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Masturbating With Panties
By pantystroker on October 13, 2013
Masturbating with panties feels so amazing. Since starting masturbating with panties I have never cum so hard in my life. I started maybe a bit later than some of you masturbating with panties, I was about 25 when I started to masturbate with panties. I had a steady girlfriend but we worked different shifts so that left me alone at night. My girlfriend always wore such sexy panties, bikini, thong, lace, satin, nylon, combinations, and I had always noticed them laying on the floor, in the bathroom or in the laundry basket. It was not until one night after getting horny after reading some posts online about how guys were expressing how they liked to masturbate with panties that I went into the bathroom and picked up my girlfriends panties. They felt so amazing in my hands and they brought back memories of just a few nights ago when we had sex and she wore these panties. The panties were a thong, bright red and were made from a polyester blend, they felt very silky. I lowered them down to my dick and they brushed up against my dick, my dick, twitched and I noticed a bit of precum flowing. I then wrapped them around my dick and started to stroke myself with my girlfriends panties. The feeling was so amazing and that first time masturbating with panties did not take but a few minutes and I was shooting my cum all over the bathroom floor, and a bit on the panties. I am still with the same girlfriend and since that night I have masturbated with her panties on a regular basis. She does not know I masturbate with her panties, not sure how she would feel about it, probably would understand since we only see each other on weekends because of our different work schedules, but its not something I am ready to tell her yet. Maybe someday I will tell her. I am so glad that I tried masturbating with panties, as mentioned I cum harder than I have ever cum masturbating or during sex, thats how powerful of an orgasm panties give me, guess thats part of why I do not want to tell my girlfriend, she might think I enjoy her panties more than her, or that her panties give me more pleasure than she can. Its great hearing about other guys who masturbate with panties, I can totally relate to how great it feels to masturbate with panties.

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panty masturbate panties masturbation masturbationg with pantiesmasturbating with panties panty masturbation panty masturbate

Panties Handjob Panty Handjob
By hardonpanties on October 11, 2013
There is nothing like having a woman take off her panties, still warm and wet and wrap them around your dick and stroke you up and down with her panties. A panty handjob is such an amazing feeling, to watch as those panties slide up and down on your dick and to know a woman is pleasuring you with her panties. Over the years I have had several girlfriends give me a panty handjob. Sometimes I have to drop hints, and other times they have just picked up there panties and wrapped them around my dick and given me a panty handjob. If you have never experienced a panty handjob you have to at some point in your life. As mentioned sometimes you have to drop hints in order for a woman to give you a panty handjob, telling her how good her panties feel as you rub her through them has worked very well for me, and before you know it they are removing there panties and wrapping them around your dick and asking you how they feel as they stroke you up and down with their panties. Laying back and watching a woman wrap her panties around your dick and stroking you with her panties and then watching as you explode all over those panties, its such an amazing feeling. I have even had women who have put the panties back on with my cum all over their panties. Panty handjobs, panties handjobs, panty jobs, panty stroking, panties stroking, handjob panties, handjob panty, what ever term you use having woman wrap her panties around your hard dick and making you cum with her panties is something you have to experience.

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handjob panties hand job panties handjob panty
panty handjob

Precum Panties
By wetpanties on October 10, 2013
My precum starts flowing even just thinking about wearing panties, and by the time I have them slipped up my legs and resting against my dick I am already leaking lots of precum into my panties. I love how wearing panties get me to leak so much precum and I love the way precum looks on panties. Wearing panties is so exciting and never before have I had so much precum then when I am thinking about wearing panties, shopping for panties, picking out panties and of course when wearing panties. I love the effect wearing panties has on me and its always great to see other men wearing panties with wet spots on there panties.

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precum panties precum panties precum panty
panties precum panty precum panty wet spot
wet spot panty precum panty precum panties
panties wet spot precumming panties precumming panty
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precum panty precum panties wet spot panties
wet panties precum nylon wet spot panties

Panties Laundry Basket Or Panties Hamper
By pantyhound on October 8, 2013
The sight of a laundry basket or hamper always gets me excited, after all its where I first discovered panties while growing up. Many of us grew up first discovering panties in the laundry basket or hamper, it might of been our mothers panties in the laundry basket, sisters panties in the laundry basket, a friends mothers panties in the laundry basket, a friends sisters panties in the laundry basket, etc. Or our mothers panties in the hamper, sisters panties in the hamper, a friends mothers panties in the hamper, a friends sisters panties in the hamper, etc. To this day I get so excited when I see a laundry basket or hamper, and get curious as if there are any panties in there. When visiting others houses I always excuse myself to the bathroom to check for a laundry basket or hamper. I am not able to enjoy panties from laundry baskets or panties from hampers as much as I did growing up but still occasionally get to enjoy panties from laundry baskets or panties from hampers while visiting friends. There is just something about seeing a pair of panties laying onto of the laundry basket, or a pair of panties laying ontop of the hamper, or digging through a laundry basket and that feeling of finding a pair of panties, or digging through a hamper and that feeling of finding a pair of panties.

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laundry basket panties laundry basket panty panties laundry basketpanty laundry basket laundry basket panties laundry basket panties

The Word Panties In Different Languages
By wearpanties on October 6, 2013
Men wearing panties come from all over the world, so here is tranlantion of the word panties in different languages.

Panties - Bragas

Panties - Culottes

Panties - Hoschen

Panties -Mutandine

Panties - Trosor

Panties - Pikkuhousut

Panties - Trusser

Panties -Slipje

Panties - Truser

Panties - Majtki

Panties - Calcinha

Other Words For Panties
By wearpanties on October 2, 2013
Thought it would be interesting to post a list of other words for panties or words that are slang for panties. Some of these words are used in different parts of the world, and some are just works perhaps your grandmother used to use.


The Word Panties And Panty
By satinpantyman on September 29, 2013
I think many men wearing panties can relate that even hearing the word panties or reading the word panties gets you excited. Or hearing the word panty or reading the word panty. Its amazing how a word can create so many erotic thoughts and can turn one on so much. You can be in a crowd, store, restaurant, etc and someone says the word panties or the word panty and most mens heads will turn and wonder what they are talking about. Its just amazing how curious gets when you hear the word panties or hear the word panty. Hearing the word panties or hearing the word panty, and as mentioned even reading the word panties or reading the word panty creates such an excitement and makes so many erotic thoughts run through your mind. You see the word panties or panty in an article, letter, newspaper, or ad and its like it stands out on the page. I think most men whether your into wearing panties, sniffing panties, masturbating with panties or not would agree the word panties or panty catches just about all mens attention.

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Sheer Panties
By sheerpanties on September 25, 2013
Sheer panties feel nice wearing and also look so nice. I love how light sheer panties feel, that light sheer fabric feels so good against me, sheer nylon panties feel the best, that light woven pattern that makes the panties sheer feels so good, its so silky smooth and slippery. Lace panties are also sheer and I do enjoy wearing sheer lace panties but the sheer nylon ones are my favorite. I also enjoy the look of sheer panties, on me, on other men wearing panties and women. I love how you can see through the panties to whats behind the panties but you feel yourself wearing something or you see someone else wearing sheer panties and you know they can feel that sheer material but yet also whats behind the panties is visible. Sheer panties are the ultimate sexy panties to wear and to see other men wearing panties wearing and women. Even know you can see through sheer panties, some more than others, they still give that illusion of wearing something and thats what makes them so sexy to me, whether feeling myself wearing sheer panties, seeing myself wearing sheer panties or seeing other men wearing sheer panties, or women wearing sheer panties. Its like having xray vision, its that illusion of seeing right through something that creates that excitement.

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sheer boyshorts sheer thong sheer bikini panties
sheer pink thong pink sheer thong pink thong sheer
sheer black panties vintage sheer panties sheer panty
sheer panty sheer white panties sheer briefs
sheer thongs sheer panties sheer boyshort
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see thru panties see thru panty sheer nylon panty
sheer boyshort

Lounging Around Wearing Panties
By lovinpanties on September 19, 2013
I love knowing that after a long day at work I can come home and slip into some panties and relax and the stress of the day just melts away. Living alone I can come home and enjoy wearing panties around my home, other men wearing panties are not in the same situation and can only wear when others are gone. Whether you are able to lounge around in panties any day of the week or only lounge around in panties occasionally, being able to lounge around wearing panties is such a great feeling. I have been lounging around in panties for years and at first I was hard or excited the entire time lounging around in a chair or on the couch which after a while can tend to turn from a great feeling to needing some relief if you know what I mean. After years of lounging around I still am excited lounging around in panties but its less intense which is actually a good thing. I can lounge around semi hard for the most part with getting fully excited or hard occasionally, then back to semi excited or semi hard. When it comes time at the end of the night when release that excitement its so intense. Slipping on panties is something that has always not only excited me, but also relieves any stress, tension and I love being able to slip on panties when ever I want to and have that tension and stress go away. As sort of mentioned I was not always able to just lounge around in panties, for many years wearing panties was put them on and it did not take to long before I pleasured myself. I don't believe that the feeling of wearing panties has gotten any less, its just I have become more patient and now I am able to wear panties and lounge around wearing panties, letting that excitement build more slowly. For those that are still in the slip panties on and quickly pleasure yourself, try lounging around in them a while before pleasuring yourself, you will see that your orgasms are much more powerful and the time leading up to your orgasm is very pleasureful also.

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Wearing Womens Thongs
By thongman on September 14, 2013
All men wearing panties wear different styles of panties, some men wearing panties wear all styles of panties. However when it comes to thongs its one of those styles you either like wearing or you will never wear, or never think you will wear. In some instances a thong is a style you might think you would never wear and then you try wearing a thong and it becomes your favorite style. Its always fun to try different styles of panties, and most of us have our favorite style our drawers are filled with, and then a few other styles we occasionally wear, a thong is a style you might not of thought of adding to your panty drawer but give wearing a thong a try and you might see more of them in your panty drawer.

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Types & Styles of Thongs

It seems that just as panties is a general term for various styles of panties, thongs also seem to be a general term as there are many varieties of thongs.

G-String: When people refer to butt floss, they are picturing a g-string. Featuring little more than a triangle in the front and a thin string around the hips and between the cheeks.
g string g-string
Chip G String: A very small G String with a small, low cut front panel.
Chip G String Chip G String
Micro G String: This is probably the smallest G String currently available. A bikini wax is definitely recommended for this tiniest of thongs.
Micro G String
Half Back: More coverage than a traditional T Back thong but less than a full back bikini.
Half Back Thong Half Back Thong
Micro Thong: This thong had G String sides, thong back and chip cut front panel.
Micro Thong
Quick Release Thong: Traditional style thong with side clips for easy exit. This thong is an exotic dancer favorite.

SJ Thong: Like a traditional thong but with skinny sides like a G String.
SJ Thong SJ Thong
T-Back: T-backs offer more coverage than g-strings, and the side straps stretch straight across the top of the buttocks. From the back, the straps resemble the letter "T."
T-Back Thong T-Back Thong
Rio: The Rio is similar to the T-back, except the side straps rise above the hips.

Tanga: The tanga exposes the bottom of the butt cheeks, but covers everything else.

Friends Who Wear Panties
By paulwearspanties on September 10, 2013
Most men wearing panties started wearing panties when we were younger, while growing up. Back then most men wearing panties thought we were the only ones wearing panties. We wore panties usually only at home, in our rooms, bathroom, etc, or around the house when no one was home. We only wore occasionally, and usually for short periods of time. While our family was home, friends were around, while we were outside with friends, etc we did not wear panties because we did not want anyone to know. We thought that no other guys wore panties, and we certainly did not have conversations with our friends about wearing panties or asking them if they wore panties. Growing up most of us wore panties thinking no other men wore panties, we had no one to talk to about wearing panties, no one who could relate to with as to why we wore panties. As we grew older our desire to wear panties only got stronger, we wore more often and for longer periods, however we were in the same situation, we wore with no one else knowing we wore panties and we also had no idea if other men wore panties or how many other men wore panties. Then along came the internet, for some of us we were a bit older when it came along, and some of us grew up with the internet so for those a bit older that meant many years of wearing without being able to see that other men wore panties, to be able to communicate with other men wearing panties and to get advice, talk about wearing panties, how we started wearing panties, what panties we like to wear, all the things you would talk with about with any friend who is into the same things. Suddenly we felt much better about wearing panties, we were not alone in wearing panties, and we found the more and more time went on that there are lots and lots of men wearing panties out there. We wondered if anyone we knew wore panties, did any of our friends growing up wear there mothers panties, sisters panties like we did, do any of the friends we have now, or coworkers wear panties. In the crowds of people at the mall, at stores, or at events, how many men are wearing panties that you might of walked by. We found communities like men wearing panties club where we were able to see other men wearing panties, tell others our story or stories about wearing panties, ask advice to other men wearing panties or give advice to other men wearing panties. We were able to post pictures of us wearing panties for other men wearing panties to see, and we were able to make friends wearing panties from all over the world and find other men wearing panties close by us to perhaps get together with. Having friends who wear panties is really important whether you just want to remain online friends or you want to get together in person, having friends who also wear panties, who can relate, who can express the joys of wearing panties makes wearing panties so much more enjoyable. The community men wearing panties club has given men wearing panties a place to go, to meet others, to express themselves via messages, stories, pictures, movies, etc. I know I am sure glad I came across men wearing panties club, over the years I have made so many friends, and enjoyed my visits to men wearing panties club, and its also helped to show that men wearing panties is more common than one thinks, that men wearing panties are just normal everyday guys, its helped open up our societies eyes and shown them that men wearing panties are just like everyone else, its helped to ease any sterotypes, fears for women who find out there husband wears panties, boyfriend wears panties. Its given men weairng panties, couples wearing panties and the women of men wearing panties a place to find out more info, to express themselves, and to be around so many others who enjoy wearing panties who can relate and who understand why we enjoy wearing panties.

Common Myths Or Stereotypes About Men Wearing Panties
By pantiesalways on September 5, 2013
There are several common myths or stereotypes about men who wear panties. First being men wearing panties must be gay, they must like guys. Because men wear panties they must want to have sex with other guys or other men wearing panties. Many wifes who find out there husband wears panties or girlfriends who find out there boyfriend wears panties jump to conclusions and fear that their man must like other guys. Just because you put on a pair of panties does not change anything about your sexual preference. Fact is that a larger percentage of men who wear panties are straight. Yes there are men who wear panties who are bisexual, bicurious and gay, however there sexual preference is not because of wearing panties. So women if you find out your husband wears panties, boyfriend wears panties, don't jump to conclusions that he is gay, bisexual or bicurious, chances are he is still the straight man you married. Another stereotype about men wearing panties or myth is that they are less masculine and more girly or gurly. Every man who wears panties is different just like any other man in the world is different, whether its a man wearing panties or a man who does not wear panties we all have different personalities, some more masculine, some more feminine, some men have more of a softer side than other men. Men wearing panties does not mean that a man is feminine, girly or gurly, there are lots of masculine, rugged men that wear panties. Men wearing panties come from all backgrounds, and it might surprise many women to learn that many tough guys wear panties. Our society comes up with reasons why someone chooses to do certain things or be certain ways outside whats considered normal in our society. Somewhere along the way panties where put in the womens section and boxers, briefs were put in the mens section, but what if history has reversed that and put panties in the mens section and boxers and briefs in the womens section. And because panties were put in the womens section and many of us men have taken notice of how great panties feel and look to wear stereotypes and myths have come about because we crossed over the line into the womens section. Thanks to more and more men expressing that they enjoy wearing panties, our society, wifes, girlfriends, etc are starting to realize that men wearing panties is not something to just your panties in a bunch over. More and more couples are wearing panties together, more and more men are wearing panties openly, and more men are feeling more comfortable telling family members they wear panties, telling friends they wear panties, wearing panties outside of the home, wearing panties to work, etc.

Couples Wearing Panties
By coupleswearingpanties on August 29, 2013
Seems more and more couples are wearing panties together. And more and more men wearing panties are able to express that they enjoy wearing panties to their wife or girlfriend. Being able to wear panties with your wife or girlfriend will certainly take your panty wearing experience to new levels. When a wife or girlfriend accepts that you wear panties it can relieve lots of tension and stress you might of had before you were able to wear panties with your wife or girlfriend. As mentioned there are lots more couples wearing panties now days. More men wearing panties are feeling as if they can express that they enjoy wearing panties, and many wifes and girlfriends are hearing about men wearing panties and are also hearing that most men wearing panties are married, straight etc, they are no longer hearing about the stereotypes about men wearing panties but rather that men wearing panties are just normal everyday men who enjoy wearing panties and many are starting to wonder if they know a guy who wears panties, or does there husband wear panties, or does there boyfriend wear panties or have any of there past boyfriends worn panties, and many are also becoming curious as to what a guy looks like wearing panties. Our society is becoming more open minded, and you even see glimpses of men wearing panties on tv, or in movies. Couples wearing panties have more fun together, and couples wearing panties communicate better and have a much more playful and fun relationship. Couples wearing panties express that they have a much healthier relationship. Couples wearing panties often times go shopping for panties together and what an amazing experience shopping for panties with your wife or shopping for panties with your girlfriend is. Just be careful as she might hold up a pair of panties to your waist and try to picture how the panties would look on you while your in the center of the lingerie department, but then again that might just be a good experience, a bit red in the face type of experience but still fun. Couples wearing panties also enjoy being more playful, perhaps picking out matching panties, picking out the panties each other will wear for the day, and lounging around in panties. And of course when it comes to sexual things, including panties in your sex life will add pleasure for both the woman and the man. Many couples wearing panties enjoy keeping the panties on during sex, both wearing panties during sex, and seeing each other wearing panties during sex increases the level of attraction, and how turned on each other is which often times decreases the amount of time it takes to pleasure one another. Its nice to see more and more couples wearing panties and it does seem that more and more women are becoming curious as to seeing men wearing panties, even guys who have never worn panties before have been approached by there wife or girlriend having her ask him if he would wear some panties, so it seems that perhaps more women are turning guys on to wearing panties than ever before. If your a couple and looking to spice things up a bit, wearing panties together is a great way to spice things up a bit, you will see how much more excited your man gets once he slips on those panties. And if your a guy wearing panties and you have not told your wife and your sex life is a bit dull, try suggesting a bit of playful panty wearing to her. As more and more couples wearing panties express how much they enjoy wearing panties together more and more women are getting curious about men wearing panties which makes it much easier for men wearing panties to tell there wife or girlfriend they enjoy wearing panties. Its nice to see the sterotypes going away about men wearing panties and men do not have to fear what a woman will think of them wearing panties and also how women are becoming more and more curious about seeing a guy wearing panties. Thanks to sites like men wearing panties club, couples wearing panties, men wearing panties and also women who are curious about men wearing panties have a place to express there love of wearing panties and its helping to show just how common men wearing panties is.

Panty Fetish Why Men Borrow Panties Or Steal Panties
By linda on August 27, 2013
I get asked alot about the history of the "Panty" fetish. What draws them to it. Well, I have compiled some info here and I hope you enjoy the info we found on the subject. I will start with one of my own experiences.

Once I caught an ex-boyfriend stealing my panties. He swiped them off the floor and tucked them into his coat pocket on his way out the door. I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted something to remember me by. He said he wanted to take my panties because they inspired "flashbacks" to our sexual adventures together. I thought that was rather sweet and romantic.

A friend of mine explained it to me by saying, "Panties are the item closest to a woman's body. They hold all the scent that makes a woman a woman. Every woman has her favorite pair. Every day they are discarded, dirty, into the hamper. They are seldom handled by anyone other than the woman who owns them. And panties are one of the most intimate items a woman owns. To have a woman's panties is like having a little piece of her."

These guys want a keepsake. They want to carry your scent with them. This is not surprising because our sense of smell is a powerful sexual tool. Scientists say it's the pheromones in our sweat glands that inspire these reactions. The romantic panty thieves only want the panties that belong to the single woman they lust after. It's that one woman that makes the panties special.

Another type of panty consumer is the man who just wants panties and doesn't really care who they belonged to. He uses the panties to enhance his fantasies; the woman who wore them is irrelevant.

Quite often these men have panty fantasies early in their sexual development. For example, maybe a man caught a glimpse of a woman's panties as she walked up a flight of stairs. Perhaps he then used that image to fuel his sexual imagination. From then on panties continued to inspire his fantasies. Actually owning a pair of panties would enhance his fantasies.

Other men are attracted to the fabrics. Panties are made out of soft fabrics like silk and satin. These kinds of textiles aren't always available to men. Just feeling them reminds them of women. And still other men like to wear the panties. They'll try them on to feel their erection burst through the fabric. To achieve these heightened experiences some men will often steal or spend money to get the items they desire.

Stealing the panties can be a kick in and of itself. Any sex act that involves taking a risk like that is usually motivated by adrenaline. As much as the man may want the panties, he also gets off on the experience of getting away with stealing them. This is so prevalent that we frequently see news reports of men getting caught stealing their neighbor's panties. Almost all laundromats have signs posted regarding the theft of one's items. I spoke with one man who bragged about his panty stealing adventures. He said he enjoyed rummaging through clothes hampers and dresser drawers at parties. (That conversation prompted me to move my hamper out of my bathroom and into a more secure location!)

I much prefer the idea of men buying panties from willing participants. Selling worn panties is a huge industry in America and around the world. In the UK they're called "knickers" and you can find them sold online and in magazines. In Japan the industry is so large that they sell used panties in vending machines. Some Japanese women are so hip to the high demand for panties that they have taken to selling theirs to strangers on the street.

When it comes down to it, whether it's the girl that wore the panties, the scent, the fabric, or the adventure, I am finding the reasons behind the desires are as unique as the men who have them. Which proves to be true for all things sexual.

Buying Used Panties, Buying Dirty Panties
By lvdirtypanties on August 25, 2013
For many men wearing panties they started out using and wearing used panties or dirty panties, as those were the ones that were readily available and often times the ones that first got you curious about panties, it might of been there sisters dirty panties, mothers dirty panties, cousins dirty panties, neighbors dirty panties, girlfriends dirty panties, wifes dirty panties, etc. Many men wearing panties still do enjoy wearing dirty panties or used panties, however dirty panties might not be as readily available as they once were for you or you just might like dirty panties from various women. For some men wearing dirty panties is much more of a turn on then wearing clean panties. Knowing your wearing a womans panties that have recently been worn, imagining the panties pressed against her, and also the added stimulation of the visuals and scents in the panties. To see yourself in a womans panties that are dirty is a turn on to many men wearing panties. As you grow older and the readily available dirty panties such as your sisters dirty panties, moms dirty panties, girlfriends dirty panties, etc are no longer available, however your desire to wear dirty panties and enjoy dirty panties still continues, now you find yourself seeking dirty panties. Now there have been plenty of instances of guys being handed dirty panties, but for many of us we are not lucky enough to have a woman hand us her dirty panties and many of us do not have the courage to go up to a woman and ask for her panties or ask her if she would like to sell you her dirty panties. That leaves us looking for women selling dirty panties, or selling used panties, and thanks to the internet there are plenty of them out there selling used panties or dirty panties. It seemed as if it was like a gold rush of women selling dirty panties or used panties for many years, and most were real women, it was not until later that you started to get fake used panty sellers, or fake dirty panty sellers. Its to bad that everything on the internet that is good always gets ruined by others. The problem with fake used panty sellers even made it into the mainstream when you started seeing commercials like the one with the asian guys in a warehouse backroom wearing panties dancing around and then stuffing them into a zip lock bag. I bet seeing that commercial made many of us dirty panty lovers eyebrows raise a bit and wonder about all the panties we have been buying. The fake panty sellers that came along certainly made it difficult for real women selling used panties, many of these women truly were turned on knowing guys enjoyed there dirty panties but they had a difficult time getting through all the fake panty sellers. Another thing was how difficult it became for women to sell dirty panties, it used to be you could buy used panties on ebay, or buy dirty panties on ebay, then ebay changed it policies leaving many real women selling used panties with no where to sell used panties. Sites to help women selling used panties sprang up here and there but then disappeared. Many women selling used panties had to then try and get there own site to sell dirty panties, but with the cost and time running a site so many of those sites have come and gone. Not only has it been difficult on the women selling used panties but also those of us who enjoy dirty panties. The attraction to used panties is huge for many men, and for many men as mentioned they grew up enjoying used panties but as they got older they did not have used panties available around them anymore, but the desire to enjoy used panties was still there, perhaps you got to dig through a buddies girlfriends hamper or buddies wifes hamper a few times, or while housesitting you got to enjoy dirty panties but that was a rare occurrence. You wanted to enjoy dirty panties more and you came across listings of women selling used panties, pictures of the panties they had for sale and a description of themselves, perhaps even some pictures of themselves in there panties and also a bit about them and why they sell used panties. Often times you have heard of the old I am in college and selling my dirty panties, perhaps some were real and others were not. One has to realize that some of it is about the fantasy of it, it might be some hot 20 year old collage womans panties or it might be some 40 year old moms panties, and for many both can appeal to different dirty panty lovers. However as mentioned one has to remember that part of it is about the fantasy of it, having another womans panties you don't know, how each womans panties have a different smell, how each woman wears different size, styles, fabrics and how those panties feel against you as you fantasize about her. Even know its getting tougher to find real women selling dirty panties, they are still out there, some come and go and others have been around for a while. It not as easy to find dirty panties as it once was, or at least to find dirty panties from real women. But as mentioned there are still real women out there who do enjoy selling there dirty panties and who get turned on knowing a guy wants to pleasure himself with there panties.

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