence panties in tree panties on sidewalk

Panties On Clotheslines
By pantiesmakemehard on August 8, 2013
Seems that the clothesline or clothing line is disappearing, no one seems to hang there laundry out to dry anymore, especailly hanging panties on a clothesline or hanging panties on a clothing line. It used to be that every house, apartment, etc had some form of a clothesline or clothing line. Everyone used to hang there clothing out to dry and that also meant hanging there panties out to dry. You would ride your bike past the houses in your neighborhood, or through the streets of town and you would see lines strung up in yards, on balconies, across buildings and you would see pants, shirts, towels, bedding, but you would also see bras, panties and occasionally some sexy lingerie. How many of us remember specifically looking for panties on clotheslines, you would be walking, riding your bike, or be in the car and you would spot a pair of panties on a clothesline and you would start to get excited. Or perhaps you did not even need to go anywhere as you would look out the window and see the neighbor hanging the laundry on the clothesline and you would see her hanging her panties up to dry on the clothesline. To be able to see what panties a woman wears was such a turn on and to see those panties hanging on the clothesline like they were on display. Its to bad the clothesline is becoming a thing of the past. For some of us the clothesline was our first introduction to panties, whether just seeing panties on a clothesline sparked our attraction and fascination with panties or whether we borrowed panties from clotheslines, or took panties from clotheslines. To see a clothesline full of panties, all different colors, fabrics and styles, its quite the amazing thing, however now days its rare. I hope clotheslines make a comeback and with all the styles of panties now days it would be amazing to see them hanging out to dry.

Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger picture of each picture. Perhaps some of these pictures will bring back memories of panties you have seen on clotheslines.

panties clothesline panty clothesline panties on clothesline
clothesline panties clothesline panty panty clothingline
panties drying panties hanging panties clothesline
underwear clothesline panties on clothesline panties on clothes line
panty on clothes line clothes line panties clothes line panty
panty drying panties clothesline panty clotheline
panties hanging clothingline panties panties clothesline
panty clothesline panty clothesline clothesline panties
panties hanging panties hanging up panties clothesline
panty clothesline clothesline panty panty clothesline
panties hanging panties clothesline laundry clothesline
nylon panties clothesline brief panties clothesline nylon panty clothesline
panties clothesline panties hanging panties drying
panty clothesline panties on clothesline panty on clothesline
panties clothesline panties on clothesline thong clothesline
panties camping panties on clothesline panties clothesline
sexy panties clothesline panties clothesline panties on clothesline
clothesline panty clothesline panties clothesline thong
clothesline panties panties clothesline

Licking Panties
By tongue2crotch on August 5, 2013
Lots of men wearing panties also enjoy licking panties. The combination of wearing panties and licking panties satisfies the senses of touch, sight, smell and of course taste creating a very pleasureful experience. Many men, both non panty wearing men and panty wearing men enjoy licking panties, although sniffing panties is more common there are men who also take it a bit further and enjoy licking the crotch of panties. Often times licking panties from someone they know. That curiosity of wanting to know what a certain woman tastes like takes over and before you know it your licking her panties. As mentioned licking panties is not as common as sniffing panties, and licking panties often times requires a bit more time to enjoy, you can take a quick whiff of panties, but once you get to the point where your licking the crotch of the panties you want to have more time to fully enjoy those panties and finish pleasuring yourself with those panties. Knowing those panties were pressed against a woman, not only soaking in her scents but absorbing her juices as well, just thinking about how those panties were pressed to tightly against a woman, pressing between her lips, her ass cheeks, thoughts about that are enough to give a guy a hardon for sure, then you spot a pair of her panties laying in the hamper, on the floor, etc and you cannot resist the temptation to pick them up, examine them, sniffing them, and lick them, now you have the full experience, you have felt her panties, you have smelled what she smells like and now you have also tasted her. The ultimate find for either sniffing panties or licking panties is of course finding panties that have just been taken off, perhaps she is just jumping into the shower and you have the opportunity to find her panties, still warm, still wet, its a rare opportunity but it happens. For many men licking panties is something that they only do alone, but there are couples who enjoy panty play, examples are the guy putting the panties over his head like a mask so the crotch of the panties rests against his nose or mouth so he can sniff the panties or licking the panties while getting a blowjob, or having sex. He can also hold the crotch of the panties up to his mouth and lick the panties while getting a blowjob. Other ways couples enjoy panty play is the guy on all fours in a doggy style position with a pair of panties laying on the bed and his nose or mouth buried in the panties while the woman uses a strapon on him. Many woman do enjoy incorporating their panties into foreplay or sex, some dominate women enjoy stuffing there dirty panties into a guys mouth, or as mentioned using a strapon on a guy while he licks her dirty panties. Many woman also enjoy being licked through their panties, what better way to enjoy licking panties than while they are still being worn. Just like smelling panties and the sense of smell increases how turned on one gets, licking panties also does the same thing, being able to taste a woman increases how turned on you are which in turn increases your pleasure, but often times decreases the time it takes to pleasure yourself because your so overly turned on, its certainly not a bad thing to have the time it takes to pleasure yourself decrease. Men who sniff panties or licking panties always express how much more intense there orgasms are. So do women lick panties, YES women lick panties. There are many women who lick panties while masturbating, its just like for us guys licking panties, licking panties increases how turned on you are and it does the same for women licking panties. Woman are more timid, they don't talk to much about certain sexual things they are into, they talk to there friends about everything else, but I am certain they don't bring up how much they enjoying licking panties, its to bad they don't as more of there friends would try licking panties. There are woman who enjoying licking there panties, and also who enjoy licking other womens panties, perhaps they are bisexual, or maybe just curious and licking panties is the closest they will come to fulfilling that curiosity. There are women who enjoy licking their panties while being given oral, just like for us guys the added sense of taste really can increase the pleasure and decrease the amount of time it takes to orgasm. Ever seen a woman fingering herself then licking her fingers, its a huge turn on to see that and also a huge turn on for the woman, ever had a woman suck on you after you have been inside her, same thing its a huge turn on having a woman suck her juices off of you, and its a huge turn on for her as well to taste both your juices. Well a woman licking panties is the same thing, its a huge turn on seeing a woman licking her panties, but its also a huge turn on for her to lick her panties, woman like the taste of themselves, its actually more common for a woman to want to taste herself than for a man to want to taste himself. Unfortunately many woman are to timid to afraid to taste themselves in front of a guy, whether it be from there fingers, our dicks, or their panties, if they only knew how turned on us guys would be watching them licking there juices off their fingers, our dicks or their panties. So for both men licking panties and women licking panties, or couples licking panties, licking panties adds the sense of taste which increases how turned on you are. If you have never licked panties, whether you are a man or woman give it a try and you will see how much more turned on you get. The senses play a big role in how turned on we get and anytime you can add one or more senses its going to increase your pleasure but probably decrease the amount of time it takes to orgasm which as mentioned is not a bad thing.

Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger picture of each picture.

licking panties panty licking licking panty panty lick
panties lick licking panties crotch licking panty crotch

Panties You Wish You Still Had
By simplypanties on August 2, 2013
Panty lovers all have many memories of the panties we have found or bought. Many panty lovers have certain panties that became there favorite panties, perhaps they were the first panties they found, the ones that got them into panties, the first panties that showed them how amazing panties are or just a certain pair you found that you really enjoyed. Perhaps they were the first panties they bought or perhaps they were panties they bought which are no longer available. For panties that were found and borrowed but often times taken to continue to enjoy there was just something about those panties and you used them over and over again, you smelled those panties, licked those panties, wore those panties, masturbated with those panties, perhaps it was the person those panties came from that made those panties so enjoyable. For many panty lovers having the opportunity to find panties can be rare, so it might be the only panties you have been able to have the opportunity to find. And replacing a pair of panties you found can be impossible. Perhaps they are panties from a woman you have always wanted a pair of panties from and you finally got the opportunity to get a pair, you enjoyed those panties for years but now those panties are gone leaving you with only memories of getting the panties and all those years of enjoying those panties, you certainly wish you still had those panties or could replace those panties. Another panty you might wish you still had is the first panties you bought, they might not of been the exact panties you were looking for as many times buying your first panties is often a rushed experience, you go into the store in a hurry and pick out a pair of panties, often times not spending to much time looking through the panties. However these panties might not of fit right, maybe they were not the style, color or fabric you were hoping for but they are still special and you still enjoyed them as these were your first panties you bought. The memories of buying your first panties and looking back at how nervous you were and yet how excited you were to be able to have a pair of your own panties, it was a huge step to walk in a buy panties for the first time. Perhaps you decided to throw those panties out because they did not fit, were not the style, color or fabric you wanted but now you wish you still had them. Another scenrio which seems to happen all to often is you find a pair of panties you like, they are perfect, you buy a few of them and then all of the sudden the manufacture stops making them, this seems to happen all the time. Probably the most famous being the victorias secret second skin satin panties. Many panty wearers remember the nylon crotch panties, or double nylon crotch panties of the 60's. Vanity fair has had many panty styles over the years that they stopped making, vanity fair diaphanique, vanity fair illumination. There are panties from every manufacture that became someones favorite and now are no longer available, leaving many with only a few pairs to enjoy. From vintage panties you might of grown up on, to panties from just a few years to even a few months ago that are no longer available. I think manufactures discontinue panties way to quickly not realizing how many others, especailly us men wearing panties enjoy them. You certainly wish you purchased more pairs when you could or had more time to stock up on your favorite panties before they discontinue them. It would make sense if the panties were not very popular or did not sell very well, but even victorias secret second skin satin panties became discontined and they were a huge favorite and seller, so you just never know when a manufacture or store will stop selling a certain style of panties, hopefully its not your favorite panties they decide to discontinue or stop selling in there stores.

Shopping For Panties
By mylovofpanties on July 28, 2013
The excitement of shopping for panties. It starts long before you reach the store. Many things can trigger the desire to shop for panties. Perhaps your browsing through men wearing panties club and you see another guy wearing panties and you want that same pair of panties. Perhaps you see a pair of panties peeking and you say I want the panties she is wearing. Perhaps you see an ad for panties on sale (and they are your favorite type of panties) and you want to stock up on panties. Perhaps you open up your drawer and you just don't have enough panties. Or perhaps nothing at all triggered your desire to wear panties except for the fact that you enjoy panties and you just want more panties. Us men wearing panties can never seen to have enough panties, I have seen men wearing panties with only a few pairs of panties and then men wearing panties with hundreds and even thousands of panties. Whether you shop for panties in person at department stores, lingerie stores, etc or you shop for panties online, the rush and excitement of buying panties only gets stronger and stronger. If its been awhile since you went panty shopping or bought new panties you know the desire to buy panties builds and builds. It starts as mentioned with the thoughts about wanting to go shopping, now you have to figure out when your going to go shopping for panties. Next you pick the store or stores your going to look for panties at. All throughout the excitement about going panty shopping builds. Next you get in your vehicle and you drive to the store, you walk in and you see the lingerie department, panties department, or panty department, your excitement builds as you get closer to the lingerie department, panties department, or panty department. Now your standing in front of racks of panties, bins of panties, drawers of panties, shelves of panties. You already cannot wait to get home and try on your new panties and you have not even picked any new panties out yet. You start to look through the panties, picking panties you like out, before you know it your holding several pairs of panties and your walking to the checkout which can vary from exciting to never racking or both, you purchase your panties and you walk out of the store. Does it seem like you are walking a bit faster to get to your vehicle, all you can think of is getting home and putting on those new panties. You drive home with the bag of panties in the passenger seat, you cannot help but glance over every few seconds at the panties sticking out of the bag, you just want to pull over and put them on and drive home in your new panties. You finally make it home, your so excited, you rush into the house and start to remove your clothing as the door shuts. You open your bag full of panties, which will be the first of your new panties you will wear. Does this sound familiar, shopping for panties is such an exciting thing, the rush of driving to the store, picking out the panties, and then the drive home with your new panties. Each time you shop for panties you get that rush and excitement, it never seems to get old or boring shopping for panties no matter how often you shop for panties.

Below are some pictures of lingerie departments, panty departments, panties departments. See pictures like the ones below always brings back memories of all my panty shopping trips, seeing those racks of panties, bins of panties, seeing the lingerie department, panty department, or panties department from a distance and getting closer and closer.Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger picture of each picture.

panty shopping panties shopping lingerie department
bra shopping panty department panties department panty sale
victorias secret store panties department store shopping panties
shopping panty Panties hanging panties department
Panties hanging victorias secret stores Panties bins
sale on panties panty sale stack of panties
bins of panties bras hanging panties storefront
Panties hanging Panties hanging panty shopping hanging panties
panty shop panty display shopping for panties shopping panties
Panties hanging panty hanging shopping panties
many panties hanging lots of panties hanging bin of panties lingerie department
panties on sale Panties bins Panty bins
panties hanging up bins of panties panties on wall
bag of panties panty store panties hanging up
victorias secret panties panties on table thongs on table
victorias secret bag ann summers panties bins of panties
mannequin panties panties department lingerie store
panties window display panty store lingerie store
panties on racks panty on rack panty shop
panties hanging in store lasenza panties store adult store panties
stacks of panties

Other Pictures
underwear mart store with panty in name store panty name
panty in store name bar with panty in name

Panty Sale, Panties Sale
By morepantiesplease on July 24, 2013
What a perfect time to stock up on panties than a panty sale. You see the sign or ad saying panties on sale, clearance on panties, panty clearance, discount panties, 50 percent off panties, 75 percent off panties, 5 panties for 20 dollars, 1 dollar panties, 99 cent panties. Just about every store, department stores, lingerie stores, etc have sales on panties. Perhaps they are the panties that just have not been selling, or an overstock of panties, an overstock on certain size panties, the selection is not always the greatest, you might not be able to find your correct size all the time but what a deal you can get. Here you are elbow to elbow with women and perhaps some other men wearing panties digging through the dollar a panty bins, or searching through the racks of panties on sale. It can be a huge rush and turn on seeing that sale on panties sign knowing you can stock up on panties, not to mention being around women who also want to stock up on panties. Perhaps your a bit more shy or private about your panty wearing so you don't want to dig into the panty bin when other women are around so you hang back waiting for your moment when all is clear and you can grab yourself a handful of panties, or you might not care what other women or anything thinks and your as mentioned elbow to elbow with women digging through the panties on sale. Perhaps they might even make a bit of small talk with you, letting you know what panties they like or they might even suggest a few panties you might like. The panty sale what a rush of excitement knowing you can add to your panty collection. Then rushing home to try on all your new panties.

Below are some panty sale pictures, panties sale pictures, even just seeing a picture of sale on panties can get the heart beating a bit faster and the blood pumping and it brings back memories of panty sales you have seen. Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger picture of each panty sale.

panties sale panty sale sale on panties clearance panties
panties on sale panty sale panties sale
panty sale panty clearance free panties
all panties on sale panties sale panties on sale
panty sale panties clearance yoga panties on sale
get panties free panty sale panties salesale on panties panty sale panties sale

Mannequins Displaying Panties
By cravinpanties on July 20, 2013
Most stores have mannequins displaying clothing, including, panties, pantyhose and lingerie. Some are full mannequins including hair and makeup and other mannequins are only the torso or lower half. Some of these mannequins can be quite real looking, and you almost have to do a double take to see if its a real model standing there. Whether you admit it or not some of these mannequins can be a bit sexy, or it can be a bit scary that they are so real looking, depending on how your thinking. Nothing wrong with a sexy mannequin in panties, mannequin in lingerie, or mannequin in pantyhose. I have to say that the manufactures of mannequins, the people who dress the mannequins, and the people who do the makeup on the mannequins are truly artists. They do an amazing job making mannequins, dressing mannequins, and completing the mannequin with hair and makeup and accessories. Seeing a mannequin wearing panties, mannequin wearing lingerie, or mannequin wearing pantyhose is actually often times a lot of help in the shopping process. Being that many of these mannequins are so real and lifelike it helps you to visualize the panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Its much better than just seeing the panties on the shelf, panties in a bin, or panties on a rack. Unfortunately a store cannot have a mannequin in panties for each pair of panties they sell but many stores rotate what the mannequin is wearing often. Once again it really does help to see how the panties conform to a figure. So next time your out shopping for panties, or shopping for lingerie if you have not been doing so already make sure to take a look at the mannequins wearing panties, mannequins wearing lingerie but don't stare or drool, or pinch any butts or peek down any panties.

There is an 80's movie (made in 1987) about a mannequin, the movie is called Mannequin. Mannequin is a 1987 romantic comedy fantasy film starring Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Meshach Taylor, James Spader, G. W. Bailey, and Estelle Getty. The film tells about a chronically underemployed artist named Jonathan Switcher (played by Andrew McCarthy) who gets a job as a department store window dresser and falls in love with a mannequin (played by Kim Cattrall), the attraction being that she comes to life on occasion, but only for him.

Click on picture for larger view
Mannequin Movie

In 1991, a partial sequel to the film called Mannequin Two: On the Move was released. Mannequin Two: On the Move is a 1991 romantic comedy film and a partial sequel to the 1987 film Mannequin. The film stars Kristy Swanson as a mannequin who was frozen one thousand years ago by an evil sorcerer using a magic necklace. She remains frozen until the necklace is removed and can stay permanently unfrozen if she receives a kiss from her true love.

Click on picture for larger view
Mannequin Two On the Move Movie

Below are some mannequins wearing panties, mannequins wearing lingerie and also a few funny mannequin pictures. As mentioned its amazing how sexy mannequins can be, and also how helpful they can be in buying panties or buying lingerie, and thats why so many stores use mannequins wearing panties, mannequins wearing lingerie as they show off the product so you buy it. Many lingerie stores put mannequins in panties, mannequins in lingerie in window displays, mannequins wearing panties, mannequins wearing lingerie at the storefront as you walk in, or mannequins in panties, mannequins in lingerie on shelves above the panties or lingerie or on tables with the panties or lingerie around them or just standing in the panty section or lingerie sections. Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger picture of each mannequin.

lingerie store mannequins adult store mannequins lingerie store mannequins sexy mannequin
mannequin wearing thong mannequin boyshorts mannequins wearing panties
mannequins wearing lingerie mannequins in lingerie lingerie mannequin mannequin lingerie
mannequin panties mannequin panty mannequin wearing panties panties mannequins
mannequins wearing panties mannequins in panties panties mannequins
mannequins wearing lingerie lingerie mannequins mannequins in lingerie
mannequin wearing panties mannequins wearing panties mannequins panty mannequin in lingerie mannequin lingerie
mannequins wearing lingerie mannequins in lingerie mannequins lingerie mannequin wearing lingerie
mannequins wearing lingerie adult store mannequins wearing lingerie adult store mannequins in lingerie
mannequin in lingerie sexy mannequins sexy mannequin lingerie mannequin lingerie store mannequin lingerie store mannequin
mannequins wearing lingerie mannequins wearing panties mannequins panties mannequins panty sexy mannequin wearing lingerie
panties mannequin mannequins wearing panties sexy mannequin wearing panties lingerie store mannequin sexy mannequin in lingerie
mannequin upskirt mannequin wearing lingerie mannequin in lingerie mannequin lingerie store mannequins lingerie display
mannequins wearing lingerie sexy mannequin adult store lingerie mannequins
lingerie mannequin lingerie store mannequins upskirt mannequin
lingerie mannequin window mannequins wearing panties mannequins wearing lingerie sexy mannequin lingerie
lingerie store mannequins sexy mannequin panties mannequins in lingerie
mannequins in lingerie mannequin lingerie department mannequins lingerie

Panty Ads, Panties Advertisements
By pantylovr on July 17, 2013
Many men wearing panties remember the days of looking through the sears catalog, jcpenny catalog. Waiting for the sears catalog to arrive so you could look through the sears panties ads, sears bras ads, sears pantyhose ads, sears lingerie ads, or the jcpenny catalog and looking through the jcpenny panty ads, jcpenny bra ads, jcpenny pantyhose ads, jcpenny lingerie ads. There are also those who remember looking through the sunday paper and all the panties ads in the sunday paper, bra ads in the sunday paper, pantyhose ads in the sunday paper and lingerie ads in the sunday paper. Then there were all those magazine ads, ads for panties in magazines, ads for bras in magazines, ads for pantyhose in magazines, and ads for lingerie in magazines. Those were the days, the panty ads, bra ads, pantyhose ads, and lingerie ads were so exciting back then. Often it was the only time we saw a woman in her panties, bra, pantyhose or lingerie and it was so exciting to take the sears catalog, jcpenny catalog, magazine, or sunday ad back to our room to explore it a bit more. Those panty ads not only provided many men wearing panties hours and hours of pleasure but its how many men wearing panties got curious about panties. Many of us remember waiting for everyone to leave the house and then looking for the sears catalog, jcpenny catalog and opening it up and seeing all the panty ads in the sears catalog or panty ads in the jcpenny catalog, it was exciting seeing all the women posing in their panties, and for many men wearing panties we dreamed of having those very same panties. Another panty advertisement was found in the sunday ads, waiting for sunday morning to arrive and waiting for everyone to be done with the sunday paper so you could look through all the ads for panties. No matter what generation our from many men wearing panties enjoy looking through the sunday paper for panty ads. You searched through the paper for sears panty ads, jcpenny panty ads, wards panty ads, kmart panty ads, macy's panty ads, walmart panty ads, khols panty ads, local stores panty ads. Vanity fair panty ads, bali panty ads, warners panty ads, fruit of the loom panty ads, jockey panty ads, hanes her way panty ads, maidenform panty ads, playtex panty ads, and various other panty ads. There was this certain excitement each week as the sunday paper arrived and you got to thumb through it looking at all the ads with women in panties. Then there were your mothers magazines panty ads, when everyone left the house you went for the stack of your mothers magazines thumbing through them looking for panty ads. Many of us remember those simple times, when seeing ads for panties in catalogs, ads for panties in newspapers, ads for panties in magazines was the only time we saw pictures of women in panties. And once again many men wearing panties first got curious about panties by seeing ads for panties in catalogs, ads for panties in magazines or ads for panties in the newspaper.

Below are some panty ads, vintage panty ads, vintage panties ads, most of the panty ads are from between the 1940's and early 1980's, from various panty manufactures, various stores, and various forms of advertising. Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger picture of each panty ad.

vintage panty ads vintage panties ad vintage panty ad vintage panty advertisment vintage panties advertisment
vintage panty advertisment vintage panty advertisment vintage panty ads vintage panty ads
vintage panties ads vintage panties ads panties ads panties ads
old panty ads old panties ads old panty ads panty ad
maidenform panty ad panties ad vintage panties ads vintage maidenform panty ad
panties advertisments panty ads panties ads panty ad
vintage panty ads vintage panties ads fruit of the loom panty ads panty ads
fredricks of hollywood vintage ad panty ads panties ads panty ad maidenform
panty ad vintage jockey panty ad ad for panties advertisment for panties
ads for panty ad for panty panty ads panties ads
vintage ad for panties vintage ad for panty vintage panty ad vintage panty ad vintage panty ad

panty ad vintage panties ad ad for fruit of the loom panties fruit of the loom panties ad
tv panties panty ad ad for panties ads for panties
panties ads panty ad old panties ad
old panty ad ad for panties old panty ads old panty ads
macy panties ads panty ad panties ad vintage panty advertising ads for panties

Types Of Panties
By silkypantyguy on July 15, 2013
Many types of panties are available now days, this is a guide to panty types. Here are the essentials about the most common kinds of panties.

Classic Briefs
Classic Briefs
This is a full coverage panty often affectionately known as the ?Granny Panty?. This undergarment has a waistband that sits at or near the waistline and has full coverage in the rear end. Leg openings are most often elasticized and extend to just below the hip.

Control Briefs
Control Briefs
Control briefs are designed to give shape and usually contain some form of spandex or control fabric to offer support. These types of garments can have varying shapes or designs.

High-Cut Briefs
High-Cut Briefs
This brief is similar to the classic brief except the leg openings are cut up high on the leg in order to give the leg an elongated, sexier appearance. This also creates a more slender silhouette on the rear end as a result. These panties are sometimes referred to as ?French Cut.?

Hipster Panties
These panties, also known as Hip Huggers are very similar in coverage to a brief except that the waistline is a few inches lower on the midriff, hitting a couple of inches below the navel.

bikini panties
The bikini has a fairly full coverage rear end but is very low cut at the waistband, and is very narrow on the sides. A string bikini is the most narrow at the sides and the front and rear attaches to a ?string waistband? that encircles the body. The bikini is arguably one of the most popular panty styles worn today.

Boy Shorts
boy shorts
Boy shorts are worn low on the hips like a hipster, but the leg is slightly elongated to extend just a bit beyond the buttocks, almost like an extremely short pair of shorts. Because of the lack of elastic in the leg openings, sometimes boy shorts are effective at eliminating visible panty lines.

tanga panties
Tanga panties are very similar to hip huggers but are cut very high on the leg and are narrow on the sides. The high cut leg effect dissects the coverage on the rear end so that a flattering look is often created that is comfortable to the wearer and can also help to eliminate visible panty lines.

Thongs have a similar waistband to Tangas, but the rear coverage is much more minimal, the fabric starting out a bit wider at the top but eventually becoming nothing more than a strip of fabric that eventually disappears between the buttocks. Thongs are popular for their very sexy look as well as their virtual elimination of visible panty lines underneath clothing.

The most minimal panty available, the G-string is very similar to a thong in the front, but has virtually no coverage in the rear, having just a string that mostly disappears in between the buttocks in the back.

History Of The Thong
By loverofthongs on July 11, 2013
Many fashion historians believe that the thong first appeared in the 1939 World's Fair. New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia ordered the city's nude dancers to cover themselves and the thong was invented to just barely do the job.

Fashion designer, Rudi Gernreich has been credited with introducing the first thong bikini in 1974. Another reference states that thongs, originally called tangas, first hit the beaches of Brazil in 1977.

The thong, like its probable predecessor the loincloth, is believed to be one of the earliest forms of human clothing and is also thought to have been worn mostly or exclusively by men. It is thought the thong was probably originally developed to protect, support, or hide the male genitals. The loincloth is probably the earliest form of clothing used by mankind, having originated in the warmer climates of sub-Saharan Africa where clothing was first worn nearly 75,000 years ago. Many tribal peoples, such as some of the Khoisan people of southern Africa, wore thongs for many centuries. Much like the Japanese fundoshi, these early garments were made with the male genitalia in mind.

A descendant of the loincloth and thong is the jockstrap, created by Chicago sporting goods company Sharp & Smith in 1874. The first historical reference to the thong since then is in 1939 New York City when Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia ordered nude dancers to dress more appropriately.

Jacques Heim's and Louis Réard's original bikini from 1946 (that introduced the term bikini) had a culotte with a thong back. Fashion designer Rudi Gernreich, who had in the mid-1960s created the first topless swimsuit, which he called the monokini, is credited with introducing the modern thong in 1974.

Thongs were extremely popular on the beaches of Brazil and with the country?s exotic dancers for years. In the 1990s, the thong began to gain wider acceptance and popularity in the United States as underwear (and, to a lesser extent, as swimwear). In Europe thongs have been commonplace for many more years both as underwear and swimwear.

The thong is a garment generally worn as either underwear or as a swimsuit in many industrialized societies around the world. It may also be worn for traditional ceremonies or competitions such as sumo wrestling.

Viewed from the front, the thong typically resembles a bikini bottom, but at the back the material is reduced to a minimum. Thongs are almost always designed to cover the genitals, pubic hair, anus, and perineum, and leave part or most of the buttocks uncovered. The back of the garment typically consists of a thin waistband and a thin strip of material, designed to be worn between the buttocks, that connects the middle of the waistband with the bottom front of the garment. It is also used as a descriptive term in other types of garment, such as a bodysuit, bodystocking, leotard or onepiece swimsuit in the context, "thong backed."

One type of thong is the G-string, the back of which consists only of a (typically elasticized) string. The two terms G-string and thong are often used interchangeably; however, they can refer to distinct pieces of clothing. Thongs come in a variety of styles depending on the thickness, material, or type of the rear portion of fabric and are available for both men and women throughout most of the world.

Types of thongs include the traditional thong, and G-string. There are a number of intermediate kinds of thongs between full rear coverage and a string rear. As designs become more risque there are also types intended to expose genitals as much as they conceal them. Other styles include the Cheeky, V-string, and T-back. The naming of the intermediate styles of thong is debatable, different vendors use the words somewhat interchangeably.

Thongs are available in a wide variety of materials, including silk, cotton, microfiber, satin, nylon, and lycra/spandex.

The most significant difference between thongs designed for men and women is the shape of the front part of the garment. Often, but not always, thongs for men will feature a vertical seam to create shape and space for the male genitalia, and the pouch may be made of stretchy material (usually cotton-Lycra or microfiber) for an ergonomic fit. The equivalent section in women's thongs is normally flat and seamless. However, the fabric is usually thicker in the area where it covers the vulva (by incorporating a cotton gusset) and this is done for several reasons. There are also novelty designs for both sexes, featuring shapes to conform to the genitals or provide visual effects.

The G-string style consists of an elastic string, as opposed to a strip of fabric, connecting the front/pouch and the waistband at back. Since the mid-1920s, female strippers and exotic dancers in the West have been referring to the style of thongs they wore for their performances as G-strings. The origin of the term G-string is obscure. Since the 19th century the term geestring referred to the string which held the loincloth of American Indians and later referred to the narrow loincloth itself. William Safire in his Ode on a G-String quoted the usage of the word G-string for loincloth by Harper's Magazine 15 years after Beadle's and suggested that the magazine confused the word with the musical term G string (i.e., the string for the G note). Safire also mentions the opinion of linguist Robert Hendrickson that "G" (or "gee") stands for groin, which was a taboo word at the time. The V-string and T-back are common types of G-string.

A type of G-string in which the string is connected to the waistband by a triangle that is just above the buttocks. Victorias secret named there g-strings this. The fabric portion which covers up the front and rear is shaped as a V, while there are still strings on each side, joining the front to back.

A similar style to the V-string but without a rear triangle. The string connects with the waistband directly to form a "T" shape at back.

A more conservative style called a cheeky covers a little more area, but exposes the bottom part of the buttocks. Some cheekies are used as undergarments while others function as bikini bottoms.

Below are some examples of thong panties, click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

T Back Thong

tback panties

tback thong


victoria's secret v-string victoria's secret v-string thong

victoria's secret v-string


cheeky thongcheeky thong

cheeky panties


g-string gstring

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Whether you have worn panties forever or whether you are new to wearing panties, these panty reviews will certainly help you in your next panty selections. Click Here for the panty reviews.

Men Wearing Panties Surveys

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