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Men Wearing Panties Club is about bringing others together, whether it be for online pleasure, information and interaction with others who like to wear panties, wear pantyhose, wear lingerie crossdress or whether it be to meet others who have the same desires for wearing panties, wearing pantyhose, wearing lingerie, and crossdressing for offline fun. Men Wearing Panties Club is a community and we thank you for supporting it.

Over the years we have received many comments from members of Men Wearing Panties Club these are just a few of the many comments we have received. We want to thank all of you for your continued support of the site and for all the compliments you have given.

-- Thanks for providing a valueable and necessary service for a select group of people who would otherwise have no other choice but to experience there love of wearing with solitary frustration. I wish to personally thank you for providing this service. I Will be a long time supporter of the site.

-- Have been wearing for about 10 years now, started with just panties but now enjoy wearing lingerie and pantyhose. Its always such a joy to come home and slide into something, its amazing how calm one gets when they can slip into something silky. I want to thank you for providing a place that I can visit and enjoy. The friends I have made here have really made life more enjoyable.

-- Having spent most of my life thinking I was the only one who enjoyed wearing panties and lingerie I came across your community and WOW I was amazed at how many others enjoy wearing panties also. I even found someone close to me to talk with and we are making plans to meet in person, without your community I would have never met someone close to me. Who knew just a few miles away someone else enjoyed wearing panties like I did, well thanks to the community you built I can now explore my love of wearing with someone else. Thanks again for such a great community

-- Wanted to say thanks for a great community, have met several others into wearing pantyhose.

-- I hope that others realize what it took me a while to realize and that is a community like yours is so important to those who wear. It took me a few years to become apart of your community, I guess I was stubborn, sorry for that. But now that I am apart of your community I always will be.

-- I have been posting pics at your community for a few months now and I love all the comments I have received. I used to post my pics on other sites but got tired of all the BS and negative comments from others who do not wear and understand. I guess thats whats so great about being apart of your community is that everyone wears and understands.

-- Just wanted to say thanks to your site I have met another guy who enjoys pantyhose as much as I do, we have had many hot encounters all thanks to your site.

-- Am a new member of the site and I had to email you and say WOW I am amazed at how much there is to see. I have been a member for a few months and still have not see the entire site. Keep up the good work.

-- Thanks to talking with and reading suggestions from other members I have gotten the courage to tell my wife of my love of wearing panties and lingerie. She has been very accepting and our sex life has never been better, we can now explore deeper sexual desires and I no longer have to hide the fact that I enjoy wearing panties.

-- First if all, let me start by thanking you for running this site! Thank you, you've changed my life! It has been such a boost to my self-esteem knowing that there are so many men out there who love to try on women's lingerie.

-- I was the type that said I would never join a site, and I know there are many of you out there that also say this. I came across men wearing panties club and thought this site looks really cool but thought to myself I don't join sites. Several months went buy and I came back to men wearing panties club and decided I would check it out, so I joined and let me tell you I have been a member ever since. This is the first site I have ever joined and the only site I have joined, and I am so glad that I did. If your like I was and hesitant about joining give this site a try, you will enjoy it I am sure of that.

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy the site, after wasting countless time on the few sites out there for men wearing panties and finding out they disappear fast or expect you to partisipate or they will kick you off, thats so ridiculous for a site to do that. I decided to join men wearing panties club. I found a home here, and I am not expected to partisipate. I am discreet in my dressing so I mainly enjoy looking around the site, pics, movies, or reading stories. I am not one to chat, or leave messages as like I said I am a discreet dresser. I feel very welcome here no matter if I just look or if I choose to partisipate.

-- Been dressing for about 10 years, always on my own, no one else knowing. Heck I thought for a while there I was the only one into dressing. Its so different when you think your the only one who dresses, and having no one else who understands is tough. I want to thank you for creating this site and showing me just how many others enjoy dressing. I have made several friends and its amazing how much better it feels to dress since finding this site, its really opened up a whole new life for me. Thanks so much.

-- I cannot even begin to express how much I enjoy your site, I hope that others out there realize just what a great site this is and join and support your site. Thanks again for having this site.

-- Just wanted to say that because of this site my wife is now accepting of my panty wearing and she also likes me to wear stockings. After reading all the suggestions on how to tell a wife or girlfriend and also chatting with a few others I tried some of the suggestions and to my surprise my wife was accepting of it. What a difference it has made to my life and to our sex life. We were sort of in a rut sexually and I thought I would never be able to tell her and fully enjoy my wearing, but now I can and our sex life is better than ever. Thanks so much you have some great people on this site.

-- I have just enjoyed yet another night of chatting with some of my friends on your site and also watching some of the new movies. I have been a member for a while now and have never commented on a site before but felt I needed to say thanks. Thanks for such a wonderful site, have made lots of friends because of this site.

-- Just wanted to say a quick thanks for such a great site. I only dress part time but I have learned so many tips from others, think I might be able to venture out into public and turn a few heads soon.

-- I cannot thank you for the joy you have brought to me. I have been searching for a community for awhile and came across your community. I have met so many others and soon hope to meet someone in my area to dress with. I submitted some pictures and I am looking forward to seeing them on the site.

-- Having gotten tired of the other BS communities which seem not to care about the users on there community or are just plane abandoned. And spending hours and hours only to be disappointed with the lack of amount of pictures, movies, stories, personals, etc I decided I would give your community a try. I know its been around for a long time so that made me feel pretty confident in trying it out. Now that I am a member I wish I would have given your community a try a long time ago. I want to thank you and say what a great community you have built, I continue to enjoy each update.

-- Happy holidays to you. I wanted to say thanks for creating a great community for those who wear panties, wear lingerie, and wear pantyhose. I have been crossdressing for about 15 years all of which has been alone, since finding your community I do not feel alone anymore. The friends I have made and the advice I have received has been so helpful. Thanks again and I hope others realize the great community you have created.

-- After seeing your site for a while I decided to give it a try. To say I am glad that I tried it is an understatement. You have created a great community and I hope others do not wait to give it a try as I did.

-- Having been a member of your community for about 4 years now I thought you should know how much I enjoy visiting it. I  have submitted pictures in the past and plan to submit more pictures. Its amazing to see just how many others from around the world enjoy crossdressing. Thanks for continuing to build a place for us that crossdress to enjoy being around others who crossdress.

-- Thanks for adding my pictures. I also want to say thanks for the great community you have built.

-- You are so awesome, I have enjoyed every part of your community. I have worn panties for around 12 years and now its like a new beginning for me, the excitement everytime I slip into panties is back strong as it was when I first started as I sit down and look at all the other guys wearing panties.

-- Thanks so much for providing this site. I have grown tired of all the bull shit on other sites, filled with those who post bull shit that has nothing to do with wearing. I have realized that one has to contribute if they want something good and I am happy to be apart of a great site that is filled with other just like me, NO BS, ads for bull shit, and no bull shit from others who don't even wear posting their shit, its so nice. Thanks for providing such a great site, wished I had realized it years ago.

-- Never did I imagine that there were so many others who enjoyed wearing like I do. After spending many years finding a few others here and there it wasn't until I found your community that I realized just how many enjoy the same things I enjoy. What a difference it has made in my enjoyment of wearing, being able to interact with others has been so wonderful. I have learned so much in reading what others enjoy and the suggestions and tips from others. I now feel complete and feel more relaxed and confident in my wearing. Thank you for providing a great community.

-- This is the first time I have ever wrote to a site and thanked them for their site. Simply put I am very thankful that you created this site.

-- Having just started to wear at 25 years old I came across your site and WOW I am impressed. Looks like I started to wear much later than many others but thanks to all the info I have been reading from others I have gained years of knowledge.

-- As the famous movie line says "you complete me". Your site really does complete me, I have met so many friends, had so much fun posting my pics and lately I have been posting movies which has really been fun making.

-- Its so nice to have a community to go to and be around so many others who enjoy wearing panties. I have worn panties for over 10 years and most of those 10 years I had no idea how many other men wear panties, now that I found your men wearing panties site I have made so many friends with other men who wear panties and I have even started trying wearing other things like pantyhose as I seen so many comments on your men wearing panties community about how amazing wearing pantyhose feels. Thanks for providing such a great community for us men who enjoy wearing panties.

-- Been visiting men wearing panties club for years and have made lots of friends though the community. Its so nice to be around so many other men wearing panties who can relate to why I wear panties, being about to visit your community and be around other men wearing panties who understand is something I am very thankful you have provided so many men wearing panties with.

-- Just wanted to send a quick note saying thanks for such a great community for men wearing panties, I enjoy it very much.

-- I wanted to say thanks for creating such a great community for men wearing panties, men wearing lignerie, men wearing pantyhose. I wear panties, pantyhose and lingerie and have been coming to the commuity for 6 years now and I have made so many friends over the years, posted many pictures of myself enjoy seeing everyone else. I hope others realize what a great community you have.
-- Just wanted to email to show my appreciation for the site you have created. Used to think I was a minority in my love of wearing panties but since finding your site I have met many online friends and a few offline friends via your sites personal ads. I no longer have to wear alone.

-- I just started to wear about a year ago and why I did not start sooner I have no idea because once I slipped on a pair of panties I knew this was something for me. Being new to wearing and coming across your community I thought I would become apart of it and I am so thankful that I did. I enjoy all the advice from others and all the helfpful guides to wearing you have put together they really have helped me catch up on wearing.

-- I never thought I would join a site but I decided to join yours after some thought and let me tell you I am so glad that I did, I have enjoyed many years on this site, and have my own galleries that I add to. Its great to know that I can continue to visit this site and add to my own galleries and not have to worry about it disappearing. Have met many many friends, this is a community, not some adult site but rather a community of those that enjoy wearing. Thanks again for this community

-- Thanks for creating my gallery I look forward to adding many more pictures to it. I have only been apart of your community for a few weeks and am still exploring everything you have. I must say that you have put together ALOT of things to look at and do WOW its amazing, I did not think there was this many features to the site, its a nice surprise for sure. I look forward to adding more pics to my gallery and making new friends.

-- Just wanted to thank you for creating a great community for those who crossdress. I have been a lifetime crossdresser and when coming across your community I knew I had to try it and was hoping it was all that was described and to my delight it was everything and more. Thanks for giving those who dress a place to call home.

-- Thank you for the fine website work that you do. I appreciate the work you put into it and the sheer hotness of your site. I love having my own gallery.

-- Just wanted to say thanks for your site, have met many others into satin panties.

-- I have been apart of your community for years and have only recently started to become more active on it, posting pics and stories. Buy the way I love the message boards have learned so much be looking through them and now I am starting to contribute some of my experieces and advice. I have grown so much because of your community, once a shy crossdresser I am now a confident crossdresser who wants to contribute my advice and tips to others. Thanks so much for a great community.

-- I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great site and for being a trustworthy place that I can enjoy my love of nylon.

-- I have been a member for a while now but I wanted to tell you thanks for creating such a great site that supports all of us that wear panties, lingerie or pantyhose. I only wear panties and its so nice to be able to feel comfortable enjoying my love of wearing panties. Thanks so much.

-- We all have said it before I am not joining a site, I was one that used to say that also. Then I guess I woke up, I thought what the hell I will give it a try, after all I was wasting so much time on sites that were not very well put together, did not work half the time or sites that did not allow adult content and were removed. I guess the old saying nothing good in life is free is very true. The creator or creators of this site oviously spent and spend alot of time making this a place that we all can enjoy. So yeah I support men wearing panties club and I thank you for creating and maintaining a place where I can be amoung others who wear.

-- Guess I used to think that everything on the internet should be free, boy was I wrong. And I have to admit it took me a while to join your site and to figure out why I had to join, guess I was just being shelfish and did not realize what it takes to run a large site like this and why there is a cost to support it. Sorry it took me so long to join but I have now been a member for a while and I just wanted to say what a great site you created.

I just opened a gallery, thanks for creating it for me and updating it. I enjoy others looking at my pictures and have received many compliments on them, and I thank you for your kind words also. Its nice to have a place where I feel safe posting my pictures for other like minded people to view.

-- For many years I have wanted to share my love of satin panties with another guy who also enjoys satin panties. Thanks to your community I met another guy who also enjoys wearing satin panties and we have been meeting in person. Thanks so much for without this community I would still be wearing my satin panties alone.

-- I am so happy that I found your site, I am amazed at just how many are also into wearing. I have worn for about 12 years now, alway in secret. Thanks to finding your site I have so many friends that understand me and why I enjoy wearing. Guess its true those that wear have to stick together.

-- This might sound like an odd compliment but I appreciate that you are a member based site. There are so many sites out there that are very unresponsible as the internet is full of all aged eyes. And some of those eyes don't need to be seeing the things that can so easily see on the internet now days. I appreciate knowing that only adults are apart of men wearing panties club and hope that others wake up and realize that you provide a great site and that you are doing the right thing by keeping it so adult can only view. Thanks so much.

-- I have recently joined and wish I would have joined sooner. I hope that others don't wait like I did, your site is awesome and I want to thank you for all the work you put into it.

-- My wife is actually the one who heard about your community and since she is totally ok with me wearing she thought it would be fun to be able to meet, talk with and see others as well as post some pics and movies of our own. WOW was her exaxt words, as well as mine, I did not realize that there were that many others who enjoyed wearing. We have also seen that there are other couples wearing panties, couples wearing lingerie, crossdressing couples that are also apart of the community. Since we are a crossdresser couple its been nice to meet other crossdressing couples and also give advice to those who are seeking advice on how to tell there wife or girlfriend they crossdress. My wife and I thank you again for providing a great community where we can enjoy our dressing.

-- Here is another set of pictures for you and I want to say thanks for posting my pictures on your community. I  have now been apart of your community for 6 years, yeah thats right 6 years and I am thankful for your wonderful community. Keep up the great work.

-- Thanks for such a great place for those that wear panties, wear lingerie, wear pantyhose to come and enjoy meeting others, seeing others, and talking with others. Your community has always treated me great and I appreciate that.

-- What I enjoy most is at the end of a stressful day coming home and slipping on some satin panties or my favorite lingerie sitting down and getting on your community. What a stress reliever it is. Just thought I would send a quick note to say thanks for helping relive my stress.

-- Having spent lots of time searching for crossdressing movies one day I came across your community, most places I had found in the past were just regular professional shemale type movies and I wanted to find real amateur crossdressing videos. After having spent what seems like years trying to find amateur crossdressing movies, like men wearing panties movies, men wearing lingerie movies I have finally found it, thanks so much for your community and the great movies, my favorite have been the crossdresing couple movies with the wife dressed as well, WOW those are amazing, wish my wife and I could dress up and have some fun like that.

-- Visiting your site is something I look forward to each and every day as it always makes my day better. Coming home and slipping into some panties or lingerie and visiting the site always destresses me. I feel so much better and so much more relaxed being around others who wear. I find your site to be home and what a comforting feeling that is. Just wanted to show my appreciation for the site and say thanks.

-- I have been posting pics on your site for several years now and I wanted to say thanks for giving me a place to post my pics so that others who wear can enjoy them. I look forward to times when I can take more photos to update my gallery, I will be adding more pics to my gallery soon.

-- I hope that all others who enjoy wearing realize what I have realized, that your community is an essential part of making wearing more accepted by others. In the years I have been apart of your community I have seen and heard of so many more woman being not only more accepting of men wearing but many are really into it and very encouraging. I am lucky to have gotten the couraage up thanks to some of the advice from others on the site and told my wife after hiding it from her for so many years. I am now able to wear in front of her and what a life changing thing that has been, I know I would never of had the courage to do so if it was not for your site and the great advice I received. Thanks for your community and the work you are doing to help make men wearing more accepted and understood.

-- Having been apart of your community for a long time I thought it was time to send you a quick note to say thanks.

-- I say thank you so much for being there for me all these years, I can have a bad day and come home and visit the site and I have tons of friends to help me through it all.

-- Just wanted to send a thank you saying how much I enjoy your men wearing panties site, I have been a long time follower of your men wearing panties site, going on 9 years now and I have been so thankful for finding your men wearing panties site. Over the 9 years I have been on your men wearing panties site I have made friends with men who wear panties from all over the world and even found a few local men wearing panties in which I have met in person. Its so nice to be around others who wear panties, either just online or in person. Thank you again for continuing to provide such a great site for men wearing panties.

-- We are a couple wearing panties and its been nice to be apart of a great community for men wearing panties and couples wearing panties like us. We have given lots of advice on your men wearing panties community to other men wearing panties that are looking for ways to tell there wife or girlfriend they wear panties and we know for sure we have helped many men wearing panties be able to enjoy wearing with there wife or girlfriend and that makes us both feel so great to have helped so many other men wearing panties and thanks to your community for provding a place for those into wearing panties to get info and help.

-- Its nice to know there are so many others who enjoy crossdressing, and I like that you say this is our community and I certainly feel as if this is my own community, a place I can meet other crossdressers, post pics of myself crossdressing, post stories about how I got into crossdressing, my crossdressing experiences, etc. Thank you for creating a community in which I can be apart of.

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