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Welcome To The Men Wearing Panties Blog
By Admin
The men wearing panties blog is a blog for men wearing panties, men wearing pantyhose, men wearing lingerie, couples wearing panties, couples wearing lingerie, couples wearing pantyhose, crossdressers, etc. Its a blog for advice, tips, suggestions, information, experiences, and acceptance. No matter what level you wear, from wearing just panties to fully dressing, from wearing only occasionally, to wearing everyday. The men wearing panties blog will be filled with tips, suggestions, information, experiences, stories, articles from others who enjoy wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie, whether it be men, couples or womens views on men wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie. We hope that you enjoy this blog. Please remember to check out the main men wearing panties community. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy, filled with tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc.

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When Did You Start Wearing Panties
By womenspanties on February 4th, 2016

Many men wearing panties, guys wearing panties started wearing panties while growing up wearing family members panties like wearing moms panties, wearing sisters panties, wearing aunts panties, wearing cousins panties, wearing neighbors panties, wearing friends moms panties, wearing friends sisters panties. Seeing panties laying on the floor, panties in the laundry, panties in a drawer you instantly became curious about them. Other men wearing panties started wearing panties later, perhaps wearing wifes panties, wearing girlfriends panties, wearing friends wifes panties, wearing friends girlfriends panties. Whether you started wearing panties early on or later, once you picked those panties up you instantly wanted to know what they felt like on and once you put them on you were amazed at how they felt and from then on you wore panties. For those of you who might of started later you might of said why did I not try on panties sooner. For those of you who started out wearing panties while growing up, years later the excitement of wearing panties has never went away.

Here are some comments from men wearing panties, guys wearing panties about when they first started wearing panties.

Started wearing panties at about 10. Tryed on my sister Baby Blue nylon panties and was hooked! Been wearing panties for 40 years now. And my wife has no problem with it at all.

Started wearing panties around 12. I had an older sister that had lots of satin panties and that is my favorite material. I used to sneak them out her drawer every chance I got. She was always gone and my mom would always be working so I had plenty of opportunity. This went on for quite some time until she moved out. After my sister moved out I would take panties from girls I knew. When I was in my early 20's I built up enough courage to buy my own. Met a girl whom I dated for a while, she liked me wearing panties. After we split I got with another understanding girl who enjoys me wearing panties. Now I have my own separate drawer with my own panties.

I started at about 10 wearing my mom's panties, sisters panties and neighbors panties.

I was about 14 when I discovered my mother had accidentally folded a pair of her silky nylon briefs in with my underwear. I remember holding them and wondering what they might feel like to wear. It wasn't that day but not too long after that when I tried a pair of hers on. They felt wonderful and I still wear panties today.

I was 8 or 9 when I found my mother's panties hanging in the bathroom and I couldn't help myself. I put it on and had this very exciting feeling run through me.

I was 22 and woke up one morning and my girlfriend has left for work, her panties were laying on the floor as I walked to the kitchen and for some reason I picked them up and all of the sudden this thought of what they would feel like on me came over me and I went to the bathroom and slipped them on. Have worn panties every since.

I started wearing panties I stole from my mom when I was about 13. Only in private, and to bed, never outside of my room. It's something I did more as I grew older and now I almost always wear panties.

I started wearing panties at 32, just sort of was curious one day and was in the laundry room and saw the wifes panties laying ontop of the laundry pile and slipped out of my shorts and into her panties.

Does Wearing Panties Feel Good
By shinypantylvr on January 18th, 2016

Only a guy who has not worn panties would ask this question. Wearing panties feels amazing and for those men who have not slipped on a pair of panties give it a try, wearing panties will not change you, or change who you are, or suddenly make you less of a man or suddenly make you attracted to guys. Lots and lots of men wear panties and the fact is that most men wearing panties, guys wearing panties are straight men, straight guys. All men wearing panties have there reasons for wearing panties, there favorite panties, favorite panty fabrics, fabric brands of panties, favorite styles of panties. There is nothing wrong with men wearing panties, nothing wrong with guys wearing panties, nothing wrong with being curious about panties. Once you pick up a pair of panties and step into those panties and slide those panties up your legs and you feel them against you for the first time you will wonder why did I not try on a pair of panties sooner. So yes wearing panties does feel good and lots and lots of men have realized just how amazing wearing panties feels. So go ahead and slip on a pair of panties and see for yourself just how good it feels to wear panties.

Any Guys Wearing Panties
By guyinpanties on January 2nd, 2016

You might see other men asking this question, any guys wearing panties, any men wearing panties, any males wearing panties. Guys who wear panties are curious about do any other guys wear panties, do any other men wear panties, do any other males wear panties. For many guys wearing panties, men wearing panties they might of grown up thinking they were the only guy wearing panties, men wearing panties. There are lots and lots of men wearing panties guys wearing panties, more so than we will ever know of because many guys wearing panties, men wearing panties, wear panties in secret and are still a bit shy about saying they wear panties, or commenting that yes they wear panties. However the number of guys wearing panties, men wearing panties who have expressed they wear panties is amazing. And as men wearing panties, guys wearing panties become more comfortable and see that so many other men wear panties, guys wear panties they are then able to express to other guys wearing panties, men wearing panties that yes they also enjoy wearing panties. Thanks to men wearing panty communities like men wearing panties club guys wearing panties, men wearing panties have a place to go and be able to express that yes I wear panties also. Having a place where other men wearing panties, guys wearing panties hang out is very important to many men wearing panties, guys wearing panties. Being around other men wearing panties, guys wearing panties, who can relate to why guys wear panties, why men wear panties is important. Men wearing panties, guys wearing panties can express stories, experiences, favorite panties, favorite panty materials with other men wearing panties, guys wearing panties. Many men wearing panties, guys wearing panties also enjoy seeing themselves wearing panties and seeing other men wearing panties, so of course looking through pictures of other men wearing panties, guys wearing panties and posting your own pictures of yourself wearing panties is very exciting as well. Your probably not going to go to a bar and start asking around do any men wear panties, do any guys wear panties, but all over the internet there are men asking do any guys wear panties, do any men wear panties, and its nice to have one place where all men wearing panties, guys wearing panties can go to and explore. Having friends who wear panties is very important, a friend who understands why you wear and can relate. If you have never visited men wearing panties club check it out.

12 Days Of Panties
By xmaspanties on December 24th, 2015

We all know the song the 12 days of christmas, well I thought I would make a 12 days of panties christmas song. This year you will notice all Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin panties. Since Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin panties have been discontinued for awhile now I am sure that many of us satin panties lovers would love to be able to go back in time and ask for Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin panties for christmas.

Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger picture of each picture.

On the twelfth day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 12 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Lace Briefs

On the eleventh day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 11 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Liquid Thongs

On the tenth day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 10 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Hi Cut Bikini's.

On the ninth day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 9 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Hi Cut Briefs

On the eighth day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 8 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Hi Cut Briefs

On the seventh day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 7 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Thongs.

On the sixth day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 6 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Hi Leg Briefs

On the fifth day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 5 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin N Lace Thongs.

On the fourth day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 4 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Control Briefs

On the third day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 3 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Thongs

On the second day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 2 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin N Lace Thongs.

On the first day of Christmas
Victoria's Secret sold to me 1 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin Bikini

Telling A Woman You Wear Panties
By welovetowearpanties on December 18th, 2015

Telling your girlfriend you wear panties, telling your wife you wear panties, telling a woman you wear panties can take a bit of time to gain the courage to do. For many men wearing panties it took them years from them to tell wife I wear panties, tell girlfriend I wear panties or tell a woman I wear panties. Its always nice hearing from other men wearing panties who have told wife I wear panties, told girlfriend I wear panties or told woman I wear panties. There is lots and lots of advice from other men wearing panties at men wearing panties club and also from couples wearing panties on how to tell wife you wear panties, how to tell girlfriend you wear panties, or how to tell a woman you wear panties. Being able to read about how men wearing panties told wife they wear panties, told girlfriend they wear panties, or told a woman they wear panties will help you to build up the confidence and courage to tell your wife you wear panties, tell your girlfriend you wear panties, tell a woman you wear panties. Having a place like men wearing panties club where you can ask questions, read what questions others have had, and read others experiences will help you determine ways in which you can tell your wife you wear panties, tell your girlfriend you wear panties, tell a woman you wear panties.

Here are a few recent tips from men wearing panties from the men wearing panties community.

First, you can always, jokingly, put on a pair of panties and see how she would react. Let?s face it, a lot of wives and girlfriends have had their husbands or boyfriends put on their panties as a joke or to be playful. Sure, she might laugh, but she also may not mind you wearing panties, and might even find them sexy too.

Another option is to tell her while you are fooling around. This can be the best time to bring up anything kinky you want to try as she will be way more open minded when she is horny and turned on.

Tell her that you love to be close to her, and when she is away, you wear her panties. They turn you on to know that she wears them all day, so you wear them to feel close to her!

Perhaps another way is to look into a lingerie catalog together, or go through a store and look through panties. Talk about panties you both like, the panties you like seeing her in, the panties you like touching her in, caressing her in. Ask her how certain panties make her feel, what styles, fabrics, etc she likes and why. Just have an open friendly conversation about panties without bringing up the fact that you wear panties yet.

Of course, you can just tell her, straight out, that you love panties. Let her know it?s nothing creepy, you just love the feeling of fabrics rubbing against you and all the reasons you enjoy panties, reassure her that it does not change who you are.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with men wearing panties. Enjoy your panties, and your wife or girlfriend may just love you in them too!

Women Masturbating With Panties
By pantymasturbate on December 10th, 2015

Us men wearing panties, men sniffing panties, men licking panties, men rubbing with panties, men masturbating with panties, men jerking with panties, men using panties, men smelling panties we know how amazing panties make us feel. And many women totally understand why us men enjoy panties so much, and yes there are women sniffing panties, women smelling panties, women masturbating with panties, women who enjoy leaving there panties on while masturbating, stuffing panties inside them, rubbing themselves with panties. So its not just us men who enjoy panties, many women enjoy panties for many of the same reasons us guys enjoy the feeling of panties.

Below are comments from women who enjoy pleasuring themselves with panties, pleasuring themselves while wearing panties, rubbing through panties, pulling panties to side, stuffing panties inside, caressing themselves with panties, orgasming with panties.

I love slipping into a pair of soft nylon panties. I like to imagine a man is watching me as a glide my fingers lightly over my puffy lips. Slipping my fingers inside and slowly teasing. Spreading my legs so wide and lifting my hips up and down. My panties start to get moist and I can see a wet spot on the front of my panties as I press my finger against that nylon fabric pushing my panties tightly against my wet spot.. Just thinking about how excited a man is watching me play with myself while wearing panties gets me so wet.

I like to masturbate secretly. Last week I was on a plane coming home from a business trip. I put my jacket over my lap, put my hand between my legs and pretended to be asleep. I then slowly brought myself off by pressing on my clitty and sliding my fingers smoothly over my panties. It took a while but it was worth it. I was so relaxed, the time just flew by. When I got home I treated myself to a good time with my vibe.

My wife likes to masturbate through her panties. She says the feeling spreads all over her when she rubs herself through her panties, much better than rubbing directly. Sometimes she rubs it so hard that her panties get a wear mark or even a small hole in them.

I love the feeling of satin panties against my freshly shaved hot box.

I have always masturbated over my panties. It provides me with the right glide and friction that I need, really makes my clit and mound really sensitive. I find it difficult to maturbate directly on my clitoris as the wetness or sweat stops my glide and makes my skin sore.

I like the tight feeling of the panties. I lay on my right side and will rub my clit, I dont need to even finger myself cuz the pressure feels good. I squeeze my thighs pretty tight I can orgasm in a min doing that. I love keeping my panties on and pulling them through my swollen lips, its awesome.

I have masturbated with panties on many times, love to slowly rub myself through nylon panties.

I love to masturbate with my panties on. Love silky ones and when I get wet the fabric gets so silky smooth as I rub myself.

I like to lay back, wearing sexy panties with my legs spread, fantasizing about being screwed by a guy while I press my panties against me.

I love to hump, dry hump or what I like to call panty hump my pillow while wearing a pair of silky panties, the smooth gliding back and fourth feels so good as I rock my body back and fourth against the pillow while wearing panties.

I love to masturbate through panties. I get my panties covered in juices and it feels so good. Some of my best climaxes was running my fingers over the fabric, its like a tickling effect.

I am a girl who loves to masturbate through my panties. I have a bigger panty fetish than most guys do, I love everything about panties. I have always enjoy the feeling of having a wet spot in my panties pressing against me, either while at work, home or out with friends. I find that my panties spend more time being wet than dry, guess it does not help that I am always thinking something naughty or seeing something that turns me on. So when I get home from being out I love to strip down to only my panties and lay down on the bed with my knees bent up slightly, I will rub my nipples to make them nice and hard and then slowly move my hand down over my stomach and then over the front of my panties, I start to squirm as I feel my fingers pressing against the front of my panties and feeling myself pressing my wet spot inbetween my lips. I love all types of fabrics but silk, satin or microfiber panties do feel the best masturbating through, they just feel so good against my lips and clit. I continue to press my fingers against my panties, and start to rub in circles, soaking the crotch of my panties even more, that wet feeling on the crotch as I rub myself through my panties feels so good, I get so wet that it does not take to long before my panties are soaked through. The friction of rubbing myself through my panties makes me orgasm so intense. I love masturbating through my panties.

I like to rub myself on the sofa arm around about the time my husband is due home. He walks in and see me in nothing but my panties and moaning away, instantly makes him hard and he pulls my panties to the side and gives it to me hard.

Sometimes I masturbate with panties or while wearing them. It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in, where I'm at and what kind of panties I'm wearing. I've done it sitting in my office at work on more than one occasion.

I never masturbate without any panties on. I love rubbing myself over my panties til they are soaked. I like to get the whole crotch part of my panties wet, feels so good over my smooth shaved kitty. I even finger myself through my wet panties.

I always masturbate with my pantys on. I keep rubbing and rubbig and rubbing myself through my panties making them soaking wet. Wearing panties while masturbating feels so good.

My wife loves to masturbate through her panties. I love to see the wet spot develop on her panties.

I love masturbating through my panties, have masturbated through panties ever since I started masturbating. Have also sniffed panties my own and my friends, and also used my friends panties to masturbate with.

I like masturbating through panties. I've masturbated thru panties since I was younger, and it just doesn't feel the same without panties. Although, I have been fingered, and it feels fantastic for other people to do it, but I can't do that myself. I just rub through panties and it feels so good.

I absolutely love masturbating with panties, either wearing panties and pressing them against me, rubbing myself through panties, or taking them off and slowly caressing myself with them, masturbating with panties feels so good. Even better when I have a pair of my roomates panties pressed to my nose.

If I am only using my fingers, I do prefer panties on.

I love the feel of my panties against my wet spot especially when I'm really wet! It really turns me on to get off through my panties.

If I'm touching myself or am grinding a pillow I always leave my panties on.

Neighbors Panties
By pantyman on November 28th, 2015

Have you ever been curious about your neighbors panties, have you ever borrowed neighbors panties, stolen neighbors panties. Often times while growing you many men wearing panties became curious about panties by seeing the neighbors panties hanging on the clothesline, or while asked to housesit for the neighbor you rummaged through the neighbors panty drawer. You might of had the hots for the neighbor and could not wait to sneak into her bedroom, or use the bathroom so you could check out neighbors panty drawer, or check out neighbors hamper. Or perhaps the neighbor had a daugher or daughters and you could not wait to be able to find the neighbors daughters panties. Being curious about the neighbors panties does not only happen when growing up, being curious about the neighbors panties continues and continues. Now that you are older you are curious about the neighbors wifes panties, neighbors girlfriends panties, neighbors roomates panties, and once again the neighbors daughters panties. And just like when growing up there are often times opportunites to check out the neighbors panties, going over to the neighbors to fix something, help the neighbor with a project, or housesit for the neighbor. Being able to dig through the neighbors wifes panty drawer, neighbors girlfriends panty drawer, neighbors roomates panty drawer, neighbors daughters panty drawer, neighbors wifes dirty hamper, neighbors girlfriends dirty hamper, neighbors roomates dirty hamper, neighbors daughters dirty hamper. Many men wearing panties cannot wait for the neighbor to ask can you watch the house for a few days, water the plants, feed the animals, etc, the thoughts of being able to enjoy not just moments with the neighbors panties but days of enjoying the neighbors panties. Below are some comments from men wearing panties who have enjoyed there neighbors panties.

This morning I went to my neighbor's home to help fix her fridge, she left the door unlocked for me. I don't know if it's an addiction or not, but I had to check her panty drawer and laundry basket. OMG silk panty heaven, I immediately got a hard on. I coudln't believe a woman like her wears silky panties all the time. I had to sniff her worn panties and could not resist slipping a pair of her silky panties on and comming in them. At the end I felt so satisfied. I took 2 home with me to sniff and masterbate with later. I don't think i'll ever look at her the same knowing that she has good taste in panties.

I have stolen neighbor's panties before when I was younger. I haven't had the chance to get really much access to any lately, but when I do I have a real craving for some new playthings. I get so excited playing with them, sniffing them, and trying them on.

I have secretly sniffed, worn and swiped a few pairs of my neighbors dirty panties.

I did this very same thing lots of times when I was young. But not as much now.

There were a couple of flirty neighbor women some years ago who's panties I occasionally swiped. It was quite exciting at the time!

One neighbor that I miss was a young college student who ran every morning around the neighborhood. I was good friends with her boyfriend and he would invite me for a couple of beers to watch games. She would always leave her sweaty panties in the bathroom floor. They never cared, but I do wonder if she ever noticed some of her panties went missing. Unfortunately they moved away.

A hot young wife living in the next door appratment in our compound always hangs her "hard to resist" laundry (bras..panties of all kinds..thongs etc..) outside and for some reason all other neighbours put put their laundry inside except her. 1st time I took one of her panties there were 3 of them so I took one enjoyed it and returned it.

Ive gone into 2 different neighbor's houses just to go thru their bras and panties. I found both of their vibrators too. I would memorize what their drawers looked like so I could rearrange them exactly how I found them.

Yes I have done this several times, with neighbors, friends, co-workers. I do computer work and will have to go in from time to time to fix them while no one is home. I don't usually charge for the computer repair. I will go through the ladies pantie drawer. It is very exciting. The ones that have the silky panties feel soooo good. Also check out their slips and bras. I have taken some home with me from time to time. After I go through their pantie drawer, I look at them in a different way. Of all the places that i have been I am careful not to leave a "mess", clean up with paper towel and take it with me. I have been in more places that I can count and hoping for more!

Our neighbor asked us to feed their dog while they were on vacation. They showed me where the key was hid for the house. I went in to check on the dog, and went through both the moms and daughters pantie drawers. The mom wears thongs, and the daughter wears bikini panties. She had a pair of black string bikini panties. There were great. By the time that I found them I was so hard. Went into the bathroom to try them on, they were very tight. I stroked a couple of times and made a big mess. I went back a couple of times each day to check on the dog. That dog never ate so good.

A couple of months ago two girls moved into my parents house which they rent. They rent several rooms out, one room they rent to me and my girlfriend and on the other room is the two girls. Last week i came home from work, no one was home and my girl was at work. I saw that the girls room was open and i went in too snoop and found some panties. I got so hard i started sniffing them wanted to take them with me.

I went to a neighbors house last Xmas for a party. During the night i was using the bathroom and noticed the wash basket in the corner of the room. I couldnt resist opening it, and when i did, i found my treasure. I got a pair of her dirty panties, and another pair which were a different size, so almost certainly her daughter's. Now i use them to masturbate on a regular basis.

I do odd jobs for my neighbor and she has things for me to do inside her house and she leaves me the key so I can work on things while she is at work. I always enjoy her panties each time I am there.

My neighbor asked me to come to her house to fix her sink so i got some tools and went to her house. When i got there she was still in her pajamas and said she was lounging around for the day. She showed me the sink that was having the problem with and i started to work under the sink while i was laying on the floor under the sink she came over and was talking to me to see what the problem was when i looked up i could see the outline of her lips in the crotch of her pajamas. It was so hot i couldnt help but get hard good thing i had on work pants but i dont think it covered it up much. I fixed the sink but stayed under it for a while so i could look at her crotch. She had pulled them up so that they were tight and showed the outline of her crotch really well. After fixing her sink I excused myself to the bathroom where I opened her hamper and found a pair of her panties to wrap around me, only took a few seconds with thoughts of the outline of her crotch still fresh in my mind.

We were at our neighbours last weekend for a party. When i went to use their bathroom, i was disappointed to find no dirty wash basket. Later that evening, i went into the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge, and i noticed her washing machine was full of dirty clothes, but had not yet been switched on. I quickly clicked open the door, and it was full of dirty panties. I got a pair of hers, and a pair of her daughters. Later that evening, i masturbated using both, and it was orgasmic.

The other day the neighbor asked me to watch the dog for a few days. Shes a milf and has the perfect butt. I snuck up and went to her pantie drawer. It was heaven. Tons of silky thongs and bikinis.

My neighbor is super sexy. She is always walking around in yoga pants, leggings or short shorts. She likes to sit with one foot on the chair and a lot of times you can see her butt cheeks peeking out of the bottom when she sits like that. She had asked me to get a couple of things from her house and take them to the dump for her. She gave me a key and when I went in to get the couple of items, I looked around for her worn panties. I found them on the floor of the closet in her bedroom. They were still damp from her wearing them. When I raised the to my nose I could smell that amazing combination of both front and back smells. I only lasted a couple of minutes when I used them to masturbate. A few days later we had her over for some beer and all I could think of was her panties and what she smelled like. When she left I bent my wife over the edge of the bed and did her hard. I pulled out and blew my load all over her back, thinking of the neighbor.

I have this thing about panties that makes me turn into a ninja type panty addict, but only certain panties from selected persons. My neighbors panties are the best, and if she hasn't figured it out by now then oh my. I've taken lots of her panties over a 4yr period. Every opportunity that comes up, bam, they're mine. All these years and she still hasn't seemed to notice. Once she was asking me about her car and while explaining things to her she folded her laundry, she bent over into her dryer for more clothes and I quickly grabbed the very last pair that she had just folded and had them in my pocket and folded my arms by the time she stood back up and she was totally oblivious of anything. Its such a rush taking her panties and having her panties.

My neighbor across the street is 44 and single. Always talks about sex. I do home improvement jobs for her or help her from time to time. She works nights and if it rains I let her dogs in. Its great because I get the panties she just took off before leaving for work.

While my neighbours were on holiday I had a key to their house. I found a pair of her dirty panties in the washing basket and jerked off to her sweet scent several times. I took the panties home so I could sniff them daily but I chickened out and put them back in the hamper before they returned home. Now I really wish I'd kept them as I long to smell the sweet nectar again. Every time I see her I can't help but think how sweet she must taste.

Caught With Sisters Panties
By meninpanty on November 20th, 2015

Many men wearing panties grew up borrowing their sisters panties. Often times your sisters panties were your first introduction to panties. Your sisters panties looked so much different than your underwear, your sisters panties felt so much different than your underwear. Seeing your sisters panties laying on the balthroom floor, seeing your sisters panties laying on her bedroom floor, seeing your sisters panties in the hamper, seeing your sisters panties in the laundry pile, all of the sudden you found yourself very curious about your sisters panties. Before long you were picking up your sisters panties, feeling your sisters panties in your hands and before long you were wondering what your sisters panties would feel like wearing your sisters panties and before long you were slipping on sisters panties and standing looking at yourself in your sisters panties. You were careful not to stretch your sisters panties out, careful to put your sisters panties back, and careful when you wore your sisters panties. However are careful as many men wearing panties were, many men wearing panties have been caught wearing sisters panties. Below are comments from men wearing panties who have been caught wearing sisters panties, and also from sisters who caught brother wearing panties.

It was just the two of us alone at home. I went to take a shower. After I got out of the shower and had gotten dressed, I walked by my brother's room. I could hear him breathing heavily. I tried to open the door as quietly and slowly as I could. When I managed to sneak a peek into his room I saw that he was using my panties to get off. He was wearing a pair of my panties, one of my bras, was rubbing a pair of panties on his rod, and was sniffing another pair of my panties. I only risked looking for a couple seconds. I stayed outside the room for a little while listening to him masturbating. I don't know whether or not he finished but at one point he stopped touching himself. I was worried he was going to check the doorway so I ran back to my room. Since then I haven't been able to get the mental image of him using my panties out of my head, that was about 5 years ago.

I got caught in my sisters panties. My sister came home from work early and I had already finished masturbating in her pink panties. I still had my sisters pink panties on and was heading to the bathroom to clean up. She turned down the hallway just as I was going into the bathroom and looked at me and said "cute, real cute! Nothing much was ever said after that, but I noticed her leaving her panties laying around more than she did before.

I caught my brother jerking off in a pair of my panties. Our parents were gone and he didn't hear me come home. I noticed my door was partially closed and my brother was moaning. I went to the doorway and he was laying on my bed with his shirt on but his shorts down. He was jerking himself off with one hand and had a pair of my panties bunched up in the other hand on the tip of his dick. His eyes were closed and he didn't notice me so I went downstairs. After a few minutes he went to the laundry room and back to his room. I went to the laundry room and at the bottom of the hamper were my panties with his come in them. I wasn't as mad as I thought and in time a few more pairs were used. I talked to him about it and he was relieved I wasn't upset, but was really embarrassed that I seen him jerking off with my panties. I told him not to worry about it and I gave him older pairs so he wouldn't use my new ones right away.

I used to go through my sisters underwear draw and use her panties and bra to get off with. One day after school, I was rubbing my sisters panties and bra on my face and using another pair to jerk off with. I was finishing when my sister walked in and was like, "what are you doing". I remember her looking at the underwear and was kind of grossed out and interested at the same time. The next night my sister left a pair of panties and a bra on my bed, and whispered, "this will be our secret". She started to leave her underwear in my room and after using them I would put them in the laundry hamper. It was embarrassing when I was caught, but it was also a relief and also having my sister leaving her panties for me to use and me not having to sneak around and get them.

My sister caught me with her panties. I think she was more upset that I was wearing her panties instead of getting my own. About a week later I had a shopping bag on my bed, she had bought me several pairs of the same panties she had caught me in.

Growing up I caught my brother weraing my panties. I had a friend over and we were still up late one friday nite. I wanted a music tape he had and I saw a light on in his room. I went to ask for it and instead saw him asleep on his back wearing my panties. I told my friend about it, she said I want to see. We both snuck down to his room and both stood at the door for what seemed like forever, my friend seemed really curious about it, and years later I found out she asked her boyfriend to wear her panties.

I caught my brother wearing my bra and panties once, he still claims it was a dare. But he was alone.

I came home from a movie I had went to with my freinds. My brother and I were home alone that evening because our parents went to a wedding in another town. I walked in and headed to my room, and I walked by my brothers room I peeked in his room and saw him laying on his bed in my panties. He was rubbing it and moaning. I waisted until the next day found the panties he had masturbated with and you could tell he had cum in them and cleaned them up. I guess I did not mind, it was really no big deal to me as long as they got washed. After that I wondered if other guys did this so I asked my boyfriend if he ever wore panties, or masturbated with panties, and he said no but weeks later he asked me to give him a handjob with my panties and then every once in a while he would ask me to give him a panty handjob. I am sure he has used panties to masturbate with before, or even wore panties. Us women are lucky we get to wear such silky panties, no wonder why guys enjoy masturbating with them so much.

I was always over at my sisters helping out and I used to do alot of my laundry there, since I live real close. I usually wash my panties elsewhere, but I managed to forget a couple pair of panties in my dirty laundry. I headed to my sisters walked in and went straight to the laundry room. I started loading my clothes in the washer when my sister walked in. As I was loading my clothes I dropped some clothes and my sister said she would get it. I was just about to start the washer when my sister tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and she was holding a pair of her pink silk panties! she asked what I was doing with her panties, I was so embaressed and speechless. She asked do you wear my panties, then out of no where she pulled my shirt up, and saw I was wearing her yellow ruffled thong! I quickly pulled my shirt down and ran out. Ever since that happened we never talked about it again, but she always has this smile when she sees me.

I found some of my sisters panties one day when my parents and sister were not home so I grabbed them and put them on. My sisters panties felt so good. One day we went out for dinner for my dads birthday and I was wearing a red thong and the thong was above my shorts and my sister walked in so I got up to let her sit down next to me and she asked why I was wearing red panties, I just shrugged my shoulders and sat down. No one else heard her ask me, but for the rest of the night I was worried she was going to keep talking about it. She never brought it up again and I was careful from then on.

My sister once caught me wearing her panties that I had stolen. She promised she wouldn't tell anyone but then the present I received from her when Christmas came around was a box of girl's panties which I had opened in front of the whole family. Talk about being embarrassed! But the whole family thought this trick of my sister's was really funny and had a big laugh at my expense. Some Christmas that was!

Growing up I shared my panties with my brother. I did it because I knew he liked panties better than mens underwear and I knew he did not want our parents knowing he wore panties.

My younger brother started wearing my panties at 15. One day I walked into my bedroom and found him sitting on my bed running his hand over some of my panties which had just been washed. I surprised him when catching running his hands over my panties but I think I surprised him even more when I asked if he'd like to try them on. He said no at first but I kept insisting until he went into the bathroom with a pair of nylon bikinis in pink. He came out with his jeans on. I asked him how he liked them and he admitted he did. I asked him where they were and he said he had them on. He wore my panties off and on for about three months. I was not aware of it but he was wearing them almost every day. I confronted him one day on it and he admitted he loved wearing them and wore them all the time. So I decided he needed his own so we went shopping. He had quite an assortment and his taste in panties were along the same lines as mine and my sisters, bikinis, thongs, all very cute and sexy.

I have a younger brother and at the time I was 18 and he was 14. One day I walked into my room and saw him standing there wearing one of my thongs. I just smiled and walked out, his face turned so red and he did not talk to me for like a week probably worried I was going to tell our parents.

Panty Styles, Panties Styles, Types Of Panties
By lovallpanties on November 12th, 2015

There are so many names and terms for all the various panty types or panty styles in the stores and online. Here are the most commonly used descriptions and illustrations for the various panties styles or panties types.

The Midi - a panty that sits under the belly button, has full bottom coverage, fairly wide sides and low cut legs.

The Bikini - Low on the hips with a scooped front, fairly narrow sides and good bottom coverage.

The Full Brief - Sits on the waist with full tummy and bottom coverage. The most covered of all panties.

The Brief Panty - The waist sits just below the tummy button with medium side coverage and good rear coverage can also be French Cut with high legs (very flattering).

The String Bikini - Medium coverage front triangle with good bottom coverage and thin string sides or an elastic band running all around the waistline.

The Hipster - Mid coverage panty, the hip sitting well below the tummy button and with low cut legs.

The Tanga - The back coverage is between a bikini and a thong (narrower back than a traditional panty but not as narrow as a thong), and with good front coverage.

The Rio Thong - Slightly more rear coverage than a regular thong covering about 1/3rd of the rear.

The High Rise Thong - Small triangle at the back tapering between the cheeks and flaring out at the crotch. High cut legs, narrow at the sides, good front coverage (slightly less than a Tanga) and sits high on the waist.

The Low Rise Thong - Shorter version of the above with medium front cover, can sit really quite low on the hips, introduced specifically for wear with low-rise pants.

The G-String - Smallest of all with tiny triangle front, simple string coming off the sides and a vertical string going from back waist to crotch leaving the rear fully exposed. With or without tiny triangle insert at back waist.

The Brazilian - A low waist and full crotch, it has more back coverage than the Rio Thong, cutting across the cheeks in an attractive curved or arched shape. Both the front and back are usually cut the same.

The Short or Boyleg- A high-rise panty with plenty of rear coverage and straight, low legs.

The Boyshort - Formerly known as "Hotpants", have a low-rise straight cut waist with 3/4 rear coverage, with the leg openings usually cut in a slight curve so that the lower cheek is revealed.

panty styles

styles of panties

Do Women Like Men In Panties
By ilikepanties on November 8th, 2015

Many men wearing panties wonder do women like men wearing panties, and the answer to that is yes there are many women who like men wearing panties. There are many couples wearing panties, wifes who like husband wearing panties, girlfriend who like boyfriend wearing panties and women who like seeing men wearing panties. Many men wearing panties have been surprised at how understanding and accepting there wife or girlfriend is of them wearing panties, especially when they hid the fact that they wear panties for many years before telling wife about wearing panties, or telling girlfriend about wearing panties. So how do you find women into men wearing panties, how do you tell if a women will be into men wearing panties, how do you tell if wife will be into husband wearing panties, how do you tell if girlfriend will be into boyfriend wearing panties, well you cannot really tell which women are into men wearing panties. There is no certain type of women into men wearing panties, no certain age women into men wearing panties, no certain kind of women into men wearing panties, the women into men wearing panties can vary just as the men who wear panties vary. However there might be some signs that a woman will be into men wearing panties but sometimes its the complete opposite type of woman that is into men wearing panties. For example a woman that is a bit more open minded might be into men wearing panties, a woman who is a bit more kinky might be into men wearing panties, however the opposite type of woman can also be into men wearing panties, a woman who is a bit more shy might be into men wearing panties, a woman who is a bit more reserved when it comes to sex might be into men wearing panties. I wish there was a more clear way to tell which women are into men wearing panties, however to increase the chances of finding a woman into men wearing panties much of the success of finding a woman into men wearing panties falls upon the men wearing panties and how you tell her you like wearing panties. There are women who already have experienced men wearing panties, seen men wearing panties and they know they like men wearing panties and then there are women who have yet to experience men wearing panties, see men wearing and and do not know yet that they will be interested in men wearing panties, turned on by men wearing panties, etc. For many men wearing panties situation its the woman who has yet to find out that they are into men wearing panties, for example being married for many years before you tell your wife when all that time she would of been accepting, understanding and turned on by you wearing panties, or dating a woman for many years and not telling her you wear panties and then all of the sudden you tell her and she is totally fine with you wearing panties. Those are the situations of being with a woman who has yet to realize that she is into men wearing panties. There are lots of women out there married, single, dating who are into men wearing panties, lots of married women into men wearing panties, single women into men wearing panties, and women dating men wearing panties. There are usually no signs a woman is into men wearing panties unless of course she tell you she is into men wearing panties, or presents you with a pair of panties and tells you to put them on, so its up to men wearing panties to find a way in which to let a woman know you enjoy panties. Also men wearing panties communities like men wearing panties club are a great place to talk with couples wearing panties, husbands wearing panties and boyfriends wearing panties who have suggestions on telling a woman you wear panties, tips on telling a woman you wear panties and also to communicate with other men wearing panties who are also looking for ways to meet women into men wearing panties or tell the woman they are with that they like wearing panties.

Below are comments from men wearing panties, couples wearing panties, and women who like men wearing panties, women married to men wearing panties, women dating men wearing panties.

Came home early one day from work. I thought I would surprise my husband and I certainly surprised him as well as me. There he was laying on the bed in my panties with a erection like I had never seen him have. I was shocked but after a minute or so I could feel myself getting wet. It was a real turn on to o see him wearing panties and to see how sexy he looked in them. There was not to much talk about it, just hot sex like we have never had before. The next day we did talk about it and he told me he liked to wear panties and all the reasons why he liked to wear panties non of which were alarming to me, just liked the feel, fit, and pleasure of them which seemed just fine to me. So now he wears panties all the time and sex always involves us both in our panties and lots of foreplay and touching like we never did before. Panties really spiced things up for us, so women don't go freaking out if you find out your husband wears panties, boyfriend wears panties, give it a chance and you will see it will really spice your relationship up and make it fun.

I love my men in panties and thong panties. It's a real turn on for me. I get wet at the sight of a nice big plump dick poking out of skimpy womens panties.

My husband loves to wear womens panties of all kinds. My husband is a very manly man, straight as an arrow, wearing panties does not change him, or change him sexually as many women think when they find out there man wears panties. He is the same man whether he wears boxers or wears panties. All types of men wear panties you just never know who is wearing panties. When he wears panties he gets a HUGE hard on, so I am certainly not going to complain.

I love my guy in thongs and womens panties! We lay out in the back yard all the time and he will usually wear a hot pink thong, or a hot pink bikini panty. I can't keep my eyes and hands off of him. He's so hot in panties! Bet the neighbors get an eyefull too! He is a mans man and very confident of his sexuality! When he first told me about wearing panties and wearing thongs, I was taken back a bit, but seeing him in them, there's no question..HE'S HOT!

I recently discovered my boyfriend wears panties and since then I have totally enjoyed our time together when he is wearing panties, whether its watching a movie in just our panties or our sex life which now involves lots of panty play. All women should have their guys in panties!

I love my guy wearing panties, almost as much as he loves wearing them!

I too have just recently discovered my boyfriend wears panties. It really has added to our sex lives. I love to see him wearing panties.

I love to see my boyfriend in panties.He looks so hot with nice buns in them and his nice bulge streching the material.

Personally I love seeing men in panties. I think its really sexy and it shows he is confident about himself.

My husband is wearing panties 24 7, and we have been sharing the same panties drawer since our marriage. We do shopping at VS and I made sure the sales girl knew they were going to be for him. It is hot and the most intimate experience we have as we share the same panties.

I cant think of many things sexier than seeing a hot guy in some sexy panties. A total turn on. Mens underwear is just not meant to be sexy, us woman are lucky we have so many choices to wear sexy things, cannot blame guys for borrowing our sexy things and wanting to be sexy.

I love to see my boyfriend in panties.

I wear my wife's panties when we are alone together. She suggested it as a joke several years ago. And to her surprise it was a huge turn on.

One day when my wife was out of the house, I went through her underwear drawer and tied on all the different styles that she had. We are about the same size in the hip area so they fit me fine. One night I surprised her and put on a lacy pair of white Victoria's Secret panties. She was surprised at first, but could not help but also be turned on. She now prefers that I wear her panties when we have sex. She knows that I love wearing them, and she likes to watch me parade around in them.

My boyfriend wanted to try on my panties. For months he would ask me if I wanted to see him in panties. So one nite I said only if you let me pick which ones. I gave him a pair of pink string bikini's. He put them on and was hard in a second. I loved the sight of his hard dick strecthing the material. We play all the time with panties now.

I think men wearing panties is really hot. I like guys that wear lacey, thin, sheer panties. Its so sexy seeing that bulge in panties.

I love men in panties ever since I saw my girlfriends boyfriend wearing a pair of panties. I convinced my boyfriend to try a pair of panties on and now he wears panties all the time. My boyfriend loves it that I like him to wear panties.

My boyfriend tried to get into my panties but I am petite and he couldnt even get them on. I saw some drunk guys at a party with panties on. There was no room for their equipment so there bulges were sticking out, it was exciting to look at. One guy kept falling out of them. He didnt care. I find guys in panties a turn on but have been to shy to admit it.

My boyfriend looks so hot in transparent panties then with his juices flowing out a bit it makes it more transparent.

My husband looks so hot in sheer panties. I love to see the wet spot he has made in them.

I love to see a guy in panties. I am 30 yrs old and my husband loves to wear panties.When he first asked if I wanted to see what he looked like in panties I was kind of shocked but thought why not. I gave him a pair of mine. He was hard like right now. He looked so hot with them on.We both love it.

I love when my husband waers my panties, its a nice tight fit. I like it when it peeks out the top. I am getting horny now just thinking about it.

I never thought I would like to see my boyfriend wearing panties but I caught him a few years ago with a pair of mine on. Seeing him in panties was a huge turn on and I love it when he wears them for me.

I like to rub my husbands penis with my panties, one day he put them on for me, WOW what a turn on, we then went shopping for his own panties, after we got home we had some off the best sex ever, buying him panties in a busy store made me so wet, spice up you sex life ladies take you man panty shopping.

I found a pair of my girlfriends panties mixed in with my cloths, her and live in differnt states so we meet as often as we can!! Well when I found them I didn't think anything of it just put them aside till I saw her next time. Well few nights later I was missing her pretty bad like I always do so for some crazy reason I thought about her panties and decided to try them on!! I believe I did because it was like having a part of her on me!! So I openly told her what I had done and to my surprise she found it to be sexy and hot!

Just told my girlfriend a couple days ago that Ive been wearing her panties. She absolutely loves it, I threw away all but one of my pairs of boxers, (for when I go to the Doc) we now share her panties, and we plan on going panty shopping soon for the two of us. Not to mention it has brought us closer to each other.

All my girlfriends knew I wore panties and most really loved it. Panties just feel great down there, they hug your ass in a way no underwear can. They wrap your pecker in softness that only one other thing comes close to.

I love men in panties. They really look much sexier in women's panties, than in boxers or naked. To see how a pair of panties wraps around a bulge is so sexy, and how they cup a nice butt, gets me horny thinking about it.

I totally get turned on by men in womens panties, that hard dick poking out is so tempting and inviting.

I like a man in panties because you can see the imprint of their hard dick in the fabric.

I had a girlfriend one time during sex put her panties on me and got on top of me rubbing herself against me until I came in her panties. She then took them off me and put them on herself to feel my cum against her. It was one of the hottest escapades I had ever experienced.

I have been wearing panties for 30 years, the women I have dated and my wife never had any issues with me wearing panties, they even enjoyed that I wear panties. They even took me shopping for panties so we will match. Never been with a girl that minded that I wear panties, great sex every time.

I love wearing panties and my girlfriend finds it stimulating, she takes me shopping and we buy panties together.

I like wearing panties and my girlfriend has embraced that fact. After she saw my dick in them she loved it. Think it surprised her how much it turned her on.

I am a woman of 32 and recently started my partner wearing my panties and I absolutely adore it. Ours was a total accident. We were on a long driving day trip and while filling up the fuel tank he managed to pour litres of fuel down the front of his pants at a truck stop. The attendant apologised for the faulty pump and pointed us in the direction of the truckers showers and gave us a free beach towel as well as the fuel for free. The pants stunk of fuel and went in the bin. Since we were in my car and women are always prepared I had a bag in the back with panties and and a pair of jeans so the shower and change was made and we headed for home instead of for our original destination. I had a bit of a giggle about it all the way home. We played around a bit when we got home and I found I love the look and feel of him in my panties. Now we do it all the time and I find myself asking him what panties he has on, and asking him if he wants to go panty shopping. No harm in it at all and a well toned body and nice bulge looks sexy in my panties.

My girlfriend bought this really silky sexy thong and I really liked it. One day I lost a bet with her and she said I had to wear it and nothing else for all evening at the house. So I did. I came out of the room just wearing the thong, at first she laughed because she didn't think I would dare but then I could see that she was turned on as hell watching me in it. She couldn't stop staring at my junk, biting her lips and all and she finally gave up and took care of me. I loved the way she devoured me with her eyes like that.

Pulling Panties To Side, Panty To The Side
By lovthosepanties on October 28th, 2015

Would you rather take her panties off or pull her panties to the side. Most of us men enjoy many things about panties, seeing them, feeling them, finding them, etc, everything about panties turns us on. And when it comes to sex we would rather see our wife in panties, girlfriend in panties, or a woman in panties rather than seeing her naked. Many women do not realized just how much seeing you in panties turns us on. Many women are to quick to remove there panties for sex, when many of us guys wish you would just leave the panties on and pull them to the side. To look down and see a womans panties to the side, see her thong pulled to the side. To see a woman laying on her back with her panties pulled to the side, see a woman laying on her back with her thong pulled to the side, or seeing a woman on her knees with her panties pulled to the side, panties pulled over her butt cheeks, panties pulled over her ass cheeks, seeing a woman on her knees with her thong pulled to the side, thong pulled over her butt cheeks, thong pulled over her ass cheeks, doggy style with panties pulled to the side, doggy style with thong pulled to the side. There is just something that turns on guys on so much seeing a womans panties pulled to the side while we have sex. Perhaps it brings us back to those quickie days when there was no time to remove clothing, it was just pull panties to the side and have a quickie. The visual of panties to the side is such a turn on, and having sex with a women with her panties to the side, having sex with a woman with her thong to the side is very exciting. Having sex with a woman with her panties to the side, having sex with a woman with her thong to the side feels dirty, feels naughty, and it just increases that level of excitement. More women should realize just how exciting it is when you just pull your panties to the side, or pull your thong to the side.

Here are some comens from men, women and couples who enjoy panty sex, pulling panties to the side , pulling thong to the side.

Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you pulled your panties to the side to allow penetration? I did this for the first time with someone I started seeing a couple months ago. He had his finger inside me and pushed the panties to the side to get more access. I had my hand on his penis, stroking it but I wanted him so badly, his hard penis was just so close to me that I just removed my hand and let him enter me. It was not what we planned, no condom, but we were so close and so naked, I couldn't control myself. I still think about that time, how hot it was. Now I want to relive that time over and over again by just leaving my panties on and pulling my panties to the side. I agree with you guys its very exciting having panty sex and I am glad that I experienced it and I also agree more women should just pull there panties to the side instead of taking there panties off. I know for me it was such an exciting moment and I was also turned on looking down seeing my panties to the side as we had sex.

I love giving my wife oral sex with her panties pulled aside.

Have pulled my panties to the side alot with past boyfriends. Part of it was the need to get it done quickly, and not get caught, part total lust, and partly the need to stay semidressed for quick escape, should someone come knocking on the door. Because I almost always kept my pants or shorts on my hips, we had to do it doggie, as I couldnt really spread my legs. So usually it was me face down ass up with my thong to the side. The hottest though was a few years ago at a wedding. We snuck off to the golf course, I pulled my dress up, bent over, and he pulled my thong to the side and entered me while I held on to a tree for dear life.

Love having my panties pulled to the side and Being taken doggie. Allows me to pull them back in place and keep his creame in me as long as I want.

We were at a nightclub with friends. My then boyfriend and I both got the urge. We slipped outside, found a secluded spot in an alley way, I lifted my skirt, bent over and pulled my panties to one side. He did me hard and fast and as soon as he withdrew he was dragging me back to the club as it was freezing. Not long back in the club a friend said "whats that on your leg?" I looked down and to my horror there were two globs and streaks of splashed sperm down my stockings being made luminous by the ultra violet light in the club!

I love to eat a woman out with her panties pulled to one side.

I love to be taken with my panties pulled to the side sometimes! No hug or kisses and romance, just throw me down, pull my panties to the side and do me hard and fast!

Sometimes you guys think us women want all this romance and slow passionate sex. But often times the best sex doesn't even have to last long, its just so fast and dirty in a sense it takes everything out of you. And everyones satisfied. I love when my boyfriend just pulls my panties to the side and pounds me hard and fast.

I love the super close up view of the panties against her skin, and I love the feel of the edge of her panties sliding along my cheek or the side of my tongue. Panties pulled to the side is the best.

I love it when the boyfriend wants it so urgently that he can?t even wait to get naked. Happened last week after I made him dinner, and was cleaning the dishes. He pushed my shorts down to my knees, bent me over the sink, pulled the panties to one side and just shoved it in. He kept his hand just to side of my vulva, trapping my panties from getting in the way, while he pounded me.

I remember one time when my boyfriend only had five minutes before he had to leave for an urgent meeting. There was nothing we could do so we sat in silence. He turned to me and said "fancy a quickie" I said "okay' and we both jumped up. I lay on the floor with my panties pulled to the side and he pounded me hard and fast with one eye on the clock. I begged him to explode and he did on command. He quickly pulled out still spurting all over my panties. Bye! and away he ran leaving me breathless in the middle of the dining room with my panties pulled to the side covered in his cream. A memorable shag!

Years ago I had an affair with our receptionist who was twenty years younger than me. We would take off together in my van at lunch or meet before work and have a quickie. We would sit in the back of the van, she'd unzipp me, pull it out, give it a few sucks to get it good and hard then move her panties to one side, straddle me, insert then sit on my lap as we held each other moving ever so slightly till we both orgasmed. She'd lift off, slid her panties back and it was off to the office! Later she'd come into my office and stand beside me behind my desk as if we were looking at some papers and tell me how wet she was! I'd reach up under her skirt or dress and rub her through her soaked panties! She was usually wet all afternoon! I checked every time she came into my office! She said she loved being so wet for so long because it reminded her of our wonderful encounter all day long!

I think the most intense encounters I've had were pulling up the skirt and having sex standing with the panties pulled to the side.

I love it, makes it feel so urgent, instant, no time for removing clothes. Standing against the wall or against the side of the car, he pulls his dick out thru the zip of his jeans, lifts my skirt, pulls my panty to one side and enters me hard as he takes me deep and hard.

I love when a woman leaves her panties on. Makes her that much more sexier.

When you get a confident woman and you dress her in sexy panties or lingerie, you just don't want to take it off. It's better to leave a little fabric on and enjoy each other, just makes it more exciting.

Getting pounded with my panties on is so hot. I love having him explode in me so I can pull my panties back over and let the cream stay in.

My boyfriend loves doing this when we are at parties or friends houses! When we get so horny we just have to have each other. I love it! It's so naughty and I love the rush I get interacting with people after I've just been thoroughly pounded. Keeping my panties on just adds to the rush!

I did this last week at a wedding and it was incredibly hot. Was dancing with a guy, and felt erection pressing into me as we slow danced. He asked me if I wanted to go outside for some "air". We ended up behind the loading dock, he had his hand in my panties, and I had that big erection out of his zipper. He pulled my skirt up, lifted me up by my thighs. I pulled my panties to the side, wrapped my legs around his waist, and he slid it into me. I bounced up and down on that pole with my face buried on his tuxedo coat. It felt incredible, and when I felt him dripping into my panties a few minutes later back at the reception, I felt so dirty.

When your married sex can get routine and mundane if you let it. Reliving experiences of youth helps keep things exciting. When I was younger, I thought it an inconvenience to have sex in a car, or sneak into a bathroom or sit in the back row of a movie theater. Then all I wanted was a bed, privacy, and not have to worry about getting caught. Now, the memories of having sex with one leg still in my jeans, and my bra pulled up but still on, panties pulled to one side, while constantly looking out of the car window for the is an exciting reminisce.

Once when I was lying next to my boyfriend and he was basically spooning me I started talking dirty to him. I was wearing a short skirt and I could feel him stroking my upper thigh already but I didn't mind. All of a sudden I felt his hand pull my panties over and him enter me. It really felt amazing. We both came in seconds and I still get turned on just thinking about it.

Fraternity brother's wedding, I lost my wife and about 40 minutes later I hear a groomsman talking about this chick he just banged out back and I see him point out my wife. They danced, he had a huge bulge throbbing against her, they went outside and he lifted her skirt pulled her panties aside and she pushed back on his huge erection. I was embarrassed the rest of the night because half the guys there knew a groomsman had my wife.

I think it is so hot to have sex while still partially clothed. It?s like you are both so horny you cant take the time to get naked, just need it immediately. The hottest time for me was once on my way home from a movie. He pulled off on a dead end street, and we started messing around. He got me really wet, and I was giving him a handjob. We ended up with me bending over the hood of his car, my skirt over my back, my thong to the side and him entering me.

When a guy leaves my panties on and just pulls them over to the side, wow! What a hot turn on for me. Makes me feel slutty and that gets me super wet. My old boyfriend used to like to have me kneel with my ass in the air, wearing panties. Then he would pull my panties to the side and play with me. It was very hot!

When I am sitting on my coworker Amy's desk in her office in my skirt and she pulls my panties to one side and gets me so wet playing with me to a point of sheer ecstasy and borderline climax. We often do this several times a day and by the end of the day she makes me climax, its just something we do to make the day go by faster and much more enjoyable as well. Don't worry Amy gets a bunch of playtime in also, she bends over her desk and pulls her panties to the side and shoves my face between her butt cheeks. With us both wearing business clothing, skirts, sometimes slacks there is no time for removing to much clothing, just slide those panties to the side for a bit of quick fun.

I love getting my panties pulled aside, love the urgency and thill of been taken doggy with my panties pulled over my ass cheeks. Also I can trap all that lovely juice inside me.

Always prefer women to keep there thongs on while having sex, it looks and feels so horny.

Whenever I have sex with a guy, I don't wait, I just pull my panties aside and let him inside me. I love it so much because it is just exhilarating. My favorite way to do it is with me facing against a wall and him behind me ramming me up my skirt up and my panties pushed to the side.

Love my wife pulling her panties to the side, the edge of her panties feels great against my dick.

My wife and I have been doing pantie aside sex for many years. We get so turned on with each other we never could wait.

Just last night in bed my wife and I got a little touchy, feely and ended up just slipping her panties to the side and easing it in there. It was hot.

I often encourage my wife to keep her panties on for sex.

I like my wife to pull them aside like she's saying, "I'm all yours." I like rubbing her with my dick through her panties, too and she finds it good too, kinda like grinding but the smooth, slick material feels really good on me too.

My wife loves it when I leave her knickers on. After a few gentle touches with my fingers, I will often deploy my mouth onto her lace clad mound and start to get her seriously aroused until I can no longer tell whether it is the wetness from my mouth, or her own wetness starting to flow into her knickers. She will sometimes try to pull her knickers to the side so that my mouth is in direct contact with her, sometimes I allow her to enjoy my lips and tongue directly, other times I will refuse her immediate desire until I have fully penetrated her. I will slip my fingers around the elastic of her knickers to lift them away from her mound slightly, then use my tongue to press the fabric back down against her. Eventually my own throbbing desire will come into play, and I will have to replace my mouth with my dick as I take up position between her legs, lift her knickers to the side, and slip inside her slickened, warm hole. Mmmm, the added friction of her knickers along my throbbing shaft.

I never pull my wife's panties off while we have sex. Seeing her laying there in her panties while I'm doing her is the most sexy thing in the world to me. Then seeing them pulled to the side while I'm eating her, just drives me crazy. I lick on her through her panties for a while and get her warmed up, and get those panties nice and wet. I just love to think about my wife in her panties, she drives me crazy just if I see her in them. Then I get to watch my cum slide back out of her and into her waiting panties, then I'm ready to do her again at that point. I really have a huge panty fetish with my wife, and I hope that fetish never ends because it brings both of us so much pleasure.

I actually love leaving my panties on during sex. It's fun to keep my panties on and get them a bit messy.

Giving A Panty Handjob, Giving A Panties Handjob
By april on October 22th, 2015

I love to have men put on my panties and come in them as I rub them and give them a panty hand job. It just looks so sexy seeing a guys bulge in panties and also it feels really sexy as I glide my palm over his bulge through the panties. I have tried giving a handjob with them wearing silk boxers, but the panties are just so much more erotic. All the men I have asked to put on my panties so I can give them a panty hand job have loved it, a few were sometimes a bit hesitant to put on my panties, or embarrassed but once they did they were certainly surprised at how good those panties felt, even more so when I started to touch them through the panties. There are more people with a panty fetish than we think and us women should explore the fun of panties with our men, and also I know there are more women like myself that enjoy seeing a guy in panties and giving a guy a panty handjob.

Comments from women who like giving panty handjobs.

I've always been extremely turned on by the idea of stroking a guy with my panties. The idea of a man wearing panties while I give him a panty handjob and seeing him coming in panties really gets me wet.

I enjoy the visual of giving a panty handjob, seeing that silky nylon fabric with a bulge pressing against it, and then feeling that silky smooth fabric as I rub my hand over it. I love how it feels when I wear silky panties and often times masturbate in panties so its only obvious that panties would feel great against a guys bulge. I have given lots of guys a panty handjob over the years, all have loved it.

Giving my man pleasure with a panty hand job is a huge turn on for me. I love watching his face, his breathing as I give him a panty handjob. It also lets me use my tongue on that little spot between his balls and his anus that makes him explode.

I love jacking my guy off and giving him a panty handjob, especially at the movies. I will remove my panties before we leave for the movies and hand them to him and tell him to put them on. The entire way to the movies while he drives I am rubbing the crotch of his pants careful not to make him explode in his pants before we even get to the movies. Then once at the movies in the back row, he lowers his pants down and I rub him through his panties during the movie. I love making him come in his panties during the movie, it gets me so wet. After the movie its a rush home to have intense sex, and I love sucking on the panties he came in at the movies while my husband pounds me hard.

Love giving panty handjobs, the feeling of a guy's penis swelling and then pulsing as you rub him through panties is incredible. A method I prefer is giving a panty handjob with the head of the guy's penis in my mouth, sucking him through the panties and then stroke his shaft through the panties and jerk him into my mouth. I love the feeling of sucking a guy through panties and having him come through the panties into my mouth so I can suck the come off the panties. My hubby loves it.

I love giving panty handjobs to my hubby in the car. We often take long road trips and a long slow panty handjob takes some away some of the boredom for both of us. In the warm months he wears shorts with panties underneath so its easy to slip them down once in the car, so reaching his panty covered cock and balls is no problem and it helps that i am left handed. Its such a turn on seeing him sitting there in a pair of panties and how hard he gets. We usually pull over at an exit or rest stop when it is time for him to ejaculate. Safety first you know! I love seeing how wet he got the front of the panties and love making him make a mess in the panties, don't worry I always clean them up nicely.

My hubby loves it when i give him panty hand jobs while he watches tv. I love seeing him laying back in a pair of panties and then laying beside him and slowly stroking him through panties until he creams inside them.

Giving a panty handjob is an art. Every man has a pair of panties they like to be stroked with, often times its a silky panty like nylon, satin, silk, spandex, or microfiber. Every man also has a special trigger spot. Some are under the head of their dick, that silky fabric rubbing against that spot often times he cannot resist exploding in those panties. Some guys like direct stimulation on that trigger place and some men like me to sort of just tease around it. I love slowly giving a guy a panty handjob and watching him twitch against the fabric and seeing a wet spot on the panties forming. Its such a turn on to feel a silky bulge through panties.

I love making my boyfriend come from a panty handjob. My boyfriend wears panties all the time so I just undo his pants while we're making out and slide my hand down his pants just like he likes to do with me, I don't slide my hand inside his panties but rather on the outside of the panties, I also like it this way when my boyfiend slides his hand inside my pants. I guess you could say we both enjoy receiving panty handjobs and also giving panty handjobs. When he starts to moan a little, I lay him down on his back and pull his pants off, and just play with him through the panties, slowly stroking him up and down in his panties, from balls to tip, he loves to watch me play with it, and he loves that I cant keep my eyes off his penis in panties, I love watching it grow and get super hard and press against the panties, stretching out the material. Then when he's about to come I lean down close to his panty bulge and as he comes I lick what seeps through the panty material up.

I love sexual play. I'm 26, never married, and not in a serious relationship for a couple of years now. My job requires travel, and I frequently meet interesting men. I don't like to run the risks that intercourse or even oral contact can post. But I do love to give hands on affection! I'm told I'm very good at giving handjobs and a few years ago I met a man who wore panties, was sort of surprised at first seeing he was wearing panties. However when I touched him through the panties it was so exciting and it was such a turn on rubbing him through his panties giving him a panty handjob. Since then I have not met any other men that wore panties but I certainly have slipped panties on many men since then, some are shocked, shy, hesitant, embarrassed when I ask them if they could slip these panties on, but once they do they are rewarded by the best handjob a woman can give a guy, a panty handjob.

Lots of us women do enjoy the panty hand job, mixed in with some oral either through the panties, or if the head is sticking out the top of the panties, and then alternating back and forth, it's just really fun to give your guy that kind of pleasure! I get a lot of fun and satisfaction out of watching a guy enjoy a panty handjob.

I love giving a good panties handjob. I'll wear red nail polish as it looks so sexy as I rub a guy through panties. I love to play with a nice panty covered dick. I give a nice steady rubbing up and down and then I circle the head many times with my finger. I prolong the creaming so it builds up the amount of come. I will give a gentle ball massage. Then I cup his balls with one hand, love the feeling of nylon covered balls, and then stroke with the other so I can feel him pumping come into those panties.

I am a women who likes to look at a stiff dick. So just looking at a guys stiff bulge makes me want to feel it and hold it and even better when its tucked inside a pair of panties and you can clearly see the entire outline balls, shaft, head. So it just comes natural to me to like doing panty handjobs. I enjoy feeling the silky panties against a penis all smooth and silky.

I also like to give panty handjobs and make my boyfriend come in panties.

Why not have both at once. I love seeing a panty covered dick, my mouth just starts to water and all I want to do is touch him with my hands and feel him in my mouth. When I am giving head, I use my hand at the base and on the shaft rubbing him through the panties while licking, kissing, sucking, and tongue swirling the head which often times is sticking out the top of the panties, if not I lower the panties down a bit just enough so I can see the head and put it in my mouth. Sometimes I have even licked and sucked through the panties. I like to mix it up. Spend a few seconds licking and sucking and a few seconds hand only. Its the best of both a panty handjob and a panty blowjob.

I love giving panty handjobs, it's just fun panty play. Love to see the guys bulge in panties and how much he enjoys it, and I like seeing how long I can keep him from coming with orgasm denial before finally getting him release in those panties.

Jumping Into A Pile Of Panties
By pantyjamie on October 14th, 2015

Its that time of year again, the panties are falling, I mean the leaves are falling and its time to jump into that pile of panties, I mean jump into that pile of leaves. Wait I do mean the panties are falling and its time to jump into a pile of panties. Empty out those panty drawers, panty boxes, panty shopping bags, put all those panties onto the floor, put all those panties onto the bed and admire all those panties before jumping into all those panties and rolling around in all your panties. Seeing a huge pile of panties is such a turn on, whether its your pile of panties or someone elses pile of panties, seeing all those panties in a pile is a huge turn on, the colors, the styles, the fabrics all in one pile. The only difficult part is putting all those panties away, but before you do perhaps you should try each pair on before putting them away. A fall day, what better day to pile up all your panties and admire that pile of panties, lay down in that pile of panties and then enjoy each pair of panties before putting them away.

panties pile pile panties pile panty
panty pile lots of panties lots of panty

What Do Women Think Of Men Wearing Womens Thong Panties
By lovthongs on October 4th, 2015

Lots of men wear womens thongs, after all womens thongs come in so many styles, colors, fabrics. There are bins full of thong panties, racks of thong panties and the sales on thongs panties are amazing. For those men who have worn womens thongs you know how amazing they feel and fit. So do women like men wearing womens thongs. Just like us guys enjoy seeing a nice butt in a thong, yes there are lots of women out there who do enjoy seeing a mans butt in a thong, and yes there are women who like seeing men wearing womens thongs. Many women understand why men wear womens thongs, they understand that womens thongs actually fit men better then mens thongs, they also understand that wearing a womans thong is much more exciting, and they understand that womens thongs come in such huge variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and they understand how amazing wearing a thong feels to them so why should guys not be able to enjoy wearing that same thong. Now yes there are women who don't understand why men wear womens thongs, perhaps think its wrong for men wearing womens thongs, but as mentioned there are many women who also understand why men wear womens thongs, women who like men wearing womens thongs, women turned on by men wearing womens thongs, women excited by seeing men wearing womens thongs. Lots of boyfriends wear womens thongs, lots of husbands wear womens thongs and many are lucky to be with a women who like men wearing womens thongs. Can you tell which women like men wearing womens thongs, sadly no you cannot tell which women like men wearing thongs, or if your wife will be into you wearing womens thongs, or if your girlfriend will be into you wearing womens thongs. However more and more women are realizing that lots of men wear panties, and lots of men wear womens thongs. So how do you know if your women is into men wearing womens thongs, once again you don't unless you have a conversation with her about wearing thongs, or even better have her suggest you wear her thong. Have her suggest you wear her thong, yes many guys have used this method to let there wife know they wear womens thongs, or let there girlfriend know they wear womens thongs. Perhaps you make a bet with her and the looser has to wear the others underwear, or perhaps during foreplay you comment on how amazing her thong feels as you caress her as she wears her thong, many men have said there wife has suggest that you slip the thong on and see how it feels, or many girlfriends have suggest here try my thong on and see how it feels. Patience is always important when telling a women that you like wearing womens thongs. But there are many women who do enjoy being playful, being kinky, being naughty and spicing things up in the bedroom and there are many women turned on by men wearing womens thongs, turned on seeing there boyfriend wearing womens thongs, turned on seeing there husband wearing womens thongs.

Below are a few comments from women who like men wearing womens thongs.

I think is sexy to see a man wearing a womans thong especially if he's muscular and has a nice butt!

Yeah, I think it's a turn on seeing a guy wearing a womens thong especially when your doing the deed and your both wearing the same thong.

I love men who wear thongs!!! Especially if there package fills it up, turns me on. Love men in womens thongs.

I love my husband in womens thongs. He looks smokin hot in black and red thongs. Earlier he used to wear briefs or boxers but he gave me a sensual surprise one night while he was wearing a black tiny thong. Since then, I always ask him to wear them and he also loves wearing thongs as they are more comfortable than briefs or boxers

I personally love to see a man wearing womens thongs. Wearing something that is socially still slightly a taboo and feeling confident enough to still wear it..Very sexy! I like men to wear skimpy, sexy thongs.

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Who's Where The First Panties You Wore

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What Happened To Satin Panties

Whats Your Favorite Color Of Panties

How Often Do You Wear Panties

A Women's Opinion On Men Wearing Panties

Am I The Only Man Who Wears Panties

Whats Your Favorite Style Of Panties

Panty Fabrics Or Panty Materials

When Did You Start Wearing Panties

How Many Pairs Of Panties Do You Have

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