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The Attraction To Panties
By pantymagnet on March 18, 2014
I think most would agree that most men have an attraction to panties. The attraction to panties can vary between men. Some attractions to panties men talk about openly, like did you see that woman wearing panties, or did you see the picture of that woman in panties. They might even show pictures of there wife wearing panties, girlfriend wearing panties they have on there phone. The attraction to panties can cover all the senses, well all but sound unless of course the snapping of a waistband of panties that were just put on. Of course the main sense the sight of panties, seeing a woman wearing panties, seeing a pair of panties on the floor, seeing a pair of panties in a panty drawer, seeing a women in panties on tv, seeing a woman in panties in a movie, or seeing a woman in panties in a catalog, ad, or newspaper. Then the sense of touch, the feeling of touching a woman's panties while she is wearing panties, or the feeling of her grinding up against you while she is wearing panties, or the feeling of picking up a pair of panties and how it feels in your hands, or how the panties feel as you rub the panties against your body, then the feeling of panties as you slip them on and how they feel pressed against you. Then there is the sense of smell, whether its a new pair of panties, a freshly washed pair of panties or a recently worn pair of panties, with of course the recently worn pair of panties being among the most favorite. But one can also factor in the sense of sound, as mentioned you hear the sound of the waistband of a pair of panties that were recently put on snapping against the waist. Or you hear the word panties mentioned in a conversation. Most mens heads turn quickly around when they hear the word panties in a conversation. So as you can see the attraction of panties effects all the senses. As mentioned some attractions to panties are openly talked about among friends, like talking about the hot woman you saw in her panties, but your probably not going to talk about finding a pair of panties and sniffing panties, or masturbating with a pair of panties. You might talk about your wife or girlfriend giving you a panty hand job, or rubbing herself against you while wearing panties but your probably not going to mention how good it feels to stroke yourself with panties. And your probably not going to mention how good wearing panties feels around friends. However thats where you have two separate groups of friends, your friends you would not mention your attraction to panties to, even know many of them probably have various attractions to panties also but there is just no real way of crossing that line in talking about it, but then there are those friends you meet online at places like men wearing panties club who have attractions to panties in which you can talk openly about panties with. Its always nice having friends who have attractions to panties like you do, its always great hearing about how others enjoy panties, and a bit exciting hearing about there attraction to panties also, and being able to express your attraction to panties with others who have the same attraction to panties.

Panty Wearing Men
By likespanties on March 15, 2014
You hear about men wearing panties more and more, and you see more men wearing panties pictures, men wearing panties movies, men wearing panties forums, men wearing panties stories, and men wearing panties topics. Is men wearing panties something new, men wearing panties is certainly not something new. Men have been curious about womens panties for a very long time, and men have been exploring wearing panties for a long time and at some point most men have thought about what those silky panties, nylon panties, soft panties feel like against them and not just how they feel in there hands. No matter what time period your from, no matter what generation there were men wearing panties. Does it seem like there are more men wearing panties now days, perhaps there are more men wearing panties or perhaps you just hear about men wearing panties more. As mentioned there has always been men wearing panties, curiosity about panties has always been there, and for many men that curiosity has also lead to wearing panties. And for any man who has worn panties you know how amazing wearing panties feels so once you wear panties your always going to wear panties. Also thanks to communities like men wearing panties club, men wearing panties have been able to have a place to see that other men wear panties, and a place to make friends with other men wearing panties, tell about how they got into wearing panties, show pictures of them wearing panties, and much more. There are men wearing panties all over the world, some men wearing panties start early on and other men wearing panties don't explore wearing panties until later in life. Somewhere there is a guy who is just experiencing the first time wearing panties and it certainly will not be the last time he wears panties.

My Husband Wears Panties
By husbandwearspanties on March 12, 2014
I am the wife of a man who wears panties. We have been married for 25 years, married at age 22, and for 20 of those years my husband has worn panties. From my conversation with my husband he always wore panties, started out when he was growing up and he only wore occasionally then. As he grew older he wore panties more and more and when he moved out on his own he started to wear panties full time. When he met me and we started dating he stopped wearing panties all the time, we moved in together about 8 months after dating and then married 2 years later. During our living together while we were dating the only time he wore panties was when I was out of the house, at work, shopping, etc. Then same thing after we were married, he only wore while I was at work, shopping, etc. So for the time we dated, lived together and then the 5 years we were married before I found out my husband wears panties he went back to wearing panties only occasionally. So how did I find out my husband wears panties. I found out my husband wears panties by catching my husband wearing panties. I came home one day a bit early from work, I walked in and there in the kitchen was my husband wearing a pair of bright yellow nylon bikini panties and nothing else. We both just sort of froze for what seemed like hours. I asked him what are you doing, he could not say anything. Was I upset, mad, shocked, embarrassed, I certainly was not mad, or upset, a bit shocked and embarrassed myself. I guess what was there to be mad or upset about, he was wearing panties, its not like I caught him cheating on me, so I really could not justify being mad or upset at him, they were just panties. Was I shocked yes, I have never seen a man wearing panties before but here before me was my husband wearing panties. I just did what I thought was right and walked out of the kitchen to give my husband a chance to go and put something on. About 20 minutes later he came into the living room where I was sitting and said honey I know you saw me wearing panties. I really did not say anything I just wanted him to continue talking. He explained to me that he likes wearing panties, he has worn panties for a very long time, he explained that wearing panties feels good, makes him feel less stressed, wearing panties makes him happy. He went on to say that wearing panties is not something he wanted to hide from me but it just sort of was natural to stop wearing panties full time when he met me and when we got married because he did not know how to tell me he wore panties, but that he enjoyed wearing panties so he did not want to stop wearing panties all together so he just wore panties occasionally. He went on to tell me the style of panties he likes wearing, which is bikini panties and that he likes nylon panties the best. I just let my husband talk and he must of talked for 45 minutes without me saying a word, he was not rambling on, he was just expressing all the things I should know about him wearing panties. After he was done talking I said honey you should of told me you wear panties a long time ago because it would not of changed anything between us, except for maybe it would of made things a bit easier on my husband that he did not have to hide his wearing panties. So why did I not freak out that my husband wears panties, why did I not get upset catching my husband wearing panties, why did I not get mad that my husband wears panties. Well its simple, why get upset over something until you have given the person time to explain. Now if my husband said I wear panties and I have been doing sexual things with other men wearing panties, or other men then yes I would of certainly been upset that he has been wearing panties, its just not something I am into. But wearing panties did not change who he is, wearing panties is just something that felt good to him and has felt good to him almost his entire life. Panties are a piece of clothing, and not something that all of the sudden because you put them on it changes you as a person. Since I caught my husband wearing panties he has worn panties full time, and I have to say he looks so much better in panties than any mens underwear I ever saw him in. I have to say I do get a bit excited seeing him walking around the house in panties, and we will tease each other by walking around the house only in panties, and before we know it we are chasing each other down the hallway and off to the bedroom. Finding out my husband wears panties has certainly brought a bit more playfulness out in our relationship. Up until finding out my husband wears panties we had a very healthy sex life and very often but after finding out my husband wears panties everything was just a bit more exciting, and new, and yeah wearing panties in the bedroom together feels great. As many women will admit to, we like to be caressed, or caress ourselves and I have to admit while growing up and exploring my body I always enjoyed caressing myself over my panties, they were so soft and it felt so good, and I always enjoyed a man rubbing his hand over the front or back of my panties. So yeah I can only imagine how good panties feel for a man caressing yourself while wearing panties. I do enjoy caressing my husband while he is wearing panties, feeling him through panties is such a turn on. My advice for wifes, girlfriends who find out your husband wears panties, find out your boyfriend wears panties, or catch your husband wearing panties or catch your boyfriend wearing panties is so just take a deep breath and relax, at least give him the opportunity to explain why he wears panties. Your husband wearing panties, your boyfriend wearing panties is not something that will ruin your relationship but your overacting about him wearing panties before you have all the info will.

Frederick's of Hollywood History
By lvnaughtypanties on March 9, 2014
In 1946, when Frederick Mellinger started his mail order company for lingerie, it is unlikely he imagined that over sixty years later, his company would own over 200 stores operating in the US, together with the mail order business accounting for some 47 percent of revenues, and distributing as many as fifty million catalogues per year. When Frederick Mellinger returned from WWII in 1946, he brought with him the idea of selling a sensuous and sophisticated European style of lingerie to American women. When good girls wore white cotton panties, Frederick caused a stir with his raunchy black panties, bras, and nightgowns. With only a limited success in New York, Mellinger moved to Hollywood a year later and renamed his company "Frederick's of Hollywood". His sexy lingerie was an instant smash with the Hollywood's film stars, complementing their glamorous lifestyle and image of the time. Some of the lingerie worn by the 1950s pin-up and bondage model Bettie Page was from Frederick's of Hollywood. Frederick's of Hollywood launched a constant stream of new and pioneering products, from the first padded bra in 1947 to the "Rising Star," the world's first push-up bra 1948. During the fifties, Mellinger marketed his lingerie in both men's and women's magazines, a strategy which proved very successful. Many of Mellinger's achievements were owed to his understanding of women, and the fact that lingerie could make women feel beautiful. This, together with the association he had made with the glamorous Hollywood movies of the time, led fashion conscious women to seek out his pointed, cone stitched bras, sold under brand names such as Missiles, in their droves. Frederick's of Hollywood had become a trendsetter. In the sixties, the "Cadillac" bra was launched, and soon became the company's bestseller. Other innovations included the front hook bra, bras with shoulder pads, padded girdles, and body shapers. It was Frederick's who introduced the thong to American women in 1981. The thong became one of fastest selling items around the world. Mellinger always had an aptitude for picking up celebrities to work with as models. Pamela Anderson for example, appeared in his lingerie catalogues and later landed a role in Baywatch. In 1989, Frederick opened the world's first Lingerie Museum to huge success. By the nineties, Frederick's was extremely successful, it continued with its lingerie innovations introducing the Water Bra and the Hollywood Kiss with its "wishbone" construction. Frederick's had also expanded its range to include dresses, sportswear, swimwear, hosiery, and accessories to name but a few. Frederick Mellinger retired in 1984, and died in 1990, but the company was positioned to provide the lingerie market with original and innovative lingerie items and continue to satisfy women's unchanging desire for sensual lingerie.

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Victoria's Secret Catalog History, Victoria's Secret Catalogue History
By vspantywear on March 5, 2014
Victoria's Secret started when a graduate student from Stanford Graduate School Of Business felt rather embarrassed when it came to purchasing beautiful lingerie from a department store. His name was Roy Raymond who was located in San Francisco, California. In 1977 Roy decided to open his first store at Stanford Shopping Center, thus Victoria's Secret was born. Soon to follow was a mail order catalog and three other Victoria's Secret stores. The stores were created to make a man comfortable when purchasing women's lingerie, the decor of the stores were Victorian designed with wood panel walls and friendly staff. Instead of bras and panties being hung on a boring rack, they were paired together in all sizes and mounted on frames. The stores were very detailed and were quite inviting when a gentleman came to purchase lingerie. After 5 years of operation Roy Raymond sold Victoria's Secret to The Limited. Through the 1980's The Limited kept the image intact while expanding to offer an array of merchandise including shoes, perfumes and evening wear with its mail order catalog that was sent out eight times annually. During the 1990's Victoria's Secret had became the largest American lingerie retailer..

In July 2007 the retail chain Limited Brands sold 75 percent of there retail chain to Sun Capitol Partners so that they could focus on the growth of the Victoria's Secret retail chain and Bath and Body works. There are over a 1000 Victoria's Secret stores across the U.S. and over 100 independent Victoria's Secret Beauty Stores which are located comfortably in many of the shopping centers across the U.S. Selling beauty products, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes, bathing suits, bras and panties.

Prior to the emergence of e-commerce, the Victoria's Secret's catalogs provided both an informative and exciting experience in the comfort of the consumer's home. The very first Victoria's Secret Catalog was created in 1978, and only one catalog was published in 1978. In 1979 three catalogs were published and in 1980 six. (This progression continued until the late 90's when there were over 150 different catalogs printed a year.) In April 1982, Raymond sent out his 12th catalog, each catalogue cost $3, and it had grown to a 42 page catalog. In 1982 catalog sales accounted for 55 percent of the company's annual sales. Victoria's Secret accepted catalog orders via telephone 24 hours a day. The New York Times reported that Victoria's Secret's success through catalogs influenced other catalogs success, and in 1987, Victoria's Secret was reportedly among the best selling catalogs. In the early 1990's they began to use Supermodels, deflecting from using celebrity models and endorsements. Victoria's Secret sends out 375 million catalogs a year . The Los Angeles Times described the catalog as having achieved a fan like following.

Perhaps you remember those old Victoria's Secret catalogs from the late 70?s, early 80?s and how exciting it was to look through them. The Victoria's Secret catalogs were not as common in many households like the sears catalog, jcpenny catalogs were but if you were lucky enough to come across a Victoria's Secret catalog you were rewarded by paging through it. To this day the Victoria's Secret catalog is still exciting to see, Victoria's Secret has progressed into much more than bras, panties, pantyhose and lingerie, but certainly those areas are still apart of the Victoria's Secret catalog. No matter what time period, holding a Victoria's Secret catalog in your hands always seems to be very exciting. For us men wearing panties we wondered what the panties and lingerie the Victoria's Secret models were wearing felt like. The Victoria's Secret models certainly looked so amazing in those panties and lingerie, and we wanted to experience what it was like to wear the same things the Victoria's Secret models were wearing. Many of us men wearing panties certainly did not start with Victoria's Secret panties or Victoria's Secret lingerie, but we might of gotten some inspiration from looking at the Victoria's Secret catalogs and eventually we might of bought some Victoria's Secret panties or Victoria's Secret lingerie. Many men wearing panties favorite brand is Victoria's Secret panties, whether its current Victoria's Secret panties or discontinued Victoria's Secret panties.

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Skirt Panties, Skirted Panties, Skirted Panty, Panty Skirt
By flutterpanty on March 1, 2014
Have you ever seen skirted panties, or worn a skirted panty. Skirted panties, skirted panty, or panty skirt are part skirt and part panty. Skirted panties come with an attached skirt, the skirt length can vary from just a small band around the waist, to a skirt that covers about half the butt which is the most common skirted panty, to a skirt much like a mini skirt that fits tight and goes below the butt cheeks, to a ruffle type skirt that goes below the butt cheeks. The most common panties found with skirted panties are thongs or bikini, with skirted thong being the most common, but you will find skirted bikini panties also. Skirted panties are not very practical to wear for everyday wear, skirted panties are sexier panties often worn during foreplay. You can buy skirted panties by themselves but its more common to find them with as part of a lingerie set, or a sexy costume. You probably will not find to many skirted panties in department stores, but perhaps during valentines day, christmas they might have some. Skirted panties are usually found in adult stores, lingerie stores, smaller specialty stores in malls. Skirted panties come in a variety of fabrics but you mainly find them in sexier type fabrics like lace, silk, satin. Skirted panties can be fun to wear, and exciting to see yourself wearing and others wearing. If you have never tried wearing a skirted panty give one a try.

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Vintage Panties, Vintage Panty
By vanityfairguy on February 24, 2014
When you hear the word vintage panties, or vintage panty what do you think. Do you think of panties from when you were growing up, perhaps the type of panties your mom wore, type of panties your sister wore, or the types of panties you seen in the catalogs like sears, jcpenny, or the sunday ads. Since men wearing panties come from all ages, what we think of as vintage panties from when we were growing up can vary. Do you think of vintage panties being from a certain time period, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's. 80's, 90's. Do you think of vintage panties as being a certain style like briefs. Now days the term vintage does not always mean old, like from a hundred years ago, and of course what you think of as vintage can vary depending on your age. When searching for vintage panties the results tend to show alot of newer panties, ones that have been discontinued, like victoria?s secret panties, joe boxer panties, vanity fair panties, warners panties, olga panties, vassarette panties, etc. With victoria?s secret panties being the most common result when searching for vintage panties. Are these newer panties, recently discontinued panties, no longer available panties really vintage panties. I guess yes they could be considered vintage panties because you can no longer get them in the stores. Vintage seems to have gone from old to no longer available. And when one of your favorite types of panties gets discontinued your left searching online for them, like what happened to victoria's secret second skin satin, and also joe boxer satin bikini panties, both of which sell for alot. Other vintage panties like vanity fair nylon panties don?t seem to sell for as high of prices as the victoria?s secret second skin satin, or joe boxer satin bikini panties. So when searching for vintage panties you might be surprised at the number of newer panties that come up, instead of much older panties from different time periods. You will also find some smaller lingerie manufactures recreating certain vintage panties, but they typically are more the vintage style panties from different time periods.

Below shows a sampling of what might be considered more vintage panties. Panties that were found in department stores, etc in more common styles like brief or bikini, many of which growing up your mothers, or sisters might of wore.

Shiny Panties, Metallic Panties, Liquid Panties
By shinypantylover on February 18, 2014
Many men wearing panties favorite types of panties to wear, see themselves wearing, and see others wearing are shiny panties, metallic panties, wet look panties, foil panties, sparkle panties, sparkly panties, or liquid panties. There is just something about the look of shiny panties, how they feel, how they look and that combination makes shiny panties so much more exciting when wearing shiny panties or seeing other men wearing panties wearing shiny panties. Also for many of us men wearing panties we enjoy seeing both men and women wearing panties and women look so hot wearing shiny panties. Shiny panties look so good on either men or women. As mentioned there is just something about seeing a pair of shiny panties that grabs your attention, how they shine, how they glisten, how exciting seeing a pair of shiny panties instantly makes you feel, how sexy a pair of shiny panties looks and how naughty a pair of shiny panties looks. When seeing a pair of shiny panties you just want to pick them up and feel that silky smooth fabric, then of course you want to feel those shiny panties against you. You put a pair of shiny panties on and you look in the mirror and they look so amazing and make you even more excited. When you see other men wearing panties wearing shiny panties or women wearing shiny panties you get so excited. Shiny panties just look so hot stretched across a male or female form.

Shiny panties, wet look panties, metallic panties, sparkle panties, sparkly panties, foil panties, or liquid panties can be found in a variety of fabrics from satin, silk, nylon, polyester, spandex, or a variety of fabric blends. With satin, silk and nylon being the most common fabrics. They can also be found in a variety of styles, brief, a variety of bikini styles including string bikini, hi cut bikini, thong, gstring, boyshorts, with bikini, thong and boyshorts being the most common styles. Shiny panties are not as common as other types of panties so many department stores will not have a variety of them, maybe only a few and not a huge stock of them either. Smaller clothing stores like in malls tend to have more shiny panties. The stores with bins full of sexy panties tend to have a variety of shiny type panties mixed in. Normally you will not find shiny panties hanging on a rack, shiny panties are usually as mentioned found in bins mixed in with a variety of panties. You might find shiny panties at stores like walmart or kmart hanging on a rack, but often times those stores have bins and also clearance racks and shiny panties are more likely found in those areas. Shiny panties are usually not any more expensive than other types of panties, they are just more difficult to find. When searching for shiny panties online is a better option as you will find lots more, but it is also a more expensive option.

Many major manufactures have made shiny type panties over the years that have become very popular only to stop making them. The most famous of which being victoria?s secret second skin satin, and also joe boxer satin bikini panties. Other major manufactures have made shiny type panties which have been discontinued also. Shiny panties can vary from a simple satin panty, nylon panty to a panty which looks like foil, liquid, or has a very wet look. Any panty that has a shine, a shimmer, or a glisten can be considered shiny. The variety of shine, type of shine effects how the panty feels, a soft satin that has a more matte shine like the victoria?s secret second skin satin can feel much different than a shiny foil panty, or a liquid metallic panty, or a liquid satin panty. You will also find sparkle panties or sparkly panties and often times those will not feel as smooth as satin panties, they might be a bit rougher and have more texture. Nylon panties also have a shine or glisten to them, as well as polyester panties. The variety of shine can vary depending on the type of material, and also the feel of the panties can vary depending on material. The most common shiny panties are satin panties, liquid satin panties, metallic satin panties. The most common ways you will find shiny panties advertised is shiny panties, wet look panties, liquid satin panties, metallic panties, foil panties, sparkly panties. Of course you will also find shiny panties by looking for satin panties, nylon panties, polyester panties.

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Valentines Panties, Valentines Panty
By pantylov on February 14, 2014
Its valentines day and many stores are filled with special valenties panties this time of year. Stores like kmart, walmart, target, victoria's secret, and many large and small department stores and specialty stores will be filled with valentines themed panties, some will have sexy valentines panties and some naughty valentines panties and some plain valentines panties. Unlike other holiday panties, valentines panties come in a bit more sexier styles, fabrics than lets say christmas panties or halloween panties. You will often times find lots of red panties of course, and many lacy panties, silky panties, crotchless panties, etc. Lots of women will we wearing valentines panties through the month of feburary or perhaps just on valentines night as they might receive valentines panties as a gift. I wonder how many men wearing panties have purchased and will be wearing valentines panties. If you have never purchased valentines themed panties, perhaps now is the time to stock up on some sexy valentines panties before they are gone.

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First Time Wearing Panties
By alove4panties on February 10, 2014
Many men wearing panties can recall there first time wearing panties, for some men wearing panties it was a very long time ago, other men wearing panties it might be a fairly recent event. One thing is for sure once you see those panties your mind starts to race, your heart starts to beat, and yeah you start to get excited. You pick those panties up and your already so excited and your mind instantly starts to think about what they would feel like on. Its so amazing how panties make us men wearing panties feel. No matter when you first discovered wearing panties, from then on you wanted to wear panties more and more. Wearing panties does not change us, wearing panties is something that makes us feel good. Feeling those panties against us, the different fit, the different texture of the fabric, the taboo of wearing panties, it all excites us so much and for men who have never slipped on a pair of panties, try it and you will be amazed at how wearing panties feels and you will certainly want to wear panties again.

Find A Woman Into Men Wearing Panties
By silkypantyfun on February 6, 2014
Many men wearing panties fantasy is to find a woman that they can wear panties in front of, enjoy sex while wearing panties, shopping for panties with, and wearing panties together. So how does a man wearing panties find a woman who likes men wearing panties. Finding a woman into men wearing panties is not as complicated as many men wearing panties think, but its also not just something thats going to happen on its own. Wish I could tell you a certain type of woman is into men wearing panties and then you would just try and meet that type of woman, but its not as easy as that. A variety of types of women can be into men wearing panties, from all different age groups, backgrounds, ethnic groups, locations, etc. It might be surprising the variety of women into men wearing panties, a woman you would think might not be into men wearing panties is extremely into men wearing panties. Women are curious by nature, when they see something another woman is into they tend to get more and more curious, jealous, etc. Luckily more and more women are hearing about men wearing panties, seeing men wearing panties and seeing that other women are into men wearing panties, its helping to spark there curiosity and you are seeing more and more women into men wearing panties. A women might not even know she is into men wearing panties unless you introduce her to men wearing panties, you tell her you wear panties, you show her you wear panties, of course telling a woman you wear panties, or showing a woman you wear panties is a bold thing to tell her but then again you have to if you want to find out if she is into guys wearing panties. I would not really expect to see personal ads posted from women saying they are looking for men wearing panties, wish it was that easy but its just not realistic. However it is possible once a woman gets a taste of men wearing panties and maybe that relationship ends she will then seek out men wearing panties, perhaps by posting messages that she likes men wearing panties, commenting on men wearing panties pictures, but she might not actually post a specific person ad seeking men wearing panties. The number of women into men wearing panties growing but as mentioned there is not one specific type of woman into men wearing panties so it can make it a bit difficult to find one. They certainly don't usually give any indication that they might be into men wearing panties while out on a date. Any woman has the potential to be into men wearing panties. But in order to find out often times you have to be upfront, give certain hints, etc. You can either be bold about it or take your time and ease into telling her, either way. Once again there are lots of women who are into men wearing panties and lots more women who have the potential to be into men wearing panties. Your most likely going to find a woman who has the potential to be into men wearing panties. Be patient, continue to enjoy wearing panties on your own, and don't expect a woman to come looking for you, go out and search, but once again to search for a woman who is specifically into men wearing panties is probably not something you are going to find, its no impossible just not likely. Find a woman you like then you can build on wearing panties in front of her, with her, etc. If your worried about wasting time with women who are not into men wearing panties, then you will have to build up to telling her quickly. Maybe a serious relationship is not your thing, and you only want a friend with benefits and you do not mind going through a few potential friends with benefits to find the right one who is into men wearing panties. However there are many long term relationships out there where you can continue to enjoy wearing panties with your wife or girlfriend instead of just an every once in a while thing.

Wearing Panties While Doing Activities
By pantyfun on February 3, 2014
How many of us men wearing panties enjoy wearing panties while doing activities or hobbies. Many of us men wearing panties started wearing panties while growing up and at that time we only wore panties for short periods of time, we snuck into the bathroom and pleasured ourselves wearing panties, or we closed our bedroom door and enjoyed wearing panties for a bit longer in our bedroom but after we were done pleasuring ourselves we took the panties off and did not wear panties again until we were horny and wanted to pleasure ourselves. For some men wearing panties they have continued to just wear panties for short periods of time, while other men wearing panties started to wear panties not only during times of pleasuring themselves with panties but wearing panties for longer periods of time. Many men wearing panties have progressed from wearing panties for short periods of time only to pleasure themselves to wearing panties more and more, even switching to panties as all they wear. For those who have progressed to wearing panties during times other than pleasuring themselves in panties, many enjoy wearing panties during activities or hobbies. Wearing panties during activities or hobbies can be exciting and fun, you have progressed to wearing panties in your home, to now wearing panties in public, in the outdoors, etc. There are men wearing panties riding motorcycles, men wearing panties fishing, men wearing panties hunting, men wearing panties biking, men wearing panties skiing, men wearing panties snowboarding, men wearing panties cross country skiing. Men wearing panties out in the garage working on the car, men wearing panties rollarblading, men wearing panties hiking. Men wearing panties sitting at a football game, basketball game, baseball game, hockey game, etc. Men wearing panties playing racketball, men wearing panties playing tennis, men wearing panties playing softball, men wearing panties bowling, men wearing panties at the gym. Wearing panties and enjoying activities or hobbies while wearing panties is exciting and fun. Often times you can only wear panties under pants, jeans or shorts but some activities or hobbies take you out into the outdoor and nature and few people around and you can slip those pants, jeans or shorts off and enjoy wearing just your panties. Imagine sitting out in a boat in the middle of the lake fishing in nothing but your panties, or hiking through some trails in a tshirt and panties. All of us have different activities or hobbies we enjoy doing, try wearing a pair of panties during one of those activities or hobbies and you will see how much more fun and exciting it is. And if you have a wife or girlfriend and she drags you along to some boring activity or hobby try a pair of panties under your pants, jeans or shorts and you will see how it will get you through a boring activity or hobby your wife drags you to.

Why Do Guys Wear Panties
By eastcoastpantyguy on January 29, 2014
It seems that women are asking more and more why do men wear panties, why do guys wear panties. Perhaps they are curious about men wearing panties or perhaps they found out there husband wears panties or boyfriend wears panties. Its a really good thing that more women are asking why men wear panties, why guys wear panties it means they are open minded and curious as to the reasons why men wear panties. Instead of freaking out, jumping to conclusions, they want to know why us men wear panties to they can determine if they are going to be ok with there husband wearing panties, boyfriend wearing panties etc, and then there are just some women who are curious about it and want to know why us men wear panties.

So instead me me writing an article from my view point on why men wear panties since every man wears panties for different reasons I thought I would post some reasons that have been posted by other men wearing panties. That way women reading this can see different reasons why men wear panties.

The reasons I prefer panties are, they are taboo, forbidden, etc. And often I fantasize about the woman wearing them while I am.

There is a large segment of guys who wear panties because they feel good and fit better than men's briefs. It makes them feel sexy. Women's underwear has a huge selection of styles, colors and fabrics that men's does not have. Boxers are not for everyone. Panties provide comfort and support.

I don't know a single guy who doesn't like panties in some way or another. We like the look of them, the feel, the daintiness, etc. Watch the movie VisionQuest, there's a scene in there where Matthew Modine is fondling this girl's freshly laundered panties. Why was he doing that? Well they were clean so he was not wanting to get a whiff of her womanliness. But even without her scent, they were soft, and pretty, and sexy.

Let everyone wear what they want. If it doesn't hurt you who cares. Remember we are talking about clothing here, not something that changes who the man is. Just to point out, many men who wear panties are straight, married and have manly jobs.

You simply made a discovery most guys haven't! Once you slip on a pair of panties you will think why did I not try this sooner. You will never go back to stupid boxers or cotton briefs.

I am a straight guy who wears panties. Usually boyshorts from Aerie or thongs from Victoria's Secret Pink. But I have hipsters and bikinis from VS as well. I love them. Panties are great, I have plenty of pairs. They feel great and are way more fun to wear than normal guys underwear.

I'm a straight guy and have been wearing panties for a long time. It's quite amusing how it all happened, actually; my girlfriend started it years ago by asking me to try hers on in the bedroom one night. It was so much fun for both of us that she went right out and bought me some of my own. It is actually our secret, just for she and I to enjoy. I don't see what the big uproar with it is; honestly, most panties are made of nicer material, have much more stretch, and fit better than many men's briefs I've tried. We both enjoy it as a private little kink just for the two of us, and that's enough.

There is nothing more sexually appealing than wearing panties.

The soft feeling of silk and satin is good on anyone's body. It just feels good.

If your a woman reading this, ask yourself do you like wearing soft, silky panties, well so do us men. Its that simple.

Their just clothes. Clothes don't define what gender you are. For those who believe so, are close minded people who care too much about what other people wear or look like. I say if you like to wear panties then go right ahead.

Welcome to the 21st century. More guys than you would expect wear panties and most won't admit to it, at least not when confronted about it. It's kinda been an open secret for the past 40 years or so and the reason is pretty simple. Guys are physical animals and aroused by touch. And there is nothing in the guys underwear line that comes close to the feel of satin silk panties. Then there's the mental jolt of wearing something secret under your clothes that nobody else knows about. And what is the big deal anyway? They are underwear that separates the lower region from your clothing and perform the same job that the cotton variety does. Women have choice in what they wear, from thongs to granny panties, from cotton to silk to lace. Guys have tidy whities or boxers or that combo that should be relegated to the fashion heap. And more girls than you realize are either tolerant or accepting of it because it doesn't matter to them, what is important to them is the PERSON, not the clothing they are wearing! Not to say that your point of view is wrong, it's a personal preference, colored by social preconceptions and misperceptions that somehow equate anything feminine with a male as demeaning or wrong. Guys who wear panties are not gay as the clothing that you wear does not affect your sexual orientation (another misconception spread by folks who classify anything feminine, different, strange as "gay". If a guy wants to spend more money for his underwear in a manner that benefits your underwear selection, you should be appreciative, it gives you more selection as what sells, is what companies manufacture. Also, if guys have to take care of their underwear, it means they are learning how to do laundry and not mess up your stuff if you get into a relationship with one. Don't worry though, theres still enough old school, dyed in the wool macho guys out there who will be happy to have their gf or spouse do their grimy undies for them.

I've been wearing panties for the last eight years and will never wear guys underwear again.

Many women are confused at why men wear panties, why guys wear panties. They might think its weird, strange, freaky, etc. But if they take the time to realize why guys wear panties they might just find that its really no big deal, and that us men wearing panties look pretty sexy in our panties. When one does not understand the reasons for something we tend to jump to conclusions and usually those conclusions are not fair and tend to be negative.

Convert Men's Underwear Sizes to Women's Sizes
By eastcoastpantyguy on January 26, 2014
There's no exact conversion method for men to women's underwear sizes, but with a little sense and the right size charts, you can figure out the best size for you. Men's underwear briefs, boxers and boxer briefs usually come in standard sizes (small, medium, large, etc.) based on a man's waistline. For example, waist sizes between 26 and 32 inches are usually considered small, 32 to 38 medium and 38 to 44 large. Likewise, women's underwear sizing is typically based on waist size.

Tie a measuring tape around your natural waist, which, for men and women, is where your torso starts to curve in slightly.

Write down your waist measurement.

Tie the measuring tape around your hips, which are typically 7 to 8 inches away from your natural waist, and write down the measurement. This second measurement will help you decide if you're between sizes.

Consult the size chart of your desired women's underwear brand. Most women's underwear sizes begin around 5, which are meant for women with 26 or 27 inch waists. This would be the equivalent of a men's XS.

Find your waist measurement in inches on the chart. The corresponding size will be your women's underwear size.

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